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Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

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Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of all time. His decisions about buying shares and companies have beaten the stock market year after year and made him the richest person in the world - thought to be worth 37 billion dollars. Yet Buffett lives modestly in his native Omaha, in America's mid-West, and runs his 150 billion dollar business with a staff of just twenty. He talks to Buffett's family, friends and colleagues about the man they call the Sage of Omaha, and Buffett's friend Bill Gates praises his philosophy of life. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Chentel Leresche (1 day ago)
Wow Warren plays an instrument too cool guy for being himself that is awesome
Spencer Tlougan (1 day ago)
I am a Moody by originality
Jakob (1 day ago)
all that money and all he cares about is making more money instead of using it for something of a higher purpose than helping himself.
Smiles and Stocks (3 days ago)
Always a great watch !!!
Dan Hourahine (3 days ago)
warren buffet dishosnest.
Space Catboy (3 days ago)
81 billion now
Info Bit (4 days ago)
warren buffett is a hoax
Donald Livengood (4 days ago)
Today his worth is 84 billion. Rich people hire people like us that need jobs.
ted smith (5 days ago)
whats the point becoming richest man in the world if you dont spoil your kids and give away all your money. some charities misuse your money..... ..why even have kids than if you dont love them to death by spoiling them and showing them how to help others in need .......his son used his shares sold his to support his music career...hes out 60mill........give his son the 60mill rather he gives it all to charity.his son would use the 60 mill and be so happy helping others...now the son struggles cuz his dad wants to be known as a big time philanthropist.give me a break..uugggghhhhhhhh......
Flavian Ndunda (5 days ago)
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Mirik Kla (7 days ago)
start killing the ritch, or they will kill u, they allready did.......jews ... jews owns you!
joseph stankiewicz (7 days ago)
so were is the young days when mr warren buttet stole from farmers like farmer dies got 5 kids so how do u pay the taxes what mr warren buffet will buy your land for penneies just think u leave the same u came with nothing
MriChinese (7 days ago)
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Peter Enola (7 days ago)
Buffett and Gates are two people that fortunately show the exception to the rule: that ultra-rich people are often greedy, egoistic and power obsessed.
Peter Enola (7 days ago)
I love his 'think independently'. Don't go to all these motivational speeches and pay hundreds of dollars. Don't try to imitate the ones that have been successful. Because you will never be. You cannot copy their lives 1 on 1. Following their road, you, in your surroundings, will not be able to replicate their success. And also, only the ones that do it their own way become successful.
BadCoverMan (7 days ago)
Don’t forget, everybody: Buffett is a “normal guy,” but he is absolutely one of the smartest people on the planet. His mind is far more vast than most give him credit for. If you want to do this, that’s great, but be careful, read everything, and do ALL of your research
Malcolm Clark (7 days ago)
Buffett is obviously a smart and successful man. Two of his largest investments are sugared drinks (Coca Cola) and Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac. The two quasi private quasi public financial companies both became insolvent and were bailed out by the taxpayer.
MC Divinity (8 days ago)
P puh6tfrz (8 days ago)
As much as I admire Buffett, what Andrew Ross Sorkin says at 30:07 is not an example of 'an amazing power of persuasion.' If Buffett owns the company he can do what he wants with the capital.
TigerWoodsAtTheHole (9 days ago)
Looks like WARREN BUFFET is just like any other greedy Investor. Persuade and Buy a company cheaper than what it is worth only to profit and clean shop if he has to so it can be run by his teams.
Andrei Stoen (9 days ago)
Sandeep Shetty (9 days ago)
When an extra ordinary man...lives a very ordinary life (what the rest of the 95% live like)...it seems extra ordinary
IM KHAN (7 days ago)
Bilkul sahi bola bro
Jane Self (10 days ago)
Not interested
dino novosel (10 days ago)
Great story about one of us ... We are billionaires... ;)
Chef Lauren (10 days ago)
Among all the Madoff's and Ponzi's on WallStreet, comes a decent human divide for morals and values in the paper pen playrooms for thieves and scammers. "He was like a kite dancing in a Hurricane". Hats off to you sir.
Jefferson Wayne (10 days ago)
It’s sad that finance is a subject that heavily affects everybody, but isn’t taught at all in high school thanks for the help of some cool and professional trader like team George and some more helping out in some trades.
Juliana Shakeford (8 days ago)
@Balla Jallow lol don't worry i also taught same way then, not until i gave a try, they are for real okay.
Balla Jallow (10 days ago)
Juliana Shakeford bunch of spammers. Stop it!!
Juliana Shakeford (10 days ago)
@Jefferson Wayne wow you trade with team George also? this guys are really making tradings easy for their investors, never knew they are becoming so famous, keep the good works guys.
Jefferson Wayne (10 days ago)
@Siegel Mc you can reach them at <[email protected]> i think they are genius when it comes to tradings.
Siegel Mc (10 days ago)
@Jefferson Wayne wow that's cool i think am interested how can i reach team George?
Ary (11 days ago)
What's that funny thing that guy's holding on the right at 7:46 ???
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Beerler (11 days ago)
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gigi kent (11 days ago)
really?nobody find it deranged not to leave nothing to the kids? thats insanly stupid....he is leaving no money to his son that blew 60 mil on his passion of becoming an unknowed artist....NOT ASSURE HIM A FEATURE IS IRESPONSIBLE PARENTING😂😂😂
Tika Gyrl (12 days ago)
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Maxwell Uzoma (12 days ago)
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TheeJeffrocco (13 days ago)
Sorry, Buffett is a dinosaur who wants things to remain as they are, the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer. A real hero, yeah right!
Crypto Trader (13 days ago)
If warren buffet was in business to make you rich - you would already be rich. Stop corporate backed media fuckery
The Resale Boss (13 days ago)
The so called education system only teaches you how to be a worker. The names have been changed to protect the owners, Master has been replaced with boss and plantation changed to corporation.
Sound Effects & More (14 days ago)
I prefer the Golden Corral buffet.
Diamond (14 days ago)
I love the music
Louis Fierro (14 days ago)
He can't hold a candle stick to Rothschild
Alle Bethlehem (14 days ago)
The rich, what is the purpose of all that money. No purpose at all. Help your fellow men.
Handige Harrie (14 days ago)
if only he saw the potential in bitcoin. but he doesn't even use a computer.
Oscar Encinas (14 days ago)
“Filthy rich”” Chose another word buddy lol done watching it in the first minite
Fernando Solis (14 days ago)
I am very poor can i give you $1000 , and can you make me rich pls....
Larry jerkins (11 days ago)
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cesar apolo (14 days ago)
i was laser focus until they started to oversell coke
Barbie Rae (15 days ago)
I will be a millionaire in One week.
onceANexile (15 days ago)
He's a thief. An Australian thief.owns ge money credit card. AUSTRALIANS thought he was AMERICAN till they found out he was ripping off AUSTRALIANS thru GE money....stuuupid dumb fuks.
Mike OZ (15 days ago)
Jaymo Supreme (15 days ago)
Wow. I am lost for words. ASTOUNDING...... AMAZING....... INSPIRING.......Trump is cool and all but Buffett for President 2020
Jaymo Supreme (12 days ago)
@Bhad Ghaddafi Yeah
Bhad Ghaddafi (12 days ago)
Jaymo Supreme Trump is cool????
Aryan Civilization (15 days ago)
(((The mainstream media))) has everyone duped to think that these muppets are at the top of finances when in fact it's the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Sasoons that have been lending to entire countries and enslaving them into debt.
Marco Zolo (15 days ago)
This guy actually wrote the Ferengi rules of acquisition! And that's saying alot.
syed ali (15 days ago)
Warren Buffet is a great Investor . Prince Waleed and Buffet dont use Computer . Warren buffet Read Papers and Prince Waleed Uses his calls. these both are actually Value Investors .
Sandile Nyawose (15 days ago)
With leverage you have to study harder. With any risky investment actually
evolunter (15 days ago)
Gold is very important in the role to enclose waterproof radioactive waste for many years. Warren Buffet invest in anything what makes money but without any moral. I hate such people und the planet Earth hates them too.
FORBIDCharlie1986 (15 days ago)
i invested in Bitcoin
Trevor Mackey (16 days ago)
When white supremacy rule the world the kingdom of the gentle's are at it's end. Luke 21:24.
Luis Barrios (16 days ago)
Please Warren is just a wolf disguised as a sheep. he fills his mouth saying that he helps with donations to private institutions but all that money is tax deductible. He is a fucking unscrupulous banker who has subdued the world. enslaving the American people through financial debt and creating money out of nothing thanks to the criminal system of the fractional reserve. EDUCATE YOUR LIFE OPENS THE EYES INVESTIGATE AND DO NOT FIRE CANDLES TO THE ONE WHO HAS YOU AS A SLAVE.
Tin Nguyen (16 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this useful data! Greatly appreciated
Kat A (16 days ago)
How did you orchestrate these interviews? Impressive.
golong son (17 days ago)
Buffet is a true barbarian
Jeremy Kirkpatrick (17 days ago)
Wow this cat is 37 times more pwerful than Rothschild says a lot really
Melissa allen (17 days ago)
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Victor Dell (17 days ago)
Never say or do anything you wouldn't want seen on the front page of the NY Times... I always loved this guy and more so since I was a wall street financial consultant with all the bad guys... Personally, I never had a complaint after decades of investing for my clients... The only problems I had with investing were all with the firms / owners I worked for... Warren's integrity and intelligence is amazingly refreshing in an industry riddled with crooks who only discover their ignorance in the end... Warren is a real hero... :8)
Glen Zisko (17 days ago)
I never New he owned Geico what an ahole they ripped me off for years. I changed too a different company on my newer car and saved over 1200.00$ on a 6 month policy after using them for 8 years. No wonder he’s so rich because he screws the little guy like me and everyone who watches this video. I’ll never use them again effing scammers
Redrum Twins (17 days ago)
MR Buffay is a shyster !
parly liu (18 days ago)
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Brett Patetto (18 days ago)
Buffet man gimme a million I am broke my kids are starving, parents need medical care,
He won't.
Brett Patetto (18 days ago)
People get knowledge to purchase a fake masters P.hD and go from there.
Brett Patetto (16 days ago)
A friend of mine was struggling for years tying to make ends meat. He was breaking his back holding 2 pt jobs and earning pocket change. He has 2 kids and they where homeless for a while living with there parents and life was not fair to him. He did everything possible to reach his dream , just starting at the bottom. Fortunately he pulled it over because he has been researching and studying the field he is now in. He got a fake masters and got the job of a life time. Now makes good money and they are all happy. He actually does his job better than many people that have degrees. He even got employee of the month award. I dont encourage lieing and getting fake degrees. How ever life has been very unfair to him and he really deserves the best. I go so emotional. I do entertain the idea to attend college and get a degree, but he did not have the time and money. I encourage people to advance thee education how ever college is not for me and I personally think a degree will make you neatly and successful. The person makes them self wealthy and successful and just has a piece of paper to fall back on. I barely made it through HS, no college. I lease reposes and sell commercial aircraft. I worked my way up from being a ticket agent for a airline. I earn 6 grand a week on average plus bonuses. I think 4 yeas of college is a waste of time and energy. I own a privet department store in Canada. I have 100 employees. I have 32 workers with college degrees that work in retail. That to me is awful after all that time and money they spent in college. Again I am for advancing your education but dint put your ergs in one backed and rely on a fancy looking piece of paper to fall back on. Heck I may get a fake masters so I can go into the same field with a Airplane manufacturer, I could pull a gig with a phony PhD or Masters.... good luck!
What do you mean 'go from there'.
Dylan Wolf (18 days ago)
Since the time of this video, Buffet's net worth and his company have about tripled in value
Michael Ozoilo (18 days ago)
This is d real BRAINIAC
Diddo (19 days ago)
I’m glad his white privilege helped him because if he was any other race and he stole he would have been thrown into jail, already doing what he’s teaching and i already see the results 5 years on
What did he say
crimson_noir (19 days ago)
stealing golf balls and clubs.....so gangsta!!!
A Hasan (19 days ago)
I want a dad like him without the money I really envy his kids Much respect to the old man and his kids
stacy cool (20 days ago)
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420 gamer (20 days ago)
the more you have, the easier it is to continue success
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Scrapy G (20 days ago)
That's a lie, the world best money maker was Pablo Escobar with his a million dollars a day earnings more than Al Capone earn so fuck Buffett and his bullshit 😎😎
HundredDolla Will (20 days ago)
BS. The biggest celebrity money maker..
roger jensen (21 days ago)
The great Buffet was bailed out by us Peons.
Charles Schindler (22 days ago)
Needs to be put to sleep!
Virginia Easterling (22 days ago)
I'm not allowed to subscribe to your post
Virginia Easterling (22 days ago)
I won't to subscribe to your post please
John Stracey (22 days ago)
One hell of a wollop of money.....
Terry Saunders (22 days ago)
Best trader ever, I think that makes him a genius? So cute looking like doddering old grand dad
Toomuchdebt (23 days ago)
That distinction goes to the central banks.
Pass it back!! (23 days ago)
Your a great guy Warren, much love to you man! Great video🙂 this made my day.
Aidah Di Leoni (23 days ago)
I like Mr. Buffett’s humble outlook on how he lives his life. What a wonderful man. Yesterday I was watching documentaries and interviews with Saudi Arabian Princes’. It’s obscene the way these Princes’ live. I prefer Mr. Buffett’s way of life. My mother raised me with what is called The Great Depression Era Mentality. She and my grandparents learned to live frugally and save whatever they had during the Great Depression of 1939. These lessons have served me well and I have passed them on to my son. I remember my grandparents and my mother always saying that you never let people know that you have money. Always be humble.
Ben SuIven (23 days ago)
Watching this video makes me realize that most of the things we attribute value to are mostly the reason why we don’t make it.
n91605 (23 days ago)
the biggest BS artist ever ... he is an INSIDE trader ....genius .. no! ....the public face of the Cabal ... give me a break!
Pat Rick (24 days ago)
I am a designer why waste money on a designer? well in your day we were expensive.. now we are noT
Pat Rick (24 days ago)
about being grateful and giving back with a profit turns the cogs, thanks Warren!
Gerald Mack (21 days ago)
Its real funny that they never tell you how or where he got the money to invest and buy companies??? Lets see what he could do in today's time with just $8.00hr 40hrs a week, rent $500.00 plus all of the other stuff that goes with living on your own. I can tell you live pay check to pay check.
termite valentine (24 days ago)
I was deeply touched by this documentary and was literally moved to tears. In an age where the wealthy has little to no character, where pride and greed are all to common among the wealthy elites, it's refreshing to know that not all wealthy prideful. There are very few wealthy who actually have good character and integrity, who are wise, yet humble. He knows who he is and doesn't need flaunt his stuff to prove his worth. He will be Warren with or without his billions. A lesson on how to be a well grounded person. He taught me how to wear wealth well.
Alexander Guiragossian (24 days ago)
Mr Buffet's mastery of humility, common sense, and servant leadership is inspiring
marco cruz (24 days ago)
Please, money makes money. I want him to see him do this. With just $1000, how much he would make and how long he would make $1M profit out of that $1000.
Gillian Gaines (24 days ago)
I types in "Viewing propertys" and went away, and come back to find the fake News BBC. I need to now disinfect my laptop.
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)
God bless Sir Warren
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)
Very humble
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)
Very happy
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)
God bless Amen
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)
God bless God bless
Michael Dexter Lipata (24 days ago)

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