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Magic Milk Straws

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Get reluctant kids to drink milk or have a special treat with the four awesome flavors of Magic Milk Straws! Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/magic-milk-straws.cfm?adid=youtube ******************* Please subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com‬ Hundreds more curiously awesome products at: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube ******************* We all know that milk does a body good, but many growing kids want more flavorful drinks. With Magic Milk Straws, even the most reluctant kids (and adults, too!) will be begging to drink a glass of milk every day. Each Magic Milk Straw is crammed with all-natural flavor beads which transform your milk into a delicious treat. As you sip, the beads dissolve and infuse tasty strawberry, chocolate, vanilla milkshake, or cookies and cream flavor into your milk. Magic Milk Straws are low in sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and have zero fat and cholesterol. They're such a great way to encourage milk drinking that the Milk Processor Board lent their Got Milk? brand to the product! Each set includes six single-use straws. ********************** To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=new&adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=popular&adid=youtube
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Text Comments (8082)
Vat19 (1 year ago)
What is your favorite Magic Milk Straw flavor? Tell us in the comments!
Brittany Bennett (10 days ago)
Vat19 chocolate
Chocolate 🍫 💕
SpaceMan Cuber (1 month ago)
bhad momo (1 month ago)
Vat19 strawberry
Avalanche (1 month ago)
Cookies and cream all the way
TornadoHyenyaku (18 hours ago)
So.... is it reusable?
lucy lee (1 day ago)
What if u are Allergic to milk
RamboCreativity (2 days ago)
Don't, don't do it to me man! NOT THE STRAWS AGAIN!
grand master (3 days ago)
I used to cut the straw and empty the beads in the cup and then eat it like a cereal
Leon Phoenix (4 days ago)
I Love Strawberry one. Oh and chocolate. And i whant to ask where that milk starws sell. If i found. I whant to buy. 😄
Brooklyn's rhino (6 days ago)
Is a one time use
Mr beast Jr the 2 (6 days ago)
Cookies and cream is my favorite
Mr beast Jr the 2 (6 days ago)
Do a video with the straws with other liquids from vat 19
Ott Einassoo (8 days ago)
Just give me that milk moo moo moo moo that chocolate milk moo moo moo moo
Sketch Animation (8 days ago)
WOW Pal ok milk tastes fine on it's own without this
UltraNinja (11 days ago)
So, what happens if you drink flavoured milk through these straws?
INKfrisk💖 (12 days ago)
I can drink regular milk but im not lactose . . .i need this
April Vaughn (12 days ago)
A What if your lactose and tolerant Because I am
*i'm lactose intolerant*
Kolton Schmidt (12 days ago)
I have a milk soy protein allergy so I cant have it...
SneakAttack Savages (13 days ago)
Sly Slytherin (15 days ago)
Guys if your a Canadian like me go buy it in Costco cuz I found it!!!{!!
Fxntastic (19 days ago)
Im sorry to say this but 2 other brands have made this.
Sophie Gillin (20 days ago)
Not to be a bummer or anything but England invented this YEARSSSSSSS ago, I used to have one everyday since I was five 😆
yuiop (22 days ago)
I tried these when I was younger, they hardly work and they’re a pain to drink with. I don’t recommend these at all, it makes it harder to drink.
Nicole’s Fun Corner (22 days ago)
Do they work with lactose free milk?
Arantza Frias trevizo (23 days ago)
I never knew this was from vat19 that was literally my childhood
vageoff (23 days ago)
what happens when u use water?
Lilo The Lop Bunny (23 days ago)
Gimmie gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!
TimberTheAlphaWolf (23 days ago)
Can’t I just get these from Walmart...?
Anuya Sheombar Sing (26 days ago)
Im allergic for milk so for me is milk not healthy 😥
ReviewBruh (28 days ago)
I rather buy nesquik
Kymberlee Dever (30 days ago)
i love the straws they are the best
Kayla Nguyen (30 days ago)
I remember these from when I was I child😊☺️
Draw with Passion (1 month ago)
I had this as a little kid, I always got cookies n' cream I think.
Phoenix the Robloxian (1 month ago)
Will it work with any drink?
Andrew (1 month ago)
We get these in our shops But i think it is only chocolate and strawberry
Rusyd 17 (1 month ago)
i like chocolat
Rusyd 17 (1 month ago)
can it do milk in indonesia
Kacy Unicorn (1 month ago)
I used to use these when I was younger and they're awesome
SecretSkull (1 month ago)
Build muscle and burn fat? Well that explains why I'm thick, I got that lactose intolerance
Drop It (1 month ago)
I am Depresed (1 month ago)
I dont need it i love plain milk
vlog singapore (1 month ago)
I just cut it open and dunk it into my mouth
KdE_Zx Panda (1 month ago)
It’s actually true, the flavors are so good
confused boi (1 month ago)
How long can they be used
bhad momo (1 month ago)
I'm 16 but that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy milk straws so I was drinking milk with a magic milk straws while I watched this video
Poipole Lover (1 month ago)
....... there are I’m Poland and in Ireland xd
kol the bongo (1 month ago)
I use to think It was a candy 🍬 So I allways cut the straw and eat the beads At first I thought it was super weird Then I see this video now I get it 😂
Chewy YT (1 month ago)
I would rather stick with the ordinary milk..🥛 What would you guys prefer... -Milk (with these straws with flavor in it) -Milk (ordinary)
Avocado dip (1 month ago)
Bad way to show off muscles
LNXGF145 (1 month ago)
Can you yous it over agave
SCP - 106 (1 month ago)
If you flip it over... Chocolate turns to milk
Sallee Becerra (1 month ago)
this is already a thing.
Bloomess (1 month ago)
ttam alcoriza (1 month ago)
where is the old funny comercial of that
Elizabeth Gramm (1 month ago)
I used to cut these open and eat them.
Lucy Chapman (1 month ago)
You can get these for one dollar at my local grocery store
Terry 20 (1 month ago)
I got 5 from Japan I think it was only 1$
Korean Cosmetics (1 month ago)
I got a question!!!! Are those beads edible??? Can you eat them???!!!!!
Yeetzy塩味 (1 month ago)
Watching this while drinking milk with the straw
nguyen my lan lan (1 month ago)
I like the chocolate banana and the milk straw are nice
El Bojacks (1 month ago)
Im not gonna lie,these don’t work
blasty (1 month ago)
does it work on spoiled milk
ItzJeff (1 month ago)
CAMO THE DUTCHIE (1 month ago)
You just copied a famous brand in australia
Nightwhisper (1 month ago)
I can get this a Walmart 😂
Raptor//Turtoplay (1 month ago)
Omg I miss these!! I had them all the time!
Arman Barat (1 month ago)
Sure! Kill fish and animals so you can get that muscle!
Liongirl47 XD (1 month ago)
They act like they invented this
TRB 101 (1 month ago)
i tried it with soda and is tasted weird.
Leizi Ortiz (1 month ago)
I tried those but I only ate them I didn’t know they where for milk 🥛
Uzaylı Doge (1 month ago)
i found one in my dads house By one i mean like 40 banana straws Yea my dad likes bananas
Kayla The raptor (1 month ago)
Pfffffttttt I always drink milk :p
Morning_Cookiez (1 month ago)
*mOo jUIce*
Chloe Guppy (1 month ago)
Can I use these with some thing else because I hate mink
BBY Productions (1 month ago)
Lps Avocado (1 month ago)
I bought these two weeks ago and I got the cookies and cream and they are so cool
gamestarlover (1 month ago)
I like the STRAWberry one >w>
Nikki Tyrney (1 month ago)
Chocolate 👌
Gatcha Vids (2 months ago)
You should do guess the flavor of magic milk
Sour Mint Lolli (2 months ago)
My mom got one but it died..
Morgan harmon (2 months ago)
Does it work with almond milk
lulzzy the fifth (2 months ago)
nice add
Aidan And Olivia (2 months ago)
Wasn't this invented in Korea?
Its EthanKingz (2 months ago)
I used to have these in Pre K
scared potter (2 months ago)
They are really darn delicious. I got the cookies and cream one and strawberry
Semira Nikocevic (2 months ago)
U copyed I have magic milk but still love u guys
FLOOF Animates (2 months ago)
I used to have this before,it’s sipaaaaah
MARAM_IDRIS _ (2 months ago)
We already have these in Australia 🇦🇺
Emily Murer (2 months ago)
Can you eat the food in the straws 😄😄🙅😻👌
Faith Shi Hui (2 months ago)
I have one of those before and i cut open it and ate the beads inside..
Tea With Me (2 months ago)
I've had these before like 7 years ago geez
Yoshi_Dino_Kiddo (2 months ago)
Lol hipster milk.
Dellaney. co (2 months ago)
I'm lactose intolerant Edit: :'v
Eyless Jack (2 months ago)
i have a pack of that
Olivia Baleno (2 months ago)
Are they reusable for more than one drink??
D I Y (2 months ago)
Remake 🤯
Meda Caat (2 months ago)
Well, i'm allergic to milk...
Anya Chaput (2 months ago)
I was drinking strawberry milk when I was watching this
I AM MEMER (2 months ago)
Use vanilla straw to drink chocolate-milk?
Norbert Channel (2 months ago)
Use hot milk + Magic Milk Straw Better taste than cold milk+ Magic Milk Straw!

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