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Jean-Paul Gaultier × Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Jean-Paul Gaultier for Jean-Paul Gaultier 4 jul 2012 / Paris Full Fashion Show in HD (720p) Original Song Enjoy it
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Text Comments (119)
Casey Storan (4 months ago)
Andrej Pejic 😍
Golden Glove (6 months ago)
Wissam Oubelaid (10 months ago)
Why Karlie is not the first face ?
Michael Triangle (1 year ago)
this is purely aesthetic... the reason why i know this is because his 1990 collections were so WEARABLE... cus that was what was IN at the time. It's incredible... but if i were a woman i wouldn't wear any of this unless I wanted attention.
Nana Esi O. Nyarkoh (1 year ago)
The light-flash effect under the shoes of the first model is my favorite thing
Elizabeth Kelley (1 year ago)
The male models are creepy looking
Nadia Kerzman (1 year ago)
I want almost every piece of this collection :(
ollie tbh (2 years ago)
who's at 3:27?
CARLOSZH FF CHANNEL (5 months ago)
Anna Zimmer
Aixita O. (2 years ago)
I'm obsessed with this show. I have watched it countless times. The soundtrack is phenomenal!!
Sylvia Valkensen (1 year ago)
The guys should have had to wear make-up, though!
Gregory Cruse (2 years ago)
Aixita O. Just seeing this for the first time. I am also hooked. J-PG is a master at his craft.
магическая собрание,в особенности мужские образы,отлично по цвету- градации темного серебра и золота!!!
Runway Ira (3 years ago)
Andrej Pejic!!!!!!! Always phenomenal
ro mu (3 years ago)
lindsey wixson 😍
214Juan (3 years ago)
I keep coming back for karlie
Wrecking Ball (3 years ago)
Everytime Karlie Kloss walked out, I got breathless.
carliani mosqueda (3 years ago)
Surprisingly Lindsey wixson didn't fall
blwainberg (4 years ago)
this could be my favorite collection ever
Comchiki (4 years ago)
What is the guy in the song narrating? 
nick irish (4 years ago)
Can I have the dress and jacket from 7:46 and the laser cut top hats
nick irish (4 years ago)
i love the sound track and every single piece in it i am obsessed with this show
Ryan Wes (5 years ago)
holy shit i love this collection
CutestHeidi (4 years ago)
the women look so much like skeletons with clothes on...weirds me out
CutestHeidi (4 years ago)
+FFanatic4 aww how sweet, thanks 
FFanatic4 (4 years ago)
u look so much like a pig with clothes on...weirds me out
Sasi Kád (5 years ago)
13:24 chapeau :O<3
Katia (5 years ago)
Jean-Paul est si mignon:3
mycherierose (5 years ago)
the cleopatraesque dress was so beautiful and incredible it made me tear up. I wish I could dress in "art" like this every day~~~
valshifter valshi (5 years ago)
scientology is a CULT.
1adoremusic (5 years ago)
That was like a dream! Amazing
Eftimia Ioannou (5 years ago)
Edward Collins (5 years ago)
I couldn't believe people compare Gisele and Karlie when it comes to the way one walks. No you just don't.
Gaspar (5 years ago)
Thanks so much!!! From Russia with Lova
sheriwhispers (5 years ago)
This guy collection is for a one time display more Avant-garde then Haute Couture which is way cool, a spin of of 20's to the 40's with steam puck thrown in for dramatic sake. Most women or men could not carry it off not because of model sizing an that just because it takes a certain type of person ! Defo like this, but then I like art worn as clothing
Edward Collins (5 years ago)
What is the title of the song?
Nina Danaë (5 years ago)
3:56! I want a rich high class man who dresses exactly like that.
loui01 (5 years ago)
awesome. JPG a genius. I love hes work
no .jpg (5 years ago)
i would fuck that dress 05:31
zeenat littles (5 years ago)
Andrej Pejic number 13-55 stunning.
JakouSelazo (6 years ago)
7:40 was IT!!!
nordna (6 years ago)
ooooh, I then I saw the nudity; the chiffons with no underwear, the g-strings, the breasts... not attractive
Dylan Cohen (5 months ago)
nordna girllllll buh bye
nordna (6 years ago)
I'm not a Gaultier fan, but that bolero from 9:03 was awesome. There were a few pieces that were really great, some a little incohesive..but I must say that this is the most subdued I've ever seen Gaultier
detangers (6 years ago)
Native Americans,,, African Americans!!!!! Where they at?????
JAïPhoto SoHo (6 years ago)
What are you talking about? There were East Indians in there!
trancaholic25 (6 years ago)
best designer ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurent Castilho (6 years ago)
Couldn't agree more. This is a true knight. Perhaps the last of it's kind.
Sia (6 years ago)
Ебать.... 1:40 такая лишь в ужасе приснится и с 1:45 начинает кукудахтать миша маваши
Aldrich John Salipsip (6 years ago)
...and these clothes are just stunning and expensive. "."
Aldrich John Salipsip (6 years ago)
1:45-1:52, my Gaaaawd! *grasps air*
Jude Lee (6 years ago)
she is breathtaking. my god. i love her. she has 2 looks in the show. check another one at 12:20 -12:45 , like a queen.
TarVolp de CASTILHO (6 years ago)
FATALE LETAL GENIAL... since the Music till the Presentation, since the Shoes till the Tophats, is GAULTIER,in a Higher Level,more Musical,more " Trailer of J.P.GAULTIER H.C".... U arrived to put the soundtrack?! of a movie, 'remixé...revu et augmenté', ...en créant Plus q'un Défilé de mode, un vrai SPETACLE SPETACULAR! ! ! BRAVO Jean Paul...SERIAL ARTIST...SERIAL WHATEVER! ! ! Loved It IGRAT de CASTILHO
Luke Winter (6 years ago)
Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this show. The clothes weren't bad, not by a long shot, but some of the models were posing like it was 2003 again! But I do applaud Andrej Pejić, who is and always will be one of my favorite models.
Fernando Lopez (6 years ago)
this is the ugliest collection that I ever seen from JPG. Perhaps, Bjork and Lady Gaga can use it for their concert
Женя Маржик (6 years ago)
WOW! Хочу ещё...
Ton Looman (6 years ago)
Ana Maria Karlo Staud (6 years ago)
interestingly ...
Foguiño perez (6 years ago)
no se naaa de moda pero lo sabre de seguro pero es que, la mayor parte de la población mundial, no tiene una constectura delgada a eso me refería...
Vìctor González (6 years ago)
I still don´t see the problem with wider gender options. I disagree with the idea that certain things are just for women or for men, or that men should look and act a certain way.
Vìctor González (6 years ago)
Gaultier is famous for playing with all things androgynous, I don´t see the problem.
Vìctor González (6 years ago)
El punto no es que veas a las o los modelos. Ellos solo son un vehiculo para que la ropa llegue al final de la pasarela, considera que si son flacos/flacas se usa menos textil que cuesta una cantidad ridicula de dinero.
Allan Cameron (6 years ago)
ART writ large.
Foguiño perez (6 years ago)
bueno pero por que las modelos tienen que ser muy flacas y por que no gorditas con mas busto, mas carne soy peruano y me gusta las chicas gorditas claro que no muy exageradamente..............
gladiator20xx (6 years ago)
dylanizer97 (6 years ago)
Stunning...evocative of 19thcentury Paris and Bram Stoker...captivating!
skybluetornado (6 years ago)
Most of the men pieces were ridiculous
Chad Roberts (6 years ago)
the gowns are really nice, good surprise! last half.
Chad Roberts (6 years ago)
reminds me of early 90s Madonna stuff...still nice, even if its just rehashing.
kharnak crux (6 years ago)
Tophats waooooo, bringing it back!
Blanca Diaz (6 years ago)
Wind White (6 years ago)
I LOVE JEAN PAUL...my fav was last one...17:00 beautiful...clean and cut exquisitely...:D
sweetcake2121 (6 years ago)
i like the glitter hair nets A LOT!
Keithko007 (6 years ago)
Both the clothing and the music rocked!
Whispering Mist (6 years ago)
I really liked the first half of this show but the second half?....um....not so much.
krystal eversley (6 years ago)
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss that hot i loved it
Carolina Santamaría (6 years ago)
I will see that in 3 days and I don't feel ready...it's too much!!
BARBIE FELLER (6 years ago)
Nickel Pack (6 years ago)
who is the modle 15:30
Nickel Pack (6 years ago)
cactusmilo918 (6 years ago)
Oh my!
BrodeurBear (6 years ago)
Some of the lines here make me think he might be auditioning for the Schiaparelli job.....? HOPE SO!
Jim Stannard (6 years ago)
hadrienstar (6 years ago)
that was brilliant, the kaleidoscope and palette was brilliant, debbie is to stupid to realize that this couture at it's best with Gaultier taking it to the next level of fashion showing women's and mens sexy, witty and bondage to it's highest form. It was cohesive for those that understand and study the true nature of fashion unlike some who watch it as entertainment and think Michael Kors, etc as fashion.
Ada Lima (6 years ago)
best 2012 fashion show
missE (6 years ago)
Now that Puig is holding the majority of stake, Gaultier is a house of transition. Hopefully Gaultier can take a moment to just step back and take a breath and go to the drawing board and create a collection that is more cohesive and at the same time expressing the Gaultier touch we know and love.
missE (6 years ago)
Gaultier's inspiration of Metropolis mixed with a Jazz-Age dandy motif showed off his tailoring and top hats, metal headbands and wonderfully decorated wraps were accessories. The perfect cuts that Gaultier always offers in every collection are all divine. He offered many ideas of which some were great and some were simply tricky or just flat.
WhistleWhenYouSmile (6 years ago)
Why do people keep asking the songs? We came here for FASHION!
professorbland (6 years ago)
6:50 dude is not looking happy that he got the poofy pants.
babe watson (6 years ago)
skycub99 (6 years ago)
i want to live here.
detangers (6 years ago)
Yet again no pleople of COLOR....!!!!!!
troubleinparadiso (6 years ago)
sensual... divine... and delicious... gaultier refined...
sTommie (6 years ago)
It looks nothing like what Gisele does. You should see Karlie's opening of Galliano SS 2011. It is complete ridiculous. Somehow it reminds me of the fairytale of the emperor's clothes.
Gisela de Groot (6 years ago)
that show just put a smile on my face!
Ashwini Ramakrishna (6 years ago)
Oh wow... these collections are something different. Wonderful formal collection. Nevanta has huge collection of fashion and beauty videos. I'm a great fan of Nevanta. Checkout and enjoy.
Lalulilaa (6 years ago)
Karlie Kloss is UNIQUE! JUST!
GymGuy247 (6 years ago)
This is one of the BEST shows I think I have EVER seen!!!... AMAZING!!!!
Katia (6 years ago)
17:15 And now you're a landshark.
sTommie (6 years ago)
Why? Because she lifts her knees in a ridiculous manner?
Andjela Tatarovic (6 years ago)
also I love the music 14:00 gets exciting, probably only if you listened all the way up to then
Andjela Tatarovic (6 years ago)
@ 10:57 good looking dude!
Mary F (6 years ago)
pinch me?! Am I dreaming?
Lalulilaa (6 years ago)
Oh, my G O S H !!!(02:00-02:20) Amazing Moment!!! Karlie is DIVINE!
selgi14 (6 years ago)
fredocato (6 years ago)
10:32 is that morgane dubled??

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