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Rarity and Fluttershy Tell the Truth (Green Isn't Your Color) | MLP: FiM [HD]

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MLP: Friendship Is Magic Season 1 Episode: Green Isn't Your Color Watch in 720p! --- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Letupita725HD Twitter: https://twitter.com/Letupita725HD Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/Letupita725HD --- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (613)
Cerys Toys (13 days ago)
how did pinkie got into a mirror
Kim Connel (14 days ago)
Fluttershy is so pretty.
CallMeMAKU (24 days ago)
0:29 Hello "mo******cker". 😂
I agree with the title green isn't anyone's color I changed my profile picture to my white red eyed werewolf profile picture it's better than my previous green one it'll be back to it soon I don't like the color green I like white black and red better they're better colors.
WR1131 (1 month ago)
0:55 i pause button by accident
J Family (1 month ago)
Flutter shy is nice...
hannakraf AJ (1 month ago)
Fluttershy is awsome
Joe Humpston (2 months ago)
0:22 me the first time I watched this show!
televissonn {roblox} (2 months ago)
Twilight messed fluttershy up ;(
Now I can understand it
I can’t understand this
Grace Tan (2 months ago)
Oh I'm so frustrated, I could just kick something! Eyeh! *pot wobbles slightly and doesn't fall*
Jewell Auditor (2 months ago)
Why twilight do that to flutter shy
Kittycat Music (2 months ago)
4:06: pinkie pie can teleport in a mirror who knew XD that was hilarious
eun park (3 months ago)
The scary thing is that the audience will always follow the influencers, no matter what they want to say or their opinions is. It’s like having freedom but always having to choose a side...
Chaterine Veronica (3 months ago)
Where did pinkie pie keep coming from when twiligth cant keep a secret
KittyKat _Playz (3 months ago)
3:08 Twilight is ostrich confirmed
Picklub (3 months ago)
Yo why can’t Twilight act normal
adarsh a (3 months ago)
Him I am in Georgia
adarsh a (3 months ago)
I love mlp
Soul ;.; (4 months ago)
ann TJ (5 months ago)
I hate that part when fluttershy fell down
Rubyanna Huguley (5 months ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo
0:58-1:10 😂😂😂
Christina Wake (5 months ago)
Photo finished looks like Lady Gaga but in pony form. Paparazzi
Kitty plays Meow! (5 months ago)
Why are they all so cute im dying of cuteness of this little ponies
LUNA THE BEST (5 months ago)
if only it works like
Its Ava (5 months ago)
MahBamboo Girl (6 months ago)
Pip (6 months ago)
Princess Fanatic 2003 (6 months ago)
3:09 Oh, Rarity...
Skyly Plays (6 months ago)
Twilight puts food in her mouth like om nom
Cutie pie 2000 (6 months ago)
4:03 Is that a window or a mirror?
Cutie pie 2000 (6 months ago)
1:01 1:07 Hilarious, but how exactly is Twilight making her do those animal noises???
I love
I love fulttershy
darn dave (6 months ago)
Sanjesh Prasaad (6 months ago)
Peppa Pig🎖🍩🥇🥈🥉🌈🏆🍭🌈📀🇧🇶
DiamondAnvil Productions (6 months ago)
Spike can apparently teleport, considering he was next to Twilight one moment, the next he’s with Rarity!
dynastyytea (7 months ago)
i'm so frustrated i could just kick something! *eh*
Tristan Chan (7 months ago)
Why didn't twilight blurted out spike's secret when rarity and fluttershy were still around?! Rarity would've paid more attention to him afterwards! It's such a bother that no pony seems to care about spike except for twilight!
Tristan Chan (7 months ago)
Twilight should've have blurted out spike has a crush on rarity when rarity and fluttershy were still around so that rarity would've paid more attention to spike afterwards!
Tristan Chan (7 months ago)
You know I find it a bother that rarity never paid any attention to spike 😠 😡
Pamela Trevino (7 months ago)
How did twilight know that spike had a crush on rarity?
yoshishell26 (7 months ago)
How is fluttershy so cute even when she’s trying to be gross
kyle pickles (7 months ago)
in May 14 2000
Queen Elsa (7 months ago)
Minuet at 0:01! U can see two of her in the crowd! (two of the same ponies in the crowd.) #animation error
Alayna and Xavier Bland (7 months ago)
I love twilight
Ivy the dazzling girl (7 months ago)
In 0:40 can you see lyra without her unicorn?
Nyan Lin Tun (8 months ago)
Me too
Anime girl (8 months ago)
The way twilight was cringing is EXACTLY the way I was feeling all throughout the video XD
Gacha Queen (8 months ago)
Can't the ponys see it's magic because the outside of fluttershy was purple
ANSON ZHONG (8 months ago)
Angie Cha (8 months ago)
Anyone else think what Twilight did was just rude...
Janizha lecxinne Guntang (8 months ago)
FishyLunar (8 months ago)
4:01 DPIKE HAS A CRUSH ON RARITY!! Bruh Twilight Went mad!
Kylie Uy (9 months ago)
Tsumiki Kurohi (9 months ago)
How does nopony notice the magic that is obviously surrounding Fluttershy
Little Catty XD (9 months ago)
Fluttershy: I’M JUST SO ANGRY I COULD JUST KICK SOMETHING!! **Aims Leg** **Slightly Kicks Pot** **Breathes With Frustration**
Tayiba Khan (9 months ago)
Each time Twilight tried to tell the truth I kept laughing
SLIMEY ZHAMMY (9 months ago)
Hahahha that's mean twilight can't keep secret and put a food on it's mouth put her mouth in a pot and say ...........spike has crush on rerity!!!
Lyrics's King (9 months ago)
Rarity jealous and twilight sparkle want rarity to be model
Sushma Agarwal (9 months ago)
I have seen this on Netflix
Magic is every wheres (9 months ago)
LOL twelight act worried
Rosanna Abdool (10 months ago)
How was that dirt twilight
Celestial Eve (10 months ago)
Is it me or are their faces different
Rainbow gacha Fun (10 months ago)
So funny
_*Snowy Wolf*_ (10 months ago)
Abul hashan (10 months ago)
JustAri (10 months ago)
yhs rettulF
Jazzimation T v T (10 months ago)
And we thought Pinkie had it hard for keeping a secret...
Poonam Patel (10 months ago)
We should share our secret
*confused screaming* (11 months ago)
Noraisah Abdul Karim (11 months ago)
Mahbubur Rahman (11 months ago)
How did Pinkie fit in that mirror, she was literally everywhere
cyndie26 (9 months ago)
Mahbubur Rahman Either she did the "film to life" magic trick or she is a mere hallucination is what I'm guessing.
Clinton Schroeder (1 year ago)
Did she make fluttershy pick her nose izzat what that was
adyan ahmed (1 year ago)
SushiSylveon (1 year ago)
It’d hurt to stick a cupcake in your eye.... 😂
infinite painter (1 year ago)
大乔 (1 year ago)
Rarity is fucked suck ass i hate Rarity
Menardo Santos (1 year ago)
my secret
Savvy (1 year ago)
Lol fluttershy is just too likable
Alysha Wang (1 year ago)
3:38 how can fluttershy hope to fly if she CAN fly...
Aivija Ulanaviciute (1 year ago)
Ha! It's kinda funny when twilight controlls fluttershy
DASHIE DUCK (1 year ago)
How come twilight horn magic is brighter in other seasons and this season its light pink glowing
Clover The Puppy Dog (1 year ago)
•Wolf fie• (1 year ago)
Twilight is so funny!!!
Zaten the Changeling (1 year ago)
Yeah its Derpy Hooves at 1:03
Daisy Kyriakidou (1 year ago)
Twighlight's colour magic from her horn she wanted Fluttershy to be booed of stage (I think )
R A I N Kogama Kogama (1 year ago)
3:54 Brohoof of Rarity & Fluttershy!
@Azumi Eunice Ortega I also talk in a low voice every time I try to talk louder which irritates people around me so much I'm usually not much of a talker. Cause I'm not comfortable around people.
Azumi Eunice Ortega (1 year ago)
MLP Nadia DevanDevina love
WE DONT STAN BTS (1 year ago)
MLP Nadia DevanDevina Woo! :D
Snoopy McBooperson (1 year ago)
Me and my sister are actually bffs. She's Rarity and I'm Fluttershy <3
OOOFIE A Fan me dudes (1 year ago)
3:27 who seen fluttershys wings??Anyone
Demarcus Glaspie (1 year ago)
Who heard derpy?
Rosa Prestridge (1 year ago)
"And you were doing so well." Oh fuck you pinkie
Maria L (1 year ago)
RockyDrago (1 year ago)
Spike: i cant believe you told someone about my crush on Rarity *Is standing right next to her*
Kee Leichtle (29 days ago)
Actually when he said that, he was in a different room but sometime between that and when he accepted Twilight's apology, he moved in the steam room with Rarity.
Cuteicedragon Glaceon (1 month ago)
RockyDrago sub to me
Aileen Chavenia (1 year ago)
fluttershy is so shy and cute and friendship is magic!!
Guntur Widyaprasetya (1 year ago)
Twilight put her head in the plants TWLILGHT IS FUNNY
Makai Crawford (1 year ago)
Great friends
RainbowTwirlz Gaming (1 year ago)
4:01 twilight is saying spike has a chrush on rarity

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