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Top Ten Worst EA FAILS

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Worst. Company. Ever. https://consumerist.com/2013/04/09/ea-makes-worst-company-in-america-history-wins-title-for-second-year-in-a-row/ -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Pepijn 15 (5 days ago)
You could have remplaced Andromedas spot with low quality products and EA has done that ALOT for the last few years.
Cartoon Critique (5 days ago)
8:20 I feel like they might have attempted something similar with "Agony"...to similar results. XD
Shenanigannons (6 days ago)
Sad that you didn't talk about EA's mishandling of the Star Wars franchise, and their almost complete lack of games since getting the license...
GoldenPlazma 56 (7 days ago)
How about Madden the shit that goes on there is something else they call it a simulation of NFL football but it’s not even close
terry witzu (8 days ago)
I like Battlefront 2, but I'm just in the middle of the Campaign. Refuse to buy Battle points, or whatever the hell they're called.
Human? (9 days ago)
Come on man, you didn't have to do Billy like that
Ethan Edwards (9 days ago)
This video describes what everyone does when EA appears. https://youtu.be/SHoNWwhzh3M
Ride Wild (9 days ago)
honest question but, i dont get the kaneshiro thing in the transitions
Cyber Kirby (10 days ago)
I need a full version of that "Take Your Damn Clothes Off" Remix
holozlaer 235 (12 days ago)
EA pulled a modern marvel with battle feiled V
Aberdeen Harder (12 days ago)
Before watching, I thought that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box debacle would be number 1. After seeing the actual number 1 on this list, now I'm just mad at EA.
Pooky1991 (13 days ago)
Number is one of the ressons i really feel like I the gaming industry needs its own union.
Pooky1991 (13 days ago)
Wow. Some of these, like the Dante Inferno controversy, i've never heard of till now. EA has quite a rabbit hole
Lazuardi Aldi (13 days ago)
16:44 wait, WAIT...... DON'T TELL ME!!..... (Me And My Family (except my dad) Played Sims Series As Well)
BorgerBuns (13 days ago)
With your comment on the refusal to play anthem, well... it's kinda shitty that the game is really bad because it really does look good.
Blazing Coal (13 days ago)
Vampire Hunter TK (14 days ago)
If EA Keeps this up, then we'll go into another Game Crash, and suffer through on how many gamers had to suffer through in 1983 in the Game Crash of 83.
Groza Dallocort (11 days ago)
At least we some smaller studios that isent under the EA umbrella yet
Michael Crider (15 days ago)
If you ever listen to the BFV players when asked about this they fall into 2 camps 1. People who are too young, braindead, liberal, (take your pick) to give a shit to know or care about actual historical events. 2. Non-English speakers.
Michael Crider (15 days ago)
One thumb up, just for the take your clothes remix snippet
Michael Crider (15 days ago)
You should be careful making this video with that title. EA planned to have a spring release with that exact same title. Oh, wait, no that was just the tag line for their spring line up.
Drexxler 1 (17 days ago)
I agree with all of them except the last one, minus the pay. Every profession has crunch time or overtime. And if your salaries it rarely results in additional money. In general, there’s a lot of competition for your job, and those that willing to put in the effort for your position should step aside and find a profession that better fits their schedule.
Theant19 (18 days ago)
Ye there were women on the frontlines... about 5 of them that can be proven, in Allies/Axis rosters(Females in military administration doesn't count). Other than this there were females in resistance groups(Except in france, their females mostly(I am sure there were exception from it, but that's about it) collaborated and whore themselves with their new occupant, I wonder why everyone is silent about this one)... but there were children fighting in resistance movements as well, for example in occupied Poland(I have much respect for them, after all there is nothing more noble and terrifying than this; but when it comes to shit like that, let's be honest, it's disaster, not something that anyone should be proud of and, it's not supposed to be glorifying by the media in the sense of putting it into games... at least that's my opinion) You know in the conflict where *millions* of males fought... in the regular army only soviets incorporated female units into the actual army, and it was more like propaganda battalions, not really a regular units that you would see normally at the battlefield.
SlashFan18 (20 days ago)
Bioware is next.
PieridaeStudios (23 days ago)
Evil Assholes
SSBBPlayListMaker (25 days ago)
You know, as someone in college for Game Design, I want to join EA just to see how I can change the company. Yeah, I'm one person but nobody from the outside can teach them so what else?
General Grey (25 days ago)
Oh man that Joker bit, beautiful representation man <3
Talf Fire (26 days ago)
Politics in games never work
Morgan Williams (28 days ago)
Andromeda was good imo despite the terrible writing (plot line that had no idea what to do with itself and felt like the "ending" should of just been a major event within the story).
Ivan Lyutiy (28 days ago)
but i DONT hate ea
Toxik431 (29 days ago)
Hey at least ncaa football 14 is still super fun to play granted that came out in like 2013 or somewhere in that time frame
Jeff Collins (30 days ago)
People got mad that you could play as Taliban in a video game? Wgaf? It's a video game.
Adrian Christopher (30 days ago)
Can someone tell me whats the music for the countdown section (with the Persona 5 cutscenes)
Kc Link (30 days ago)
Now the cancellation of a what looked good Star Wars game.
Milan De Meulenaere (1 month ago)
Belgium: first loot boxes now mobile games
The Bit Gamer 2 (1 month ago)
Remember when EA was a good gaming company? Pepperidge Farms remembers
K. Charrette (1 month ago)
The In Memoriam section was legitimately sad
biobomb93 (1 month ago)
I will NEVER forgive them for what they did to the C&C franchise.
JaggedBird (1 month ago)
EA’s Battlefield V...fuck me. Look I’m not a fan of their SJWism. BUT! I’m all for female leads, I’m also for disabled leads too but for their reaction to the backlash. It’s sad as they had good ideas here yet pretending it didn’t happen is awful. I wholeheartedly agree with your history needing to be truth or noted as realistic fiction like LA Noire was... EA’s abuse of their employees and their all publicity is good mentality is downright unhealthy. The huge concerns I have of their buying of companies and the way they treat employees is sickening. They’re worse than Konami for it. FUCKING KONAMI!
cs512tr (1 month ago)
for an EA top fails list, i really thought this list would be bigger list.
Jayden C (1 month ago)
even though it does have a good amount of micro transactions and could maybe be considered a cash grab clash of clans is more then that it's not like one of those casual games your grandparents play it's become it's own competitive thing with constant updates
Jayden C (1 month ago)
that joker talking to EA was totally josh lol XD
Myles Lee (1 month ago)
I miss titanfall ;( it’s so dead now. EA better not fail titanfall 3 if it comes
shadow raiden23 (1 month ago)
Ah So many EA fails that even the original game companys they killed off are laughing and they lost the rights to star wars ... You know they screwed up when Disney give you the boot and revoke you rights to the star wars as a whole
Prince of Loarderon (1 month ago)
I hate that ppl complain about ea but keep buying their games
Jayden C (1 month ago)
that headline said linear games not single player huge difference
patrick Katalenas (1 month ago)
man this video brought so many memories <3 i miss 3DO :( the devs of Army Men, not the petty console)
patrick Katalenas (1 month ago)
ah MoH (modern warfare edition), such a shame how bad it was and the "backlash" about it. vets loved it, while vets widows who think they speak on behalf of vets, non gamers, politicians, msm, etc though it was "terrorist propaganda".
ZeldaSam1 (1 month ago)
Fanfictiondreamer (1 month ago)
Here is another game that demonstrates EA pouring fuel on the flames: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncf9lz_i06U
Yang XiaoLong (1 month ago)
as of 2014 I have been i nvesting less and less in current Gaming markets in general (microsoft and sony consoles and accessories, AAA companies) and bying up classic consoles and games, Glad to see that people are FINALLY ighting more and more wityh their wallets, though at the same time there is going to be A LOT of innocent victims in the way of normal employees at these places. its a win win but also a loose loose and it sucks.
Max Hines (1 month ago)
Great video! Bit of a low hanging fruit though.
Zero Walker (1 month ago)
Funny thing im the only one that enjoy Andromeda and yeah I played it after it been out for a while so some patches but still mine play of it was less bug free than every one else playing it. Some times I wonder what the bloody hell do people do when they play games? I mean I played allot of games on launch at the same time other people do and yet the same people get bat shit angry over bugs and such but I never saw the same bugs or almost any bugs at all. It´s like do you do everything in the world to find bugs to complain about or did you get a broken game at the same day I got mine that works like a charm.
scrapmaker2020 (1 month ago)
rip command and conquer
LightStreak567 (1 month ago)
6:20 Oh my god. I've never seen that kind of glitch happen on my game before the first patch was released.
Alexandre Kleiubing (1 month ago)
where this hitlerfly come from?
Carsonj13 (1 month ago)
3DO games were not available on PlayStation when they were being marketed. They were mostly ported later on after the system's discontinuation. And EA were among the flagship developers for the console, but they did not make it. 3DO company was founded by Trip Hawkins while he was still with EA, sure, but saying that EA "made" the 3DO is like saying Nintendo "made" the WonderSwan.
The Alchemist King (1 month ago)
dude.... you missed a few companys it killed...
The Alchemist King (1 month ago)
11:00 ahhhh I see EA decided to use ROBLOX chat filters!
The Alchemist King (1 month ago)
its not me vs you its us versus EA
Gabe (1 month ago)
They forgot number 0 Still existing as a company to begin with
Lunatic 0verlord (1 month ago)
The money I would pay to see that title card become a reality.
Lunatic 0verlord (1 month ago)
17:33 What exactly happened to EB Games? The stores I go to are still open.
Kaymanod (1 month ago)
JMercerSniping (1 month ago)
11:30 Rather like haphazardly inserting politics into your YT rant about EA doesn't usually work. I've never had an issue with female protagonist in games movies or tv, I take issue with poorly written characters and get called misogynistic asshole all the time though.
Tyler the Yoshi (1 month ago)
Before watching: If My First Pet Stuff isn't somewhere on here, I'll be very disappointed. After watching: Okay, these are all worse, actually.
Ox 860 (1 month ago)
I quit madden last year
thewittywhy gaming (1 month ago)
Dear everyone who cares about games: NEVER BUY A GAME BY EA!!
not pequod (1 month ago)
An f for pandemic
jeremy tumasz (1 month ago)
That guitar tone is awful And insulting 4chan is pretty retarded
Libertus Primus (1 month ago)
Cant call them Night Witches. The name comes from what the Nazis called them "Nachthexen", after the fact theyd fly in on "Brooms" as they would cut their engines before the target and glide in, so they wouldn't be detected by AA gunners. And we all know that if the Nazis did it its obviously verboten and anyone who does so is a Nazi and should be shamed. I'm of course kidding, only commies think like that, but if you've made it this far you've possibly learned some interesting history tidbit and had a laugh along the way. I await the angrily typed responses of those who didn't read it thru.
Brandon Withnell (1 month ago)
i refuse to buy any EA games at this point, they could be game of the year but i just refuse to suport that company
Krigs Hunter (1 month ago)
SWTOR only launching in a few nations is always a top one
ninjammer726 (1 month ago)
do activision and square enix!!!!!!!!!!!!
KabutoRyu (1 month ago)
14:55 lmao 🤣
Lindsay Petersen (1 month ago)
I have officially blacklisted EA from my game collection
-Angga (1 month ago)
Number 3 : DLC Number 2 : Microtransaction Number 1 : Exist
3rd World Gamer (1 month ago)
I still want my money back for Andromeda.
Charlie P (1 month ago)
Okay guys, if EA buys Nintendo, get ready to fight.
Doomsdaywillcome (1 month ago)
The hell is that bug thing, in the transitions, where is it from, and how can I stay far away from it? Not hating, I just feel unpleasant when looking at it.
lillypad (1 month ago)
My slogan still fits. EA, The company that wants your money.
Nick van de Peppel (1 month ago)
Jesus... Your intro already screams "epileptic attack", bruh.
If you cannot say white man... Than just say, man of the color of the snow.
Manne Bedia (1 month ago)
EA’s reply to the last joke. Can you?
Bobman9420 (1 month ago)
Also for BF5 one of the war stories, they took a true story that was unknown for so long. But switched the genders, without acknowledging the real people who did that mission. Yes I am talking about the the Heavy Water one. When I found out about that. I was furious, and I cancelled my Premier pass (no way in hell I would pay $60 for that game).
Tom Holmes (1 month ago)
EA's Pride makes the company think its entitled to do those things.
Mizelei2012 (1 month ago)
I was with you until you went woke around the ten minute mark
GHOST (1 month ago)
Playing a Star Wars game for three days to unlock stuff doesn’t sound bad at all
Jojo Momo (1 month ago)
The fat hitler rapist fly🤣
Sire Kumasutra (1 month ago)
I first hated EA in 2005ish when they purchased the exclusive rights to the NFL so nobody else could make any football game with the NFL involved. I believed the deal was for like 20 years I think. Funny thing is 2K was making better sports games than EA and selling them cheaper. Madden 2005 went for $50 while ESPN NFL 2K5 would sell for $19.95 new. Karma hit them since between 2K and Sony that EA can't do any MLB games. And this didn't make top 10, you know EA is shady as Hell.
Jaded Jerky (1 month ago)
#10 - existing #9 - existing #8 - existing #7 -existing #6 -existing #5 -existing #4 -existing #3 -existing #2 -existing #1 - existing
PikaLink91 (1 month ago)
Finally a game dev comes forward and says "if you don't like it, don't buy it"..........................why'd it have to be EA though?
muskatDR (1 month ago)
Dungeon keeper and c&c? Don't you guys have phones?
Sinn0100 (1 month ago)
Not to mention that the Mass Effect Andromeda team was so focused on being woke that they had no time to actually make a game. Furthermore, thry stood by a complete racist scumbag while he shouted racial epitaphs to anyone on social media with EA defending him. They (EA) allowed him to finish the game completely without the ability to make certain racial choices or attractive females. EA needs to end period. I have not purchased an EA game in over a year and I will continue from here on out. I put my money where my mouth is and spent an extra $100 just so I would not be giving a dime. GameStop only had the Battlefield V Xbox One X machines and the NBA2K One X bundles. I really dont care for basketball in the slightest but I do have friends that do. I gave away my downloadable code to my next door neighbor for Christmas.
The Black Swordsman (1 month ago)
10: Glad I had to never go through that. Also where did that "More Money Please" come from? 9: EA, you shot yourself in the foot with this one. 8: I am not a big fan of FPS games, but it's frustrating how Titanfall 2 was treated. Medal of Honor though.....probably should've waited. 7: Egads. That looks terrifying and grotesque. And Somehow hilarious all at the same time. 6: That's just low. Although Electronic Anti-Christ fits them well. Also Kotaku should be ashamed of themselves. You wonder why Christians may dislike you? It's not because they believe you are sinners, its just because you are assholes. 5: Didn't the AVGN review this console? I am surprised to learn that EA made this. 4: You hit the nail on the head Josh. It's something that Hollywood and most of today's society needs to learn. If you want to make a game featuring a minority, then make it about them. The Tuskegee Airmen and Joan of Arc deserve to have their stories told, along with the first female Green Beret. 3: I. Hate. LootCrates. They are the literal devil. Also if games are ever made off my novels, which may or may not come out in this lifetime, I will make sure that EA or Konami never touches them. Also no LootCrates and Mobile Games based off them. 2: Jesus Christ. I remember seeing the Pandemic logo before playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my PSP. It was a good game, compared to the loot crate infested, soulless, FPS, game that dares to call itself Star Wars "Battlefront" 2. 1: Wow. No Pay? You're just as bad as Konami EA, and you deserve to lose the Star Wars license and go out of business.
Matthew Mather (1 month ago)
Off topic but... what game is the purple mustached flyman on the countdown screens from?
Zeta Sigrid (1 month ago)
it's from Persona 5 it's PS4 exclusive only.
Pixel Ruin (1 month ago)
props for number one on this list being where it is
TheZypher94 (1 month ago)
God, honestly, when i see Andrew Wilsons fucking Face i want to Drop Kick this guy into the next meatgrinder. Motherfucker
NeoDragonCount (1 month ago)
Well, at least Ayn Rand would be proud. You know, the bitch who taught that your moral superiority stems from the size of your wallet instead of the person you are.
Muammar Gibran (1 month ago)
I don't think it's wrong to play as the Taliban. I mean, it's too boring to just play on the one side of the coin... that's why Call of Duty got the "No Russian" mission, right?
The_Irish_German (1 month ago)
And they excluded the only country that had female soldiers, the USSR

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