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Blind Fight

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A simple misunderstanding... maybe? Shot & Directed by Jon Mackey Sound by Ryan Rosenberg Written & Performed by Toni Charline and Rene Gube Vote for it on Funny or Die: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/3bc54e4026/blind-fight
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Text Comments (74)
Scotty J (1 month ago)
didn't see that coming
BNJ Alllyear (2 months ago)
Should have said I bet my money in the one with the knife
Pikapetey Animations (2 years ago)
KINGZ 724 (2 years ago)
Pikapetey Animations Love ur channel dude, really enjoy ur animations
Kevin Sologub (3 years ago)
lol i searched for an blind sans fight ...wtf is that
ZeeFaaM8 (3 years ago)
This is so setup.
FullLifeSlick (6 months ago)
Look, I know this was 2 years ago, but your sentence was so vague that I can't tell whether your joking or not.
Johnny M-H (3 years ago)
Ooh man I found this way to funny. Ha ha
Future Trunks (3 years ago)
please make more videos lol
Fasana Bombom (5 years ago)
Not good
coldflames (6 years ago)
Do you people really think it is funny to be blind? This video is insulting
Katycatfab (6 years ago)
@pigsrockmyak47 Blind people.can move their eyes...
Katycatfab (6 years ago)
I'm half blind and I find this funny lol
madchild (6 years ago)
RabbitHighOnHate (6 years ago)
At least blind people won't be offended by this video.
MagWrath (6 years ago)
The attention to detail in this is brilliant. I like how the blind guy leaves a his calling card *the branch* whoever wrote that in, give him/her a pat on the back from me.
Mark Liotta (6 years ago)
TouchBlue!! Check my channel out Great seeing you on Community!
Angel Of Heaven (6 years ago)
lol that was so funny i did not know that was going to happen at the end lol very funny.
Lt Dan (7 years ago)
Wow did not see the ending coming..
Adam Swangren (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if you were actually just looking for a real blind fight.
anundeadKYLE11 (7 years ago)
Tommy Gaerlan (7 years ago)
LMFAOOOO. A great sketch to return. Even though I'm a year late.
Large Man (7 years ago)
lol ass crack.
geniphill (7 years ago)
i know you were in community. proud of you lol
Suzanne Eveland (7 years ago)
-wacks knee- OW what was that a weapon?!???? Hahaha i laughed so hard!!!! So funny!!!!
Sandeepsid94 (7 years ago)
CityKids (7 years ago)
Jacob Chrystal (7 years ago)
omg thats awesome
Laila Gonzalez (7 years ago)
europegirlh2o (8 years ago)
Vincent Mauricio (8 years ago)
@MrK00kiez Lol ur soppose to see an ass Lmao u will see
Alexa Fernandez (8 years ago)
at 1:41 he looks like he's a girl .. bottom half of his bodY!!!!!
Raymond Kerol (8 years ago)
@PhunkiFLiP get it? "you didnt SEE that coming..." pwahahahah
Vincent Mauricio (8 years ago)
pause right at 2:26 and you will see something Lmao thumbs up
PressCtrlG (8 years ago)
klydix (8 years ago)
Epic Crabwalk at the end! LOL!
Jean Sunga (8 years ago)
yaaaay touch blueeeeee!!!
Diamondmustang (8 years ago)
I knew it was you the hole time..Watch YOUR step...HAHAHA
RussMFP (8 years ago)
How is this not viral by now?
supergimp112 (8 years ago)
"I know, I know.....IIIII know the expression..." LOL
PianoGirl555 (8 years ago)
i just dont get the end :D
smellycat389 (8 years ago)
@pigsrockmyak47 wait, u think blind ppl aren't able to move their eyes?? maybe you haven't met one.
chris cataluna (8 years ago)
Hahahaha this is awesome!
fedoralove (8 years ago)
Bad acting but pretty funny. Twisted ending too!!
PianoGirl555 (8 years ago)
@co0kiesandmilk but she didnt know it was him, and hence she said that cause she didnt know..right? :D
co0kiesandmilk (8 years ago)
@PianoGirl555 because he said he knew it was samantha but "watch YOUR step." he was just pissed off by her remark. lol
Lol at you can see his eyes moving around. Lousy acting. 0:09
PianoGirl555 (8 years ago)
why did he killed her??? they found out on the end that they know each other right... ??
JessaAnne27 (8 years ago)
siiiigh.. "I know the expression." HAAAA.
Vince A. (8 years ago)
he says "watch YOUR step." then hits her foot again. LOLLL
Adam Munoz (8 years ago)
micoismyname (8 years ago)
LOLOLOL! Awesome.
avastacia (8 years ago)
lol! hilarious! pure comedy!
yellowkid (8 years ago)
MoK86 (8 years ago)
Dan Josef (8 years ago)
Touchblue is BACK! Do a sketch about how Bieber looks like a lesbo!
Moeclone (8 years ago)
@lizameneli Because that is what blind people do
Mee Meee (8 years ago)
hahahaah thats so funny
lizameneli (8 years ago)
dont get why he killed her...
isiahdegu (8 years ago)
IaMRnB (8 years ago)
Oh Touchblue. We need more of you guys.However, It's cool if there's fewer videos for quality over quantity.
orangeapples (8 years ago)
@oy59 because you never disrespect a blind man. and it is funny.
Rhojan (8 years ago)
Nice! Please make more vids.
Pofo7 (8 years ago)
too funny
Matz Rios (8 years ago)
OMG! That was out of nowhere! LOLOLOL
Stephan Honrade (8 years ago)
Funny video! Keep on making videos man! ---From your old fans from upstairs in the old apartment! Stephen & Sean!!
oy59 (8 years ago)
wait..why'd he kill her? i thought they made up?
crossphaded (8 years ago)
Piang Duremdes (8 years ago)
Jay M (8 years ago)
lol this is sooooo wrong but sooooo funny!!!!
Zachary Sabac (8 years ago)
RengageZercor (8 years ago)
Terrible... terribly funny.
Cipri (8 years ago)
Rhodri Mativo (8 years ago)
well played.

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