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GIRLS GONE FISHING at Kilnsey Park ~ 50/50 on the water

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Today marks the launch of '50/50 on the water' here in the UK, an initiative led by Orvis to get more ladies fishing and benefitting from this incredible sport. Here's a short film from a wonderful day out with Hollie-Ella, founder of 'In the Country Magazine', who is new to fly-fishing. Hollie-Ella is a one-man-band start-up and deserves serious kudos for her courageous, entrepreneurial and artistic achievements. To read more about '50/50 On the Water' visit: www.orvis.co.uk/5050 GIRLS GONE FISHING at Kilnsey Park ~ 50/50 on the water . . . . Follow me on all social channels so you stay up to date with all things Marina, Want to you more about me visit: http://bit.ly/MGFwebsite Join me every day doing all things Marina http://bit.ly/MGFinstagram See all my favourite tweets: http://bit.ly/MGFtwitter Add me as a friend http://bit.ly/MGFfacebook
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Crappie Hippie (7 months ago)
Loved the bit on proper handling of the catch-pic-release scenario, blessings to you for educating on how important that is..
Macierae🌈 (11 months ago)
Great to see ladies fishing:They bring a breath of fresh air to the sport.My young Grand Daughters think Marina is really cool.This helps me in the process of learning them how to fly fish.
Very well done. Tight lines
James Brede (1 year ago)
So orvis when are you putting out the other gender equality video? How about the transgender fly fishing group ? Women are just like men and shouldn't be treated any different ! Your women campaign sucks and you will loose a lot of business with what your ad department is coming up with ! I've been in the ad design business for 35 years and I haven't developed something so lame as this "con"- cept ! Like that !
Mavrck2711 (1 year ago)
Disliked cause of the 5050 garbage. The barriers of walking into a store with your husbands credit card and buying a fishing pole must have been immense.
Sexist much
Joel B (1 year ago)
If you want gender equality on the water, stop making up bullshit programs that demand you to be treated differently.
Chris Watson (1 year ago)
Hey. Love the video. Could do some fishing next time. I am not a big supporter of the 5050 message. Could you tell me about some of the barriers that you faced with fishing? Also, could you explain why 5050 would start a marketing campaign that victimizes women. I will always support you or any angler. But you 5050 message is garbage. You all should be ashamed of yourself for participating in male bashing. Unbelievable disrespectful movement. Most of the family men that fish are and have been the main channel for encouraging women to fish. I know because I am one of them. Did your mom take you fishing as a young girl? Doubt it. Orvis is a shit company on the way out with a looser message to young women.
Tiverton69 (1 year ago)
Completely agree! And so do most people in the sport right now.
Mark Elliott (1 year ago)
Great to see more of your videos coming on line. Keep it up. A star is born ;-)
GB Fishing (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed your video great to see you posting more stuff :)
paul connor (1 year ago)
Another Masterclass Marina....you nailed it? 😂 getting the feeling I walked over that bridge a few times, must be time for your return journey 😀

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