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Young Black Jack episode 1 English Sub

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The year is 1968, and the world is swept up in the Vietnam War and student protests. In this time of turmoil, a mysterious young man with white and black hair and a scar on his face is enrolled in medical school. His genius skills with a surgical knife achieve many a medical miracle and are getting noticed. This hero origin story reveals how this young man earned his medical degree and the name of Black Jack.
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Daiki Surquia (16 days ago)
anime:when the main character have a scar in the face looks badass/cool Real Life:when you have a scar in the face they call you demon/freak and more made up name for ur face
Leah27 IMO (26 days ago)
Feel bad he didn't get anything :< poor hazama °^°
Itsuki Kusakabe (1 month ago)
WHY’D NOBODY HELP THE BOY!? Shouldn’t of let him near the tracks in the first place.
Asese Peseyie's (2 months ago)
Ooh, that six pack though. 😍😍
林欣儒 (2 months ago)
I hate the kid's father
Jeff Awesome Winger (2 months ago)
nessa Tomlinson (2 months ago)
Help the little boy please dont just stand there and be useless
Ali Hamza (2 months ago)
Fuuuuuck its the 7th anime I checked n its also sub😫😫😫
Ivan 1737 (3 months ago)
This is like clock work planet but clock work planet is machines and this anime is People
jazzmin white (5 months ago)
Season 2
xxEevee _Devailxx (5 months ago)
My bones, veins, everything feels weak watching ANYTHING softer related.... I always feel like I'm gonna fall appart. I don't know why
Anne Cronin (6 months ago)
12:53 - DAAAAYUYUM, that's HAWT! Inquiring minds want to know if this series has continued past 12 episodes? MORE PLEASE!
The Cat Lover (7 months ago)
Remember kids,doctors are important
Callme _GIN (8 months ago)
I thought it was yaoi
Anne Cronin (5 months ago)
He has the "yaoi" look because they made him beautiful in build and form, sans the scars, as the sympathetic/angsty hero main character, where the other supporting characters lean more Tezuka style in design.
Theunstabletroublemind kathing There are some moments (in episode 8) which could make you think it's yaoi (if you only had a screenshot of it) lmao
Kmilly Love (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with yaoi but I ship him and the girl
Can someone tell me the name of this acoustic soundtrek in the end of the episode, before the ending song?
Eddie Lee (10 months ago)
Yeash i bet alot of girls come here to watch him thats creepy
Eddie Lee Yeah, but sure I get why
Eddie Lee (7 months ago)
Шσrτhιess.exe well most
Eddie Lee He isn't the guy that made me wanna watch this series tbh
BLAH4460 (10 months ago)
Can someone explain the thorny vines please? I mean there has to be a reason for those
Anne Cronin (6 months ago)
I think the thorns binding and trapping him represent his going over to the illegal dark side of medicine, yet outside the rules.
Person who is a nobody (9 months ago)
I think they represent his stitches? Idk it's my theory.
Matheus Rubim de Paoli (10 months ago)
BLAH4460 he's like Jesus, and probably a reference to the old series where the refer to him having a hand of god to surgery and referring to his scars
Zero 0 (10 months ago)
I remember this anime
Yasmine Bingei (10 months ago)
After this, people who havent should watch the other black jack series, youll be missing a lot of heart wrenching adventures and lovable characters. Its ironic that in this series, he admired his enemy when he was young and worked together, and later was his antagonist when he was already a legendary surgeon. Black jack series and after that the movie.
Anne Cronin (6 months ago)
Ahh yes, Dr. Kiriko who was 1st encountered in Kuro's little Hanoi Hilton vacay. Who knew Kiriko was a M*A*S*H unit doctor to give Kuro some intern training before leaving with his butt still intact? Love this series. There's gotta be MORE!
Ioana Enachi (11 months ago)
kinky creators..
Elma Jouii (11 months ago)
I wanna marry black jack
Vondell Shields (1 year ago)
Make this English
Sebastian Fernandez (1 year ago)
It's says dubbed
Norma Vargas (1 year ago)
THE FUCKING OPENING!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jaibu-kun (1 year ago)
wouldn’t Hazama worry about that guy putting drugs on his drink?
Jaibu-kun He doesn't worry about anyone lmao
T Kyng (1 year ago)
Am I the only one thinking why no one did anything when the train was coming and no one saved the little boy?!?!😡😡😡
Ji Won Oh (1 year ago)
Lost Scream (1 year ago)
weird and strange
Look at the title THIS IS RASEST ANIME!! He not even black??
Anne Cronin (5 months ago)
Well he does have a darker patch of skin graft on the left of his face. Dr. Jotaro Honma used what was available for a piecing of a skin graft to his face. The only kid who volunteered some skin was a black/Afro-Japanese kid, who went to the same school as young Kuro Hazama (Black Jack), after he was almost blown to bits from finding an undetonated WW2 bomb on the beach. His mother who was with him ended up dying from the blast. The black-Japanese kid willingly donated skin for young Black Jack's face because only Black Jack was nice to him/helped him in school, while the other little kids/their parents were homogenous chickenshit snobs. Actually this anime is not racist and shows international characters. Black Jack is about the least religion creationist/racist guy! He's totally about his profession, no matter where in the world, except for only the high prices he can charge for his exceptional services, depending on each case or given a particular asshole wanting treatment. If anything the Black Jack story anime reflects upon the injustice of racial/any inequality in the world.
I remember The Only Thing I Can Get Black Jack is a card game, actually
Mikael Rodrigues no I was just making it clear
Mikael Rodrigues (1 year ago)
I remember The Only Thing I Can Get Ur being racist specifying that
Nyx Nyx (1 year ago)
This guy is like: Oh so your head is hurting? Let me get my scalpel
JJisPlaying (1 year ago)
Kid???? *soul eater* 😂😂😂 I'm not funny put me out of my miserly I'm laughing at my own joke 😂😂😂😅😅😅😭😭😭
Mimi diakite (1 year ago)
This is really interesting I want to be a doctor so this is good for me
Ingrid Murphy (1 year ago)
I don't really have a problem with subtitles but I do have a problem with small screen so this is pretty cool
Kelsey Phillips (1 year ago)
Omg he is solo hot (fangirl screams in gets a nosebleed)
Moloko (1 year ago)
When I saw his stitches I'm like SOOO COOL
Dripwrld Tv (1 year ago)
His so hot but it first I thought he was not
LondonNight (1 year ago)
I came here for the yaoi. Where is my yaoi???
Annahi Garcia (12 hours ago)
Wrong anime, stranger...
DeXes (1 year ago)
In my nose.
Aurelia Lucinus (1 year ago)
Fuck principles. 5 million is too much. This woman... fuck off.
J Dinsangi (1 year ago)
opening song is really great
Anita Sinha (1 year ago)
kuro hazama is mine no one can have him
Anne Cronin (5 months ago)
Unfortunately Hazama always is an avowed batchelor. Apparently Hazama is/was once a one woman man, back in med school, sometime well before he saved Pinoco. Her name was Megumi in the chapter called "Confluence". This is covered in the Osamu Tezuka original Black Jack comics. The original comics show more graphic medical procedures and violence. Black Jack IS a real ruthless, cold hard asshole when he needs to be - and who will not hesitate to be a BADASS!
Anita Sinha I'm kind of weird for not finding him the most attractive lmao
TECHNO AKSHAT (8 months ago)
You both try to get him out of this first😂😂🤣🤣😎😉
Elma Jouii (11 months ago)
No he's mine n l will marry him 😤😍
Anita Sinha ok
Kokona Haruka (1 year ago)
u can't see this kind of anime
Kokona Haruka (1 year ago)
Melonic xxL (1 year ago)
when playing with some won,s life you have to be very carefully thou if I was a professional doctor my best bet would be to make sure the insisisions where on the joint line,s as to hide the scars from the naked eye thou when you are doing serious repare,s its difficult to attempt such a feat
Ubisoft Store (1 year ago)
Good video 👍
Giggity Giggity (1 year ago)
that docter girl with a pink shirt looks like my science teacher
Angel Starfire (1 year ago)
I like Hazama
Dani Vargas (1 year ago)
I love the OP❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Kim Hay (1 year ago)
Why is it called young black Jack
Brooke Gallo (1 year ago)
Kim Hay cause the original was called black jack when he's in his 30 I think he in his early 20s here
Taura Fall (1 year ago)
I read a Big Hero 6 fanfic long ago based on Black Jack having NO FREAKING CLUE what it was... Now that I've seen this I really want this series to be long!
Yasmine Bingei (10 months ago)
Watch the older black jack, its really interesting
Ayan Kandu (1 year ago)
Taura Fall yeah man
Aoi Nice Akizawa (1 year ago)
this ain't no yaoi?
Kookies Abs (5 months ago)
Aoi Nice Akizawa I thought it was to
Kmilly Love (8 months ago)
I ship him and the girl every anime don’t have to be gay
Cutie Twilight (1 year ago)
IKR I came here for some YAOI shit!!!
lord_xyloz doom's day (1 year ago)
Aoi Nice Akizawa lol
0:04 daaaammmmnnn son
Dabi Villain (1 year ago)
Damnnnnnnnn Daniele
Yalambar King (2 years ago)
i think that this anime is the gang fight type but it is a doctor anime ?? WTF i get confuse cuz he look like gang star??
Ariel Jade (6 months ago)
Yalambar King it's kind of like the make of the monster in Frankenstein. He looks like that because of an explosion from when he was little which is what drove him to become a doctor
christhepriss (2 years ago)
This series is so serious, and I'm just laughing at the name, "Patches."
Moloko (1 year ago)
Anime Weirdo when he said that I thought of my friends cat because she named her cat patches
Ivanes X Ares (2 years ago)
When I first saw Hazama I thought he was weird but now I think he's cool and HOT!
Lord Azreal Lais (3 days ago)
Sabitri Sahu animals I tell you, majority of people are like that
Sabitri Sahu (4 months ago)
That's what you all are. You go for appearance
Eve G.L (5 months ago)
Hehehehehahaha hehe 😷😍😎😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Angela Arjoon (2 years ago)
Ivanes X Ares SAME HERE 😄😄😄😄
Mimi Andreas (2 years ago)
I would love to be his scrub nurse... 😍😍😍😍😍
Jessica Danh (2 years ago)
Obsenttツ (2 years ago)
black jack is jack black
Obsenttツ and jack black is tenacious D
wow (2 years ago)
Those idiots. Why did they stay in their vehicles? Why didn't anyone help the boy? Why didn't the little boy risk his bike in order to save his life? Same to the people who sat in their vehicles waiting to die. Ugh my head hurts
Lord Azreal Lais (3 days ago)
Anime logic I guess?
Row Bañaga (3 months ago)
Passengers of a moving train can't just jump out of it?
Makoto Itou (1 year ago)
That's why they only payed 50 thousand. Retard people are worth 1 tenth of the normal rates
Naruto Uzamaki (2 years ago)
VirtualQueenie G it is called anime logics....best not to question it...lol
wow (2 years ago)
Potalatoe Saladeu lmao
Lovelysh7ne 2o2 (2 years ago)
Lovelysh7ne 2o2 (2 years ago)
soo .......this is why ceil's mom and dad ended up like that because the angel who did that likes this anime alot and decided to to try mixing up peoples body parts???😥 or it it the way around
KylieAnimeReview - (1 year ago)
Lois Palner (2 years ago)
Does anyone knows the music that starts @17:43??!
grxxn shadow (2 years ago)
i love this
truchangecandidate (2 years ago)
why does all the f****** people there are ugly except those two people
I am human, not freak. (2 years ago)
This anime got me like oh this that Death Note type a shit😂😂😂
Kim Hay (1 year ago)
I am human, not freak. haha 😂😂
Ken1093 (2 years ago)
When he untied his tie... I was just like "oh my god... why he is sexy"
Eve G.L (5 months ago)
+sharrkhan. Black jack is he's my 💘
Eve G.L (5 months ago)
+sharrkhan. NO
sharrkhan. (10 months ago)
black jack is very ugly
Elma Jouii (11 months ago)
I wanna marry black jack
bri Davis (1 year ago)
Ken1093 your right lololololololol
Miss. Constantine (2 years ago)
I have fallen for hazama
T Kyng (1 year ago)
rowdy rouge Trust me YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE
Miss. Constantine (2 years ago)
+rowdy rouge and I like the original series hazama kuroo more
Miss. Constantine (2 years ago)
+Star kitty it's haruhi neko-chan
Demon Kitty boy (2 years ago)
Omg its Harumi! Eek!
Kosar KindKiller (2 years ago)
Is this a new version of black jake i havent finished the other black jack but i havent watched this one soo um plz tell me or dont if u don't want to
Ariel Jade (6 months ago)
It doesn't really matter what order you watch them in
Ariel Jade (6 months ago)
Young black jack is like a prequel. Black Jack (regular one with 61 episodes) is like a bunch of stories. Black Jack 21 is a story line where you learn more about him and how he ended up the way he is as well as why his father wasn't there for him. The rest is basically specials
Maya Watkins (1 year ago)
Kosar KindKiller This is when he was young and still in medical school.
its that boi daniels (2 years ago)
I was done when he said blood and when she hit him like 7 hims lol
Mk San (2 years ago)
ByXtremez (2 years ago)
yay! new anime!
Maria Aviles (2 years ago)
i just said yaoi
Cubany. Vu (2 years ago)
.. ):C Jerk of a father.
Ken1093 (2 years ago)
But the father have a reason too thought.... I don't like the father too, but he have a reason to not pay 5 million.. because Hazama still a medical student, not an intern... :(
FairytailScarlet Armor (2 years ago)
Ikr! I wanted to slap that ungrateful bastard and give him a very long fucking lecture about good attitude.
please noone (2 years ago)
awesome sauce

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