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AND SO IT BEGINS - Let's Play - Persona 4: Golden - 1 - Walkthrough Playthrough

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Text Comments (1043)
Lurgas 'Tyki' (11 days ago)
Please, somebody do this, picky penguins! It's 2019 and i really need this on my life: Somebody make a compilation of this series of every Nanako interaction! Nico loves her so much, and i love her so much (as well as everybody else, i suppose), so we gotta have this~
Ganesh Nayak98 (13 days ago)
Time to binge watch now in 2019.
Matthew Ganel-Constant (13 days ago)
Anyone watching in 2019?
Monocat (16 days ago)
Lmao I skipped over this game for some reason. I just played P3, watched your let’s play of P5 but just forgot about this one. Awh yee finally I’m here
Mizz Thang (17 days ago)
How does Chie look like a boy
Nick Garcia (17 days ago)
Binging this cuz i miss this game love you
Tristan Matthews (1 month ago)
Igor in this is weird coming from Persona 5
Adam Dao (1 month ago)
*sarcastic boice* I wonder who is the next main character?
Niixxu (1 month ago)
30:58 - 31:03 I wasn't expecting to hear that, now I'm dying of laughter
Something Someone (1 month ago)
Token Cross (1 month ago)
Time to BINGE! (Never seen. P4 playthrough. Time to watch :D)
Hack McHacker (1 month ago)
31:28 Toster: BURN MY BREAD
Hack McHacker (1 month ago)
Also 5:16... WTHELL, Yu in the twilight zone now boi
Hack McHacker (1 month ago)
If I had a nose like egor's... then I would have a large nose shaped hole in my computer
Charles Iannucci (1 month ago)
Watching after P5, this is very hard given it's 2 gens behind, but Nico manages to make it great even though the graphics aren't my favorite! I honestly can't watch any other LPer play story based games.
manningforever1 (1 month ago)
Whos here after playing Persona 5 and wanting to play P4 but don’t have a vita😭
Am I the only person who took every chance to fuck with Yosuke
Brenden Michelus (2 months ago)
Nanako is sooo cute!!! I can not possibly be the only one that find her absolutely adorable!
RedXephos (2 months ago)
Time to rewatch this again.
Tai Moya (2 months ago)
I love your little side comments. They're Hilarious
Tai Moya (2 months ago)
Bruh your Igor voice acting is incredible
Jaemin Chung (2 months ago)
16:54 There are places that do that
Omega End (2 months ago)
I've re-watched this too much.
SgtFocko (3 months ago)
Never watched this, but I feel like its a good time to watch Running Morishige the Origin Story
Russell Gunder (3 months ago)
First ten minutes in I subscribed. Well done.
Purin The Gamer (3 months ago)
I decided to watch this again, and I forgot how different Nico sounds.
Dan Geer (3 months ago)
That moment when you need a NicoB fix, but you can’t watch either of his current LPs yet because you’re planning to play them both yourself and don’t want spoilers, so you cue up an older LP you’ve already seen twice to play in the background while you cook diner......
Karl Hendrix Lat (3 months ago)
8:44 I thought it was still Igor talking. XD
that smart arse Granger (3 months ago)
Persona 5 main character is hotter
Ren Ren (3 months ago)
4th time watching
Nyaa Pyon (4 months ago)
Can't watch more than 10mins, you talk too much
resevilrocx (4 months ago)
my "car" is over "there" -Dojima
Ahmed Althani (4 months ago)
Meant persona4 Golden. And a PS Vita
Ahmed Althani (4 months ago)
I ordered croissant for golden and a PS Vita it’s coming
- Lynx786 - (4 months ago)
Whenever the bell sounds at the school, i think they are about to say, “A body has been discovered!”
- Lynx786 - (4 months ago)
Should’ve gone with Yu Narukami... Oh well you have your own style, that is what i come here for. Why am I complaining?
Kurtis Haren (4 months ago)
I've never watched any of Nico's videos until just recently, starting with binging his Kingdom Hearts LP. Then I binged the Chain of Memories one. I'm not even done with the Kingdom Hearts 2 LP now, and I found out that he's done this game as well as Persona 5 and the Danganronpa games. This guy basically blind-runs ALL of my favorite series (except Battle Network, apparently.) Well, there goes any free time I've got for the next I-Don't-Know-How-Long. Hopefully my grades don't suffer TOO badly... I've dealt with little sleep before... (I'm a college student, I should know better by now.)
JATERMINATOR100 (4 months ago)
Theo Gould (4 months ago)
“I’m gonna stick with Nico cuz i dont want to make every scene super rediculous” *cut to persona 5* “Hey bizzle-kun”
Rad Shiba (5 months ago)
Ow boy let's watch it again I think I'm addicted This is my 6th time rewatching
Nathan Alcantara (5 months ago)
Rad Shiba I lost count how many times I've rewatched it.
ShadowStar1997 (5 months ago)
I just had a mental image of Ichigo with Nico's Seven voice. It's incredibly amusing.
ShadowStar1997 (5 months ago)
This game is a lot more light-hearted than most Shin Megami games.
shadonai darkstone (5 months ago)
2B or not 2B (5 months ago)
Time to binge wooo
Yuto 13 (5 months ago)
Everytime I Watch This Series My Heart Tuggs At Me. 4 Years Gone By And Still A Masterpiece.
Theo Aremevano (5 months ago)
Rewatching this. I have to say, your Igor voice really is spot on. I wasn't looking at the screen when you said "Nico B" and I was like 'wait, I don't remember Igor saying the player's name'. XD Also, screw you gas station attendant I use chopsticks left handed... you know like most left-handed people.
josh021004 YT (6 months ago)
I actually thought it was raining irl the sound was that realistic
MinecraftSurveyCorps (6 months ago)
I'm here from the Persona 5 playthrough. I was shocked by the audible quality drop of poor Nico's mic. I never saw it coming.
Leo G. (6 months ago)
ngl the intro scared me at highest volume.
Shehzor Noufal (6 months ago)
This was the first time I've ever watched your video yet the intro still scares the shit out of me.
Rollio ! (6 months ago)
I just got the orginal version of the game for ps2 since I don't have a vita and since I have played the beginning I can now watch the first episode!
D. Loner (6 months ago)
Boku no persona
Ziad Abu Afia (6 months ago)
l have
LKF (6 months ago)
10:26 WTF atlus??
Overlord_Ashalon (6 months ago)
Funny thing after the first playthrough you notice that shipping van a lot
Overlord_Ashalon (6 months ago)
Igor dates all the way back to Persona 1
Wastelandhero (7 months ago)
Holy shit dude igor impersonation is killer!!
Pork Gavor (7 months ago)
8:45 I wasn't aware Nico was the one speaking until I noticed that the words didn't match the subtitles
Blake Horner (7 months ago)
Spoiler the attendant is evil
Kit Kat (6 months ago)
fk you
Akira (7 months ago)
I hope persona 6 will set in college.
Behind The Galaxy (7 months ago)
Igor be looking like Gru from Despicable Me
Alexander Does Stuff (7 months ago)
Mexico still does that
Zorokai 101 (7 months ago)
Alexander Does Stuff does what?
Ya_Boi 503791 (7 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Brian B (7 months ago)
I didn’t know Beavis and Butthead did let’s play videos
RoderikSQ (7 months ago)
Shadow Yukiko syndrome detected
masked creeper (7 months ago)
Just like in blazblu cross tag, learn to ride a bike yosuke
RedXephos (8 months ago)
King Morons best line "that's it your my shit list effective immediately"
RedXephos (8 months ago)
Have nothing to do so time to binge all the persona
Farfetched4 ! (8 months ago)
I like ya channel now cause you swear
Devildaily Official (8 months ago)
is this computer?!
MegaLCRO (8 months ago)
>very hard >"Do you hate yourself, or..." Jeez, Persona 4. Calm down.
lizard1255 (8 months ago)
Time to finally start watching this and see what it's all about.
Ludovico Silva (8 months ago)
Best LP Nico did. Period. Rewatched this a buncha times already.
Monodam (8 months ago)
I got really scared at the start where it said "it was hanging from an antenna because I thought it was nanako.
its grizz (9 months ago)
Its so long since ive watched you
sukateam2 (8 months ago)
its grizz ya sane
Hell Heaven (10 months ago)
60h+ of video to watch dayummm , im watching this before playing persona 5 on ps4 so i will now the game mechanics and how the game general plays out
Angel Castiel (10 months ago)
I have no idea what this series is about and people have said this series is good, but what is it even about?
Stepex [GD] (10 months ago)
Game Theory brought me here. Apparently it’s been a decade since the release of this game...
Lost Ones soul (10 months ago)
I love this game.
Hyde Kido (10 months ago)
Fun fact:the actual name of the protagonist of P4 is Yu Narukami
Ultimate Despair Gamer (10 months ago)
Revisiting the series and now wondering why Igor isn't in the council of voices lol
Reno KyrieliumGodOfVoid (10 months ago)
Ultimate Despair Gamer Plot twist the council of voices room was originally the velvet room but Judge used it while he is gone
JTang Gaming (10 months ago)
Coming back to watch this after finishing NicoB's Persona 5 playthrough!! Anyone else?
Miseritor (10 months ago)
Four years
Xavier Stephenson (11 months ago)
All his persona let’s plays begin With “and do it begins”
Kit Kat (6 months ago)
Weird Guy 149 (11 months ago)
Well, now that I've seen Persona 5, let's see how the older games stack up in comparison.
Hyde Kido (10 months ago)
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle anyone?2018?
Ekin Vang (11 months ago)
Huh, this is my first time watching his play through of this. Well better later than never. -2018
MrsCitty (11 months ago)
Rewatching this bc I remembered this!
Christian Fisher (11 months ago)
After watching his persona 5 lp I know some of the mistakes he'll make and it makes me really worried
Kit Kat (6 months ago)
don't watch let's plays then
Theo Aremevano (11 months ago)
"Guess I made the right choice to skip the booze" that line always makes me think of the dude from Airplane! smoking, drinking, taking amphetamines and sniffing glue. XD
Apollo G. (1 year ago)
42Caio (Caio Esteves) (1 year ago)
God Nanako sounds so insufferable in this. Why do so many people prop up this dub to be so good? Honestly I find it run of the mill at best, and when stacked against the level of excellency the original has, that's nowhere good enough.
HylianBelmont (4 months ago)
Because lots of people, not including you, genuinely like it? There isn't much to it aside from that lol. Besides, Nanako is an interesting example of Karen Strassman's range IMO.
Mystery (1 year ago)
Can u shut up and just play the game?
Kit Kat (6 months ago)
why are you even here? He is playing the game get out
Niko -Not a Cat- (1 year ago)
Yue Q (1 year ago)
watching this on 2018 (again)
soamazing99 (1 year ago)
47:46 that sounds oddly specific. Huh
Agent1Gaming (1 year ago)
*Spoilers but since Nico has bet this I don't think it matters.* Nico: Oh the puny little sidekick. Me: That's why Adachi turned evil, that comment there~!
-T G C- (1 year ago)
33:37 Let's play spot the main characters!
Josh Kurosaki (1 year ago)
2018 anyone?!
lh0000 (2 months ago)
And am I the only one who noticed that nico totally called the twist of the game....... it’s like dangan ronpa 2 all over again!
lh0000 (2 months ago)
FUCK YEA! Two days till December!
Lingering Will (3 months ago)
November 2018 proud
Lurgas 'Tyki' (5 months ago)
Josh Kurosaki Yeeeeah boi
Gemmabelle (1 year ago)
I've finally decided to take the advice of one of my friends to start watching someone else their LP of persona 4 Golden and ditch my usual fav youtuber for these types of games because his last upload regarding episodes of this game was over a year ago?! I like your voice and enthusiasm! Let's do this!

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