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Derren Brown Demonstrates How He Wins At Black Jack

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Not hard to understand why he's banned from so many casinos. For more subscribe to our channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialDerren
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Robot 5000 (18 hours ago)
Techniques like this do work. I can still remember answers/phrases/sentences from my GCSE revision 25 years ago. I used “similar” techniques as Derren.
Looks to me like a video to encourage people to make the worst possible play in BJ (hitting a 16 against a 6) in the hope of becoming a winner. I suppose there is are worse plays than that, he could have split 6-6 against a dealers 10, or doubled down with 20 against a 6!
da0ud (1 day ago)
Great waste of memory to remember the suit of the cards... And on top of that, go try your lame trick in regular casinos which have 6 constantly shuffling decks. Laughable.
Fabricated Phoenix (1 day ago)
Does this man ever do anything genuine?
U Wot M8? (1 day ago)
Why the fuck would you need to remember the suit? I understand that he's trying to show the fact that rather than traditional counting; i.e. 2-6 (-1), 7-9 (0) and 10 upwards (+1), he's actually remembering the exact numbers which are left in the deck. Still no reason for remembering the suit though...
Hughesy Boy (2 days ago)
Why is he banned - he is not cheating?
James Hansen (3 days ago)
This fellow is a joker.
larry (4 days ago)
Yeah nobody knows he's filming yet theres an camera shot from directly above the blackjack table. Db is so full of shit
Adam D (5 days ago)
This isn't magic, this just illegal card counting lol
svennie pennie (2 days ago)
It's not even card counting. Its just fake.
Quietus Q (4 days ago)
a. he never claimed it to be magic, it was about a memory technique. b. Card counting isn't illegal, it'll just get you thrown out and banned from casinos.
muggy kunt (6 days ago)
Fake!! And he's gay ffs
manny3016 (6 days ago)
So the casino knows your filming..but no one knows your Gona scam them...yea...alrite Darren.
daniel potter (7 days ago)
1 for bad 2 for good.
Jason Bean (7 days ago)
I call BS on this whole thing.
Wait u get asked to leave for winning
Bert Haimona (11 days ago)
Every 20 minutes?? sounds plausible..And if you look at it on average for 3 seconds each time?? , that means I have just over 9 days a year for doing other stuff just because I don't have one...If I played the 2nd hand I think?? that you played when you got 20 and the dealer bust , I would have won by applying the 11/12 rule and without even counting..Its a wonder the pit boss didn't pull you up??..Ive yet to test the 11/12 rule.. I'm confident it will work , but not confident to try it out until I test it first..
Lewis Tulley (12 days ago)
Pop it in your shell suit pocket haha classic
Rudo Ciliak (13 days ago)
this is... just playing smart? like what youre gonna fuck yourself over on purpose if you know better? lol
So..... He once had hair.... Almost did not recognized him
Spartan56 (14 days ago)
So he played what, like 4 hands? You can't make card counting work that quickly unless you watched the table for a while prior to joining. I call bullshit.
Richard V. (14 days ago)
Yo! Which Victorian house is this! Had King Rama 9 of Thailand's picture too!
Non Compos Mentis (15 days ago)
The Method Of Loci... Memory palace.
Danny Esher (16 days ago)
A genuine question I have here, if this IS legitimate, then where is her paddle to take money, and where does she put her tips?
Danny Esher (16 days ago)
I'm a blackjack dealer and I'm not the first to say that this seems staged, almost everything about the scene seemed slightly wrong. Along with this, his "method" is definitely just a way to make it seem more impressive, pure show. The whole "mind palace" thing is very slow and inefficient, plus you need to have a superhuman memory (not denying he has one, just saying.) There are far easier ways to count cards, and this method is mostly meaningless when you consider that it's only really effective at the very end, and that many cards are behind the cut card and won't be playing at all. Not to mention that most BJ tables with a bonus are 6 decks and BJ only tables are usually 8 decks. This is there to make it incredibly more difficult to count, let alone remember every single card.
Danny Esher (16 days ago)
Yes, you can find single deck tables as well, but most have 6+
Ali Zadeh (16 days ago)
If the casinos can legally throw you out when you are winning then there should be law to stop people when they are loosing too much. If the casinos can not afford to loose their business then neither should the player be able to loose too much of his money or his car or house or his business.which means all he has got in life and even his own life. Suicide is quite common amongst gamblers.
Asa Steppings (12 days ago)
It’s lose not loose ffs
James Evans (16 days ago)
He's so full of it.
DNL STNH (17 days ago)
Or he could just count cards like a normal person
Stefan Cherry (18 days ago)
Beck Stein (20 days ago)
You could also just memorize the values and assign them values. Stupid to think anyone would have time to look through a Victorian home with each hand.
DM Sullivan (21 days ago)
I don't remember how long it has been since I've worn a watch. The phone is a pocket watch.
Paul Mitchelson (21 days ago)
Chatting shit
themagicofd (25 days ago)
i got stickers
jackerynews (26 days ago)
This idiot hit 16 against a 6
Vibratron XL (27 days ago)
he just fed you a total bullshit story......that's what he does
Mark Laechel (29 days ago)
D brown shows you how to pull all kinds of heat in a casino by counting cards and getting your ass tossed out
Logan James (29 days ago)
It's obviously stage all the other players stand there and don't do anything. They don't check the uh what's his don't look at their phone they don't blow their nose . staged
slayerdearly (29 days ago)
I’d like to learn to play this well
Tom Swift (1 month ago)
So this is how James Bond does it...
William Hartman (1 month ago)
I stopped watching after he hit a 16 against a six
RedNasty7 (1 month ago)
So he’s the real rain man! He must have really good memory! Crazy! Or staged!
RedNasty7 (1 month ago)
So he’s the real rain man! He must have really good memory! Crazy! Or staged!
El Astronaute (1 month ago)
This is total bullshit and 100% staged. Card counting is about slowly but surely putting the odds 'roughly' in your favor so you have a slight edge... not predicting exactly what cards are going to come out, that's not possible and not how card counting works. When they said 'he never lost' or never got it wrong I know it's fake.
Hylas Maliki (1 month ago)
Btw which casino uses 4 decks for black Jack?
Davi Gurgel (23 days ago)
I guess they do that in vegas, im not sure, but not in the uk.
Nivag Nadrog (1 month ago)
Hylas Maliki almost every casino, some shuffle even more.
Hylas Maliki (1 month ago)
You can hit on 16 vs 6 and it might work. For you. But the other players at the table will be pissed because they will have stood on hand like 12 or 14.
Mark Innes (1 month ago)
Don't be fooled, this is a trick is on the viewing audience... the whole thing is a sham. Fun video though.
slots meet gym (1 month ago)
Yeah yeah..just pure chance
troy lenz (1 month ago)
Yawn. I was a dealer in Vegas for 25 years. Go ahead Yoda show me your secret. Okay why don't you just intitle the video how to count cards? Yes this can work but you can lose your ass waiting around for a good plus count. Unless you have a card counting team good luck. This can only give you about a 1% advantage. You're getting lucky. All those little tricks with the objects is completely silly. Counting cards is Child's Play. As soon as it goes to a nice true Count plus and you start betting monster stacks a good dealer and floor person will know exactly what you're doing instantly. And then it's bye bye Charlie. Especially when you're hitting a breaking hand looking at a bust card. Where I'm from you would be asked to leave in a heartbeat. So you might want to stay where you are. If you expect to win when you walk into a casino you're a complete idiot.
Stephen Reynolds (1 month ago)
Puts edge in his favour (apparently) then proceeds to bet entire stack multiple times. Yeah really smart there Derren.
BFKC (1 month ago)
I haven't understood any of this as I abhor both card games and memory games, but still this seemed just as simple as any basic card, making it absolutely stupid to expect anyone not to do this (sort of as a "rule").
BFKC (1 month ago)
By saying "This is not a tribute" instead of "just a tribute".
NorthSideTV (1 month ago)
3:09 this is a testicules lol xd ?
Big Baller (1 month ago)
Impressive one hell of a hidden cam with the over head shots and your hidden cam even pans the room that is amazing.
Brian Symmes (1 month ago)
Hit on 16 against a 6, not in a million years. Do the math.....even with a high count on the last hand of the shoe you wouldn’t hit.
Merrik Ceadall (1 month ago)
As a croupier I can tell you guys this is fake, as other have pointed out no branding on the chips, they are all standing up, I've never seen a stand up blackjack table, and as for his 'strategy- you can only count the deck to assess whether the risk is more in your favour slightly or not, to figure out whether to make a decision of card or no card, in no circumstances would you take a card on 16 when dealer is showing a 6, this is faked to probably get people to believe they can beat the casino and you may be able to beat the casino once or twice that's called luck, In the long run you will lose.'
Follow Me (1 month ago)
wrong in so many ways...starting with the goal of blackjack, which he messed up too: The aim is for the player to beat the dealer. That's it. Beat. The. Dealer. No BS about 'closer to 21' etc. This guy doesn't know blackjack when he starts out saying dumb stuff like that.
David Williams (1 month ago)
I was at the casino HE HAD MIRRORS.
PikPobedy (1 month ago)
Annoney Mouse (2 months ago)
We can all determine he's a bell end
Roulette Hit (2 months ago)
*200-euro-stundenlohn. com* 200 Euro Gewinn pro Spiel
drdassler (2 months ago)
It's a tiny demonstration of his abilities. This is nothing. If he says the dealers & gamblers aren't in on it then they're not in on it. It's Derren Brown FFS. 🤣 It's clearly too much for many of you to comprehend. He's a unique act who has been going for years. People are starting to copy him more. I've seen someone basically doing one of his his oldest routines in Vegas. He does way better shit live on stage. The rest of the world is waaay behind when it comes to this guy.
Scottish Scapers (2 months ago)
"here's how I do it, before filming, we rig the deck to make me look amazing"
Barking Shark (2 months ago)
He's bullshitting more than a constipated dinosaur .
TheNinja07 (2 months ago)
I'm so confused. Why does the dealer get only one card?
luke (2 months ago)
what a load of bs. i enjoyed it the first time, when i read it in sir arthur conan doyle's sherlock holmes, and again in the thomas harris novels on his twisted holmesian character, hannibal lecter.
I am very bad at casino games like solater
Gary Sharp (2 months ago)
I call bullshit even if you know what cards are left in the deck there is no way of knowing what card will come out next, for instance If there is a 2 4 9 8 7 10 3 left there is no way of knowing which one of those will be dealt next
Dracule Mihawk (2 months ago)
This is faker than 9/11
Mr Mooshoo (2 months ago)
I know he says it's memory or psychology but I still think he's a genuine bona-fide wizard!
SerElbass (2 months ago)
Basically you’re a real life Sherlock Holmes with your Mind Palace
Kamikaze Krunch (2 months ago)
What a bunch of bullshit this is. Haha
kl. johnny (2 months ago)
Another promoter TRYING to lure MORE suckers into playing a Fool's game at the casino!
Mike Kleinsteuber (3 months ago)
Extremely disingenuous. This is a trick, pure and simple. Nothing whatsoever to do with clever blackjack AP play...
Scuba (3 months ago)
In this episode: Derren Brown does what is essentially card counting, a well known scam, that casino's know and will ban you for doing, and pretends like he's a fucking genius. In the next episode: Hopefully we don't see this pompous twat on our screens again.
FELIX THE CAT (3 months ago)
I can't even remember the names of my nieces and nephews.
Alec Levine (3 months ago)
from being locked up alot im pretty good with cards i can easily remember 1 deck but 4 is pretty harf
MintSauce ! (3 months ago)
YEAH! Get out! Stop winning in our Casino! What do you think this is? A Casino!?!?
chivasteele (3 months ago)
So your card counting. But doing so in a ridiculously complicated way.
Rory McLean (3 months ago)
This some juju shit
Timmothy Tsui (3 months ago)
do more of this it is amazing
Hal McAdams (3 months ago)
I play roulette and I win betting on columns and dozens. I win about 3 to 4 times out of ten plays and walk away after an hour with a thousand dollars. My stake is 500 dollars, when I finish after an hour, I go to another casino with the same 500 dollar stake. If I get tired, I walk away. If I'm up 800 dollars and miss three bets in a row, I quit. I have been asked to leave once and that was because I stayed at one wheel for 2 hours and was up 2,600 dollars. It's funny because there is no way to cheat at roulette. But they hate a winner even though while I won 2.600 dollars the place took in about 500,000 bucks from everyone else.
Paulthefonz (3 months ago)
An interesting take on card counting.
grindryte (3 months ago)
that's not a casino, the men are all standing there like awkward muppets dressed in suits. Nobody is drunk, the dealer can't deal, he stupidly hit on a hard 16, his memory trick is fkn useless as black jack cards can be counted using a -1, 0 or +1 system. This is a staged scene that gives a predictable outcome to favour the story, Let's see him play in a real casino with real cards.
Fadel Faour (3 months ago)
totally agree man , the whole thing is staged , and he is trying to convince us that he has some powerful skills
Graham Allen (3 months ago)
Pretty blonde dealer...I wonder if she received a healthy tip...or knob...😂..
drdassler (2 months ago)
Graham Allen not from Derren. 🏳️‍🌈🤣
Kevin C (3 months ago)
ok the royale casino *nice big plug!!!* right what you got for me derren ... "my most ambisios project so far" k im in for this wow me derren ... first hand 6 and king =16 ... we im no expert but i think i would say hi tme on a 16 ... gets a 5 .. nice one but not magic. second hand , gets 16 again .. well id twist and say hit me ... gets a 4 =20 again nice one but youd need to be stupid to stick on 16 derren ... not seeing any mind powers yet , ill keep watching. now they show an employee saying he won thousands and derren woffles on. third hand he gets 11 , well id not stick on 11 and he twists and gets a jack ... there was not even luck here who wouldnt twist on 11 ?? i think he leaves now , questions , did he only play 3 hands and leave ... why the hiden cams of him looking shifty if ch4 put in hi-deff cctv to film the show ... why not keep going winning 100S of 1000s of pounds with managment in on it then tell everyone not in on it *your not loosing your job im giving the money back i was memory jedi mind tricking you* .. big fan fare ta da ending ... wtf did i just watch .. in short a chap plays 3 hands of 21 like a normal person . wow derren wow !! if you know how many decks of cards there are 1,2,3,4, ects decks .. keep a rough count of low *upto 7* and high *8 n over* are played during the games .. no need for stickers or memory palaces .. if lots of high cards have been played chances are youll get a 7 or less ... no casino is going to ban you from doing this ... you should be doing this if you know how many decks are in play ... do casinos really tell you how many decks of cards are in play ?? the rest of the vid all 3 hands are just a self-important dude telling you how great he is playing 21 like a normal person ... if hed played 50 hands like a gambler might in a night and walked away with a fortune because of hes magical powers id of been more impressed derren ... banned from casinos my ass on that performance.
jim jones (3 months ago)
wtf this doesnt look like a real casino.. why is the dudes standing at his table All slender tall white young guys all wearing suits and ties..
callum brooks (3 months ago)
But he's not cheating...
slapmyfunkybass (3 months ago)
What a load of trash. If you believe this you deserve to lose your money.
Chris Baker (3 months ago)
Why do you hit a 16 vs a 6?
MOOSEDOWNUNDER (3 months ago)
Fake. Actors and a staged casino. As for the mind palace, straight out of Thomas Harris, Lector has a splendid place.
Brandon McGuire (3 months ago)
What a hack
bigbad123321 (3 months ago)
How the fuck do you keep track of all these stickers in your head?
Rene Covarrubias (3 months ago)
He hit a 16 versus a 6.. he has no sense of basic straregy. Dont watch this.
Benjamin Martinez (4 months ago)
"He won too regularly." Or maybe you just suck at blackjack.
Dylan Wirkus (4 months ago)
Wtf is this guy talking about
New Bolt (4 months ago)
His hair magically all came back
gedgar2000 (4 months ago)
This is stupid. The normal counting strategy is 2-6 gets assigned a +1 value. 10-A gets -1. You keep a ruurrunning total. But you’re only adding and subtracting one to get a running count. Adjust the count for how many decks remain. A large positive count means the deck is rich in 10s and As. You have an advantage. More elaborate counts can increase odds but any mistakes will negate the advantage.
Killaaa (4 months ago)
Jokes on you - I'm not wearing a watch
Robert C Hall (4 months ago)
have a house full of stickers.
Joshua Allen (4 months ago)
Load of shit. Yes of course you have time while sat at the table for all this visualisation. He pulled a few decent hands and doubled on 11. Who the F would not double on 11 against a 5. He simply played the game and let the stakes ride
Ken Carter (4 months ago)
The true mentalist...
Sergio Cookiedough (4 months ago)
lol hahaha how the fuck can you kick out someone from a casino that no only is a celebrity pretty much but is not cheating but is using his brain something those fucking dickheads aren't using obviously..

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