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Fiery Joker Rant: Fixing Sonic 2006

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It's no use to fix this game? I disagree. Say hello to another new editor, Mr12603! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPadhQoprEb3m9Rmoyy6hQ -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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ChristtonMash (6 days ago)
You know, looking back at this, I can only hope that the P-06 team (Shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVEkZO7KE8U) does all of the things you just listed off.
someguyfromcanada TBSL (2 months ago)
Is Sega wasn’t R******** and rushed this game would’ve been perfect.
shadowboy 2 (4 months ago)
i personally think that elise shouldn't be there and instead be replaced by blaze since she can use fire too and also capable unlike her. Also I like the gun idea for shadow too. Glad I'm not the the only one that feels that way since it was a fun mechanic for me. I just think that adding vehicles to the sections shouldn't happen because shadow is as fast as sonic if not more, so I don't think it's necessary. Other than that, great ideas. I'd be nice if you fixed the plot but it's still great either way.
marinus18 (5 months ago)
6:40 I think Star wars force unleashed is pretty close to that. The actual progression is rather slow but you are constantly doing things and the things they throw at you come rapid fire.
JeveGreen (8 months ago)
I've said it before and I'll say it again: The biggest problem with Sonic and Elise having a romance isn't that she's human and he's mobian, the problem is that it's poorly written, like almost everything else in the game... But I agree, it'd probably make more sense to just get rid of the romance sub-plot to save time. >_>
MO 2018 (9 months ago)
4:59 He's 14 You're saying he shouldn't sound like a 14 year old?
MO 2018 (4 months ago)
um nooo he's 14
shadowboy 2 (4 months ago)
Sonic Scimia (9 months ago)
There is A LOT of things i could say about why some of the things you said need to be done to "Fix" Sonic 06 wouldn't be possible, but i am not going to since no one actually cares (Even if i'm the real Sonic and if the fandom exists it's thanks to me), but except for those 2 or 3 points that aren't possible because the reasons i know this video was pure gold and i totally agree with you, going too fast in doing something that's meant to be supersonic awesome is not good all the time because if you're stupid the result will be ****, and going fast is MY job not theirs so why don't they leave the running to me !?
Matthew Gentry (10 months ago)
Madfox (11 months ago)
Know what's cool about all this is that people are definitely trying to do what the developers didn't/couldn't. I linked Will (aka rabbidluigi, though you probably already knew that XP) to a video of the fan project in his current LP of Sonic '06; I added the link in one of my comments in episode 24 and again in 27. The basic idea seems to be to use Sonic Generations's game engine with '06 assets and so far, based on what I HAVE seen, it looks PHENOMENAL...like...phenomenally PLAYABLE, at least! X3 Here's the link, btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlSc-gSdM8Y&t=1s Give it a watch whenever you get the chance (unless you already have and I'm just stupid-late to the party, in which case, feel free to ignore my rambling. XD)
Man if Sega decided to have balls to remake 06 like actually finish it I hope they use all your suggestion especially the Elise one if they just made her hedgehog not only would the romance subplot would be less uncomfortable but how it ends will leave a sad impact on us to the point where fans will ask for Elise to come back and do more.
Matthew Schultz (1 year ago)
Silvers voice was infinitely better in the Japanese dub.
R Guillaume (1 year ago)
Silver tried to be Trunks and Failed. MIS-ER-ABLY.........
Whiterose Petal Tale (1 year ago)
Ik I am a bit late but I thing silver himself is an annoying character over all I never liked him and I actually want a thing the fking cinematics for Fk sake put some emotions on their faces heck even barbie toys show more emotions than them in this game
Cough Drop (1 year ago)
Damn I agree with almost all of these. Like if someone remade the game I would absolutely love it (not saying I don’t like it now, I really love it but its glitches and story are annoying)
Scarlet Swordsman (1 year ago)
Josh, go watch "Clement reviews Sonic 06" and you will see a true Sonic fan who gives everybody a reason why this game shouldn't be fixed.
zelda64rules (1 year ago)
I think somewhere out there, in an alternate timeline, Sonic the Hedgehog '07 followed this advice and was a masterpiece, scoring in the high 90's on Metacritic and getting several perfect scores.
kylo ren (1 year ago)
3 months later sonic book became the new s06
James Gurdyal (1 year ago)
4:36 Not bad at all!
Deion Greenaway (1 year ago)
I not big fan blue is not my color right now sega let eggman be good side?
MrSonicHedgehog (1 year ago)
Okay, ik this video is years old but Commander, they are still trying to keep the theme of the games being on Mobius logical
Silent Protagonist (1 year ago)
At least the music was good that's more than i can say about a certain other Sonic game.
Firdaus Moten (1 year ago)
joshschorcher this is a good video
Donatelia Sakura (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention Elise's personality... It would be better to change that,in my opinion she's kinda Mary-Sue and make the game feel like a fanfic... Why not a warrior princess? I mean her father told her to never cry so that makes more sense actually... Being cold and serious but in the inside REALLY in the inside have a golden heart that wants to do the right thing... Also the idea of her being a hedgehog instead is really good. But she could be human and just be friends with Sonic. I agree with everything else,something that makes me sad is that Mephiles had a lot of potential for a villain,but he appeared in the worst game. Oh and there's the battle with Silver that's its hard to win... Why not lose on purpose? No matter what you do,you'll lose and that's the point! It sounds great for me...
Cz the VoltMan (2 years ago)
Am i the only one who likes Silver voice?
Beyond Bangtan (2 years ago)
Mikael Fernandes (2 years ago)
Get rid of Blaze and Knuckles. They have no business at all being there, especially Blaze. Like, why the fuck is she on the future?
CrasherX 2000 (2 years ago)
I'll tell you one thing they did right in '06 The soundtrack HELL YEA
SuperMarioPlumberBros (2 years ago)
(I'm still playing through Sonic's story, but almost finished) Regarding the romance sub-plot, it seems to me like Sonic was just doing good-guy stuff and helping people out, (Come on, YOU'D scream too if someone essentially DIED IN FRONT OF YOU and you knew it was PARTIALLY YOUR FAULT!) and Elise was delusional.
john mcmasters (2 years ago)
So uhhh how would you fix sonic free riders?
CrasherX 2000 (2 years ago)
john mcmasters 1) fix the motion controls or just assign it to the Wii 2) have the controller be an option and not remove it completely
Chosen K. Kazama (2 years ago)
we should have more game directors that are like you lol. I'm serious here
Adominicia (2 years ago)
Elise sounds a lot like peach from Mario
Adominicia (2 years ago)
imthinkinwacky agreed.
imthinkinwacky (2 years ago)
VanillaCream Gaming Only ten times worse.
I kinda want a remake of this because I enjoy the story except you know the kiss (please don't hate me)
QilinCrusader (2 years ago)
I personally found Silver voice adorable. That's just my nerd loving opinion, though. Silver is described by Blaze as naive and insecure so I actually think a whiny voice fits his innocent, naive, insecure, semi-optimistic personality. Again, this is coming from a girl that has Silver as one of her top favorite Sonic characters. I don't know whether to call it irony or poetic justice that when Sega did change Silver's voice they pick one of your favorite voice actors, Quinton Flynn to voice him? I guess it just depends on your opinion of Silver as a whole besides just his voice. Not to mention your opinion on the direction Quinton went with for Silver. I enjoyed your video and even though 06 never became the game it was meant to be. At least Sega/Sonic Team never stopped trying and still continue to try no matter how many mistakes they have made. I only hope Sonic Project 2017 will exceed our expectations one way or another.
Rozza (2 years ago)
I think the worst of silver is............ I SEE IT
McInerney76 (2 years ago)
You should do one of these for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
Rozza (2 years ago)
no, because there was nothing redeemable
Sire Shade (2 years ago)
No, Josh.  No cheesy inspirational speeches.  They tend to come from the Yu-Gi-Oh! School of Encouragement, and...MAI GHAD, I hated Tea!
Dr MechaPyro (2 years ago)
I kinda feel like I'm the only one who wasn't bothered that much about Elise kissing sonic. though I do agree about changing her to a hedgehog or something like that. humans just don't look good when paired with Sonic characters.
Silver Light (2 years ago)
So... am I the only one who loves everything about Silver except his voice
Dr.AvenVonNebenan (2 years ago)
i like him too, you´re not alone
Aristocritic (2 years ago)
i think that even if you make all these changes, there would still be massive problems. the story is overblown and melodramatic, sonic makes no contribution except stopping eggman, and he never encounters mephiles. additionally, the in game models should have been more polished. the problem i have is that sonic 06 likes to waste your time with pointless garbage like minigames that contribute to nothing. the overworld is all the same color, and has a confusing layout. some of the smaller missions have stupid solutions meant to confuse you, like the find the captain mission. sonic 06, even if poliahed to a mirror sheen, would still suffer from a story that feels out of place, more fit for a final fantasy game tha n a sonic game.
Crystal Hale (3 years ago)
Silver could have been a little more better
Past Analysis (3 years ago)
Nice video Josh! Personally, I'm still a huge fan of Sonic '06,' keeping it within my top 5 favorite Sonic games of all time. That said, I agree with a lot of these edits.
subscribe to Barry (3 years ago)
I think a British silver would be cool, like doctor who but in his early teenage years
Austin Argo (3 years ago)
How about making the side characters actually do things in the story. Tails is just there to be Sonic's friend, Knuckles delivers Sonic a letter from Eggman and that is about it, and I am half convinced that Blaze was just thrown into the game because of her surprise popularity in Sonic Rush, as she does nothing except randomly being able to contain Iblis's powers at the end of Silver's story because...there are only seven Chaos Emeralds. Don't even get me started on Amy. The only characters who actually do something are Rouge, who plays an active role in Shadow's story by supporting him throughout, and Omega, who, even though appearing only near the end of the game, also serves a similar purpose to Rouge in that standpoint of support. Overall, these extra characters just feel like they were added in hopes that the fan of [insert character here] will notice that's character's inclusion and like the game because of that.
// Roman Sanders \\ (3 years ago)
I i (2 years ago)
TariaSagi (3 years ago)
At least the music was epic... right?
Plat (3 years ago)
At least it had good music (SONIC BOOM)
TheConcertCruizer (3 years ago)
Im glad to see im not the only one who feels this way.
vampire kink (3 years ago)
ha sanic boom
Zyad48 (3 years ago)
anyone else agree that silver should have a voice similar to Future Trunks from DBZ? and YES I know SIlver was inspired by Trunks but i dont care, a voice similar to Trunks would have fit him MUCH better
TomarkVA (3 years ago)
Maybe what Sonic 06 needs is a PC port with the following changes: 1) Remove the bugs and glitches 2) Add proper physics and momentum (So no walking on walls) 3) Have it be able to run at 1080p and 60fps 4) (As you said) Change the voice actors to the current ones 5) Fix the lip syncing and facial expressions in cutscenes 6) Make the load screens shorter 7) Fix the parts with cheap deaths 8) Don't make it so that you HAVE to do the NPC sidequests 9) Make it easier to maneuver in the Mach Speed sections 10) Remove the part where Elise kisses Sonic!
TomarkVA (3 years ago)
Maybe what Sonic 06 needs is a PC port with the following changes: 1) Remove the bugs and glitches 2) Add proper physics and momentum (So no walking on walls) 3) Have it be able to run at 1080p and 60fps 4) (As you said) Change the voice actors to the current ones 5) Fix the lip syncing and facial expressions in cutscenes 6) Make the load screens shorter 7) Fix the parts with cheap deaths 8) Don't make it so that you HAVE to do the NPC sidequests 9) Make it easier to maneuver in the Mach Speed sections 10) Remove the part where Elise kisses Sonic!
2583060 (3 years ago)
dont think u can fix this game? get rid of elise. fix glitches. Level design. Controls. Sonics friends. and so much moar.
Dandy - Chan (3 years ago)
they could make a sonic 2016 like a remake of what this could had been but with kinda the same ideas that you say in the video
TravellingStoryteller (3 years ago)
As long as the scenes with Silver and Blaze are left alone, or perhaps expanded, I would be okay with changes. I think the best part of the game is with these two characters, and the ending with Blaze sacrificing herself and the timeline resetting so that the two wouldn't even remember each other was quite emotional for me... I actually wish there was a way they could still stare the bond they gained during this adventure.
Douglas Dragon (3 years ago)
The 'Human in Sonic universe' thing was explained by Sonic X. Just watch that if you want an explanation.
VolcanoTheBat (3 years ago)
i hope to fix up 06 in the future it may take some time, but i hope to get down most of everything i saw in the vid for elise i have thought of changing her character design but that would mean changing the duke, and possibly some others which means more editing and more time, also don't forget the CGI cut scenes are video file so you can't edit them so i can't exactly change the duke or Elise since there in CGI cut scenes but who knows i might work out some way to remaster the entire scenes! silvers voice i will have to keep as well because i plan to fix everything that wasnt in the game including unfinished extras such as unused text from the original voice actors or the rainbow gem and super sonic for sonic i plan for his level style to be long and fast like unleashed, and the whole level is in one BIG level so for wave ocean you don't have to get to a point and load the next part, you just keep running on water until you reach the next part same applies for crisis city and kingdom valley all 1 level just all edited in together to make 1 big level lodging times will be SUPER faster and only will need to load at a necessary point in time such as loading 1 level or a loading to bring you from the level to the next part which will still be faster i hope to fix sonics gems so they run more suitable and fun so you can upgrade them for lvl1 to lvl2 then finally to lvl3, all changes will be slightly different but still noticeable. like the sky gem, the longer you holding the gem and aiming the faster your gauge goes down in lvl 1 but lvl 3 it goes down very slow giving you more time to angle exactly where your off to. theres also the plan to have an unlock able rainbow gem once all S-Ranks are unlocked, and i mean ALL of them, town missions (fixed) acts and all other characters there will also be episodes for characters like tails and knuckles i hope to finish it soon
Sofaris (3 years ago)
I never played this game. But what is so bad about love betwen different specias? I find it sound wrong becuse Sonic seems not the kind of Character fore a romance. Making this princes a hedhog would make it not better. In the Anime Tails fall in love with a plant. And I was Ok with that.
Cyber Kirby (3 years ago)
Sonic '16?
Ganondorf's Fist (3 years ago)
I don't understand the issue with the kiss when fans consider Rouge, Blaze, Amy, Sally, Bunnie, Mina, Tikal or any of the Sonic females from both the games and comics hot and want to fuck them.
Thomas Chitham (3 years ago)
+nightwing45304 It is, in my opinion, simply because of two real reasons that Elise was objected to by fans:  1. Disinteresting character. Just for the moment think about the abilities and uses of the characters you mentioned: Rouge - Great thief and martial artist with a seductive personality. Blaze - No nonsense, psychokinetic guardian of the Sol Emeralds and princess from and alternate universe. Amy - Hyperactive optimist with anger issues and wish-summoning Piko-Piko Hammer. Etc. These characters are not objected to when Elise is because outside of the story they can have a life and a role and a chance to be loved by Sonic outside of an adventure. If Sonic met Elise outside of the Sonic '06 plotline, would he still fall in love with her? And why? 2: Choice. That is what I believe to be the reason for people disliking SonElise at its core; we were not given a choice. We were 'forced' to believe that a romance was happening between Sonic and this character he just met. We were not 'forced' to believe that, say, Sonic and Blaze like each other, it is open to interpretation.  And for romances like Sonic and Sally or Knuckles and Julie-Su or Bunnie and Antoine where it was canon in their universe, people do not dislike them as much because they were eased into it, they were not forced to believe that a romance must happen at that very moment.
Hylian Fell Dragon (3 years ago)
6:07 My favorite part in the video.
ajzeg01 (3 years ago)
Maybe a remake of this game for Sonic's 30th birthday? It's too late to do one for his 25th birthday, unless is SEGA wants the exact same thing to happen all over again.
tvesrb (3 years ago)
if there's one thing I liked about this game, it's the music.
Jose21Crisis (3 years ago)
One of the best ways to fix this game is by making it like it was suposed to be. This game looks generally like Sonic Adventure 1 (exceptions include bugs, glitches, heavy slowdowns and LONG loading screens), so by keeping it like that they should have overall a better game. What I still don`t understand is how they managed to overloaded the engine so much that there is so many slowdowns, yet there are loading screens per in-game model.
simbasorariku3 (3 years ago)
I don't like that people hate Elise because that's my mother's name.
NeedMoreMushrooms (3 years ago)
Edit description to "It's no use to fix this game? HOWEVER... I disagree!!" and you got 2 memes in 1!
Miguel Padilla (3 years ago)
Silver is a 14 year old hedgehog of course he has a squeaky voice.
Karura (3 years ago)
Dude, naw. Omochao is more annoying than Elise. Lol
StarVolt Nexus (7 months ago)
Wrath what about Karin Uzamaki
Tania Bams (3 years ago)
Your right, Sonic '06 had a shit load of potential.  And yet SEGA screwed up with this game just like they did with Sonic R.  It was all ruined.  RUIIIINNN!!! At least the soundtracks for those games were great (even though they were wasted on such crappy games).
Quentin Molina (3 years ago)
you forgot another thing : DON'T ERASE WHAT HAPPENED IN THE OTHERS GAME LIKE THE GOOD (but not execcellent) SONIC RUSH. sériously what happened to blaze why no one remember here why she's not in here universe and more importantly if she's here what abbout the sol's emerald and the fact she's still a princess for the chaos emerald even thought that she can't be the decendant of knuk!!!!!!!
Kyrin Chase (3 years ago)
Coming from someone who loves Sonic 06, I agree with almost everything you said. 1. I think this is some of the best level design in a Sonic game. It has multiple pathways to get to the goal and it rewards you for be an explorer. I've had this game for about 2 years and I'm still learning things about it now and that's how it should be done. 2. I don't find Silver's voice annoying. He is my favorite Sonic character. But a lower voice I don't think would fit with his character design.
KingJiggs (3 years ago)
Good news everyone! Someone named @Gistix  actually decided to actually fix Sonic 06 and are working on a remake right now!!
KingJiggs (3 years ago)
@TheConcertCruizer Yeah, check out @Gistix's channel right now.
TheConcertCruizer (3 years ago)
+Super Sega 1228 R U SERIOUSE!!!!!!!!!
Dave Simon (3 years ago)
Does Espio the echidna have his own game in the sonic series?
simbasorariku3 (3 years ago)
+Dave Simon (Floatzellover) It's Knuckles the Echidna and Espio the Chameleon. Knuckles had one game: Knuckles Chaotix, in which Espio was one of the main characters.
Lightgirlification (3 years ago)
Tbh, I wish they would remake this. Everything you said and brought up I agreed with! Silver's voice didn't really bother me cause I think his voice was supposed to sound young and naïve. Though I will agree, his voice sounded bad at times. But he's like Axl from Megaman. They changed him for the better in X8 and Command Mission, but thanks to a certain game most people didn't get to experience that. *Pout Face*
Yacoob Joestar (3 years ago)
I feel like for the 15th anniversary it should have just been a huge boom in sonic merch from Sega n all their games going on sale. And delaying 06 to 07 or 08 even
I like stuff (3 years ago)
Sonic 06 doesn't really piss me off to the point where I'd consider it the worse game ever made but, it just makes me really sad. Sega, all the flavours out there and yet you chose to be salty...
Missed the Band Wagon (3 years ago)
6:08. Okay, your opinion an' all, but seriously? He looks so goofy and so trying to be the "Cool, edgy guy" with that gun. I mean I guess that *is* all there is to Shadow, being the edgy Sonic, but the gun was overkill. Get it? Because he killed a bunch of people with the gun? My comedy is wasted here.
protestifications (3 years ago)
As a novice programmer, It's a safe bet the clipping glitches are a result of collision meshes not fitting properly to the models they are attached to. probably easy to fix, but monotonous. It's safe to blame sloppy development on this, it isn't an inherent engine problem.
jrpludacrous (3 years ago)
wait, what was wrong with Charmy and Vector? I didn't see them as annoying or worthless. Vector seems like a guy who just wants to get stuff done and Charmy's a kid with ADHD i'm guessing it's because Charmy's overactiveness is a bit much and- FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM
gboi gamer (3 years ago)
U should play team fortress 2
AEspurr (3 years ago)
I thought Silver's voice in generations was good. But yeah Silver should've been another badass character like Shadow, instead we got a whiny little boy
Swagingexo_osh (3 years ago)
🖤Angel Vanpire🖤 (3 years ago)
Necrikus (4 years ago)
I really do like the ideas behind these changes, but I do not follow the logic behind the romance. Now the romance in '06 is terribly executed and Elise is a terrible character, but I never got why the idea of SonicxElise is considered fundamentally bad; being stated as being creepy or outright beastiality by some.  If Sonic was called, Sonic the Alien, would people complain about it? I mean, if my human character in Mass Effect and in Dragon Age can sleep with something non-human, either nobody cares enough to raise a fuss that I can hear, or people outright enjoy how those are options; yet with Sonic getting kissed by a human, I still hear people complain about it. Make a character a fully sentient, intelligent, and humanoid in appearance and it's fine, but call that character a "hedgehog" despite not even looking similar to one and it becomes beastiality.  I would like to know what makes human on asari okay, but human on Sonic not okay. Other than Elise's bad character model.
Miguel Padilla (3 years ago)
Finally someone makes sense: sonic the alien = Sonelise ... I've been telling people this too! What makes sonic and Elise's romance so terrible???!? Why do people accept the aliens in mass effect but not in Sonic. They should though fix Elise's characterization more. She had the whole responsibility thing right but she needs a way to defend herself or have some kind of power that entitles her birthright as Princess (Duchess, because her father was a Duke ... Unless the royality rules are different. And in some stories a prince or princess may not hold the title Queen until they are married but oh well). The shield thing was a good idea but that only works when she is with sonic. Hmmm.... Maybe they could help that idea grow or maybe it was because of Ibilis existing inside her?
veemon657 (4 years ago)
am i the only one who enjoyed this game
Sumirekt (4 years ago)
Elise's parents are dead so that means she's not a princess. "You just calls yourself that because it sounds cute. You're a queen! QUEEN IT UP, BITCH!" -Doug "Nostalgia Critic" Walker
Aerospherology (4 years ago)
Shadow should have a... WATER GUN FIGHT! Deal with it.
Ultragreenyellow56 (4 years ago)
4:36 wow... that kinda looks like a Amy recolor with some tweaks (not gonna hate since it is hard to come up with designs without making it it look dumb or have another fan rip your off about ANYTHING SIMILAR to their fan characters)
Briana Nieves (4 years ago)
Briana Nieves (4 years ago)
A sonic 06 beta looked awsome and a hacker must make a sonic 06 remake
Nick Monkton (4 years ago)
You haven't met Elise Wims
Mr.NeedleMouse32X (6 months ago)
This game's still a piece of shit...
SecretAgentYaya (4 years ago)
So what you're saying is...Elise should be Twilight Sparkle. Does that make Sonic Flash Sentry? *shot* Not sure why people are talking about Quinton Flynn being wasted here when he only started voicing Silver in 2010, with Colours DS. In this game it was Pete Capella. As for the main meat of the video...while I wouldn't say it can't be fixed (given an infinite time and resource allotment, anything can be fixed technically), I would question if it wouldn't be far more extensive than what the video alludes to. Some of these technical changes are big as is, but then there's points that those changes alone wouldn't address, such as the complete suspension of disbelief that is expecting a child to not cry for a decade (especially just after her father had been killed), the continuity snarl with the time travel shenanigans (the Blue Chaos Emerald sticking out foremost) and the mess it made of Blaze's backstory that's still a problem to this day despite Word of God saying its Rush's backstory that's correct (because Generations kept up the snafu).
Richie Duck (4 years ago)
SEGA should re-release Sonic 06 but with these changes. Heck, release it next year and it will be on time for Sonic's 25th anniversary.
GameOn (4 years ago)
"I don't think the voice actors appreciate that very much." You sure about that, Josh? I ask because judging by Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, it looks like the voice actors DO enjoy insulting the intelligence of gamers. It's a different developer, I know. However, it appears that this is the norm for voice acting in Sonic games and I don't see that changing anytime soon, if ever.
pop!rocks (4 years ago)
You know, some parts of the world got this in 2007, so why did they rush this again?
Aaron Burbano (4 years ago)
I'm one of the only few people who actually liked and enjoyed sonic 06.
Leon Soto (4 years ago)
I'm surprised he didn't mention the loading screens
Takane Inuyasha (4 years ago)
They changed Silver's voice since, I think... Generations? I don't know.
Sam Wilson (4 years ago)
This game may have screwed up my perception of gaming itself for a while. This one of the first games me and my siblings ever played, so we didn't know that it was a giant piece of crap. Looking back on it now (and especially after playing it again) I know realize just how terrible it is. Honestly, yes please! I'd be all for fixing this game. Just doesn't seem like Sega would ever be capable of doing so after all the things I've herd about Sonic Boom.
Quip 4 Life (4 years ago)
In all honesty i shared some of the same opinions with you. I liked the game, but i was creepy. I literally shut the game of when elise kissed sonic, and not because i was 10 and kissing was gross, but because she kissed an animal. now i know a.... i have been advised not to finish this statement.

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