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FASHION HACKS Let's try some cool clothes repurposing ideas! This fun t-shirt recycle DIY tutorial lets you design a laced up collar sleeved top in quite an easy yet interesting manner. Create a unique top that is just the perfect blend of sexy and simplicity, which makes it ideal for casual as well as dressy days. Now you have an excuse to keep old t-shirts, because you know how fabulous they can look with a little makeover. Here is another fun t-shirt recycle I designed and it's quite easy. This is a unique way to create a shirt without showing too much skin (just enough). It can be dressy or casual as well. I used an old large t-shirt I had in my scrap trunk...it had one sleeve for some reason. I also made my own trimming since I had the Dritz Plier Set. You can also get pre-made trim with the eyelets already inserted from the fabric store. Just look in the trim isle. I prefer to make mine because it's easier to customize the length in between each eyelet. Removed any sleeves. Cut the shoulder seams open. Cut a scoop neck. You want to be a light scoop neck, not too low, almost straight across. Create your trim with your Dritz Plier set. I used a hem from an old shirt or you can fold a strip of jersey in half, press down and use that as your trim. Follow the product instructions to insert the eyelets with the plier set into the fabric. Top stitch the trim along the collar front and back. Trim any excess from the ending side (do this on front and back). Then lace it up. I used jersey string (you can use ribbon) to lace it up starting at the shoulder side and ending to the collar. Make sure you can put your head through!!! Tie ends and done...Rocker Chic! ; ) TIMESTAMPS: 1:35 Deep plunge dress 5:17 Denim slippers 14:57 Slippery dress 19:40 Laced up collar sleeved top ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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BreshnaYT (13 hours ago)
Anusha Bhandary (1 day ago)
鹏飞 张 (1 day ago)
victoria leid (1 day ago)
sick jewelery deals at @t get a free bracelet!!
Chloe Sar (1 day ago)
Why would people sub to this trash
MOBILE LEGEND 90 (1 day ago)
I love these hacks but I can't do them because I will flop 😳
Penealope Bourgeois (1 day ago)
Why would you ruin your clothing for your videos
Who can do such things in 5 minutes.Instead of wasting your clothes , you can donate to the orphanage home.you can do it in 5 mins.
Kristian B (1 day ago)
What is this
Quin Balsan (2 days ago)
0:47 thats just mean
Agam Singh (2 days ago)
Girls are so fake these days not doing any effort and covering there face with makeup fake beauty
Irma T (2 days ago)
Thats not okey yo 0:48
That thumbnail scares me.
cupcake queen (3 days ago)
Everybody has to bevtrurhful,😅 some of these aint THAT bad,right?
michou dz (12 hours ago)
صحا نسقسيكم راها الباج تاع حرف
Natalia Vlogs xo (3 days ago)
The blue and orange nail trick looks like a Firefox search engine nail look
Sarah Gupta (3 days ago)
For the first two.....imagine what would happen if the tape ripped
Sub 2 PewDiePie (3 days ago)
Please stop hackning my life
Edgy Purple Potato (4 days ago)
3:42 that looks like skin I'm scared
Hallie Rudrum (4 days ago)
The photoshop though 🥂
Kameron Courtney (4 days ago)
that was the ugliest purse I've ever seen
Talin (4 days ago)
1 cm hole in your pants? Cut the legs all the way off!
Stephen Thomas (4 days ago)
11:03 the noise was horrible so i just muted it and some of them u could tell were shop brought , im like make ur own
Sarah AitMouloud (4 days ago)
3:41 just me or did anyone else think that was her real skin?
Every one wanted to fixing it is recycle ing
sai chitthoor (4 days ago)
oml the first n second still gives me nightmares
Pubg Mobile (4 days ago)
Join me with a channel
ChloeDaisy Fretlett (4 days ago)
CLICKBAIT and also these crafts take like 20 minutes
Mariano Ardon (4 days ago)
Nice photoshoped thumbnail
Rodrigo110 (4 days ago)
My god this video is pathetic
Egemen Şirin (5 days ago)
Raven (5 days ago)
Hi this is how to be *extra*
David Zheng (5 days ago)
1:05 because all guys do something wrong or are cheaters
Unicorn Rules (5 days ago)
Omg this is amazing
Sanaa Zaman (5 days ago)
The thumbnail tho haha lol 😂
iiiErixOmqiii Garcia (5 days ago)
iiiErixOmqiii Garcia (5 days ago)
I guess it works
Mel Equestrian (5 days ago)
Nikki Thomas (5 days ago)
Great hacks
Abo Gabal (5 days ago)
فستانك حلو
erhan.aykutt (5 days ago)
Gamer Cindy (5 days ago)
Ok thats just clickbait
ПоляFace (5 days ago)
Squirrel Girl (6 days ago)
Step one: destroy every thing in your closet
Elian Massad (6 days ago)
Halla (6 days ago)
First hack is just *wrong*
Elizabeth Schollmann (6 days ago)
In the first one they just pulled her pants up higher lol
zack anderson (6 days ago)
lets stuff our bellys into out high waist jeans...so cringy when girls do that
Icicle The Ice fox (6 days ago)
Omg guys it’s *ACTUALLY HAPPEND*!
Asparagus Root (6 days ago)
Almost as bad as troom troom... Almost...
John Taylor (6 days ago)
Never love yourself
Team_ Hacker (6 days ago)
wow a good idea tape off me boddy😒
Lukas Vlog (7 days ago)
It’s Kylie (7 days ago)
Honestly. Who’s hips look like the thumbnail.😐
Abra Hamlincoln (7 days ago)
Barbara Danley (7 days ago)
Who watches these but does not do them
Gustav Smith (7 days ago)
Very creative and talented. I liked how you think. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Bxr (5 days ago)
Useless hacks, Takes longerthen 5 mins, Clickbait thumbnail, and not even useful, steer away.
Kawaii Wølfie Draws (7 days ago)
14:54 ewwww just buy a shirt 🤢
Artic_foxy Gacha (7 days ago)
The thumbnail looks really weird anyone else?
Poppy xoxo (7 days ago)
I hate when it shows... Put tape on the back of your neck! Cling film your stomach! Tape your excess skin behind your back! I come here to disapprove of these hacks, your perfect the way you are
Elif Orhan (7 days ago)
7:19 eteğime kıymam kii
Memet Sarıkaya (7 days ago)
Ben türküm merabaa
billie eilish stan (7 days ago)
imagine getting undressed with the pads like in the thumbnail in front of ur boyfriend
ItsMataz (7 days ago)
Why this channel is not getting any dislikes?
KoTik 41 (7 days ago)
This sounds like mega man
She looks worse in the thumbnail (right side)
Ali Bahitzhan (7 days ago)
Канал английский а они из России
Electro Lover (7 days ago)
The thumbnail is such a clickbait and a lie
Brandon McBadass (8 days ago)
Do i just not understand fashion anymore? Am i ...... *_too old?_*
Brandon McBadass (8 days ago)
6:15 “RiP in your pant seams? Now they’re shorts!”
03:29 지퍼는 ,, ?
I never realized how important tape was..... And rubber bands and paper clips...
Isabella Rainbolt (8 days ago)
cannot believe the first one
Naina Watson Student (8 days ago)
Your life hacks is really helpful and lovely💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💭💭💭💭💭💭💭💭
menina do free fire (8 days ago)
Brega de +
Ale (8 days ago)
clickbait!!! Beside most of these hacks are useless
haventitoldyouyet (8 days ago)
Liz Saint (8 days ago)
4:50 how else though it looked like a magic carpet or is it just me 😂
Ich bin ne Flasche (8 days ago)
1:10 nice fashion hack...
Sandro Jermakov (8 days ago)
Eva _Csl (8 days ago)
LORD_DOG X_X (8 days ago)
штото не этак ? У их Отрежь это к фигам либо выручает лишь скочь
Давайте, все, пролайкаем этот комментарий, что-бы иноземцы поразмыслили, что тут написано нечто умное.......
Polino 4ka (9 days ago)
Раша, ответь!!!
Sńįvÿ Pøçkÿ (9 days ago)
In my opinion, All girls are perfect the way they are. (Also, Tape hurts your skin.) Oof.
Josefina Roman (9 days ago)
que ridícules hicieron con los pañuelos
we'll carry on (9 days ago)
hey honey? where did my jeans go *sees wife wearing slippers madee out of jeans* im leaving you
murkeh h (9 days ago)
What kind of sorcery is this
Dan B (9 days ago)
What not to wear.
Lysa Snow (9 days ago)
Nice tips
Zeinab Houjairy (9 days ago)
Je ť aime beaucoup 5 mintes craft
Twitterlit Twins (9 days ago)
Good tips
Emotionless Beverly (9 days ago)
How do people subscribe for this. All their videos enforce bad stereotypes, as well as enforce things that are generally bad for you, like putting tape on your back to look skinny, thats harmful physically and mentally. And getting into somebodies phone? Seriously? Sometimes this channel disgusts me in a weird way, I just hate it.
Gulnaz Yerikesheva (9 days ago)
Leon Selva (9 days ago)
Yo digo que paraque se asen esas cosas mujeres Miren la verdad mujeres Ustedes anosotros los hombres no gustan tal cual son No inporta que no tengan caderas no inportaaaaa Menos inporta que no tengas pechos eso ni nos inporta Lo que si nos inporta eske tengan su trasero como lo tengan como lo tengan esta perfecto Solo aprendan arreglarse bien Si no tienen nalgas ponganse leggin pagaditos y miren yuuumiiiii yuumiiiiiii yuuumiiiii andaremos los hombres la verdaddddd Mujeres solo aprendan arreglarse bien Porque asi como son asi estan perfectas
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