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AND SO IT BEGINS ~ [DAY 1] Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 Highlights

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The Yogscast starting this year's Jingle Jam with a bang. Insane amounts of donations, Simon and Lewis dancing nonstop, Sipsgate 2017, Jingle Cats, calling Lewis' dad, and memes. I mean, what more could you ask for? Links that matter: Watch the whole livestream here: ♦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqzYRz3rd2g&t=108s Humble Bundle - Yogscast Jingle Jangle 2017 ♦ https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast-jingle-jam-2017 Yogscast Twitch Channel ♦ https://www.twitch.tv/yogscast Jingle Jangle Stream Schedule https://www.reddit.com/r/Yogscast/comments/7gn794/jingle_jam_charity_livestreams_2017_schedule_and/#christmas-box ♪ Minecraft Christmas: Smooth Jazz ♦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjlYIIiDVe0 Sweet Jingle Jangle Wallpaper https://www.reddit.com/r/Yogscast/comments/7h6p17/the_unofficial_yogscast_jingle_jangle_2017/
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Xenophyte (1 year ago)
man, I fuckin' love the yogscast <3 oh yeah, and I'll try to do highlights of the streams that I can watch can't promise I can watch them all every single day though
Sintful1 (1 year ago)
Really good work on these kinds of compelations! i really apreciate you taking the effort to make it eayser for people with less time to still be able to watch the jingle jam and other "Random yogscast Crap" ^w^ <3<3
Armadyllo (1 year ago)
you?! love the yogscast?! i would never have guessed
Can of spray cheese (1 year ago)
please tell me that you watched the hatfilms 'airport' section...
raph (1 year ago)
Please tell me you watched the civ stream
Casey Max (1 year ago)
Keep it up, these videos you do are great
Evil Being (1 month ago)
Hey does anyone know the name of the song they play when they reach the milestones?
Ben's Cultist Nr. 42 (5 months ago)
Praise BEN!
Starwarsrap1 (5 months ago)
Ah memories! So excited for this year!!
Kartixx (7 months ago)
Why are their donations counted in USD instead of UKP even though they're british? (Not complaining, just wondering)
BlueZeroZeroOne (5 months ago)
I believe it is because Humble Bundle is located in California and they are they ones who take in the money.
Manly O'ger (9 months ago)
Lewsis sounds fuckin high born when he's talking to his parents
Mabra (10 months ago)
The donation counter is broken.
McShine (11 months ago)
How is the boots and pants video not in this?
Corrigan Hammond (1 year ago)
Also Simon waving his arms, creating a wave
Corrigan Hammond (1 year ago)
Why did they film it in portrait mode
ash (1 year ago)
anyone else notice the KARD videos popping up on the side bar - esp at 19:48 ?? or was that just me being a kpop nerd
TheHector (1 year ago)
Edward The Dog (1 year ago)
I love how Lewis and Simon do old man dancing
Tracer Seven (1 year ago)
What's the song at the end? Nevermind
Lord Dog (1 year ago)
24:17 for ass
Bono Fabian (1 year ago)
24:15 thank me later
MrKalashnik0va (1 year ago)
Merry Cringemas.
Sarah Rose (1 year ago)
Thx a lot for recording all this, very appreciated, you recorded the last bit a little, just so you know, still thx :3
Luca. (1 year ago)
Because gay boys and delusional transsexuals need money more than homeless veterans living on the streets with the absence of their legs. Ok yogscast.
Joep (10 months ago)
You could've just donated your money to a charity that supports homeless veterans instead.. Just because you're homophobic doesn't mean everyone else is.
Sovareign (1 year ago)
Ravenwood You can always choose where your money goes. Humble Bundle have a huge list of charities and if you want to donate money to veterans, then find a charity that supports veterans.
8thKingdom (1 year ago)
"Yes." - Alan Brindley, 2017 Seriously, well done Yogs.
Brandon Nakagaki (1 year ago)
11:36 awesome button
AButteryCrumpet (1 year ago)
This isn’t highlights, you just showed the first half of the stream?....
Xenophyte (1 year ago)
Well, I'm sorry I can't make them into an hour. My internet's really bad so I have to cut them up into parts, sorry
Meowmun (1 year ago)
I don't watch the Yogscast that much anymore, but I always come back for for the Christmas streams and its always amazing feeling that nostolgia, I just really hope they keep doing this for years.
Alexander W. (1 year ago)
I knew the jungle jam this year was gonna be good, but when 23:20 hit... it went from a perfect 10/10 to a 100/10
Average Gamer (1 year ago)
Every year these streams just get better and better and people give more and more, yes 2017 has been a shitstorm of a year but this has restored my faith in humanity
Dante sandstrom (1 year ago)
watching the money go up is like starting a new game of cookie clicker
Cheesoos Kryst (1 year ago)
Can you post the part where Lewis sings Sipsco fairytale?
LAH OUTL4W (1 year ago)
10:38 Lewis dancing.. I died laughing..
MewMewWinx (1 year ago)
Lewis: " Sips! What're you doing?" Sips: " I can't stop shitting." Lewis: " Oh, you're live on stream by the way." Sips: " Oh shit." I had to pause it so I could laugh.
Max Jefferison (1 year ago)
Wait... You're still using Windows 7??
Alan is the man
SourMyth (1 year ago)
W&G ? Wallace and Gromit?
Slobpop (1 year ago)
Slobpop (1 year ago)
i love watching Simon laugh i fucking love it
Eve Survey (1 year ago)
What am I saying yes too? :D
tudeslildude (1 year ago)
Please never stop this. I honestly love these jingle jams to death, but don't have time to watch 8 hours of content. Being able to watch the best of each day is going to be a god send. Thank you so much. <3
DragonPride699 (1 year ago)
Is it me or is Lewis getting more waifish and bony each year. Not that it is bad. I just recall what he looked like 3.5 years ago
Get Shots (1 year ago)
You've made my day by doing this, I can never watch the streams, and I really appreciate these highlights. Thanks a bunch!
lnfreeman (1 year ago)
Lewis gave up on dancing rlllll quick the first time
MC cashMax (1 year ago)
HAHAHA x'D I love that! just finished celebrating $100,000 then it goes to $150,000 [email protected]
Sweaty Balls (1 year ago)
Love the cast, hate the jingle jam.
Xenophyte (1 year ago)
El Cholo (1 year ago)
It’s so good seeing Lewis and Simon hanging out again, they the OG duo :)
Aasajo Sin-yoi (1 year ago)
I love Mr Brindley! He seems like such a pleasant person.
Bob Johnson (1 year ago)
Toms glorious crack towards the end >_<
Ryan Myrvang (1 year ago)
<3 <3 <3 Moar Simone*
Kaldor Kandoka (1 year ago)
Lewis does look like a child next to Tom
solomon quinn (1 year ago)
What arm thing
The Lord Atreus (1 year ago)
ohhh, so theyre giving peoples hard earned money to gays and lesbians and other disgusting sexual deviants who are the epitome of degeneracy and the biggest slap in the face to nature... I do not approve, glad I dont have money to give to these guys, even tho ive been watching them since i was 10 and theyre my fav people in the world, do not give money to those freaks so they can run around in speedos and bitch about being oppressed, this is not a liberal world anymore, globalism and all those anti-nature anti-life hate cults are officially in retreat as people wake up and take back their countries from those satanic abominations.... just saying, thats not how you get more subs!!!
OMG Bananas (1 year ago)
Lewis Thorpe You have a great point.
OMG Bananas (1 year ago)
The Lord Atreus Could you please stop being so rude? You sound like a little libtard.
The Lord Atreus (1 year ago)
And explain to me why they deserve money??? what the fuck could they possibly need it for???!?!!? you people are idiots, maybe if it weren't for gays running around bitching about being oppressed and existing in the first place and thinking they are equal to normal people then there wouldnt BE people like me!!!
Norina (1 year ago)
HarryMoho probably 80.
Norina (1 year ago)
The Lord Atreus people like you are the reason they are giving money to homosexuals.
Jake L (1 year ago)
Thanks for doing this, watched it live but great to see highlights too!
秋Eerie (1 year ago)
Thanks for going through the entire stream and highlighting it for us! I appreciate the effort of this video and future videos of the jingle jam!
Spyrelle (1 year ago)
Lewis's dad is a sweet old man, too pure for this world.
Gr3nad3_Man1c (1 year ago)
"Yes, indeed!"
Sean Thomas (1 year ago)
Kydyr Temirhanov (1 year ago)
1st one was the best imo
thedrako27 (1 year ago)
LOVE the Stream best bits videos. keep em up
shanaur (1 year ago)
its perfect thank you
Dr. Jones (1 year ago)
Wait why are they giving money to lesbians and gays? I want some of that money. I'm a straight man and I want some of that gay money!
PunchingPuffins (1 year ago)
Hand off our cash breeder
1DeathEater (1 year ago)
You should have got Sips stream synced with this..
Xenophyte (1 year ago)
I really should've huh? Too bad I don't have that much time
Jacob Bathead (1 year ago)
20:21 yay
Gorfonz (1 year ago)
I missed the first stream so I really appreciate this :)
Gorfonz (1 year ago)
YOGSCAST Random Crap <3
Xenophyte (1 year ago)
enjoy <3
Clayton Alexander (1 year ago)
Best medicine for a bad breakup
Goldey (1 year ago)
Hope you're okay man!
Jorgen Schroen (1 year ago)
Clayton Alexander jupp..
Mikey Davidson (1 year ago)
a good coment

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