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Majel Barrett in BONANZA (1966)

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ep.: Three Brides for Hoss s7e22 http://www.tv.com/bonanza/three-brides-for-hoss/episode/98618/summary.html
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May Chua (3 months ago)
Wonder where can i see the full episode? Always❤ light hearted episodes of Bonanza
SpockBoy (5 months ago)
I had no idea Bonanza could be funny like this.
jess00821 (2 years ago)
I. LOVE. MAJEL. <3 <3 I had never seen this before she is adorable and so funny!! thanks for uploading this gem.
o2bnparadise (3 years ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 They certainly had fun that day!!
danwat1234 (4 years ago)
2.5mm NE of the Duodenum
jess00821 (7 years ago)
@newestgloss I couldn't agree more. Majel was great.. and very funny in this!
jess00821 (2 years ago)
I always thought it was a shame Majel never really got big roles in Star Trek or in other stuff. She was so beautiful too.

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