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OEE System for FMCG Manufacturer

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Find out more about PlantRun for OEE at http://plantrun.com OEE System for FMCG Manufacturer. When Doff Portland, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of insecticides, weedkillers and garden care products wanted to improve production they invested in a PlantRun system. Doff manufactures 150 different product lines at its purpose built factory in Nottinghamshire, UK. Minimising changeover times and accurate capture of down time reasons were just two of the challenges the company faced. The system monitors six production lines and has replaced wasteful manual data collection with accurate live information. Line speed is tracked and reasons for any periods of slow running are captured. Optical sensors were supplied with the system as a low cost, straight forward way of capturing product counts and run – stop status from each of the lines. Outstations on each line let staff interact with the system without leaving the line. Signals from sensors on the line are connected inside the enclosure. PlantRun can be accessed on PCs, laptops,tablets and smartphones. See at a glance the status of all assets. Reporting and analysis tools are built in. data can also be exported to reporting software like MS Excel and Crystal Reports. Live information and custom messages are displayed on large screens to inform and motivate staff. The system sends email messages to alert selected users of important issues, for example, when a line is stopped for a long period. Reports can be generated automatically and emailed to users ready for production meetings. Shift patterns, operator and product IDs, downtime reasons etc. are all pre-configured so no on-site programming is required. These can all be easily edited as and when required. Connectivity to the company’s ERP system allows automatic updates of the status of the current production schedules. PlantRun systems are backed up with full training, high quality technical support and maintenance. Tascomp, the developer of PlantRun, is ISO9001:2015 quality accredited. PlantRun systems are highly cost effective with most users reporting a typical payback of less than twelve months. Achieve World Class Manufacturing Efficiency. https://plantrun.co.uk/oee-and-production-monitoring-for-fmcg.html https://youtu.be/yU0ktli-PEY
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