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Formula For Baby || Baby Formula Milk

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Text Comments (451)
Tushar Patil (5 days ago)
Mam mera baby 3 month ka h me formula milk de sakti hu kya plz batay
jatin mahida (3 days ago)
stanly (5 days ago)
Enfamil a+ is best
Noopur Singh (7 days ago)
Hii my baby is 25 days I also want to gv formula feed bt my doc said if ur milk production is good u dnt need to gv formula bt as u say mother also need some rest so I thought to gv formula... Bt m confused is ny harm to gv or ok ... Plz plz tell
Mom Com India (7 days ago)
What can i tell dear, its your personal choice, i have already shared my opinion and experience
Tardeep Kaur (13 days ago)
pls mam batai kya baby ka milk night time ke lai ik bar ready kar skte jug ka galss me
Sadia Kazmi (14 days ago)
Mera baby 9 month ka ho gya but wo ab tk 90 ml hi feed leta hai how we increase .... plz suggest
manju ilyas (17 days ago)
Similac intelli pro is best than any other product.
farha yasmeen (26 days ago)
Hi Mansi. My Son is 4 and half mnths old.I started Similac formula milk a week ago, he is refusing to have it. I also tried mixing expressed milk into it, he is still not ready to drink formula. Pls help.. what do i do?
farha yasmeen (25 days ago)
+Mom Com India he is not refusing bottle but he is not accepting formula milk. If i am expressing BM he is ready to drink.
Mom Com India (25 days ago)
I have done a video "What to do if baby refuses bottle" watch that video for details
Sidhu Mufu (28 days ago)
Mam meri baby now 1 year ki hae usae my lactogen , dexolac sab try kari lekin it not suits for my baby but recently similac start kari it suit fr my baby but my amazon mae similac advance search kari but only similac iq+ and normal similac hae mam plz silmilac advanced kaise purchase karna hae ply reply
Viji S (1 month ago)
Thanks for your valuable information ... Can u please. Suggest tips to make baby look chubby..
Kay Lynn (1 month ago)
They grow on their own. You dont make a baby look chubby.
Kay Lynn (1 month ago)
Siddharth Gautam (1 month ago)
Hi Mansi.. Big fan of your channel.. Thanks for taking out so much time to upload such insightful videos.. Specially when you have small baby to take care of.. Well I switched to Similac advance 1 after my baby was spitting up on Nan pro excella 1.. And this switch really worked.. 👍 Thank you so much once again..
Sidhu Mufu (28 days ago)
Similac advanced 3 hae kya aap kisme order kiye hae plz reply
Mom Com India (1 month ago)
Good to know
Reshma Maurya (1 month ago)
mam similac and similac advance m kya difference h
Mom Com India (1 month ago)
Pack mein dekhiye
Syeda Asma (1 month ago)
Hello mam my baby is 10 months .. she is active but uska weight thoda sa kum hai to kya mai similac use kar sakti hun.... Sahi hoga kya ye....plz try to rpl mam..
Mom Com India (1 month ago)
why similac , why not weight gaining foods
Shanza Khalid (1 month ago)
u r so sweet mom com. plz ap mjy btaen I m so tncd meri beti 3 month ki h h phly mn. n usy morinaga 1 dia PR WO weight gain n kr ri the phr m n 2 weeks hue lactogen day ri hn lakin us s mery baby ko womit ziada hoti h kindly help mjy kia krna chahie... plzzzz reply my dear
Mom Com India (1 month ago)
Weight pe 2-3 videos hai is channel mein wo dekhiye
whatsapp videos (1 month ago)
Hello. My baby was born at 37 weeks, she weighed 2kg. Im breast-feeding her, Its been 2 weeks she didn't put on weight. Shall I introduce her to formula milk along with breastfeeding to increase weight? Please reply. Waiting
Cecca Idala (1 month ago)
My baby was born at 37 weeks also. She weighed 2.5kg. I used Bona not bf. And she gained 0.5kg in 1 week
Kitty Sweta (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot mam ,i was having the same problem with my maby
Anjali Jadhav (1 month ago)
mam mera baby 2 month ka he to kya me use formula milk De sakti
Anjali Jadhav (1 month ago)
mani jassal (2 months ago)
Hey dear ,can you please upload some idea about breastfed baby with formula .Because baby is facing gas problem and poo too .thanks
prerna sharma (2 months ago)
We have given only similac advance ever since our baby was 6 months old. we should always consult the pediatrician before we start any formula for babies. I am thankful that our pediatrician suggested similac advance from the beginning.
Rupinder Kaur (2 months ago)
Hi mam.. Mera baby 26 days ka h... 2 din se m apne baby ko breast feed nhi krwa pa rhi hu bcoz of low milk supply.. I have purchased similac advance 1.. Baby ne ise accept kr liya h aur digest b kr rha h.. but the only thing is that mujhe lagta h k baby ise peene k baad bht jaldi so jata h.. Pehle b baby k liye breastmilk sufficient nhi hota tha to hm ise cow milk dete the.. Cow milk peene k baad baby thoda khelta tha phir sota tha.. Bt abhi similac advance 1dene k turant baad baby so jata h.. Could u plzzz telle if it is normal or is there any prblm... Maine dr ko dikhaya to unhone bola k abh in sirf breastfeed hi krwao 6mnth tk.. But only breastmilk is not sufficient for my baby.. Mam plzzz help me.. Should i just continue with similac advance 1 alongwith breastmilk as well.. Plzz reply mam
Rupinder Kaur (1 month ago)
thank u nisha pal.. Ab mera baby 50 days ka ho chuka h.. Aur m abhi b use similac advance 1 hi de rhi hu... Baby ne ise accept b kr liya h aur is se koi prblm nhi h.. Ab mera baby better grow kr rha h... 😊
nisha pal (1 month ago)
I don't think there is any problem because when baby feel satisfied then he sleep well .
komal bhadana (2 months ago)
Mam 9 month k baby k lye koun sa formula milk le pls tell me
Mohd Hasnain (2 months ago)
Mam mere bachhe ko main similac advance milk deti hoo wo formula dhoodh pine se inkar krta hai pls rply me
amana Rani (2 months ago)
mera bhai sirf formal milk peta ha kya sirf formal milk pena sa koi problem to nahi ho gi plz reply and plz koi solution bataya breast milk Lana ka trains meri mama ki age 40 kya is waja sa bhi breast milk nahi ata plz plz reply
Arshdeep Singh (2 months ago)
Mam maera baby 4.5 month ka hai main ne use formula milk daena sheri keya tha formula milk tha aptamil stage 1 lakin ye india main available nhe hai is leyae Maine ab apne baby ko enfamil stage 1 dena shuru keya hai per maera baby Isla flavour like nhe krta ager vo ise pe laeta hai to vo isae digest Nhe kr paata aur vomit kr daena hai mam pls suggest me ke main kon sa formula milk du baby ko jiseke flavour ko baby like kre
Sana Ayub (2 months ago)
Aptamil best h main apni beti ko stage 2 deti h
Jashan Aujla (2 months ago)
Kyu baby kon smiliac milk pina se baby ko white potty kyu Ha
Vicky Solanki (2 months ago)
Hi there, my baby is 3 months old and wanted to start formula milk for time being, what if I start with Lactogen? Plz do let me know.
Mirza Muskan (2 months ago)
My two month old baby which formula milk should i give now im giving similac but my baby is doing vomit after drinking
Mirza Muskan (2 months ago)
Plz help me im new mother
Gudu Kumar (3 months ago)
Mem meri gudiya 9 month ki hogyi 3month se uske Face pe pimpl hogye mene jpur k ache se ache doktr ko dikh liya bt iske koi frk i nhi pdta jitne dwai calu rhtti To thik ho jati h bnd krte i fir suru hojati h Face pe cream lgane ya na lgane se To kuch bhi frk nhi pdta h plz Help Me mem.....
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
Cant say much without seeying the babu, will suggest you consuklt a doctor
Shivani Jassi (3 months ago)
I want to suggest if baby is hungry in 2-3 hrs, as you said enfamil was light, its good sign. That means baby can easily digest that milk
Gopika Murali (3 months ago)
Mam its been said that formula fed babies are more prone to cancer and all types of diseases at a young age. I’m so worried that my both the babies are formula fed from the first week of their birth.
Soniya C (3 months ago)
hi mam..we are settled in saudi arabia....now my baby is 6 months old...she is starting formula milk ...s 26....nice???
SYED MUZAFFAR (3 months ago)
Nan pro did not suit my baby when she was 20 days old.. and I shifted to lactogen... Can I try Nan pro to my 4 month baby now??
SYED MUZAFFAR (3 months ago)
Hi mansi, Do we need to consult a pediatrician before trying another formula??
hardik joshi (3 months ago)
Hi my baby is 9 months old, and he is taking breast milk and other solid foods, but not taking out side milk when we try to give he simply avoid and start crying. My wife has started mixed bournvita and he likes it now. But I thought take your advice should we continue with Bournvita or any other milk powder is suggested specially for small babies?? Looking for your advice.
sona S (22 days ago)
Same situation with my daughter...but I did not give her with bournvita...should I try bournvita?? Or any other suggestion?
Hamza Tanveer (3 months ago)
mera beta 2mnth ka hai or bf 1 dete hain hum or use bht zada gass rehti hai mjhe lgta hai use suit ni krta to kya similac ya nan de skte hain use
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
Ispe alagse video hai is channel mein
ashima bajaj (3 months ago)
Please suggest formula milk for my son he is 4 mnths old earlier we used nanpro excella .
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
iv used the ones shared in this video , u can use any that suits ur baby as all r the same
ashima bajaj (3 months ago)
I love ur videos ....keep the good work going......😗😗😗😗😗
Gandla Ascharya (3 months ago)
I gave samilac one time to my baby she z 7 months old after one hour she started splitting continuously wt z the problem 4 times very heavily she started spitting plz Tel me...
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
most likely its not suiting her
ashima bajaj (3 months ago)
My baby is having nan pro excella he poop sevral time what to do should i change brand of formula.milk
ashima bajaj (3 months ago)
Mom Com India which brand should i choose please guide my son is 4 months old
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
hg Patel (3 months ago)
Baby ko kitane months me betha sakte he
Sufyan Khan (3 months ago)
Please btaye phir se hum Chang kre Ya continu rhhe Abhi 15 days se hum use kr rhe total comfort
Sufyan Khan (3 months ago)
Pahle hum log Nan pro use kr the usse baby ko gas and constipation rhta tha phir baby 5 months ka huwa to humne Similac 2 intelli pro use Kiya to constipation to shi huwa liken gas or spitting ki problem thi phir Similac 2 total comfort 15 days se use kr rhe Hai first week to theek rha liken ab phir se baby gas or sptting kr rha Hai
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
Thoda gas aur spitting to rahega hi
Anuradha Maurya (3 months ago)
mєrí вєtí 2 mσnth kí h uѕ ѕímílαc kα kσn ѕє lєvєl du plѕ вtαчєngє mαm.
Mom Com India (3 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Rahul Ranjan (3 months ago)
really nice videos.. thanks for sharing..
Archakam Alekya (4 months ago)
After 1 year wt type of milk i can rive to my dady Up to now i did not given any another milkto my child Plz sugest
Archakam Alekya (4 months ago)
Mom Com India 😂😂
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
After 1 year give cow milk, both to baby and dady
sonu goley (4 months ago)
Hi i give my 3 month old similac advance 3 to 4 time and also breastfeed but he poop in 5 to 6 days & cry alot while pooping and very gassy at all time he is constipated for a month so which formula should i give
sonu goley (3 months ago)
Thanks kanika enfamil really helps in my babies constipation now he poops every day i think that similac advance cause constipation to my 4 month old.thanks momcom india
Kanika Sharma (4 months ago)
You can try enfamil stage 1 till month 6 after that stage 2
sonu goley (4 months ago)
Hi i did not found the solution of my problem in your vedio about babies potty i thought, hard stool is due to simillac advance so either i try enfamil or any other brand plz suggest me if you can i dont want to see him constipated anymore
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
I have made a separate video on this topic
Ayushi Sangwan (4 months ago)
Palak Jain (4 months ago)
Hello mam plzz suggest me can I give 2 times powder milk in a daily routine my baby is 2 month
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
khan Aamir (4 months ago)
Mummum 1 is best for baby upto 6 month
momandtoddler (4 months ago)
Hi can anyone suggest that how to store baby milk powder . Is it fine storing it in air tight containers .some one please do reply if anyone has idea on this please do suggest..
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
Yes store in air tight containers
Puja Mehta (4 months ago)
My baby is 1.5 month old. I feel nan pro is heavy for him.. he spits out a lot and worry of reflux.. i wanted to know which similac shud i opt for... our doc suggested enfamil but i still prefer if we tried similac. Awaiting response. Thanks
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
shalini dubey (4 months ago)
Hello Momcom Team, can you please advise which formula milk contains a2 protein and available in India?
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
fary ash (4 months ago)
Dear my baby was happy with lactogen from 3 months but he was puking daily ,dr gave me medicines and when he turned 5 months he is rejecting to drink it..is it because of lactogen? Should I change the brand or something please help as my breastmilk is not filling him up well..
krupa solanki (4 months ago)
formula milk bana ne k bad kitane time tak baby ko Dena safe h
Syed Arif (3 months ago)
krupa solan
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
15 - 20 minutes
Anvitha Pillai (4 months ago)
Hello! Can you tell me the difference between the Similac Advance blue and Similac Advance Green??
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
No i cant, it should be written on the pacckage
KINJAL PATEL (5 months ago)
Is it all formula milk test same or different? Because my son always refuse to take formula milk.. Thanks
Mom Com India (4 months ago)
neetta porwal (5 months ago)
हेलो मेम मेरा बेबी नौ महीने का है और सिमिलेक फ़ॉर्मूला दूध पीने के बाद हर पांच मिनट में सू सू जाता है लगभग 7, 8 बार .. वैसे पूरे दिन इतनी बार नही जाता है बेटा बहुत दुबला भी है वजन भी नही बढ़ रहा है आप कुछ सलाह दे सकती है
neetta porwal (4 months ago)
thank you so much for reply. only I want to know after taking formula so many times urination is seen or not?
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Kyunki hum aapke baby ko dekh nahi sakte aur history nahi pat hai, is sawal ka answer dena bahut mushkil hoga aur shayad uchit bhi nahi hoga, sabse achi salah ek doctor hi de sakta hai kyunki wo experts hai.
Drashti Shah (5 months ago)
Is similac available in small quantity? As I am giving only once in a day to my 2 months old baby. After opening the packet, I can only use till 2 weeks ..so half of the tin is waste.
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Yes its a waste, cant use for over two weeks
shilpa rakshit (5 months ago)
Hello mam...my baby gal is 2 months old.from starting I m giving her formula bcos my bm is very low..I gave her aptamil but after few weeks she was facing constipation and cried alot during poop tym..so dr suggested us to change FM as similac isomil and gave duphalac syrup to relief from constipation..I have given her at 15 days dat tym her poop was good nd she was not crying but whenever I stopped giving duphalac syrup her poop becomes very dry and sticky and she tries alot during poop tym..I am totally frustrated and feeling helpless 😟 what should I do..pls reply..
jyotsna ghimiray (5 months ago)
Try Aptamil Comfort
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Try Enfamil once and see if it helps
Ramesh kumar (5 months ago)
Good evening mam mam Meri beti 9munth ki ho Gaye h kroling nahi karti Dr ko dikhay to bolte h Bren bik h kya karu pls helf me
Ramesh kumar (5 months ago)
Kroling/ pet ke bal khisakna
jyoti tiwari (5 months ago)
Ramesh kumar krol ka meaning kya h
Rs Manwal (5 months ago)
mam mai apne baby ko lactogen 1 deti hu. Jb wo hua tha uska weight 2 kg tha or ab wo 5 month ka ho gya hai or uska weight 7 kg ho gya hai. kya month ke hisab se weight thik hai. Mam i am waiting for rply becz its imp for me.
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Rs Manwal (5 months ago)
lactogen is best for 6 month baby
Khan Madiha (5 months ago)
After 6 month lactogen 2 Dena h kya. Mam
bhoomika mistry (5 months ago)
Is it safe to give normal tap water to baby with boiling it?
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
If you dont have RO then its fine to boil normal water
mam i have 3rd month baby. breast milk is not sufficient to baby from one month. i give similac milk. what quantity i give now
Shahid Malik (3 months ago)
Shahid Malik (3 months ago)
satya vinaya madhuri gamlidevara
Kamlesh Verma (5 months ago)
मेडम हिंदी में बोला कीजिये , आप भूल जाती है आप भारतीय महिलाओं को समझा रही है जिन्हें शिशु देखभाल के ज्ञान की ज्यादा जरूरत है
panchi saha (5 months ago)
Mom Com India mam is vdo ka hind wala part ka link dijiaaa na plz I can't understand English proper so it's little difficult for me
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Aap lagta hai youtube mein aur is channel mein Naye hai, humare spare videos dono language mein bante hai, god bless you
rITU kUMARI (5 months ago)
Formula milk 5 month k baby ko din mein kitni bar de sakte.agr baby breast feed nai leta ha.or ek time mein 120 ml dudh peeta ha to
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
HINA PATEL (5 months ago)
Hello, mam Mera baby boy 1 month ka he me use breast milk deti hu lekin after feeding vo pee(urine) kar deta he aur din me 12 to 15 bar pee karta he. Asa kyu hota hoga. Nind bhi bahut kam he.
Pinki Gusain (5 months ago)
Hi mam.. Mere baby ko 6month avi start hua h... Mai use NAN Lo Lac deti hun mujhe Dr ne suggest kiya that bcoz mai pehale use cow milk deti thi but use infection ho gaya.. Mera question ye h ki mai use ye milk kb tk dun.. Nan Lo lac ko change kr k mai use Nan pro de sakti hun.. Agar mai nan lo lac use countinue deti hun to use utne hi nutrition mil payenge jitane baki Nan pro stage se milenge.. Plz reply..
Beautiful life (5 months ago)
Madam you are so good looking how old are you and how many kids you have. Tell us the secret of your beauty despite of your age.😊
Beautiful life (5 months ago)
#Mom Com India tq madam.
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Beautiful life (5 months ago)
Madam plzz tell me how to prepare similac and Oats for 10 month old baby
Kameshwari Gautam (5 months ago)
plz sugest me mam mera beby 2 month old hai wo mum mum milk powder pita hai kya ye safe hai plz reply me
Kameshwari Gautam (5 months ago)
plz mam sugest me mera beby mum mum milk powder pi rha kya ye achha powder hai plz comment me
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Agar baby ko suit kare to dijiye
shakethethunder (5 months ago)
I give my baby similac iq+ stage 2 he is 11 months old. Can I give him similac advance which is in blue colour packing.
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Ridamon Bamon (5 months ago)
my 7mthsold baby is allergy to lactogen Nan wheat,rice with milk,what shall I do?
momandtoddler (4 months ago)
Ridamon Bamon my son was also allergic to all these . And then I started giving him similac as doctor suggested .there were no allergies
bindaas boy DJ (5 months ago)
Mam mara baby girl 1manth ki he... Uska pet Mare milk se nai bharta he to me yai formula milk de sakti hu.. To khonsa du kiya me milk bottle use kar sakti hu kiya plz reply plz help me
Bushrabanu 2323 (5 months ago)
hi ma'am first of all I love you I love ur talk and action ma'am I daughrt is 7 month complete I m giving her formula milk farex 2 how much ml I have to give her in a day along with soild food and and how many times can u plz reply maam
Bushrabanu 2323 (5 months ago)
hi ma'am first of all I love you I love ur talk and action ma'am I daughrt is 7 month complete I m giving her formula milk farex 2 how much ml I have to give her in a day along with soild food and and how many times can u plz reply maam
Karuna Kharel (5 months ago)
Mam mera baby 23 days ka hain aur woh BM or formula milk dono pita hai he was born low weight just 2.5 kg and now he is 3.325 kg is he growing well?? And he used to drink 80 Ml formula milk at one time plus Breast milk also is he drinking much???
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Pinky Sarangi (5 months ago)
mam, i have 2 months baby girl.i m suffering much gas problem.n my baby also.what ll i do .my baby is not sleeping ncrying much time.
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Pinky Sarangi (5 months ago)
mam i hv one more dought .my baby split so many time.
Rishna Thajis (5 months ago)
Can add formula milk to ragi instead of milk
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Girish Nair (5 months ago)
hi.. we r giving Lectogen as formula to our 3months old baby boy (4th month is running) & His weight is 6.1kg now... my question is - How often & what quantity we should give formula milk to our 3months old baby? And once we have prepared the formula milk, how long it would last.? Can we prepare it in advance and store it in some container like steel bottle of Milton or in some similar bottle? Your Assistance is always appreciated :-)
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
Charu Goyal (6 months ago)
Hi My baby is 4 months old. I am now giving him pink similac. I tried nan, lactogen and similac advance as well. When i started lactogen-his poop color changed to greeb Then with similac advance-his poop color remained green but he started doing very hard poop (like adults) He spits a lot as well With similac pink ,poops are same and spitting level is also not that much reduced What should i do?
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Try nan pro
Amar Harry (6 months ago)
Dee mera baby 4.5 month ka hai or maine use NAN PRO 1 dena shuru kiya hai last week se pehle hum use cow milk dete the me abhi study kar rhi hon is liye but problem ye hai ki mere formula milk ko ajj taste kiya us me mujhe oil jesa taste aya kya ye normal hai
Amar Harry (5 months ago)
Thanks dee for reply
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
Ispe alagse video hai channel mein
P Neeru (6 months ago)
Mam can we use similac at n8 time for 3 weeks baby.. i use from starting because after caserian i dont have enough breastmilk thats why from starting onwards i use . But now some of breast milk is came so i use both breast feed and infant formula.. is it safe to use both.. how many spoons can we give per day to my 3 weeks baby.. please give reply madam..
P Neeru (5 months ago)
Thanq for giving reply.. how many spoons of infant formula is better
Mom Com India (5 months ago)
yes you can, but BM is better for health and immunity
Sanam Waseem (6 months ago)
M similac hi plati hu pr wo mota n ho r plz any suggestions
Sanam Waseem (6 months ago)
Mra baby 3 month ka h
vandna chauhan (6 months ago)
thank u so much maam ur video's so much useful for me
Rajdeep Baisya (6 months ago)
Madam ye bata do avent ka 3 in 1 steriliser and 2 in one steriliser, which would be better for long term benefit?
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Both are gud, we use the 2in1
Pallavi Dutta (6 months ago)
what about aptamil??
jyotsna ghimiray (5 months ago)
Try Aptamil Comfort for colic and constipated baby
jyotsna ghimiray (5 months ago)
It’s good
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Never tried it
KINJAL PATEL (6 months ago)
Hi dear.. Is it possible to get similac or enfamil formula in New Zealand..? Thanks
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Not sure dear, but these are global brands
shinjita talapatra (6 months ago)
Hi ,mera baby 8months ka hai. Blood diarrhea hua tha 4din pehle. Avi fm nahi pi raha hai, kya karu plz suggest .mera bm nahi hai .
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Doctor se consult kariye, medication dijiye
dipanjana Pandit (6 months ago)
I have a weird question.. how does this similac advance formula tastes? Is the taste sweet like mother's milk? I have tried nan pro 1 and my baby hates it.. I have tried it consistently but she recognises it's taste and spits it out even while in sleep.. it will be good if you can throw some light on the taste of all the formula milks you have mentioned in this post.
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
It is sweet, we switched from nan to enfamil to similac and back to nan now
Ashu Agarwal (6 months ago)
Similac ko open karne k baad kitne din use karna chaye hai box par toh 2 weeks he deya hua hai
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
3 weeks ke andar use kijiye
Sheetal Kawasi (6 months ago)
Meri baby 1 year ki h sb kuch acche se kha leti h phir bhi uska weight nahi bad raha h wo abhi 8 kg ki h...
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Ek baar doctor se check kijiye
bhagya sri (6 months ago)
Hpw to improve breast milk.. my baby is not drinking formula milk
bhagya sri (5 months ago)
Ok thanku... I don't know why my baby is crying wen I try to feed she is refusing to drink my milk
Talari Yasoda (5 months ago)
bhagya sri lactogen 1 is good im feeding my baby with lactogen...growth was good and very active also...you can try lactogen
bhagya sri (6 months ago)
Which formula milk is recommended for my 3m baby... my milk supply is low.. my baby is not drinking nan pro
bhagya sri (6 months ago)
Is lactogen good for baby
bhagya sri (6 months ago)
Please respomd me
Yasmeen Yasmeen (6 months ago)
My son is one year can I give him formula milk
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
yes and solids too
Poonam Agrawal (6 months ago)
Baby ka Cerelac formula milk se hi banana hai kya mam
Ramya Manohar (6 months ago)
Hi Mam my son is in 6th month and my milk is stopped. I have tried Nan pro but he is vommiting. Now secondly I Tried giving Similac Advance but he is not at all drinking and searching for my milk. Please let me know shall I had sugar or please advice how to make him drink. Thanks.
Talari Yasoda (5 months ago)
you have to tried lactogen 2 for ur baby
Mom Com India (6 months ago)
Is topic pe alagse video hai is channel mein, aap wo dekhiye !! Ye video aapko wo dhundne mein madat karega -  https://youtu.be/Qkqj-hJ5S7A
kavita sharma (6 months ago)
Hello Ma'am .mere twins baby hai .jo 5 moth k ho gye hai .Mai Abhi unko( Nan pro milk farmula ) de rhi hu so plz ye btaye ki 6 month k bad konsa milk du.mother dairy full cream milk de sakti hu .plz plz ma'am aap iska rply jarur krna
jyoti dobhal (6 months ago)
M apne baby ko only similac stage 1 de rhi hu jo 345 ka h iske bare m bhi kuch information share Kare plz.
Anjum Shaikh (6 months ago)
hi meri baby 2m ki hai us se gais ka problem hai but wo bahar milk nai pi rahi hai ..to us mai konsa formula milk du....

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