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The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Official Trailer 2

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The House with a Clock in Its Walls - In theaters September 21 Official site - https://www.housewithaclock.com/ In the tradition of Amblin classics where fantastical events occur in the most unexpected places, Jack Black and two-time Academy Award® winner Cate Blanchett star in The House with a Clock in Its Walls, from Amblin Entertainment. The magical adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) who goes to live with his uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead. Based on the beloved children’s classic written by John Bellairs and illustrated by Edward Gorey, The House with a Clock in Its Walls is directed by master frightener Eli Roth and written by Eric Kripke (creator of TV’s Supernatural). Co-starring Kyle MacLachlan, Colleen Camp, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Vanessa Anne Williams and Sunny Suljic, it is produced by Mythology Entertainment’s Brad Fischer (Shutter Island) and James Vanderbilt (Zodiac), as well as Kripke. Executive produced by William Sherak, Tracey Nyberg and Laeta Kalogridis, The House with a Clock in Its Walls will be released by Universal Pictures. #HouseWithAClock
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Text Comments (3229)
KAI IS THE HOMIE (10 hours ago)
Lol funny cause I watched the movie before the trailer
Aldrin Viesco (11 days ago)
Before the harry Potter
CYBER PUNK (17 days ago)
It's childish.I'm not going to watch it.
Exaco (15 days ago)
It's totally not in terms of story. Also it's better horror movie than any of the other nowadays horror movies such as "Halloween 2018".
Rohith Kumar (29 days ago)
super trailer
Kishi COMRADE (1 month ago)
I came from *FBE*
Kishi COMRADE (1 month ago)
It's Kinda like Harry potter but different :D
ngai hui (1 month ago)
What a stupid movie
Edía Paff (1 month ago)
i never heard of this movie... how did i miss this? i came here from GQ where Kyle MacLachlan was talking about his role in this movie
Tenzin D (1 month ago)
Here For Jack Black 👍👍👍 always Entertainment ...Super Actor
Binte Syed (1 month ago)
Best movie I've ever seen. It's VERY funny though
Sharlene Hernandez (2 months ago)
The House With A Clock In Its Walls Netflix Movie Classic Fo 2019 Welcome March 20 2019 Do?
Dragon Legend (2 months ago)
Goosebumps 3
Pixel Dot (2 months ago)
This reminds me of a series of unfortunate events on Netflix i finished the seasons after it came out in 2 days
i forgot my name (2 months ago)
i think it was this book that was a read aloud in like 4th or 5th grade for me.. i fucking loved it
Jesse Palmateer (2 months ago)
This movie was significantly more dark and occult than I though it would be. Wish I would have read up on it before letting my kids watch it. Kind of intense for a 4 and 6 year old.
The Birds (2 months ago)
Hahaha "Lucky shot!" 😂😂😂 this movie seems to be really fun
Cassandra Olivier (2 months ago)
It was a good movie. I watched it last year
Aria (2 months ago)
Vanessa Anne Williams🥰🥰🥰
Emma Mckinney (2 months ago)
TylerD095 (2 months ago)
This movie looks pretty good. And about JB only interested in fantasy I say that's BS unless your talking about now uh days. Cause School of Rock wasn't fantasy at all. Same with Nacho Libre.
Barry Nugent (2 months ago)
Ultimate DiJo (2 months ago)
Please Guys ; this is the worst and shuttiest movie of the year. Stupid movie. After an hour, u wont understand the story. Please watch something else. This movie is crap
Abigail Davis (2 months ago)
i relly want to see it
Paul Young (3 months ago)
This world is not what you think it is.
Padma Chitirala (3 months ago)
Wow souper movie
Queen Frozenclaws (3 months ago)
I'm laughing at everyone tearing this movie a new one saying this shouldn't be a kids movie. The book, which this is based on, is NOT for kids. So I already went to the theatre aware of what to expect cause I've read the book. It definitely is not a movie to take kids to, and people should do more research before taking their kids and then getting mad.
Humpyey (3 months ago)
I feel like this will be much better if they made this a series.
RED X YT (3 months ago)
Go else noticed the worklock is from goosebumps
Emily Fun (3 months ago)
Best movie ever!
Russell Elton (3 months ago)
1:41 reminded me of James Potter
It’s so weird seeing jack black in Jablinski games now
BigJthepanda Something (3 months ago)
Jablinski gaming
kattmilk (3 months ago)
⚠ SPOILER ALERT! ⚠ (I know that I'll get some kickbacks from this, but PLEASE don't wait for me to actually care.) I just saw this movie. It's definitely NOT a good movie for children or devoted Christians. It has many scary & demonic images, as well as paganism/occult rituals. While I like the Fantasic Beasts series, this movie pushed WAY past paganism and the occult. There's a child cutting himself & pouring blood on a pentagram, and a demon licking blood from a man's hand. And to make it worse, the acting is bad and there's no solid plot.
SANKU (3 months ago)
Im Sold!
RandomFan There (3 months ago)
Cute boy really looks like Arjo Atayde baby version
ali jor (4 months ago)
I enjoyed it. Thanks
Ice Smasher (4 months ago)
I watched this! I literally almost had a heart attack from the horror scenes!
OMAR RIOS (4 months ago)
I swear this is steampunk Harry Potter...love it!! Lol
Master- OOF (4 months ago)
LiangHuBBB (4 months ago)
looks like a good movie
Drop Dat Tun (4 months ago)
The hand that grabs harry potter’s hand when he first try the diagonally was in the movie 👌🏻
regi (4 months ago)
Is it me or jablinski looks younger
Madam In Manhattan (4 months ago)
Harry Potter vibes
Warrior Cat Fan #1 (4 months ago)
Do you hear the ticking ticking ticking
Gabrielle Wright (4 months ago)
This shouldn’t be rated Pg, I don’t recommend this for young children or people who gets freaked out by living dolls
Ryen Maiava (4 months ago)
WHEN IT WAS ALLMOST THE END all the kids was screming his name
DaWoofee (4 months ago)
Dang the wizard dude looks just like Jablinski
Ink Bendy (4 months ago)
I love this movie only thing I hate is when the robots come to life
FilmDude (4 months ago)
That scene with the demon in the forest was really messed up, definitely 100% not for kids lmao.
629 (4 months ago)
Tio Gabriella (4 months ago)
Whenever I watch Jack Black in this movie, I only hear Po.
Iqbal Septian (4 months ago)
I thought it would be cool film. Im wrong :( so bad
Feriale Boudaher (4 months ago)
نرجو تنزيله مترجم عربي
Claint Smith (4 months ago)
worst movie ever
AlaïaLovv Positive (4 months ago)
Witty Bobby (4 months ago)
I just finished watching this.. An i think Lewis is the most annoying boy in the world!
zebfox011 (4 months ago)
A kimono???? What have they done to my favorite childhood book???
Captain Memez (4 months ago)
Jablinski games??
alegend sydn3y (4 months ago)
Even though this book was written before Harry Potter, I’m getting all the HP vibes 😂
Alfonso Verdeflor (4 months ago)
before its starts I farted
JeePee (4 months ago)
1:12 omg he has the best side
PJ production's gaming (4 months ago)
Jack black involved with creepy puppets goosebumps now this
GokuNumber1 (4 months ago)
“Lucky Shot...” BOI YOU LUCKY
Wake da **** up people (4 months ago)
This film is just desensitisation people. Making people aware of the things that go on underground, make it "cool" so when they start doing their satanic spells in the open Noone will fight it. Ever wondered why lately we've had all these satanists(aka "atheists" who still coincidentally believe in worshipping the transgender freak baphomet) these people have been shoved in everyone's throats on the news and many other articles. In the film you'll see masonic/satanic symbolisms like pentagrams, the evil hand, some dumb girl doing the 666 sign with both hands supposedly signifying the kids glasses, you'll see goats(because that's not reperencing baphomet who just happened to also be a goat, oh wait, it is), pyramids with eyes in the centre(both reversed and singular, referencing the law of reversals), devil faces, creepy sexual lines of dialogue "come toss me one" from a CHILD WTF, dragons (another god that some of these mentally ill people worship), sun worship, skull symbols representing the secret society and the obsessions with death, magic 8 balls to really drive the desensitisation train home. Be aware of these things, as the longer we do nothing about these force feeding of their satanism, the more it'll come into the open and before you know it your children will go missing and be sacrificed. And if you think I'm joking just research all these symbols, particularly Alistair crowleys works and you'll see they aren't in this movie as a coincidence. They want to bring their mysticism and sick practices to the open and be as depraved and evil legally. And we let it happen, hundred years ago these bastards would be burnt at the stake.
Wake da **** up people (3 months ago)
+Paul Young and you too brother. My heart warms to know people like us still exist amongst the blindfolded masses Much love
Hunter5865 (3 months ago)
Satanism rate drops to 0%
Paul Young (3 months ago)
Woke! ☺ God bless you and your family.
Will Cox (4 months ago)
Rowan K (4 months ago)
this comment is honestly the funniest thing I've ever read tbh
[ rowan ] (4 months ago)
who came here from Brataleys video?
kaylee Perez (4 months ago)
This was the worst trailer
Gary Rayhon (4 months ago)
It was ok....just a little over rated
Movies And more (4 months ago)
I have an idea move
Salimo (4 months ago)
Johnny Fountains (4 months ago)
I'm a witch. Some are men. I act like Julian Sands in Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.
wilsonlol (4 months ago)
This is a bit different from the book but it’s still really cool
ridhuan one (4 months ago)
crossover with the chilling adventure of sabina
Roman Brown (4 months ago)
HurricaneWolf90 (4 months ago)
Jack black defo the best actor
Do full movies
that one weird fan (4 months ago)
Just wached this It was kinda creepy
Jason Rodriques (4 months ago)
Music sounds like a rip off of Flight by Hans Zimmer.
Susan Quackenbush (4 months ago)
I love this movie I’m watching it right now and I love the choke and die
george george (4 months ago)
Anyone know what kind of car that is?
Saul Goodman (4 months ago)
Another movie to promote illuminati witchcraft and black magic... GIMME A BREAAKKKKK!!!
Will Cox (4 months ago)
Saul Goodman this has not promoted illuminati
Hunter5865 (4 months ago)
Fun fact: Tarby(the kid on the right at 1:21) is Sunny Suljic, who also acts as Atreus in God of War 4
Hunter5865 (4 months ago)
Saw it recently, it’s pretty good
Brae Sepulveda (4 months ago)
I saw it in theaters with my 6 year old little sister because I thought it would be a cool movie to see. Helll naw, that was the total opposite. Some satanic stuff. We left mid movie after this horrific scene in the woods. Not kid friendly. Sorry but definitely not recommending this movie!
Flame Ghost (4 months ago)
blinding shadow (4 months ago)
watching this tonight
Hamza Naeem (5 months ago)
Name any of the film like this plzz
Mychael - Kun (5 months ago)
2?? Not 1????
Brent Waits (5 months ago)
White boy and black girl being attracted to each other at a young age is so unrealistic. That literally does not happen. Hollywood needs to stop pushing their interracial agenda
Beny bayina fath (5 months ago)
The woman is look like hella. Is it right?
Beny bayina fath (4 months ago)
+Elizabeth i love her😍
Elizabeth (4 months ago)
Bia rio (5 months ago)
This was epic
anthony patronaggio (5 months ago)
why does the license plate at the end of the house with clocks in its walls say water wonderland? I searched it and found out its a realtor company in Michigan and supposedly Jeff Hamilton that purchased the orginial house that the movie portrayed in Michigan is also a realtor!? Also that company is right next to a place called orion & the stone unicorn a metaphysical store which your movie is full of!? Also something creepy is the ladys house across the steet from the cronin house is white with red door!? Dont believe me people heres the address 407 N Madison St, Marshall, MI 49068 !
When Bad Meets.Admin (5 months ago)
Lemme break this down for you guys, a dumb persistent kid perform an unholy magic just to impress an asshole friend and made the world even worst. Thanks
ShellyG14 (5 months ago)
This new Kung Fu panda movie looks wild.
Arron Daniels (5 months ago)
Cate ruins every movie and Eli is scratching and clawing to be relevant. Your lame ass look back at horror movies really? What the literal fuck was that. Jack come on dude your not trying at all. What a waste of great talent. So sad
Shawn Feldt (5 months ago)
I really like the house with a clock in its walls is really good for see i love this movie this year
Oii its_meh (5 months ago)
Saw it its GOOD!!!
Movies LOVER (5 months ago)
Wanna watch the Full movie...come my channel tq
Spam Panner (5 months ago)
This freaks me out so much, I was meant to find this. I use to have these crazy experiences when I was little, involving a clock that chimed in our house and sleep walking, well kind of; I wasn't asleep, but I would be lured by this noise out of bed that oddly didn't stir the family; to the clock on the wall above the fireplace in the dark and would black out looking at the clock and revive terrified some time later. I can't remember anything in-between and this happened on several occasions until I was about 16. It also involved a dark entity that pursued me until 2011. There are so so many references to my very dream journals written over the last 30 years but this story was written before I was born (1984); and I have never heard of it before.  The trailer was posted the day before my birthday. In one of my lucid dreams I walked into a giant luna park mouth and was confronted with a series of life or death tests...There was this evil warlock. Later in lucid dream's I met whom I refer in my journal to as H. because I cannot remember his name; but he looked just like Jack Black is depicted in this film and he was some kind of benevolent magician who would guide through the various dream tests. WTF... I can't wait to watch this even though I feel like; I have been watching it all my life. Omens dudes.
Alex Aspelin (5 months ago)
Just thinking but this has got to be one of flava flav's favorite new movies.
Gruff 420 (5 months ago)
it a great movie i love it

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