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Oracle Identity and Access Management Installation and Configuration

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In this post I will show you how to install Oracle Identity & Access Management and configure Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Identity Manager on Oracle Linux 6.7. Blog Post : http://prasaddomala.com/how-to-install-and-configure-oracle-identity-access-management-11-1-2-3/ Oracle Unified Directory Installation & Configuration : http://prasaddomala.com/oracle-unified-directory-installation-and-configuration/
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Text Comments (45)
Ramjit Vishwakarma (1 month ago)
wonderful!!!!! simply work of excellency thanx a ton!!!!!
prakash reddy (3 months ago)
Hi can some help me understand how to check if java flight recorder is enabled on OIM servers if not how to enable it..!!
Kanaparthy Lakshmikanth (7 months ago)
very clearly he explained ..i got much knowledge idm
Well explained Thank you
Hi Prasad, I need de SOA Suite 11g installer, could you provide me, oracle remove the link and I open a SR but does not results. Thanks!
K.R.MOHAN REDDY K.R (1 year ago)
How to install web logic application server in aws Linux pl help and provide me ur Mobile number
Kapil Khanna (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, Appreciate your all help so far. Will you plan to come up with IDM installation on Linux ? Or pls provide any link of installation.
Manoj Salunke (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, How can we configure Oracle Internet Directory on Oracle Identity & Access Management
Vivek Pandey (1 year ago)
Hi Prasad, as per your video on installation of OUD, you asked to install JDk 1.8 and now in this video you're asking not to install 1.8 and to go with 1.7. So is there any way to re-install 1.8 and to go with installation of JDK 1.7.
GOVINDA MAHAJAN (2 years ago)
I am not able to complete the OIM configuration process successfully due to some issues with Oracle SOA server configuration. Error Details: NST-6193: The attribute JpsContextName in MBean com.oracle.sdp.messaging:Location=WLS_SOA,name=ServerConfig,type=SDPMessagingServerConfig,Application=usermessagingserver not found. Check the SOA version compatibility. I kindly request you to assist me in resolving the said issue so as to complete the setup
Hafifi Hafidz (2 years ago)
i installed this. somehow the oam admin console in em is not up. not sure what's the problem also the single sign on seems not working fine do you have any heads up for this? Thanks a lot in advance. Stuck for almost 3 weeks doing this. It really cracking up my head.
suresh chelluboyina (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad, Thanks for vedio, its helped me lot. i have a question for configuring DB in linux 6. i am trying install DB in linux 6 , am not able to install below packages. its asking for subscription. Please help me in this. rpm -Uvh binutils-2*x86_64* rpm -Uvh glibc-2*x86_64* nss-softokn-freebl-3*x86_64* rpm -Uvh glibc-2*i686* nss-softokn-freebl-3*i686* rpm -Uvh compat-libstdc++-33*x86_64* rpm -Uvh glibc-common-2*x86_64* rpm -Uvh glibc-devel-2*x86_64* rpm -Uvh glibc-devel-2*i686* rpm -Uvh glibc-headers-2*x86_64* rpm -Uvh elfutils-libelf-0*x86_64* rpm -Uvh elfutils-libelf-devel-0*x86_64* rpm -Uvh gcc-4*x86_64* rpm -Uvh gcc-c++-4*x86_64* rpm -Uvh ksh-*x86_64* rpm -Uvh libaio-0*x86_64* rpm -Uvh libaio-devel-0*x86_64* rpm -Uvh libaio-0*i686* rpm -Uvh libaio-devel-0*i686* rpm -Uvh libgcc-4*x86_64* rpm -Uvh libgcc-4*i686* rpm -Uvh libstdc++-4*x86_64* rpm -Uvh libstdc++-4*i686* rpm -Uvh libstdc++-devel-4*x86_64* rpm -Uvh make-3.81*x86_64* rpm -Uvh numactl-devel-2*x86_64* rpm -Uvh sysstat-9*x86_64* rpm -Uvh compat-libstdc++-33*i686* rpm -Uvh compat-libcap* cd /
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+suresh chelluboyina Try to download the RPMs from the repositories and install manually. You dint need any subscription to install rpms
Raymond Doetjes (2 years ago)
25 minutes to start the whole IAM stack?! Dude!!! Is that only the first time or is that all the time? NetIQ and FIM starts in less than 2 minutes (tops)
Siri Polthi (2 years ago)
thanks for your jenorousity and it's great learning for newbie like me
Vincent Jason (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad, I really thank you for your videos, gave me lot of exposure. I have a question: Do we need to install operating system packages every time? when we perform these installations from the scratch?
Vincent Jason (2 years ago)
That make sense. Thanks alot the for the reply..
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
If you install the OS as well from scratch, then yes you need to install the packages as well. Normally the OS guys keep a template with all the packages installed and they clone the image to provision new servers.
Bheemesh S (2 years ago)
HI Prasad, I have followed the same steps for installing OIM,but am getting oim-config.xml not found in MDS error while configuring OIM.Not able to resolve the issue,pelase help me ..Thanks in Advance Exact Error: oim-config.xml was not found in MDS Repository. Unable to find keystore "default-keystore.jks" in <DOMAIN_HOME>/config/fmwconfig/. Unable to find keystore ".xldatabasekey" in <DOMAIN_HOME>/config/fmwconfig/. Password for OIMSchemaPassword is not seeded in CSF. Password for xell is not seeded in CSF. Password for DataBaseKey is not seeded in CSF. Password for JMSKey is not seeded in CSF. Password for .xldatabasekey is not seeded in CSF. Password for default-keystore.jks is not seeded in CSF. Password for SOAAdminPassword is not seeded in CSF.
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Can you please give me the full path of config.sh ? Keep in mind you need to execute config.sh from two locations. One to create the domain and other to configure OIM.
Bheemesh S (2 years ago)
Prasad Domala :HI Prasad thank u very much for the reply ...am not able to configure the oim also...executing config.sh from oracle_idm/config.sh
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Hello This error normally occurs when the config.sh command is not executed properly. Make sure you are executing the config.sh from OIM_HOME/bin. Let me know how you are executing config.sh.
Seshadri C (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad , Can you Please provide proper document for how to pack the from OIM_domain1 to OIM_domain2 in cluster environment . If you provide document for this scenario that is great for me. Thanks, Seshadri chittoor.
vijay reddy (1 year ago)
hi sheshadari reddy could you please send me ur contact nuber
Michael Connolly (2 years ago)
Awesome tutorial. Everything you need to know. Keep them coming.
Panos Papadimitriou (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for taking the time to prepare and share this.
Nel Neliel (2 years ago)
This is really an excellent video. More power mate. Please keep on posting helpful stuff. Subscribed to your channel already.
pks S (2 years ago)
excellent Video.....Awesome Explanation
Mohamed al Tohamy (2 years ago)
Excellent presentation
Seshadri C (2 years ago)
Hi Prasad , Can you Please provide proper document for how to pack the OIM_domain1 to OIM_domain2 in cluster environment . If you provide document for this scenario that is great for me. Thanks, Seshadri chittoor.
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Thanks Mohamed !!
Fernando Menezes (2 years ago)
Is possible conect OAIM Oauth Service Provider with Oracle Webcenter ?
Fernando Menezes (2 years ago)
Thats Nice? Thanks man. First about Oracle infra, i get configured 11 and 12 in a single machine. In cant figure out configure WCP to assume OAM service provider by default. Thanks man
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Hello Fernando. Yes it should be possible. If you can tell me more about your requirement, I can guide you.
Vengal Rao (2 years ago)
I am installing oracle identity and access manager on oracle Linux 6.7.However while installing OS packages as mentioned as pre-requisites.I am getting below error.[[email protected] ~]# yum install sysstat-9.0.4-11.el6-x86_64 Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, security, ulninfo Setting up Install Process No package sysstat-9.0.4-11.el6-x86_64 available.Could you please let me know how can I download and install these package.Thanks alot
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
Hello Vengal Rao, first try to search for the package using "yum search sysstat" and the try installing it using "yum -y install <packagename>". Make sure to provide exact package name returned in the search result.
uday jampani (2 years ago)
Simply Superb!!! I have question here ; you have shown integrating OIM with LDAP (OUD in this case) , But OAM also need a ldap store , how about OAM integration with LDAP. Also if im using OID as my ldap solution , which requires Oracle database . Can i use same Oracle database which we used for OIAM domain during RCU creation?
uday jampani (2 years ago)
Prasad Domala thanks for your reply
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+uday jampani Hello Uday. To integrate OAM with OID, you just need to create a user directory from OAM console. You can use this user directory for authentication and Authorization. And yes you can use the same database. But in production environments its recommended to use a different one.
Hi Prasad, After starting all the 3 OAM Managed Servers, i see my oam_policy_mgr deployment in Failed status. I cant access http://Hostname:14150/access since this deployment is done. Can you help?
hmjawadhafeez (2 years ago)
We are in the process of installing and configuring OIM Cluster. During the OIM configuration we have to provide "OIM HTTP URL". Please see the screen shot uploaded. Documentation says: OIM HTTP URL ■ The OIM HTTP URL is of the format: http(s)://host:port. For example, https://localhost:7002. ■ For cluster deployments, provide the load balancer URL that front-ends the Oracle Identity Manager cluster. The question is that if load balancer URL is "dev-oim.example.com" which resolves to "oimhost1 & oimhost2", then what port number we should provide here... should it be 443(i think it is default https port ) or 14000 (oim port)? Just want to mention specifically. We do not want to use SSL for internal OIM to SOA communication. So if we put this load balancer "dev-oim.example.com:443" entry for OIM HTTP URL, not sure how it will behave for internal OIM and SOA communication because 443 port is ssl.
Prasad Domala (2 years ago)
+hmjawadhafeez 443 is default HTTPS port. If you are not using SSL you can use port 80. And make sure your front end OHS / Load balancer is listening on port 80.
Saravanan M K (2 years ago)
Perfect demo. Thank you so much for sharing it. God bless you.
Việt Anh Phạm (2 years ago)
I follow your step guide in video and even in blog, but can't start up Weblogic EM (port :7001/em). But still can access (:7001/console). OIM and OAM server can't startup, too.
Sathesh Kumar (2 years ago)
Excellent demo Prasad ! It just covered everything in the Oracle documentation on latest version of IDM. Thank you !

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