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The Customer Development Process. 2 Minutes to See Why

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The Customer Development Process explained.
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Ihlas Ali (2 years ago)
What kind of experiments can be used to test hypothesis? Beside surveys.
Abd El-Salam Bakr (1 year ago)
Video Landing Page Wizard of oz MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Prototype Fake Door Mock up and so.
dsmyify (1 year ago)
From a software development perspective - build prototypes, walk through of the product, observations, simulate new processes, pilots, A/B testing, focus groups... anything that proves the hypothesis right or wrong. Have a look at business analysis techniques such as those in the BABOK. Hope that was helpful.
Haseeb Safi (2 years ago)
what is pivot?
Ihlas Ali (2 years ago)
When you test your hypothesis to find if they match or don't match the market and customers needs. If it fails to match then you go back and make alterations to your hypothesis and test them again (this process of changing and testing new hypothesis is called Pivot).

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