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Shadow Play Review

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Text Comments (924)
ajnapalm (2 days ago)
So since EG is canon, when is Sunset coming back to Equestria?
TheFangirlOtaku (9 days ago)
They really should have known better than to make *Princess fucking Celestia* say there's no wrong way to fantasize. Unless of course they knew exactly what they were doing lmao
Nothing Here (12 days ago)
Someone has been playing with too much super Mario Galaxy
Nothing Here (12 days ago)
Someone has been playing with too much of a super Mario Galaxy
Andrew Hall (16 days ago)
Lossless victory?  I don't know... this is assuming Starswirl didn't pick the same banishment location that he did for the Sirens...
Skye Tredinnick (20 days ago)
Hey Josh i love your videos that i draw you as a pony.😘 love you Josh stay awesome
SpyroXX77XX (22 days ago)
Discord theory: the elements turned him to stone due to him being pure chaos so using healing magic caused a clash capturing his aura/magic and by being pure chaos couldn’t escape. (Kinda like throwing a healing potion at a zombie in minecraft)
Squishball 572 (1 month ago)
0:00 thats funny and terrifying josh go see a doctor about that or have you been taking lessons from the medic
Karel Hnedkovsky (1 month ago)
10:20 A BEE??
Andrew Webb (1 month ago)
Scottish is different from Scandinavian. Still funny
TIANO C-G (1 month ago)
When Star Swirl mention the phrase once a villain always a villain and starlight in the Mane 6 try to prove them wrong; they weren't entirely truthful to that. Like you mentioned King Sombra before the main six and Twilight's family killed him, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mane 6 hid this fact from Starlight and Trixie about a dark unicorn like stygian who never got a chance to redeem himself; nor Tirek & The Storm King!
Twy Guy (1 month ago)
the first part of the video made me langh nice video joshv
Galaxy cat Animations (1 month ago)
The reason the elements turned discord to stone is because he didn’t need to be healed he was just a jurkface
Tuxedoedcat7675 (1 month ago)
pillars... pillar men... IS THIS A JOJO REFRENCE?!
deathxanamon (1 month ago)
Limbo was where the pony of Shadows cage was and the pillars where the bars of the cage so removing the bars let's the pony of shadows out of its cage
Purple Mystic Mary (2 months ago)
4:20 Elder Futhark Runes that translate to, ‘poni ruleï’ and if we translate that from Latin to English, we get ‘Rules set.’ Don’t ask me how I know this!
Purple Mystic Mary (2 months ago)
Oh, and translating from Hawaiian gives you royal rule
Tnecniw (2 months ago)
16:28 I always fall off my seat. xD
Wolf Rider (2 months ago)
8:09 Shovel Knight would like a word with you lady
Scribble Creations (2 months ago)
16:33 That was kinda offensive, but HILARIOUS!!!
Shazaki Mashsuki (3 months ago)
Okay, who gave Josh the pack of red bull? Anybody get the Jim Carrey reference? 0_0
coldchary 2468 (3 months ago)
Simple Luna was banish to the moon discord was petrified to stone done
ThatGuyfromBrazil (3 months ago)
Proposal: The Elements of Harmony didn't become powerless after turning Discord into stone because: A: He was still in the same plane of existence as the Mane 6, just... stone. And B: They might be prescient enough to tell that an opponent can be redeemed.
Foxy Dash (3 months ago)
Shadow play is the right banana
Tony Alston (4 months ago)
Winter Wind (4 months ago)
Josh...... Please stop drinking Caffeine.... my dog's ears can't take it.
Team Rocket (4 months ago)
Firebrand I mean Josh they blew up the base.
Silva Triana (4 months ago)
"overreacting to questionable climaxes" sounds like my sex life; also, you read homestuck?
JoAnn Sanfilippo (4 months ago)
flash Sasuke star (4 months ago)
Play The Darkness 2 and you'll see it on played out
CrasherX 2000 (4 months ago)
19:00 OH COME ON I know it has flaws, BUT SPIDER-MAN 3 WASN’T THAT BAD
heather mcnamary (4 months ago)
Kpop Ponies (5 months ago)
I think the reason why the Elements of Harmony didn't stop working when they turned Discord to stone is because they didn't actually banish Discord. They more than likely used a spell that bound Discord and his magic, instead of using a spell that would have sent him to another location/realm/dimension/plane of existence.
Egg arrives (5 months ago)
Well As said in one of the newer episodes of daughter of discord, Discord being turned to stone was just a little time out.
You do relays that there's a season 8 right
And of course, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference.
Death Note voice actor in MLP? Eh, nothing new.
Pinkiepool GamerBrony27 (5 months ago)
is it me or does the pony of Shadows kind of looks like Venom?
AlphaOmega0001 (5 months ago)
I'm sorry, this was a great episode and all, but, just being right doesn't give anyone permission to be a d*yay* about it.
monsterjambrony (6 months ago)
0:00-0:44 Play it in 2x speed!
Link Ace (6 months ago)
TFS references are always nice, and maybe banishing take more power than petrification
Wrenpaw (6 months ago)
Here's an annoying comment: At the end you said it does what every season finale should do, that being getting you excited for season 8. This would mean that every season finale for any season should get you excited for season 8. While this is pretty funny if applied to seasons 1-6 it gets even funnier when you say that a season 9 finale or something gets you excited for season 8.
pokehunterhd (6 months ago)
Tsu Lee (7 months ago)
I think I might have an idea as to why the elements still worked after they turned Discord to stone. Maybe the elements detected that Discord was the source of the chaos that spread throughout Ponyville, so in order to heal the town they had to get rid of the source of the problem.
Dave Fireheart (7 months ago)
17:50 One of the Bingo slots is “Josh tries not to quote Homestuck” ... Josh, are you a Homestuck?
Il Carnefice (7 months ago)
hey I take offense to that Scandinavian joke. even if I'm Swedish
King Fire storm (7 months ago)
I can explane the part of the elements of harmony you see discord was not vanish he was turn to stone vanish spells is diferent it seal the soul of a ponys in a object and then materialize his body after the baneshment spell end like wen nightmare moon got free of the banishment spell thanks to those mysterious stars that i alwais think they are not stars they are 4 minions that serve her you know like wen doctor willy scape frome the prison in megaman 7 or 6 that you see 4 robot masters enter the prison but the form the game give them was stars because they cant be see froem a far away distans
Cooler (7 months ago)
Um, Starlingt, you opened portals thrue time. I think your good.
Luna Cipher (7 months ago)
Every time he says convenient(😆
Luna Cipher (7 months ago)
The Guarding Dark (7 months ago)
So. Can we get a calc on Applejacks strength feat?
Lori Hickman (7 months ago)
So, I basically agreed with everything you said. And Starlight... wow. She's come a long way! And that Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference. 😂 Yeah, hope we get to learn more about the Pillars in Season 8.
Lori Hickman (7 months ago)
So, question, didn't Celestia mention that Starswirl became friends with Scorpan (?), Tirek's brother. I think... so, did something happen, besides this, or that he never understood friendship at all? Well, I guess that's why he couldn't finish the spell. 😧
Umm what happened to the rainbow powers they used to defeat Tirek? They have been shown to have access to those still in previous episodes, so what gives?
reversalmushroom (7 months ago)
When Applejack bucked that gigantic boulder far through the air, I was like "WHAT!?" Like, seriously. It broke my suspension of disbelief. The Pony of Shadows is the only villain from this show I actually don't like. He's so forgettable and uninspired. A darkness pony? How long do you think they spent coming up with that? Nothing about his design or backstory is unique or interesting at all. His plan was to cover the world in darkness? Wasn't that Nightmare Moon's plan? He's a ripoff of Nightmare Moon and Sombra. Everyone else is far more unique in terms of powers, visual design, and personality. And it's never explained what the darkness is or where it came from or why there's already a temple devoted to it and how Stygian already knew about it.
Rainbow Blast (7 months ago)
You might like the season 8 theme song at episode 3
Lukaerd (7 months ago)
Stoning Discord isn't banishment, he's chaos which is the opposite of harmony, so therefore I conclude that healing Discord with the EoH causes him to turn to stone. Stygian and Luna are were both consumed by darkness so the EoH are meant to heal dark creatures instead of banishing them.
SnowTubes (7 months ago)
9:25 is that banjo-kazooie music i hear before me!
Blaze the Planeswalker (7 months ago)
Sorry josh but stronghoof sounds more Scottish than Scandinavian
K4RN4GE911 (8 months ago)
When I see those kinds of runes at 4:19, all I can think of is Kratos saying, "What does it say, boy?"
NsGExstream WXD (8 months ago)
pause at 44 secs and capture
Darth Pikachu (8 months ago)
After Josh's beginning craziness I just said "you need a drink"
Jennifer Olinger (8 months ago)
You see I watch Lily orchard so this episode could have been much better, but the review is actually pretty good but I am not going to say that that's my opinion because you guys should all obviously know that
{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio (8 months ago)
{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio (8 months ago)
shadow play probably the shittiest epsiode of the series and shittiest season finale shadow man
Richard McNeilly (8 months ago)
Was I only one noticed the small thing was that old pony folks have... shaper thorns? Modern ponies looked to have a lot more softer design.
sketchy heart (8 months ago)
0:43 *screenshot* me: well, thats my new screensaver.
zevi LEIBLER (8 months ago)
at 8:45 the pokemon game music for nuvema town in black and white versions 1 and 2 starts playing. firebrand/ joshua burner, i like your style man!
zevi LEIBLER (8 months ago)
also does anyone else find it funny that a man with the name: Joshua Burner has a channel named: joshscorcher?
William Vaccaro (9 months ago)
Oh god that spinal tap reference. Yes!!
Zenith Maldren (9 months ago)
20:08 hellsing ultimate abridged reference
El Anon (9 months ago)
someone please tell me what episode the freaking egyptian themed one with the mask came up? i dont think i saw that one and i cant find it
Tim O'Connor (9 months ago)
David Harrington (9 months ago)
take a shot every time josh says convenient
Max Glaysher (9 months ago)
I’m just waiting for a group of villains to use their friendship against everyone
Shadow Kreitz (9 months ago)
This episode cemented something that I have noticed and have become more certain of since season one that no one seems to have picked up on. People in fact have become very defensive and eager to attempt to deconstruct the notion when I have mentioned it. The way the pillars created the elements really says a lot about the nature of Harmony, and it only gains even more loudly whistling steam in season eight.
hawkbweasel (9 months ago)
In my opinion, the banishment of discord does actually work with the elements of harmony being used for healing instead of banishment. I'm thinking it probably evens out with Discord basically inverting all the elements and rendering them moot. Kind of like getting all their gunk out and returning it to its source.
Sabrina King (9 months ago)
To answer your DIscord Question, that was imprisonment, not banishment. Also, he's the opposite of Harmony so the elements acct as a balance against him.
J KIM (10 months ago)
This episode is pretty much the "The Last Jedi" of MLP.
A Dragons Channel (10 months ago)
I agree, this was the first season finale I have really enjoyed after season 4(Yes, I disliked both season 5 and 6 finales), there was some good character building aswell as some interesting new characters. But that does not excuse the fact that the writers forced to dumb down other characters and have them do things that could be considered to be out of character for them. I mean really, no one other then Starlight ever considered the high possibility of the pony of shadows being released with the pillars?
Waluigi Mourner (10 months ago)
*3 DAYS!*
MrZRACER (10 months ago)
19:58 there weren't any errors of starswirls ways. 1k years ago, it seems ponies didnt talk much in terms of discussing differences in magic and power (or something along those lines). basically, there was little to no friendship, and now there is. starswirl just needed to be shown once that there is another way.
Mike Dubo (10 months ago)
8:09 shes like that one woman from Lightspeed Rescue who said there are no such things as monsters, and that was halfway through the series!
xshooter3636 reardon (10 months ago)
drunk alert
john Bade (10 months ago)
bit to xcited there josh
fictionfan0 (10 months ago)
Honestly, Star Swirl's no-nonsense attitude got grating right around the time he started treating alternate ideas as beneath serious consideration. Plan to minimize casualties: throw it in the nearest trash can without so much as an insincere glance. Suggest talking it out first: morality is black and white. Learn more about Stygian: drive the whole black-and-white thing home to the point where he's speaking for the pony Starlight was talking to. I swear, if it wasn't for his "Oh, dang, I screwed up" face at the climax, Star Swirl would easily take the position of worst pony over Sven Gallop.
Maker of the Broken (10 months ago)
8:30 You realize that it's been at least 3 or four seasons since Spike at your service, right? AJ could have realized she needed to strengthen herself after that incident. Plus, she's met Maud since that point. We've already seen them spend a holiday together. It's not hard to imagine AJ going to her, possible, cousin, for help in improving her strength. Just thought I'd point that out.
Sparkle Storm (10 months ago)
Nice review.
Silas Ruedin (10 months ago)
16:59-17:18 "[Over here] I hear screams of joy,...but over here I hear wails of despair." I'm in with the former. YESSSS!
terminator pony (10 months ago)
Obey the commander
Nicole Fritz (10 months ago)
" I guess I'm lucky your IDOL wasn't around when you decided to be my friend. I might've been banished to limbo too." My favorite line from a struggling character ever.
CrazySeanDX (10 months ago)
Just saying, there should've been, like, 5 checkmarks on the Convenient square for Josh Routine Bingo.
sadlobster1 (10 months ago)
I LOVED the intro, Josh was really channeling mannerisms from both Nostalgia Critic AND the Joker
Herman Cillo (11 months ago)
You know... I think Applejack was faking back all those episodes ago. She could have easily smashed or kicked away those rocks, but likely wanted to push Spike into saving her life so he'd give up on the life debt. It's dumb, but it's also the kind of lie she'd tell.
Silver Demon (11 months ago)
Please review bride and daughter of discord
Barting Ham (11 months ago)
I honestly want to see the Elements of Unity meet Discord.
Lost Ones soul (11 months ago)
Pause at 16:50 ....is rock will (as I'm calling him since I didn't catch his real name) using his shovel...as a crutch?
sean hufty (11 months ago)
Sob only 2 seasons left
NexAngelus405 (11 months ago)
18:20 This reminds me of a quote from Robert A. Heinlein. "Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep this in mind; it may offer a way to make him your friend. If not, you can kill him without hate — and quickly."
JosieKat (11 months ago)
My theory about the elements are that harmful magic, such as banishing, or even killing, makes them not work. But things such as turning people into stone are given a pass. Remember that they have an undo option (Idk what to call it) on their stone summoning spell. But that still raises the question on how they work after banishing Sombra. Anyone got any idea's, I'm stumped :T.
Rainbow Lagann (11 months ago)
Rainbow dash half dragon confirmed. Also 0/10 not enough Trixie!
ThePonyWitch (11 months ago)
19:47 "Magic, how does it work?" In answer to your question... https://youtu.be/-hI_Eyeh6Ec Thanks for inspiring me to finally do this.

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