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santana- black magic woman

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Judy Warren (9 hours ago)
Hi sexy me not black but still like this song love songs good dancing i know how to dance turns guys on shhhh don't tell anyone but you LOL yes i am talking tune up Ok Lionel Michael LOL 👁️ 👁️ me to trust you yes wonderful hearing that 👏 How much is that dog in the window shop LOL oh my gosh who let the dogs out running around oh my down payment street watch out fool you almost drove over the dogs LOL screaming come back dog's purpose story of dogs LOL yes Listening to you Michael singing 🎤 LOL here shhhh correct iloveu always 👋 Ok Lionel Michael LOL good girl I love 💚 you for thoughts exactly wonderful idea 👍 wonderful day today
Love this! Not just the Guitar playing but I really love the lyrics as well. Classic👌
i'd tell ya, then I'd haft killya! (merlin said, he woudn't lie)
Jeralme Cuevas (2 days ago)
i grew up listening 2 Santana, now I'm 35 years old and still jamming 2 this bad as music!! 🎶 Thank you mom 4 showing me real music!!
Pat 2 (2 days ago)
Make believe this is too gud
Hathai Rattana (3 days ago)
I love this song . The greatest guitar sound and so beautiful song.
Neena Peter (3 days ago)
I miss the past. I really do. Full of deep feelings for life, family and friends. All this feelings goes slowly down with the sun into the night of an old man living far away from home.
A Chirichello (2 days ago)
Bout to chew thru my wrist!
Judy Warren (3 days ago)
Hi sexy LoL 🤗 yeah finally got the message LOL OK thanks again for your 💋💚👁️👁️👍 together Yes sounds good to me I will be there around noon tomorrow Ok shhhh correct iloveu always have a place to stay for dinner tomorrow Ok shhhh correct iloveu always be here for you Michael and I will be there around noon tomorrow Ok shhhh LOL 😎 💚💯 u Michael shhhh LOL you spying on us LOL Michael good idea LOL Michael going to bed after song over here 😴💤😂 Wild demon LOL hahaha 😂🎶😆 Listening yes ok sexy cute together Yes sounds good to me I will be there around noon tomorrow LOL yes Listening you demon hahaha night 💤 love Later ❤️ Michael Joseph is the you are 💯 smart one Michael 🎶😎💚 💯 u shhhh correct again night love yes sir 👍 together Yes sounds good to me I'll be there around noon Ok Lionel Michael LOL 👁️ 👁️💯👍 🎤🎶 🎶🎤💯 true 🙄💚💃🕺 💚💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 💛 ok Listen for the video LOL haaaaa LOL night night my sweet love
Hilda Garcia (1 day ago)
Bob Risse (4 days ago)
Love is the fucking hell I go through when I listen to this song.
Cristian Maldonado (4 days ago)
richard salerno (4 days ago)
what a classic
Lo maximo SANTANA
Harold Wood (5 days ago)
midilogic (5 days ago)
Excellent. https://youtu.be/risA2xkahvk
Luis Castro (6 days ago)
Tengo tres o cuatro discos de Santana...pero este tema es posesivo...y lo pienso en todas las interpretaciones que quieran.
anupam surya (6 days ago)
Old is gold
boika fcb (6 days ago)
Hugo Gonzales (6 days ago)
Lisa Dinehart (7 days ago)
Santana is de best
Um Drink no inferno uau
RAUL A. PERDOMO-MENA (8 days ago)
Two words... Holy shit!
Melissa Chester (9 days ago)
I got a black magic woman and her name is Melissa Ricondo
makiman Hernan (9 days ago)
2019/16/04""saludos El SALVADOR
Sweet James (7 days ago)
.Proud that I have the first Greek commentary on this epic of Carlos .. I feel so separate from my miserable compatriots ...
Abe Kantarovich (10 days ago)
I'll never forget listening to this song going down this long and winding road headed to the metro park with my 2 buddies in the car fried out of our minds and during the long extended Carlos solo the music went perfectly with the winding road. Chuck was cruising fast and during the whole song not a word was spoken. After the song ended, we laughed so hard because all 3 of us were on the same wavelength. Ah...the good ole days back in the 70's when music really got you off!
Safe Drive Ken (10 days ago)
It touches my heart.
I love magic! 🎩
enrcislir (11 days ago)
De México para todo el.mundo
HONG ZHAO (11 days ago)
Ya yert
La opinion de Abraham (12 days ago)
Puro sonido Mexicano
Tony Marcovecchio (13 days ago)
The genius of Peter Green - this is a pretentious cover.
kevin shea (6 days ago)
Love Peter Green but I think this is a respectful cover by another great guitarist. Due credit was given on every album, unlike Led Zeppelin covers, and, my understanding is that royalties have always been paid. I agree there are a lot of pretentious covers(I heard a horrific "While my guitar gently weeps" just the other day and almost lost my lunch :-)) but this one, I believe, was tasteful, added it's own flavor(In this case-enchilada sauce), and never strayed too far from the original sentiment. Just a thought from an old man with a guitar.
Vanessa Goncalves (14 days ago)
Rock in Rio 91, Eu Fui ✌️
Red Dot (14 days ago)
Why isnt this version on apple music
edgar musinian (14 days ago)
Ебаные наркоманы
Axel Eggers (14 days ago)
Weltmuke schreibt AE aus HFH
Jahisluv420 (15 days ago)
Frankie old School
Fredi CRUZ (15 days ago)
Fredi CRUZ (15 days ago)
lorenzo bellevue (16 days ago)
Thank guitar hero
Vidit Jain (16 days ago)
Oh that guitar solo made me have an ear orgasm, such amazing piece of music
Paterno Taboada (11 days ago)
What wrong with the other one needs upgrade
Trollsdemons oxa (16 days ago)
Bayu 24 (17 days ago)
2019 play this song ? Hit likes 👍
Matthew S. O'Brian (17 days ago)
ItzJuztJaz (17 days ago)
I was born in the early 2000's but I thoroughly enjoy old songs like this
Castin’ With Carter (2 days ago)
Same here
Celso Bernal (15 days ago)
You usually don't hear the younger generation talking like that about oldschool stuff. 👏 👏 👏 there is so much good stuff out there. Keep looking out there
Trevor White (15 days ago)
ItzJuztJaz same
Daniel Estrada (17 days ago)
Right on
Schorschers (17 days ago)
Seeing as there doesn't seem to be a single negative comment on this song: Is there something wrong with my ears? All the bends seem slightly out of tune to me. It sounds really strange to me.
KXG MUSIC (17 days ago)
KXG MUSIC (16 days ago)
KXG MUSIC (17 days ago)
maryella zamudio (17 days ago)
EPIC,, And HIS MEXICAN,,,,thank you GOD for i was born in MEXICO!!!
carlos RAMIREZ (7 days ago)
So is the guy who download the song !
maryella zamudio (17 days ago)
i'm from Jalisco too , we love music, and singing,, is like making love to the universe!!!
maryella zamudio (17 days ago)
He makes love to the guitar!!!
Arnol Fuck you (18 days ago)
This is to good song
Karla Martinez (18 days ago)
There is a BIG problem with this song or all of ya'll favorite songs....they all end
Coulboy 4756 (19 days ago)
Sittin out back watching the sunset with a joint chillin with this song, dope ass time
Coulboy 4756 (14 days ago)
+Jeffery beaty yeah bro, gotta let the snow clear up
Jeffery beaty (15 days ago)
Lucky even though its spring I'm having to deal with 40 degree weather -_- wish I could smoke outside lmfao
マツラッキー5 (19 days ago)
Domi Soudan (19 days ago)
Black Magic WOMAN !🤗❤️👍
tarikul hasan (20 days ago)
André Esposito (20 days ago)
Zaim Barkawi (21 days ago)
ive already listened to this song since i was in my father's nuts
Allan Cramond (19 days ago)
Jamming on his ball hairs
Bryan Vargas (21 days ago)
This one and Samba Pa ti are my favorite. Just listen to the instruments. I was never one to like guitars because I thought it was boring and wasnt interested at all. But this song opened the world of many instruments to me and now I just fascinate the fact that a single string can make a beautiful song like this one. This song will always be in my head the rhythm and the lyrics.
Moisés Miguel (22 days ago)
Muy buen cover,pero la ORIGINAL de Fleetwood Mac tiene una crudeza insuperable.
Missy V (22 days ago)
Santana at New Orleans Jazz Festival coming up April 2019!! Can't wait. My black cat I named Santana after this song six months ago. Love this song..blast from childhood past.
Dionysus G.O.F (22 days ago)
I know that Carlos is a legend but can we appreciate the rest of the band too?
Owen Quinn (14 days ago)
Yes agreed. Greg Rolie great singer and keyboard player and also Neal Schon both went on to form Journey
Pauline Garcia (24 days ago)
Carlos so mean on that ....🎸 makes me air 🎸 then clap my hands wile bite my lip shakeing head no but saying yes go carlos go
Claudia Valle (24 days ago)
I go back, way way back, looking at my dad excitement when he was listening on our Stereo on 1982 and he was so thrilled to have a cassette recorded by his friend. (The LP was too expensive)
Edgar Cavazos (24 days ago)
Mike Cummings (25 days ago)
Guitar sounds out of tune..👎
Marie Alvarez (25 days ago)
Just listen
Patrick Riley (26 days ago)
To you Mom !!!
Eldar Dominici (26 days ago)
I play this song and europe with guitar I have 12 years and i paly for 5 years
Divon Salazar (26 days ago)
Reginaldo Aquino (27 days ago)
Simplesmente o fera das guitarras no mundo. México país que eu amo.
Lj Purdy (27 days ago)
AVE SANTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Gafford (27 days ago)
Why are there no Jojokes in the comments?
isaac castro saumeth (28 days ago)
3-28-2019 💪
John Hernandez (28 days ago)
I come in PEACE. 🐧 And I leave in PEACE but also SHARE it with YOU. If YOU BELIEVE in PEACE, copy and paste this and keep it going. I leave you God's peace which transcends ALL human understanding. --*chronology of a dream*-- Thurs March 28 2019 Miami, Florida 1 p.m. EST
soliana and (28 days ago)
Rahman Jamall (28 days ago)
She trying to be funny saw it FB
jaax Beta (29 days ago)
Alguien mas viene del guitar hero ?
Angelica Torres (29 days ago)
😍viva Mexico cabrones¡ donde lo que sobra es talento¡ pa' muestra ..mi Santana
Jorma Heikkinen (30 days ago)
SS-Stalinin capt.
Jorma Heikkinen (30 days ago)
Form thailand verygood
IamKorry That’sme (18 days ago)
🎸 🎸 🎸 🎹 🎹 🎹 🗣💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🤫lets take a moment to enjoy this magnificent guitar masterpiece
Jayro El Pinoy (1 month ago)
Santanas Guitar speaks to me 😍
IamKorry That’sme (30 days ago)
Jayro El Pinoy me too
Hector HERNANDEZ E. (1 month ago)
midilogic (1 month ago)
Fantastic. https://youtu.be/LuS_MyA9vY0
Melvyn McManus (1 month ago)
One of the most iconic songs of the `70`s
Nate Collins (1 month ago)
Latino Música y Letras en Inglés !!!
johann dippenaar (1 month ago)
the shitholes of Africa must retaliate. condolences to all the angry spirits of the Africaonly the good will survive
Jerry King (1 month ago)
Nobody is better than Carlos hands down the best!!!!!!!!ever hallaleuya rock on
Nada Markovic (1 month ago)
Kevin Panji (1 month ago)
Guitar hero bring me here hahaha
The egg (12 days ago)
PHOTO BOY (1 month ago)
Bryan Smith (1 month ago)
This song was so good that he was able to have a come-back with a similar song in 1999 with Smooth. Think about that: out of all the talented artists from the 70s to bring back, the music industry picked him because he was just that fucking good.
Excelente!!!! Esa canción te lleva a soñar... I LOVE this guitar sound
Shannan Teegarden (1 month ago)
Has any got some nitro
Shannan Teegarden (1 month ago)
I'm looking for some shoe polish and thinking I really like. This song and I glad my friends know what's up n. E way take care and never stop playing music Santana
chelo rosario (1 month ago)
Para mí es el mejor del mundo

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