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10 Stories That Prove Life Is a Funny Thing

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How to believe in love again? People with a good sense of humor live happier lives. These short stories will charge your day with positive energy! They'll about usual people in usual everyday situations showing an unusual approach to them. Tell us in the comments which story made you laugh. TIMESTAMPS Story 1 0:40 Story 2 1:20 Story 3 1:56 Story 4 2:44 Story 5 3:23 Story 6 4:01 Story 7 4:36 Story 8 5:30 Story 9 6:00 Story 10 6:26 SUMMARY -My besties got married thanks to her sense of humor. -A story of how edible paper can serve as an excellent prank material. -I applied a hair mask, and when I washed it off I noticed that my hair was bright blue. -The story of a dramatic pregnancy that will make you life. -One day I came home and saw a total mess: flour was everywhere, and my husband was cooking something. -We all need a break from work sometimes. -A story of helpful Tim that only helps certain people though. -Sometimes you thank people for the compliment they weren't planning on making. -If there's a sleeping beauty, there should be a sleeping policeman, too. -A corporate ladder is sometimes too hard to climb. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (3770)
BRIGHT SIDE (16 days ago)
Hey there, BrightSiders! Which of these stories was the best?
Mans a Zain (11 days ago)
Story 10
Kute Kiwis (15 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE they all just made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣😂love ur channel keep posting such things I love it so much ♥️♥️😘😘😘😂🤣🤣
JhonGL Google (1 hour ago)
Apostle John Ideh (3 days ago)
christian Saldaña (4 days ago)
Isn't the guy narrating the 4th story the usual Bright Side narrator?
Lone Wolfplayz (5 days ago)
All of them made me laugh 😆
Tammy Hostetter (5 days ago)
Number 7 was the best LOL
Scarlett Nelson (12 days ago)
Story 4
The Everything (14 days ago)
Number nine was not even funny but I liked number 10 get it.
Sophie Kilcoyne (19 days ago)
Here's a story: One of my best friend's girlfriend was moving, and on that day he was going to kiss her goodbye. But she turned around and dumped him, saying that she liked one of his friends. Then I beat her- (no but seriously reply what u would do because, really, who does that?)
3rdEYE1st (20 days ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! story 10: 'Just like a corporate ladder.' These stories aren't funny at all.
Bittu Gupta (21 days ago)
story 5
Bittu Gupta (21 days ago)
the voice of the man is not pleasant at all.
Jennifer Gill (23 days ago)
My Favs were (in order) 2,4,7 & the last one.
Pietra van der Linden (25 days ago)
I liked the one with Tim. I wonder how long it took for her to realize it's a manequin
Kshitiz Anand (28 days ago)
The blue hair story😂
Denise Cummer (28 days ago)
Only 1 was funny
Payton Smith (1 month ago)
once i was watching a video on how to tell my crush i like him,,and i got distracted editing photos online of my horse(3 tabs were at the top of the screen:messenger(what i talk to him on),youtube(the video) and the photo editor)i took screenshot of the animated horse and sent it to him;so when he looked properly at the picture he seen what the youtube tab was and he was asking me all these questions and i looked at the screenshot again and seen that i forgot to take the youtube tab down!
John Boyle (1 month ago)
Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall always be amused!
Rosalind Lim (1 month ago)
Story #3
Hannah Erskine (1 month ago)
I appreciate the people who find humor in their own embarrassing or awkward situations. That takes a lot of courage, self-confidence and positivity.
Michel Genon (1 month ago)
0:26 it’s night for me though...
Glenn Ward (1 month ago)
all of these stories were cringe worthy, nothing real funny about it
None of these made me laugh
Cecilia Jacobs (1 month ago)
None of these were funny
chara/k4t (1 month ago)
2 4 and 8
Rchrd CAtoTX (1 month ago)
Not funny.
Lily MacDonald (1 month ago)
Story 9 wasn’t funny??
Blink 158 (1 month ago)
I don't get how story 9 is funny................
Dona Kundu (1 month ago)
The id one was only one to make me smile
Wicked Wolver99 (1 month ago)
Number 6 was hilarious
Priya Karmakar (1 month ago)
Amber Gold (1 month ago)
The last story made me laugh. 😂
Kel (1 month ago)
What program did you use to create this video?
Donna Jackson (1 month ago)
I found no humor in any of these stories. Very LAME.
A Person (1 month ago)
Why would the teacher care about her hair colour?
Arian Salehi (1 month ago)
Tim, coffee !!!!!!
RichietheGamer (1 month ago)
Story 9 and 10 were horribly lame.
Virgina Gobetz (2 months ago)
The only two stories I found mildly amusing were #3 and#7.
Sanober Malhotra (2 months ago)
Trying to figure out which one was the worst. Yawn!
Muser4Life (2 months ago)
Pregnant story was a bit amusing
grenchmo (2 months ago)
The eating paper one 🤣
I found a typo!!! At 3:06 you can see that instead of "The guy who offered her a seat..." it says "The guy who ffered her a seat..." I deserve kudos for finding that.
muhammad ali (2 months ago)
The third sounds like a 40yr old not a 27yr old
BRADEN LINDBERG (2 months ago)
my favorite was story7 4:34
Isabelle Luhmann (2 months ago)
Story time!!! story 1: so i wasn't born yet and my brother was 2 my family went to my great grandmas funeral it was my moms turn to share something she loved about GG and a little after she went up my brother runs out of the aisle and runs toward her and yells "MOM I GOTTA POOP!!!!!!" so much for being sad and solemn story 2: when my cousin was about 4 or 5 my mom and dad took him to a family gathering it was winter when my mom opened the door to get him out of his car seat he yelled "HOLY S**T IT'S COLD!!!!"
Akay Günel (2 months ago)
Noelle Maschhoff (2 months ago)
What’s with story 9?
Shadow Studios (2 months ago)
Story 7
abigailhamiltonactor (2 months ago)
I must be past it! Not only were these stories not funny; some of them were positively cruel! As for the canned laughter?????
None of these were funny.
Melanie Iverson (2 months ago)
Blue hair story
Prakash Kr (2 months ago)
When i was 20 years old i went to wine store to get some liquor.. But d store keeper asked for my id.. D legal age was 21, so i couldn't show my id, n said i m 22, but still he didn't gave me.. I told him dat i don't ve an id with me now.. I asked him how old i m? he said 16\17
Jared Quinney (2 months ago)
Story 1
Forest Trees (2 months ago)
Isn't not police woman and not police man for a girl?
Freetime Space (2 months ago)
story 7 at 4:36 is just weird
lulu ghumdi (2 months ago)
I hate it I want for pets are always friends I am sad
Tess Harris (2 months ago)
what's funny about the sleeping policeman? Is there something I'm not getting?
Textin’ Theatre (2 months ago)
Be sure to check out Textin' Theater for more funny videos and stories!
nine was rubish
Bird Man (2 months ago)
I found the police one funny because she turned from a female to male
Ms Ignautus (2 months ago)
It's wicked to make your wife to swallow the regular paper.
Erika Almonte (2 months ago)
1,3,4,7,and 10 mad me laugh
Chad Korte (2 months ago)
9 not even slightly funny
Nodia Shikder (2 months ago)
3rd and 5th
Christal Raney (3 months ago)
did anybody else notice towlie from southwark on the bottom part of the book in story one?
Triveni More (3 months ago)
Story 9
Cierra Everidge (3 months ago)
Story 4 got me
A Person (3 months ago)
Poor baby...
Eninca Mshighati (3 months ago)
sorry I didn't even laugh it is a failure
Bonnie Howell (3 months ago)
Story number 3.
Natalie Ruth (3 months ago)
I liked story 5. I thought the ninja flour husband was funny. 😂
Sarah Morris (3 months ago)
Who marries someone a month after meeting them?
Shelia Bowen (3 months ago)
Number one made me laugh out loud😀
xAngelWolfx Lil Potato (3 months ago)
I find none of these humerous.
Hayley Harris (3 months ago)
Story 5 did it for me lol
Geniusbelle (3 months ago)
Moving staircase... Hmm... Elscalator...?
michael langsat (3 months ago)
these arnt even funny
Anastasia Panayiotou (3 months ago)
Story 3 is the best
I miss Tøp (3 months ago)
The thumbnail is story 8.
titan kitten (3 months ago)
the ones that made me laugh out loud and ya my mom herd me and thought i couldn't breath i laughed even harder i told her i was ok
titan kitten (3 months ago)
was 1 2 5 XD
Patricia Durfey (3 months ago)
Your since of humor is really weird. Not my liking, sorry.
Love story no 3 the most. Can't wait to hear the teacher would say "i'm sorry. You are blue family"
Nancy Jamwal (3 months ago)
All the stories were funny.🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
gindaburra (3 months ago)
4:20 ten seconds I'll never get back.
Bessie love (3 months ago)
1 4 6 and made laugh 8
zainab oza (3 months ago)
Story 9 not policeman policewoman 😂😂
Cuteness Queen (3 months ago)
How is Story 9 Funny?
Syed Sammer Haider (3 months ago)
Story 9 So a woman police is also policeman?
Ajay Rawat (3 months ago)
I LIKED STORY 5 or Story10
donny barnett (3 months ago)
I have a sense of humor,but i found nothing funny in this video.
Katie white (3 months ago)
Is nobody gonna talk about how in story 9 in the reflection is shows a boy but it’s rly a girl
Cory Hollingsworth (3 months ago)
Story 9? Stop talking please.... The only funny one was story 10 6:26
Tomáš Lietava (3 months ago)
Story 7 is more sad that funny. I also dont laught on any of this story
fatima afnan (3 months ago)
l loved the father and daughter story so much
Rose Star Productions (3 months ago)
One time me and my sister were playing Minecraft and she Accidentally killed my horse by pushing it the Ender I got so mad I killed all her chickens (also in the game) so she spawned more and put an invisibility potion on them but I found a way to do it again she was so upset that she called her mom saying “I want to go home” (she lives far away like a couple states away) to her mom replied “why?” “BECAUSE SHE KILLED MY CHICKENS” this was a memory to remember 😂
Mason Mudd (3 months ago)
The pictures make me cringe so hard
Leng Bollozos (3 months ago)
Leng Bollozos (3 months ago)
Subhalaxmi Sethy (3 months ago)
Story 1 Story 6 Story 10

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