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Use your bite alarms on a boat. Fishing rod holders with bite indicators.

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I love the 33/45 fishing rod holders from www.monsterrodholders.com and I love using bite alarms. This video will show you how to use your bite alarms with cat fishing rod holders on a boat. This will allow you to put bite indicators on on your rods when boat fishing. Bite alarms are fabulous for whne you are night fishing and want to catch a little shut-eye while waiting for a trophy fish. You can adjust the sensitivity so that your alarms don't go off when the boat swings a little bit on the anchor. For more information about bite alarms check out http://catsandcarp.com/gear/bite-alarms/
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Text Comments (16)
gideon pretorius (2 months ago)
its a nice video
David Brandon (7 months ago)
Man you need a work bench great video keep it up guys
Whetzel's Trapping (2 years ago)
You need to drill the first hole with a smaller drill bit so it's snug then for the second hole drill it at an angle
Bill Flint (2 years ago)
Wonder if you can paint the top sections with a glow in the dark paint to make it stand out for when you do night fishing for cats or carp (If carp feed at night).
Queen Day (3 years ago)
How much does the alarm cost
Catfish and Carp (3 years ago)
$18-$200 depending the type
Joey Rowing (3 years ago)
Where do you buy your bite alarms from
Grumpy Old Fart (3 years ago)
What model did you say the Bite Alarm is?
Catfish and Carp (3 years ago)
Delkim Txi plus
Michael Carroll (3 years ago)
Great Video
seil park (3 years ago)
Nice! What kind of rigs do you use for catfish?
Catfish and Carp (3 years ago)
If you are using circle hooks the fish set the hook themselves. If you are using J hooks or other non circle hooks then you need to set the hook
seil park (3 years ago)
+Catfish and Carp thanks because i remember watching one episode of blue catfiah at DC and they set the hook for themselves and thats how it seemed like. Do you need to set the hook when you use a sliding method?
Catfish and Carp (3 years ago)
+seil park A sliding lead then a swivel then about 12" of leader and then a circle hook. I use that most of the time.
314bigrich (3 years ago)
Your son is getting so big. great video
Catfish and Carp (3 years ago)
+314bigrich He is...and his little brother is growing up fast as well.

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