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2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour: Day 4

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The 2018 Paris GCT tournament is the second stop on the 2018 Grand Chess Tour. Today is the first day of blitz play. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Alejandro Ramirez, Maurice Ashley, Romain Edouard, and IM Jovanka Houska for the move-by-move. 2018.06.23 GrandChessTour.org
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Mike&Ash Experience (10 months ago)
Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻
Buzz en Bref (1 year ago)
Romain Edouard looks so stressed it makes me feeling bad for him
Olivier Philippe (1 year ago)
Yes, at 27:08, Jovie is right about it being "squib" and not "squid"
TheTerranscout (1 year ago)
Why do they do draws when one has a clear time lead? Isn't that half the point of the clock, to be the one to get to the winning or drawn position with more time? It's punishing the person with more time.
Michael Phillips (1 year ago)
Well they normally have good enough technique to survive on increment alone in endgames. Watch Nakamura play bullet which is on YouTube. You ll see what I mean
Bojan Orama (1 year ago)
The best yt channel
Mittarimato (1 year ago)
If you stop the video @ 33:27 and watch Kramnik's hand and the clock frame by frame by using "," and ".". You can actually see that he did hit the clock when there was still time remaining. His hand is already going away from the clock and only couple frames later it changed from one to zero.
darthclide (1 year ago)
Love this new lady they paired up with Yasser! I enjoy her demeanor much more than the other one.
Joseph Vice (1 year ago)
Yassar is my favorite on this channel. He kinda reminds me of Carl sagan.
Old Uncle Bob (1 year ago)
Grand Chess Tour rocks!

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