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Magic Milk Straws

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Get reluctant kids to drink milk or have a special treat with the four awesome flavors of Magic Milk Straws! Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/magic-milk-straws.cfm?adid=youtube ******************* Please subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com‬ Hundreds more curiously awesome products at: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube ******************* We all know that milk does a body good, but many growing kids want more flavorful drinks. With Magic Milk Straws, even the most reluctant kids (and adults, too!) will be begging to drink a glass of milk every day. Each Magic Milk Straw is crammed with all-natural flavor beads which transform your milk into a delicious treat. As you sip, the beads dissolve and infuse tasty strawberry, chocolate, vanilla milkshake, or cookies and cream flavor into your milk. Magic Milk Straws are low in sugar, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, and have zero fat and cholesterol. They're such a great way to encourage milk drinking that the Milk Processor Board lent their Got Milk? brand to the product! Each set includes six single-use straws. ********************** To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=new&adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/showproducts.cfm?action=popular&adid=youtube
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Text Comments (8245)
Vat19 (1 year ago)
What is your favorite Magic Milk Straw flavor? Tell us in the comments!
catlover YOUTUBER (9 days ago)
How much?
Rolania Ikrabbya (14 days ago)
Chocolate is my go to flavour
Violet Dav (17 days ago)
Oscar Tong (22 days ago)
Vat19 I drink to much milk everyday.but milk didn’t burn my fat and build muscle.
Shawn Payne (22 days ago)
Vat19 strawberry was my favorite
Joseph Connolly (40 minutes ago)
Dam you really just copied got milk
thatguyisawesome ¿ (7 hours ago)
So how do the beads stay there?
Cynyx Crolander (22 hours ago)
UMumGayLol (1 day ago)
One straw was never enough for me so I would whip out another one.
FireBalls Fireworks (1 day ago)
*i smell a dairy sponsorship!*
I like milk how it tastes
Kitty Shuggaskulls (1 day ago)
but what if you have a lactose intolerance can it work with lactaid
ѕρσσку ѕιѕ (2 days ago)
I’m lactose intolerant....
Nadia Uys (3 days ago)
Go to countdown and buy a ten pack
Enedino Dejesus (3 days ago)
I once had thes they wer THE best
They sell these in korea, But for some reason my mom cant find them anymore. and if she does theyre too expensive..
John Le (6 days ago)
Are they reusable
Are they still available??????
Kittycatlol :3 (8 days ago)
Fatin Adlina (11 days ago)
Its like slick slime sam
Thegamingguy1101 (11 days ago)
I want milk flavor
FrostFire Phoenix (11 days ago)
These are freaking great I used these when I was food challenging out of milk, basically having milk for the first time, I used a banana flavored straw I FREAKING LOVE IT
Chat noir X Marinette (12 days ago)
Wait wait did he say milk from a sheep!? My life is all a lie now
Matas Gus (13 days ago)
If you are wondering if it works, IT WORKS. The taste is awesome. I think im too old for these, but my inner child takes me down.
What happens if you eat a bead? Is it like eating a flavoured cereal?
TheGoldenStarGirl (14 days ago)
*H I P S T E R M I L K .*
Brian Boone (15 days ago)
I used to buy these in stores
Whenever whatever (15 days ago)
I had a smores
GamingFox 89 (15 days ago)
Isabella Crump (15 days ago)
Be right back, I'm gonna go get some milk.
Mr. Breadman (16 days ago)
If I cut it open can I eat the beads and if not why?
Ameli Carver (17 days ago)
I’m lactose intolerant.
I need magic milk straw
sage rissling (18 days ago)
2019?? Anyone?
zyler the cat (19 days ago)
You can get them at a store in my town...........its 1 pound
AnimaToon! (19 days ago)
But, if the beads go in to your mouth, are they tasty?
Swagg3r _Souls (19 days ago)
Wouldn’t the beads get sucked out while using it?
Mac (19 days ago)
Cookies and cream taste like ass, maybe its just me
ngoibet (20 days ago)
Yeah, we had this for a long time. The beads taste delicious.
Jon Vincent Salamat (20 days ago)
0:53 is that the cup from the transforming dinner train?
Nicolas Hauduc (21 days ago)
And if you choke on the beads?...
depressed (20 days ago)
i bet you have down syndrom
depressed (20 days ago)
+Nicolas Hauduc fucking idiot their as big as a spec of dust
Nicolas Hauduc (20 days ago)
Exactly. It’s a health hazard
depressed (20 days ago)
their super small
depressed (20 days ago)
the beads are 1/4 a mm
Wilson Lewis (21 days ago)
So many nutrition facts omg
Taco Games (22 days ago)
I’ve never said no to plain old milk!
Joshua Veliganio (22 days ago)
Seven flavors, pulls out four
Irene dystania (22 days ago)
How about almond milk
mr got em YEET (22 days ago)
Im lactose and tolerance
Shawn Payne (22 days ago)
I remember having these as a kid, now I want them again.
Pink Mermaid 09 (22 days ago)
wig found (22 days ago)
They sell these for 20 cents at my local grocery store.
Ott Einassoo (22 days ago)
2011???WOW i am too late...
Enrico Alvarez (23 days ago)
When you have water and put magic milk straw mabye it will taste like milk
Warlet G (23 days ago)
We already have that thing in the philippines
StarSong's Potatoes (23 days ago)
Dang. Vat19 is old, woah!
Unicorn Emily (24 days ago)
I had these and they have this like powder
iiunaestheticdayii (25 days ago)
I got a milk add bfr this.......
Some Random Youtuber (25 days ago)
IMO They taste bad
Maija Bērziņa (25 days ago)
These straws are already in shops
lazzy mazzy (25 days ago)
IM in the different country i think i can't but it :'(
peb bles (25 days ago)
Omg! I remember these. Haven't gotten one in years!😟😥
Fire Fox (26 days ago)
They called it moo juice😂🤣 also sheep milk
Jessly n (26 days ago)
*i thought it was for wAtEr......*
kokchye yap (26 days ago)
idk where is vat 19
Kevin Cherveny (26 days ago)
Just drink the milk
kokchye yap (27 days ago)
i 'm wrong i like all
kokchye yap (27 days ago)
i want that
kokchye yap (27 days ago)
the w and b
Lynsey's Life (27 days ago)
Kookeez and Kreme!!!!! 🍪⚪️⚫️🍦
Hanara San (29 days ago)
I'd Rather eating Non-Taste milk
HeyitzLilyy y (29 days ago)
It's called Sip Ahh
AnimeFlameKing TV (29 days ago)
These straws already exist in Czech republic so you could say "American Ripoff" and im not joking also they are really Flipin old
ly Lê (1 month ago)
I love it and i want it
cat night and sun dog (1 month ago)
Whos watching it in 2018?
Xenon VH2 (1 month ago)
Magic Mike Whats?
Thirty One Pilots (1 month ago)
Can we eat the beads?
APSHAREE fatema (1 month ago)
How do you make does thing?
Philicity Toney (1 month ago)
Yo. I love those straws before when I was little. There so good
I actually really like milk! Milk straws for not, it’s my go to drink! The cookie is my favorite!
Jason Golden (1 month ago)
Actually milk contains fat
Jason Golden (1 month ago)
Oh did not no that I thought all milk does
BohemianPunk✿ (1 month ago)
Jason Golden the red cap ones are mainly fat
Sonya Chatman (1 month ago)
Ughhh nostalgia I use to have these when I was little
Kawaii snow pup (1 month ago)
I can buy a pack of four, for few cents..
이거어릴때 팔았던거다 추억돋네
Mr. Quakers (1 month ago)
I’ve had these Before it was the orange one
Zoom Black Flash (1 month ago)
I used to get these and they were bomb
Koh Pei Lin (1 month ago)
Can you eat the ball
Internet Trash (1 month ago)
I’m drinking a chocolate one right now
Megamodpod ! (1 month ago)
What about water
Spencer Margolis (1 month ago)
It’s actually been shown that milk is bad for people, cows, the environment, and the economy. You already get all of the nutrients in your milk in your daily diet. Even the diet of a vegetarian. Also, milk is sterling from cows, and because livestock takes up a lot of resources that are essential to the economy, people, and nature, it’s just a big waste of necessary items. It’s also just flat out stealing from cows.
Lara annoying orange (1 month ago)
I found a supermarket called panda and I found it
Jonas Baldvinsson (1 month ago)
I have never tried it
Lizzy 19 (1 month ago)
I try one taste good
GamerGodYT (1 month ago)
*but i like milk as it is*
Ainz Ariffin (1 month ago)
Strawberry flavour
cutie Cat (1 month ago)
I have loadssssssssss
Vintaqe Rxses (1 month ago)
This was made 7 years ago when I was 10. Yes I did watch it but I did not have a channel since I did not have a gmail or email
Hoor Kanwal (1 month ago)
I've tried magic milk straw
Nancy Torres (1 month ago)
stickh198 (1 month ago)
Woah!!! Is Joey really that ripped!?
Haris Khalil (1 month ago)
I don’t need the magic milk straws because I like milk
__Random_ _Afryn0w0_ (1 month ago)
StTRAWberry is my fav really
Bob Johnson The III (1 month ago)
I can get these at coles, woolworths, aldi and kmart.
kalindi desai (2 months ago)
Do not use it
TornadoHyenyaku (2 months ago)
So.... is it reusable?
lucy lee (2 months ago)
What if u are Allergic to milk
RamboCreativity (2 months ago)
Don't, don't do it to me man! NOT THE STRAWS AGAIN!

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