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Gordon B.S. Hinckley: *GENIUS in Media & PR*

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Hinckley was such a MORmON PR genius that he bought into his own PR ..... about him being a MORmON PR genius!
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ulisscarple (3 years ago)
4 28 20 15 345
Ray Jekin (4 years ago)
Most gnats have more functioning brain cells than MORmONS do 
firstbaldwin (5 years ago)
WOW, " FUCK YOU, HINCKLEY! , and FUCK YOU, MORmONS! " has never been said more effectively than this video (and Sam Kinison) does it.
baxfikkle555 (7 years ago)
antiMORmONmessages channel LDS BYU lie liar fake fraud false phony polygamy adultery sex gold plates book of joseph smith brigham young bible jesus christ scam cult crime mormon dumb ass bs idiots satan devil evil crime spiritual pioneer conference missionary teen brides temple marriage eternal family sealing secret handshake
awolLDSasap (8 years ago)
ha. I've had members tell me hinkley was referring to the internet in his 82 conference talk. It was satelite dishes at the stake centers.

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