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08 Mikolai Stroinski - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Spikeroog

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski and Percival
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Text Comments (25)
darthslather 89 (6 months ago)
Let's just say: Skellige is simply beautiful Velen was beautiful, white orchard aswell But in skellige the people were happy and it was not that sad
Philip0vic (9 months ago)
this is how my alarm sound in the morning.
tomskads17 (1 year ago)
This celestial melody + dawn + repeat button = happiness
Brig B (1 year ago)
TheScorpion1296 (1 year ago)
can't get enough of this game's soundtrack. it's just amazing beyond any other fantasy games
CookieMonstaw (1 year ago)
feel the same way. Something special happened inside CD Projekt Red studios in order for this magnificent game to come about. Magical, even.
Isaiah Campbell (1 year ago)
So peaceful feel like on on a journey on my own in a forest rich with lush life.
theshoeshiner_ 01 (2 years ago)
It's only good from the beginning till 3:07
tomskads17 (1 year ago)
Yes, exactly xd
The Wandering Knight (2 years ago)
The best moments begins in 0:55
Modi Gamer (2 years ago)
Big Boss boss, i didnt know you had such a great taste in music
hi dad...any action these days?
XoOxstArTiKXoOX (2 years ago)
Just incredible
Daniele Napoletano (2 years ago)
The First 25 second are beautiful...
SooZoodimp (2 years ago)
the beginning flute is just beautiful
MrEgofreak (2 years ago)
The last 25 seconds or so make me melt inside the strings and woodwind are so soothing.
Jason Drew (2 years ago)
Beautiful song, yet it reminds me of that creepy Hym demon.
Michael Richard (1 year ago)
Went in that bitch laughed at that piece of shit and killed that demon.
Jason Drew (2 years ago)
Kenneth Scott Definitely the most creepy thing in the game by far. The game itself isn't really much of a scare factor, but the Hym definitely was an uneasy experience.
Kenneth Scott (2 years ago)
Oh God, I went down in that basement and was wandering around looking for the sword, found a few candles and lit them then saw the sword. Went to pick it up, noticed my shadow dancing on the wall in front of me thanks to the candles... only to realize it wasn't my shadow. Drew my own sword and spun around to find nothing. Genuinely the most creeped out I've been by a game.
noobz0r (2 years ago)
Simply Beautiful.
JokeR (1 year ago)
noobz0r finally you know something, Jon Snow
ecvent0r (3 years ago)
This in my opinion is one of the tracks that is on par with best of the best soundtrack from Witcher 1 - River of Life
Achyuth Murlei (1 year ago)
And Witcher 2's Vergen By Night
Blllkl Bn (1 year ago)
For me its not as good as best Witcher 1 tracks, but its good. Problem is that this track is really good for first one minute, and it is 3 minutes long... for example River of Life is 5:20 long ;) other beautiful W1 tracks like Peaceful moments also about 5 min, The Dike 7 minutes ! in much smaller map ;)

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