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Hey Larlees, todays video is me and Jeffree Star testing out the Erborian CC Crème High Definition. This was pretty much MAGIC and we had so much fun trying it out, keep watching to find out our final opinions.- Laura watch Jeffree's video: https://youtu.be/-rxG8n--5-Y instagram: JEFFREESTAR MY MERCH: BUY HERE: https://www.lauraleelosangeles.com/ WATCH MY NO MAKEUP, MAKEUP TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/U-mzSQGsY8g PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Erborian CC Crème High Definition http://seph.me/2v3HXgG *** D I S C O U N T - C O D E S *** ___ my vanity: http://bit.ly/29z6ZNx use code LAURALEE for $$ off!! Morphe Brushes USE CODE LauraLee for 10% off! http://morphebrushes.com Jouer cosmetics - code: LAURALEE for 15% off! https://www.jouercosmetics.com Ofra Cosmetics use code LAURALEE for 30% off!! http://bit.ly/2bm3dGb Artis Couture code: LAURALEE for 15% off! http://www.artistcouture.com/ shop VIOLET VOSS code: LAURALEE for 10% off! http://bit.ly/2nrLMIM SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: Larlarlee SNAPCHAT: Laura88lee FACEBOOK: Laura Lee TWITTER: LAURA88LEE musical.ly - Laura88lee ***My Camera Equipment*** New Camera: http://amzn.to/2iKeRMH Old Camera (great for starters)- http://amzn.to/2t2X88c Camera Lens - http://amzn.to/2t3i66H Lights - http://amzn.to/2u1mxmN ♡For any business inquiries please email me at: [email protected] FTC- NOT SPONSORED!
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Text Comments (7201)
Charlotte Philliskirk (23 hours ago)
I’ve got that CC cream. It’s far too dark for me though.
Aza Ponce de Leon (1 day ago)
Her voice. Is really drilling in my ear. Wtf. I just wanna see the product and how it works, and I just cannot watch it.
Jakub Rydzewski (5 days ago)
Loving this in 2019 haha ❤️❤️
Brat Goddess (6 days ago)
May 20 2019
HolyPaalooza (6 days ago)
Here in 2019 when he’s just redone this foundation on his Chanel - and dragged it 😅
Lorena Lorena (6 days ago)
who's here after james charles, tati and jeffree star drama?
So basically for skin tones just above olive and on. I was kinda excited to get something like such but now I’m not!
I swear my ears are gonna bleed with that stupid girl's voice. She needs to stfu. Annoying af
SeptiplierAwaaay (11 days ago)
Ms (18 days ago)
Well idk what it looks like OFF camera but it looks FLAWWWWWWWWLESSSSS
Bryony Jade (20 days ago)
Her voice! Oooooooooooh my god! She is not in the right job, how does she even have subscribers? 😫
Leslie Anthony (20 days ago)
These two think they are so funny and adorable.... I'm pretty sure they are the only two that do. And how long they can drag out a two minute film. .. Just silly....
The Last hunter (27 days ago)
This is only still up because it’s the only thing that’s paying her bills
D 111 (1 month ago)
Omfg just get on with it u talk way too much, we just want to know if it works or not, not know about ur life story. >:(
ItsOana 027 (1 month ago)
9:10 wweeeww it's transforming...IT'S FUCKING SUNCREAM
Cynthia Vargas (1 month ago)
Little did y’all know they were high
Aaisha Saleem (1 month ago)
I miss this 😭💔
Kamila Rosa (1 month ago)
there's a lot of good korean products
Julie Leeonel (1 month ago)
This intro though😂😂
mickey mouse (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jeffree!!
Yashfa (1 month ago)
D L (1 month ago)
Her voice😖😖😖
Christianna Vassi (1 month ago)
Laura lee and Jeffree starrs natural no makeup skin is literal goals
bts_lover_jimin chimmy (1 month ago)
Laura don't even need faundation😍i fell in love with her skin
Katelynne Lastelly (1 month ago)
12:26 lmaooo
Alyssa Smith (1 month ago)
Ur guys😂
Shayleigh Marie (2 months ago)
annie leblanc fan (2 months ago)
8:12 jeffree are you okey?😂
Cany Soto (2 months ago)
Her voice .. Annoying!! To say the least.
ASMR with Victoria (2 months ago)
You mean 7:18
baby girl (2 months ago)
Vickie Hilton (2 months ago)
2019 anyone??
prosthetic heart (2 months ago)
Laura have changed in a good way after the drama.
thiccvic (2 months ago)
its march 2019, and i still have no clue what laura said 90% of the time
Caleb Encinas (3 months ago)
Laura looks so high in the beginning of the video lol
Jennifer McEwan (3 months ago)
2:22 damn that look she gives him... if looks could kill girl... lol
Around the world Cheer (3 months ago)
I feel like James Charles needs this so he doesn’t get anymore scandals
Around the world Cheer (3 months ago)
9:32 she has a nose ring
Karen Brackett (3 months ago)
Y’all were such good friends. So sad that it’s over. Been watching all the old videos. Laughing so hard btw brush cleaning video was epic 😆😂
Ridha HP (3 months ago)
TLM Color Changing Foundation that Jefree tried brought me here, and for a second, i think their just doing a new collab and she make up with Jefree. But then i check the date😭
Liv Foote (3 months ago)
It’s sad that they’re not friends anymore 😢
Asmara Khalid (3 months ago)
You seems so scary jaffree
Fatma Nassar (3 months ago)
Nobody cares when you are watching!😂
Natasha Thomas (3 months ago)
Laura your hair, especially hair color, looks so good here. Please change back!
Hanah Ahmed (4 months ago)
How do people watch this lady, her voice is just like a crying baby. Very annoying
Royal Flush (4 months ago)
Look at the difference in their head shapes...like imagine Jeffree with Laura lees head shape and Laura with Jeffree’s. Why is jeffrees face so much longer than Laura’s???
Rebekah Andreasen (4 months ago)
Katelin Crockett (4 months ago)
But like why does she sound like she’s half drunk & being extra bitchy?🤷🏼‍♀️
Tasha and greg James (4 months ago)
Omg you two are just like my guy friend/girl friend Lindsey and I yay loving it
random stranger (4 months ago)
This is on my recommendation and I want to know why they do video together but then I realized this video out in 2017 what an awkward situation.
Parnashree Das (4 months ago)
🤬🙄😒Finally they started 😒🙄🤬
pumafcsoccertutorials (4 months ago)
Plot twist: the foundation just turned clear lol
your motharr (4 months ago)
Laura reminds me of a mom who secretly wants to beat her kids ass but there’s people around in this video 💀
Inyah Xaya (4 months ago)
omg jeffree in 2017😂
Madeline Bogle (4 months ago)
I'm here cause I saw Jeffree, but I'm happy I know who she is now
Paulette gastelum (4 months ago)
Charles Owens (4 months ago)
2:28 is so funny
Jayda (4 months ago)
Fatima Farooqui (4 months ago)
Sisters to enemies real’ quick...
Mausymonica Elysabeth (4 months ago)
Suara lo cempreng Laura 🙃
Becky Love (4 months ago)
Wow look back at who you back stabbed they r doing way better than u now
Sarah Allen (4 months ago)
Nothing against her at all but her voice really hurts my ears even on the lowest volume, it’s soo high pitched
Jessica Tellez (4 months ago)
That gold brush with the bear is beautiful 💞😍
David Garcia (4 months ago)
fuck laura lee
caxctus (4 months ago)
Carlos Roman (4 months ago)
So many cringe-worthy moments.
Iben Louise Fagge (4 months ago)
2019 anyone?!?
babyy sophhh (4 months ago)
I wonder what color her hair is right there I think it’s soooooo pretty
Montaha Chowdhury (4 months ago)
So this came to my recommendation after the recent video lol and the shade he passssseedddd
Jordan Chitty (4 months ago)
this was in my recommended and was SHOOK but then i checked the date 😂
Faizal Khan (4 months ago)
Literally here from jeffrees new video on the almost same product in 2019
Emma Phillips (4 months ago)
Ummm anyone notice that Jeffrey doesn’t have this video anymore... so much BEEF
Kimberly & Angelina (4 months ago)
she changed the thumbnail 😭
K K (4 months ago)
lol when
Bibblejelly BG (4 months ago)
Oh my god i thought the video is new and i was SHOOKED 🤣 Thank god its from last year
harshini kannan (4 months ago)
They were high af in this video
peachy sugaskull (4 months ago)
I thought this was new I was like WUTT
Sohayla Emad (4 months ago)
JS has just made a video about a colour changing foundation as well !
Lily Rossle (4 months ago)
TML is shook
Olivia (4 months ago)
ik jeffree was high while making this video but idk if she was
Kayla Is Boring (4 months ago)
here from jeffree's vid... thats all lmao
thankuforthevenom (4 months ago)
high af
Aubrey Ingram (4 months ago)
Jeffree, without makeup you look kind of like Oliver Sykes. 😍
Olivia Christu (4 months ago)
Do on with James pleaseeee
Lara Yarnall (4 months ago)
James Charles NEEDS this
zoie campanoli (4 months ago)
That's. What sister James needs
Noor Agha (4 months ago)
FYI: clips from this video are being used in a Facebook ad by a company called bestsellez advertising a foundation called protoniq.
Naomi Jenkins (4 months ago)
I have this i bought it yearssss ago and didnt know it was reviewed i might try 8t again becuase i never used it
Sam Ballantyne (4 months ago)
Haha rip
Sarah Keim (4 months ago)
Why does this come off extremely fake from Laura?
Ivana Vranic (4 months ago)
Laura has like sooo anoying voice
iamwhoiam (4 months ago)
15:10 Laura: ...Are we going to get a Laura Lee annoys Jeffree Star for a minute video... Later Jefree: So the things is Laura doesn't really annoy me so its not going to be funny Me (2019): Uhh Not any more Jeffree...........
jazy jenkins (4 months ago)
Ok so are the videos accurate now , or?
Tillee kliendienst (4 months ago)
Marycanary20 (4 months ago)
James charles should use this !!! 😂 (no hate to james)
Marycanary20 (4 months ago)
Luara,s fake laugh!!! 2:19
rrinismystarbucksname (4 months ago)
This is what James needs
Peyton Adam (4 months ago)
Wow only took seven minutes to start
Jewel MeChell (4 months ago)
Review starts at 6:40
chris obrero (4 months ago)
Laura is high AF

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