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Top Ten Worst EA FAILS

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Worst. Company. Ever. https://consumerist.com/2013/04/09/ea-makes-worst-company-in-america-history-wins-title-for-second-year-in-a-row/ -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Text Comments (1092)
Jinhunter Slay (1 hour ago)
Very Appropriate Persona 5 music I must say...
Emmett Leone-Woods (3 hours ago)
If EA gave a shit about being Progressive and inclusive they could tell the story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko. A widowed Russian Communist Red Army Sniper who killed close to 309 kills over the course of WWII.
When The Music's Over (6 hours ago)
Electronic Arts: Sucking ass and smoking grass since 1982.
Whoofian Brony (9 hours ago)
Aaaand this is why I refused a job offer from EA. Heard the horror stories and said oh HEEEELLLL NO
Ripex the Crocogator (14 hours ago)
10:42 I actually forgot that 4chan was even existed until I found this video.
Jerome Lancashire (20 hours ago)
I don't know The Sims is awesome.
Kintsuta (1 day ago)
Personally, I don't hate EA. That's because I have nostalgia for the good games they had. And I believe that they can improve if they just listen to their audience.
Number 1 made me realize that EA was more than just greedy scumbags, they are downright evil!!!! How can you do that and not be shut down, overworking your employees and paying them small amounts in comparison. That’s a f*cking sweatshop!!! That makes me feel sick that I’ve ever bought an EA game before!!!
TheKaiju FactSystem (1 day ago)
16:43 That hit me where it hurts... I want a proper Spore sequel, or a re-release with all of it's DLC and Patches...
Weston Hudiburgh (1 day ago)
I don’t play EA games, having touch one in over 10 years. Fuck them. They don’t get my money.
jekblom123 (1 day ago)
I don't support EA. If they made it, I won't buy it.
phoenixfirex (1 day ago)
Remember when EA didn't suck? Yeah, me neither...
Tuckinator inator (1 day ago)
I have mixed feelings about Anthem. It looks cool and I love Bioware but it's also an EA game and a fear what the parent company has done to this game
dragonquest8ftw1 (1 day ago)
What's even scarier to think of with the all the companies that EA has destroyed and consumed, two more are looking to be falling into the abyss with their IP's not working out, Bioware and Dice.
WillTBear1 (1 day ago)
Mass Effect Andromeda Special Edition. Came with all types of collectibles, a statue and a tin box for the game. G A M E N O T I N C L U D E D
TheTrophyGamer (1 day ago)
WillTBear1 there’s just a sticky note that says please insert an extra 60 dollars for the game and an extra 60 for the online which you may or may not use
DJ D34DW07F (1 day ago)
Also Criterion Games, is pretty much a living corpse hope they can finally get up on their own two feet and split away from EA would like a new Burnout game
RangerDanger (2 days ago)
This may be off-topic from the video, but I just have to say that I absolutely love your intro, Josh! I've seen it a million times, but I can never resist the urge to air-organ and air-guitar every time I start up one of your videos. So awesome and metal.
Toni Leaf (2 days ago)
Ah. I remember when my father played Metal of Honor when I was a kid (I always made him activate God Mode whenever I watched). That franchise was actually respectful towards the wars that they featured, and for the real life people who fought in them. They even had Taps(?) as the main theme!
Monarch Studios (3 days ago)
I think EA stands for Evil Asshats.
thundergameing155 (3 days ago)
I think EA Needs to go to a AA meeting.
Black_ Fog (4 days ago)
That ending line do Holly shit. I'm gonna go get a firehoze. You're on freaking fire my dude.
AquaSaige14 (4 days ago)
6:25-6:25 Unless you’re Sofi Dossi or you can contort then yeah, bodies shouldn’t do that.
Hyper Sonic (4 days ago)
Might as well add bioware to the list since they're getting canned next. Yes, they will die but it's the matter of time.
James Atkins (5 days ago)
10:43 "I'm never getting laid" Are you *trying* to make me feel miserable Josh?
Kwatcher100 (6 days ago)
At this point, I’d be more impressed if someone could make a list of the Top Ten EA Successes.
Crimson Flame (6 days ago)
Welp. Knowing how bad the actual working conditions are now, guess I'm not playing any of the Mass Effect games or, like you, Anthem anytime soon. For real tho, awesome list, Josh.
Zonner (6 days ago)
I will never forgive them for buying PopCap
Jamie O'Donnell (7 days ago)
What would investing in EA do to it?
SimCity is like an annoying mobile app. You can't play it offline even it should!
TheMasterOfAllStuff (8 days ago)
Dunkey: EA Stands for early access
Derrick Haggard (9 days ago)
For the inevitable top 10 worst Konami fails how about turning beloved franchises into pachinko machines the latest series owned by Konami to be annouced returning as a slot machine is Bloody Roar. Along with Metal Gear Survive as a whole just it in self due to Konami not learning from Ubisoft's mistake with For Honor and having the entire game including the single-player campaign locked behind the always online prison and the worst yet having ludicrous and stupid microtransactions including charging $10.00 for a single save slot. Heck Ubisoft learned their mistake and announced that Beyond Good and Evil 2's single-player story mode will be available either offline or online.
Nickmyster1000 (10 days ago)
The thing about #1 is that it's not an EA thing, so it's not really fair too lump it solely on them. It's an industry thing. Plenty of companies are over-working their employees with long crunch-times including everyone's favourite CD Project Red. Hell, my first year arts teacher worked on L.A. Noire and couldn't stand the sight of it for this very reason and I don't think that's an EA game.
Schu Fighters (10 days ago)
I love that you use greedy Kaneshiro as the video transition.
Fanfictiondreamer (10 days ago)
Heh, great (possibly accurate) reenactment of how that whole advertising mess started out. That was hilarious.
MelviTech64 (10 days ago)
Dang. the Fiery Joker living up to his name with that last line. Roasted.
Reiner Rynolds (11 days ago)
CD Projekt Red have the same work practices.
Cybernetic Nerd (11 days ago)
Jeremy Truesdell (11 days ago)
I would agree with you on everything except for the BFV segment. Honestly, I think that if you think about it as being set in WWII, and not an interactive documentary about it, it is perfectly acceptable (plus, the character design looks badass). Also, based on their "tides of war" strategy, we might see units like the Black Widows and Tuskegee Airmen. Of course taking X too seriously is your tag line, isn't it ;P
Paul.K.Dragon (11 days ago)
I want to add one more to your list Battlefield 1.27: when Call of Duty infinite Warfare was teased and released everyone hated that game so in comes EA to save the day pretty much teaching Call of Duty that you don't need futuristic weapons and space and to make a good game, you need to go back to the basics with World War 1 when the game was first released it was a fantastic game and it had me playing the game for hours and it was great back then but after patch 1.27 now the game is pretty much dead, yeah North America and South America got the best servers but people overseas were left completely screwed with 1 bar of ping... you can't find anybody on "quick match" and there's barely anyone in the "server browser" depending on what region you searched, it's a terrible shame that a great game like Battlefield 1 was completely screwed after one patch and you know what they say " if it ain't broke don't fix it" yeah well EA try to fix it with patch 1.27 and now the game is pretty much broken and dead good job EA!, If the company wants to do the right thing they should fix the netcode of the game before patch 1.27 so that way people overseas can still continue to play it and not have it as a giant waste of space on their hard drives...
RED SEA GAMING (12 days ago)
Can you do a top 10 on Ubisoft or Activision please I might as well hear your opinions on the other companies as well
The Mexican Animator (13 days ago)
Your points about Battlefield V were SPOT FUCKING ON
yoshifan30 (14 days ago)
Again how in the world did ea Did not shut down after all those Things they did
PixlGears 10 (16 days ago)
I know this is a few weeks old, and I probably won’t be seen, but about the whole thing on Number 4.... While it is clear that EA was trying to score brownie points with their very made-up history of WW2 of that there was a handicapped woman fighting the front lines, here’s something I learned recently about WW2 history: There was a woman named Virginia Hall who worked as an American spy during WW2, and she was handicapped- she had a prosthetic left leg after a hunting accident. She did a lot of work for the British Special Operations Executive and American espionage organization, including locating drop zones for money and weapons, securing safe houses for agents, killing over 150 German soldiers and capturing over 500 in France, and overall changing the course of the war. Guess EA wasn’t too far off the mark, but definitely not on purpose. It’s still very obvious that they were only trying for brownie points and were lying through their teeth about a handicapped woman on the front lines though. Maybe they could’ve told the story of Virginia Hall herself- she’s a badass! But nope. Only a totally made-up SJW pandering story.
Cameron Jones (17 days ago)
Idk which is worse konami or ea...
Harry Thompson (17 days ago)
That final statement omg Josh bravo!
Bitty Bears (18 days ago)
What they did to Maxis and Visceral Games will always be one of the worst things EA has ever done in my eyes.
LittleBigB (18 days ago)
Won't lie. That last line hit hard in comedy and burn levels... Guess that's why they call you the *FIERY JOKER* , am i right?
Simon Briggs (18 days ago)
I agree. It's not the company that sucks. It's those running it. Underpaid workers for a company that sucks the money out of buyers is preposterous. The way to shut down this company for good is to not give their games a chance.
Raptor Red (18 days ago)
poor ea. they really need to get their act together.
AveryKennedy1 (18 days ago)
Hey who wants to hear a joke? EA
marinus18 (19 days ago)
A resentment against woman in action roles seems to have never really existed. I don't remember anyone seriously objecting to Samus being a woman. The worst I've seen it called is a pointless plot twist.
Dima's Girl (19 days ago)
What was the clip used for the number transitions from?
Dima's Girl (18 days ago)
Victor Hernandez (18 days ago)
Dima's Girl Persona 5.
General Nekora (19 days ago)
Nathan you here?
Wanderer101 (21 days ago)
I pray to God and Lord Jesus Christ that Electronic Arts goes bankrupt. They are industry poison and very much deserve it.
CrazySeanDX (21 days ago)
Okay NOOOWWWW I see why people were miffed over BFV.
Midnight Darkwolf (21 days ago)
plants vs zombies 2 being a mobile game. Thats it
Victor Hernandez (18 days ago)
Midnight Darkwolf I used to play that game, but I gave it up because of obvious reasons.
Celebi734 (21 days ago)
Bookid 15 (21 days ago)
14:22 Kirby Music Good video btw
wolf wing (22 days ago)
I did enjoy dantes inferno but yeesh on the marketing
Jordan Hirst (22 days ago)
13:45, HE SAID IT, THATS NOT ALLOWED HERE, YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Srsly though, if the USSR isn’t even playable at launch then I’m never touching this pathetic game.
EA as a whole is a fail
Kaze (22 days ago)
You know comand and conquer mobile is bad when totalbiscuits wife said "Im glad John died so hw didnt see this happen"
Victor Hernandez (18 days ago)
Kaze RIP, Total Biscuit!
The Name's Recoome (22 days ago)
Lousy Gamergater confirmed. I don't like EA, but f**k historical accuracy:women needed that empowerment, and fraternal dudebros like yu begged to take it away. Unsubbing if I hear one more GamerGator line from him. #SnuffTheJoker
Schwifty Stardust (11 days ago)
I don't see how what he said makes him a "Gamergater". Wouldn't that require him to, you know, actually *support* Gamergate? By the way, Gamergate was four years ago. It is long dead.
Dien Timuri (22 days ago)
EA as a company needs to fall. I have refused to buy or play any game with the EA logo on it for well over a decade now. (I think the last game I bought from them was Anno 1504 or something.) The folks at Bioware have made some great games in the past, and I hope that they're able to swiftly find work at a new studio once EA shuts the company down....but all the same, I hope that Anthem is the dumpster fire of microtransactions that it's expected to be if only to hurt EA further.
Alexandr Peterberg (22 days ago)
With EA being the worst gaming company i wonder how long it takes till it goes bankrupt if they keep this up. If Insomniac games is working on EA. I do wonder how long its last until EA shut it down. (as they tend to do)
Connor Shepard (22 days ago)
You forgot to add to the body count how many franchises EA’s destroyed
The James channel (22 days ago)
You can't spell real without EA
Toofpace (23 days ago)
2 class-action lawsuits totaling 30 million dollar not a bad victory. Its almost 3/4th Patrick Soderlund's more than 46 mil in equitable rewards.
Robert Foster (23 days ago)
What is the game between transitions?
Steven Maiorana (23 days ago)
Can you do this for other infamous video game companies (Activision, Konami, etc.)
Ramón Elbal Ruiz (23 days ago)
17:40 Ok, you got me there
ArmouredLemming (23 days ago)
33 EA shills.
Victor Hernandez (21 days ago)
ArmouredLemming What are “shills”?
You forgot to mention Rogue Entertainment as one of the companies EA game ended.
The James channel (23 days ago)
10:19-just gonna tag this part
The Pyro Jawsome (24 days ago)
*sees this in the update thingy since I haven't been on this channel in a while* Hello interesting video. And callback
Mass Effect Andromeda's art director was clearly the same person who painted Potato Jesus.
wildefice1 (24 days ago)
That parting burn was so hot I need a burn heal ... dayum!!
CMG The Person (24 days ago)
NegaID (24 days ago)
Yeah 4chan are misogynist... Aside from that little nitpick, great video josh keep the good work
brigidtheirish (24 days ago)
The Sim games were some of my favorites growing up. My main reason for hating EA is that they killed Maxis.
AceRay 24 (24 days ago)
cant spell bleach without ea
Psyga315 (24 days ago)
Like this comment if you began to rub your hands each time the fly man came up.
Darc Hart94 (24 days ago)
I didn't run into as many bugs and glitches in andromeda as other people, and I still had fun with the combat and multiplayer, but yea EA fucked up by basically replacing the staff with people who had no experience
Jordan Raffel (24 days ago)
Suprised EA's win a night with a prostitute stunt wasn't on the list.
KenTyphoon 843 (24 days ago)
I like that Kaneshiro transition you made.
MrWildcard531 (25 days ago)
EA = The Sony Pictures Animation of the Video Game Industry.
Dr.ErikNefarious (25 days ago)
I know you probably get this all the time, but what in the world is the opening theme to this video? It's awesome.
HedgehogNinja94 (25 days ago)
Shutting down Visceral Games was where they truly boned themselves.
Kira Aotsuki (25 days ago)
Gambling joke at the very end... ROASTED
Victor Hernandez (21 days ago)
Kira Aotsuki Thank Josh’s fiancé for writing that zinger!
PasCone 103Z (25 days ago)
1. Everything
numaTruehome 100 (25 days ago)
Are you kidding about anthem, it looks pretty, but besides polished visual, so little is happening I feel like I’m watching someone play destiny.
theimmortalfire 508 (25 days ago)
lordjor96 (25 days ago)
3DO was made by panasonic, not by EA. just because one guy was involve in the proyect that dosen't make it theires.
Ma121Hunter (25 days ago)
Fuck and YES. I would so be down for a Joan Of Arc game. holy fuck, make this happen someone.
Jimbro sauce (25 days ago)
Everyone kept talking about the supposed article where EA called gamers "uneducated", yet no one could show it. After Angry Joe's reception I honestly thought for the longest time that gamers were just making stuff up to attack everyone else. I guess not. Then again, when I brought it up, most people just said, "hey! You want evidence that EA went political. That must mean you want feminists to sleep with you!!!" So if they're willing to make up wild accusations about 1 guy, what will they do about a big company they hate?
Shattercoin (25 days ago)
ngl, using the bank palace theme from P5 for this video's transitions is the single most genius use of it I have seen, complete with the #MoneyGrubbingAsshole.
Sean Stark (25 days ago)
it's about time EA got investigated for all of this
BetaWolf47 (25 days ago)
"If I can help it" What's forcing you to buy EA titles?
sporeguy98 (25 days ago)
#1 spore
The Gaming Alph (25 days ago)
The 3DO wasn't made by Electronic Arts, but by its founder, one thing doesn't have anything to the other; it's like saying Apple made Toy Story just because Pixar was founded by Steve Jobs. It's good to see that you are misinformed as always Josh!

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