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What is it about Sea Hunt ?

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The narration by Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is what tends to make "Sea Hunt" more 'captivating' than other TV series. Mike has a good narrative voice that is well suited to the show - especially the underwater sequences - but even the narrative on land makes a difference......You know exactly what's going on, and what he's thinking. This is not the only TV series where the main character tells you what he's doing. Other examples include shows such as "The Man and the Challenge" with George Nader, "Dragnet", "The Wonder Years", etc., but "Sea Hunt" is (in my opinion), the best of those 'narrative' type shows.
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Beverley Bogantungan (4 years ago)
26 miles across the sea - Santa Catalina is awaiting for me ......
John Alexander Berry (4 years ago)
Albert Bunney (5 years ago)
I'd agree with that.
Colonel Catabermi (6 years ago)
I like Mike's narrative. It makes the show more interesting, and he can convey more information than by just showing the film.

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