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Let's Play Minecraft Episode 8: Hanging with Subscribers |PSVITA|

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Got to play a little bit of Minecraft on the PlayStation Vita with friends of my channel I plan on doing more of these on the weekends so look out for me online! I get this question a lot. How do you capture the video? Well I purchased a capture Vita from a website called 3dsvideocapture.com It wasn't cheap roughly 470 US Dollars all said and done. Took about 1 and half months to arrive. Visit thevitalounge.net for everything Playstation Vita, whether it be reviews, news, rumors, or giveaways, The Vita Lounge is the number one Playstation Vita site there is! Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and visit the site take care! Thank you for watching! Please remember to like, and subscribe for future videos and giveaways! Also come find me on Twitter @MrPsVitaReviews Music by Kyle Von send him an email if you're interested in getting some music made for your videos! [email protected]
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Text Comments (28)
SSTentacion T-bone (3 years ago)
add HerobrineNoob
SSTentacion T-bone (3 years ago)
what is your gamer tag for I can't send you a friend request
Yadiel CarmonaOcasio (3 years ago)
can i add you
Yadiel CarmonaOcasio (3 years ago)
can i add you
Auzzie II (3 years ago)
when are you gonna get back online i wanna play with you #MinecraftPSVITA #psvita
Latest games (3 years ago)
Hi bro I'm the biggest fan of you so plz accepte my friend request plzz I love u can we play killzone together
Jhovani Perez (3 years ago)
Hey guys if anyone wants to play minecraft ps vita just add me on psn my name is ThEsPoNgBoB
Creeper Hunter (3 years ago)
can i invite you in ps vita pls mr cool
HolyPetRalich (4 years ago)
Hey is it alright if i can play with you this weekend?
BlueYT (4 years ago)
Hi +MrPSVITAREVIEWS. :D im Sky Gamer, can i play Minecraft PS Vita Edition with you? Because im the new Youtube Gamer
Fa Fats (4 years ago)
My psn freinds is their
Maria Pascual (4 years ago)
Can u invite me next time
Maria Pascual (4 years ago)
Can u play on March 15
kchypez (4 years ago)
Let's play Minecraft my psn is gaming124
Fresh Gaming (4 years ago)
his psn is ImSoHappy77. U can see it in the vid
Jorge Guevar (4 years ago)
you can burn oak trees and it will give you coal
thecodject (4 years ago)
me next Saturday psn Minecrafttheben
jimjimjaroo (4 years ago)
Well, I missed it. Oh well, I'll hopfully get it next week. See ya then!
Dylan_T19 (4 years ago)
Dang I missed it!
frank escobar (4 years ago)
Whats his psn
Matthew Games (4 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS MattehwGames is mine
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
MinecraftDude (4 years ago)
His psn name is ImSoHappy77
javaispasprévu ça (4 years ago)
Can i play with yoi
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
Of course I'll be doing this again either Saturday or Sunday this week. :) follow me on Twitter to see when exactly
nathaniel reyjo (4 years ago)
what is your psn name
CraftUncharted_ (4 years ago)
whats your psn name mines is craftuncharted
CraftUncharted_ (4 years ago)
epic lets play
Black賢 (4 years ago)
Whats your psn name?

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