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School Daze Review

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Take a shot for every time where I read too much into the episode. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Father and Son Games (2 days ago)
Maybe twilight was to depressed for her usual freak outs
TheRogueGamer06 (10 days ago)
Oh I remember that art in the background, brony d&d, geminia and a beautiful Pegasus
Ohvist Small (14 days ago)
"Other Races exist, why don't they integrate?" And despite this, we _STILL_ don't have any of the races from Seasons 1-2 in the show: Zebras: Except Zecora for some reason who is friends with Applebloom and has information on Dragons that Ponies themselves lacked... and is NEVER made relevant again in the Main Timeline. Diamond Dogs: Never seen or mentioned since _A Dog and Pony Show_ despite them living in spitting distance to Ponyville. Thestrals/"Bat Ponies": We've never seen any of them outside of the Lunar Guard from Luna's reintroduction episode of _Luna Eclipsed_ and in the Nightmare Moon Timeline. Buffalo: not ever again focused on since _Over A Barrel_ because Native Americans analogies are apparently terrible? I'm Cherokee-Scottish and even *I* don't get the Buffalo problem that's there. Nevermind that StrongheartXBraeburn WAS the only other Cross-Species ship besides Sparity that the Fandom loved. And the addition of Yaks to the show just throws even *more* confusion to the Buffalos' absence. Minotaurs: except for Iron Will. And that's all I'm willing to say about Minotaurs.
GravityFallsGossiper (18 days ago)
This video gets a like just for the slap stick montage
bruce riffle (28 days ago)
the war thing makes since for the hippagriffs because sivler stream in an HIER TO THE THRONE!
Red reaper (1 month ago)
it sad mlp used lex luthor before they used joker
Anne van Breukelen (1 month ago)
Your comments on this episode are good, except one Neighsay is not Snape, even Snape is better
Daniselle Lopez (1 month ago)
Has no one noticed the guy in the mirror?
Dubstepbee Red (1 month ago)
HA you honestly think the "i would have brought ice cream" quote is gonna hold a candle to "uh so much black we get it youre sad" of royal problem. cuz if so whatever youre having all take 261,584,335,938,045.
Stitchie AU (1 month ago)
14:32 Crying your heart out is exhausting, OF COURSE her big freak out was a bit toned down.
LunerPet (1 month ago)
Neighsay isn't racist as he was proven right for most of his points.
23:02 ok I must say 2 things. 1: I like the meater. 2: kid icarus uprising has no 4th wall. It's on a reasonable spot.
Christian Walters (1 month ago)
o wheN HE FIGURES out that he was not the villain we going to scream
Flix (1 month ago)
There is no silver lining! (Stuart little)
Dubstepbee Red (2 months ago)
Ribbons Almark (2 months ago)
Really hope he reacts to the final season. So many major villains incoming ...and sunbutt retiring?!
KdaAnimeFan2 (2 months ago)
Why don't you do charity shout out's at the end of your videos like nostalgia critic?
Josh Brony/train/pilot (2 months ago)
Please do a review to the finale!!!!! Please!!!!
Darth Krayt (2 months ago)
17:56 I resent the star wars fans part were not all nutjobs only most of us
MrLegendofLP (2 months ago)
10:23 This is the best kind of reference humor. And I love reference humor anyway.
Loki Gress (2 months ago)
I like to think that when twilight goes to freak out, it passes the levels of lesson zero and it's about time and loops right back to kinda normal
Andrevus Whitetail (3 months ago)
Yeah the thing about Equestria not being a despotic monarchy with Celestia and Luna ruling over everything and bending the whole kingdom to their whims has been confirmed outside of the show already. I remember during the Presentable in Periwinkle IDW Comic (Or "How Shining Armor met Cadence" part 2) they confirmed that Equestria HAS A CONGRESS
Bold And Brash (3 months ago)
9:42 Roasted.... LIKE A MARSHMALLOW? Oof. I'm really late.
Farming TV (3 months ago)
What software do you use to make the videos
sacredredwolf ! (3 months ago)
That was the funniest scene with spike
23gameoverlord (3 months ago)
i wonder what the actual point of the show saying the MLP Movie is canon, when we NEVER visit the supposed new area's, or meet the characters from the Movie. i kind-of can go easy on Mount Aris, since we actually visit it & see the Hippogriff species. but where's Capper! or Tempest! i wanna see them in the SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also how the hell can Twilight's friends handle in being teachers, when 4 of them have other jobs & obligations to do: Rarity still has to monitor her Boutiques, and continue to create new outfits to stay relevant in the fashion industry, and continue to insure that she is up to date in trends. Pinkie is still a full-time employee of the Cakes, if she works average hours for a bakery/confectionery store that means she has to be awake at 6 in the morning, to get the first batch of fresh product ready, and continue to work till its 6 or 7 at night. Rainbow is already working double: she's part of Ponyville's weather team for the most part, and she takes place in any Wonderbolts performances that require her attendance, all the WHILE trying to stay in shape and ensure that her skills are still top notch. then we have Applejack who needs to be maintaining the farm, the crops, ensuring the animals are well feed and taken care off. make sure the family finances are good, since she is declared the HEAD of the household, not only that she has to make sure the farm is still maintained in good condition. now she has the other members of the family to help, but they have their own jobs and life obligations to focus on as well. really the only *ONES* that should be available full time for teaching are: Twilight, Fluttershy, Starlight & even freaking SPIKE! As of this moment, Fluttershy is never, in the show in any other forms of media that is canon, to have an ACTUAL JOB! really the only thing she does is spend her actually free time taking care of local wildlife, FOR FREE WITH NO FORM OF EMPLOYMENT RECORDS! Starlight is just basically a grad-student living with Twilight. she has ample of free-time on her hooves, and shouldn't have any excuse of not wanting an actual job as a teacher or consular. And Spike...........................it's Spike. that is all that needs to be said.
Skye Tredinnick (4 months ago)
When i was at school i only like art class and Hanging out with my friends. Hit like or comment if you did the same
firescales (4 months ago)
I can't be the only one who had this thought but here we have six new characters who each represent one of the six elements of harmony so are we looking at the next six element wielders? Or am I just crazy?
Nicki O'Leary (4 months ago)
Soooo will a review of School Raze be coming? No pressure, just looking forward to hearing your opinions on it
Forest Grump (4 months ago)
I mean to be fair Prince Rutherford once almost declared war because Pinkie wasn’t there to throw him a party so.... continuity?
Sire Shade (4 months ago)
The moral of the story: school sucks ass because bias.
Quantum (4 months ago)
Lex Luthor isnt racist. He just hates Superman
CD Bach (4 months ago)
Actually, (puts on nerd glasses), "Every Creature" sounds demeaning. It is like saying, "Hey, you're a creature." It just sounds like you are putting the individual down.
יובל קונסקר (4 months ago)
Pierre S. (4 months ago)
I'd sure like to privately debate you on the matters of species integration in Equestria sometime. The races might not get along as well as the ponies as you'd expect, IMO.
ogre589 (4 months ago)
ok so I've been watching Josh's reviews for years now and ever since seeing all the princesses, one question has been looming in the back of my mind...Why aren't there any male alicorns? Yes I am fully aware that Equestria is notably female dominant but I'm sure its not impossible.
thundergaming155 (5 months ago)
When it came to school I was more of a hands on experience when it came to the non main classes like food and health safty.
Mitchell Whittington (5 months ago)
6:52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLSv17iE_4Q
Jason Sacuta (5 months ago)
17:57 And here we go with the Socialist hate, why does America hate Socialism so much? “Speaking of socialism, all Americans have a unquestioning hatred/fear of it. It is unknown why, and an attempts to reason with them or even explain usually lead to men in black suits in vans outside your house, monitoring for "terrorist activity".”
Last14 (5 months ago)
At 21:44 the book disappears after Twilight turns. What the hell.
Baldvin Jónsson (5 months ago)
you see Nay Say I see prof Snape from harry potter lol.
GCRavn42 (5 months ago)
Bravo 👏 well done. I enjoyed your review of the Season 8 opening 2 episodes. Now I’m eager to seeing you review the Season 8 Finale. Ps- I started working on filling out the application for being a writer via the google docs link, but it seems anything that I typed out on my phone got wiped so essentially I’m starting from square one. I have no experience as a writer for any YouTube projects, but am a talented artist. If you need examples I have my own personal website to look at as well as a DA account. http://www.ravn42.com Hopefully if if you need someone to do research or whatever I’m available. Hopefully I will try filling out the application properly on my computer instead of my phone. Once again really enjoying the content on both your channels ( josh scorcher, & FOB- Equestria). Not much of a console gamer, but have played plenty of video/ computer and mobile games to provide some insight.
Once_I am_Dead Again (5 months ago)
If real schools did this, people might like them more, as it stands now a decent percentage of students like carp more... I think.
Richard Froman (5 months ago)
Cipher Quest (5 months ago)
Who's that in the mirror?
JoanieDoeShadow (5 months ago)
Pinky Pie is right, you need ice cream at a pity party!
water boy 12 (5 months ago)
I'm thinking that school betterment for including everyone being a student myself
MaxZaps Gaming (5 months ago)
Applejack says "everyone" instead of "everycreature". She is clearly best pony
Zarif Salleh (5 months ago)
13:10 Whos That In The Background
Zarif Salleh (5 months ago)
He Is Watching The Episode On The Right
Zarif Salleh (5 months ago)
Is It Me Or Just He Is Looking At A Bookshelf I Can See A Mirror In The Background
Zarif Salleh (5 months ago)
6:02 Is A Spoiler Of MLP The Movie
Zarif Salleh (5 months ago)
5:05 Cherlie Is Still Running A School
skullpull 101 (5 months ago)
I can't honestly blame the villain. He is wrong, but I can see where he's coming from. Think about it, the yaks may have had war with the ponys, the changelings we're at war with the ponys until recently, the dragons were dangerous, the Griffins and the other ones who I don't remember the name of haven't been dangerous, but that's two out of 5, and those are not good odds. So how does he know they aren't trying to cause problems. It would be similar to America taking north Korean exchange students, or Chinese students who have actually been rumord to be spies in our real world. Again, we know he's wrong, but if we only had the knowledge he had, then his perspective may seem more reasonable
wraith x01 (5 months ago)
School daze... daze.... *Yare Yare Daze*
Don Chan Gamer (5 months ago)
Hey can I join the forward operating base plz you need a serpentine dragon on your army
Skye Tredinnick (6 months ago)
What some people hates about high school 1)Teachers 👩🏼‍🏫 2) classes 📝 3) Bully’s 🙎🏻‍♀️ 4) homework 🎒📘
Skye Tredinnick (6 months ago)
I loved skipping class at school because when I was in high school it was like I was in heal And I still graduated high school and I was so happy when I finished. And I still got a job after If your like me tell me how you finish high school and if you skipped class too= by commenting
TheLinkHelios (6 months ago)
19:10 19:22
Seth Carlow (6 months ago)
My Little Pony meet Harry potter Ep. and Why is Rarity looks like McGonagall for ?
Garth Davis (6 months ago)
Nice inclusion of the Brain's dialogue.
Garth Davis (6 months ago)
Changelings can take on other forms, but they sure can't act.
gydin rotko (6 months ago)
is it okay if i watch this cuz im a non-brony
big red dot (6 months ago)
Take a shot every time some one says friend ship in this episode, have fun with your hang over!
AnnoyinglySalty (6 months ago)
Uno Problemo... We have no evidence to suggest Equestria has a legislative assembly or even an advisory cabinet. Perhaps Equestria follows the integralist monarchy model.
Pseudo Nym (6 months ago)
Still weird that zecora is the only zebra
Doom guy (6 months ago)
Who are you and what have you done with applejack
Skakuna (6 months ago)
I would love to see your review on the season finale ;)
galaxy man . jpg (7 months ago)
I don't think its racism if they're not even the same creature ....speicism, maybe
galaxy man . jpg (7 months ago)
13:09 your editor falling a sleep in the mirror
Malgax The Great (7 months ago)
FIM needs sentient Turkeys.
The Crosser (7 months ago)
How about i down the bottle if i can't keep a straight face?
Sladashi Fowler (7 months ago)
hmmmm... good thing they have the Magna Carta, EDIT: well I mean the ponies that were under Starlight's control and all had the same cutie mark, were "friends" but not really friends so I think everyone else might just have problems with friendship
TheHammerGuy (7 months ago)
Twilight: This school will help prootect equestria Neighsay: OR DESTROY IT!!! Guess what happens in the finale? Neighsay was right about friendship used as a weapon. But not in the way that he feared.
TheHammerGuy (7 months ago)
remember the brain from pinkie and the brain? well, he's chancellor neighsay now. FEELING OLD YET?!?!?!
Julia Cortez (7 months ago)
SAVAGE CELESTIA!😆😎 also RACIST, 10 years dungeon😡🍋
code tech (7 months ago)
spoiler for the season 8 ending Chancellor Neighsay is not the villain and he realise he was wrong about the other races
Cindy Lam (7 months ago)
7:25 so they have hands and hooves
Janinna Maynz (7 months ago)
The dialed-back reaction could actually be attributed to 2 things: character development, and sheer emotional impact. I've had emotional issues for a long time, and stress tends to make it worse, but as I got older and got a better handle on my emotions, the way my outbursts were expressed changed. I used to have explosions, where I was practically a tornado, but now I have meltdowns, where I basically just beat myself up for being unable to do things that people expect me to be able to do. Also, the exact reaction changes, as well. To I flip out and scream? I was angry. Do I sulk and isolate myself? I felt hurt. Do I become slightly unstable and destructive, with or without sobbing? Frustrated. With the mentioned examples of Twilight going a little cuckoo, a prime emotion was panic. Here, panic isn't involved at all. She's primarily exhibiting despair. So yeah, her cuckoo mode is probably panic related, and since there's no panic, well...
Sommer Wilson (7 months ago)
Do you think you could do a review of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir?
Off- Screen (7 months ago)
11:42, well i think we both know what to do *grabs a pike* TIME TO GO FRENCH REVOLUTION ON THIS MOTHERF**KER.
Santino Benavides (8 months ago)
A.all that we have on chancellor Naysay is teaming up with Flim and Flam B.are you sure MLP is low on the fourth wall,Pinkie Pie exists
G MAXX (8 months ago)
Best pony just got roasted
TheHambone12 (8 months ago)
Editor here! So, turns out Neighsay was a giant Red Herring the whole time. Not sure how I feel about that.
dillon james (8 months ago)
He's wearing a robe.... He is the imperial wizard Head cannon
Brittany Williams (8 months ago)
Is it bad that i could relate before everything even started to be fixed
pokebreeder 25 (8 months ago)
silver quill i have a new drinking game for you, take a shot everytime someone in ths show sez the word "friendship*
Off- Screen (7 months ago)
ok dude, i may disagree with some of his points on things, but don't i want him to freaking die.
Xenith Xenaku (8 months ago)
EEA: *E*-questrian *E*-lectronic *A*-rts... uh oh. *HELP!* EA has invaded Equestria! *GCN:* EA **+500**
PorygonQ Meme (8 months ago)
It kind of reminds me of the top10 best stairs in Pokemon April fools day video from JWitts
PorygonQ Meme (8 months ago)
Literally any time My brother asks why I feel different then normal. "Who are you, and what have you done with (insert name here)"
TheRyanMannShow (8 months ago)
Okay when I heard that General Seaspray said he was a general of the navy, I was furious because NAVIES DON’T HAVE F&$#ING GENERALS!! For example in the United States Navy (the most powerful naval force on the planet), the highest ranks in the Navy are Admiral, Fleet Admiral and the highest rank, Admiral of the Fleet, I know this is a kids show, but come on!! Show some respect to how a Navy operates.
Hijiku Brynjar (8 months ago)
18:40 You are talking about the children of very high ranking foreign dignitaries. The US has gone to war for less. Just sayin, bro.
Leostar (8 months ago)
neighsay should've been removed from power and had his horn taken after this since it was his fault there was almost a war
TheMaskedFacade (8 months ago)
"Take a shot for every time where I read too much into the episode." Soooo the typical joshscorcher review?
Jonathan Russell (8 months ago)
I was hoping we'd get comment on the new intro, dangit. XD
AceRay 24 (8 months ago)
Literally hitler
Leo Cruz (8 months ago)
its not breaking the fourth wall if its confirmed within the show that the singing actually happens and others watch
Stet709 (8 months ago)
Ok... been wondering this for a while now but... if most of your reviews/talks on episodes are on the FOB Equestria channel, so what compels you to do reviews on this channel now? Interesting episodes in either a good way or bad way? Just wondered fpr some time
manny dani (8 months ago)
6:13 Actually i get it and i'm not even 20...SUCK IT JOSH'S STEREOTYPING JOKES ABOUT HIS FANBASE!!!!!
Blade Crysto (8 months ago)
..."and you have modern public education!" Thank you! It's especially bad in my area where standing up for yourself against a bully equates you to BEING the bully!

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