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DAILY VLOG CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq83awFzy2TA6Bcs3y837HA SNAPCHAT- DAWSLIFE INSTAGRAM- http://instagram.com/bigdawstv FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/BigDawsTv TWITTER- https://twitter.com/BigDawsTv MERCH- https://www.districtlines.com/bigdawstv SEND ME STUFF- P.O. Box 156 Tempe, Az 85280 Alright guys, We duct taped ground beef inside my shirt and went around asking people if they wanted beef. lol pretty clever huh? I thought of this idea a few months ago and I've been wanting to do it really badly! This is the first video I've ever done in the hood. At first I was scared as shit but then I eased up and had an awesome time filming this video. Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Or at a hood near you lol. This could have gone horribly wrong but luckily it diddnt and we made it out okay. Everyone was pretty cool with it except for a few people. p.s. What do you guys think about me doing skits in the near future? Not any time soon but it would be like some additional videos to add on to the pranks. I want to do this for 2 reasons, one is because once I get big and its harder for me to do pranks without getting recognized I want to have something to fall back on because I won't make fake videos. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoyed the video. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and tell me what your favorite part was! I might respond back ;) Anyways peace guys! I love all my fans! Who's a BAWS??? LINK TO MY EQUIPTMENT: http://a.co/aCLLbTq ROYALTY FREE MUSIC BY AUDIO MICRO
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Text Comments (9101)
BigDawsTv (7 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
Matt Jonson (6 days ago)
When you piss off the wrong person with your 'pranks' and get beaten to death for it nobody is going to feel sorry for you. Just sayin.
Larry Moses (20 days ago)
let me give you some advice first of all... your a cool guy but you need to stop doing what you are doing its 2018 and people are extremely evil some people will just pull out a gun and shoot you.. you got away with it so far, but you need to cool out find another hobby or way to make money
Ali -A (1 month ago)
@BigDawsTv your a legend
Anziel kevra (1 month ago)
go This was hilarious great job. Do a prank with where you'll a blind old man on a scooter and you fall off and you scream one of my nuts fell off heeeeelp, heeeelp me please
What is the meaning of beef homie
Kevin Toar (18 hours ago)
in Indonesia broo.. digolok kau wkwk
I would still punch him even if if he showed me the actually beef
nasko ivanov (1 day ago)
Glad you didn't get your ass kicked
Mj (1 day ago)
Does someone even try to buy the beef hahaha
vucedaxmen vuca (1 day ago)
Nigga samo nad crnjama prankovi
Rick Sanchez (1 day ago)
You want some beef homie
Jessica Lynette (3 days ago)
Miguel Susanibar (3 days ago)
Y do youtubers always say were making a LITTLE video
chris peoples (4 days ago)
What the hood
R.R G (4 days ago)
And some Indians cannot even eat beef openly because some fucking superstitious hindus worship them. 😢
flisko (4 days ago)
back when pranks were real
Alden Homeric (5 days ago)
Dont click read more Read more
james hm (5 days ago)
Ask muslims do You want pork and you will be dead in India
Yoked•Rabbit (5 days ago)
y does most of my traffic come from this may I ask?
Grymeylyfe G (7 days ago)
Slim last words gonna be "ITS JUSSA PRANK BRO!!!"
secret secret (8 days ago)
Is it me or blacks are really really irritated and nervous?
TeeTee LouKy (5 days ago)
It's you! You shouldn't bacilli and play stupid games that are meant to provoke people with those words!
ZZ Gaming (9 days ago)
Michael Rogers (9 days ago)
I wonder how many people recreated this and re incact it lol
Nolan Kerstetter (9 days ago)
Too bad it’s usually a white guy doing this stuff. Some people react bad because of that in the hood
Aaron Mario (9 days ago)
If u tell that shit in India.... Im sure you'l get stabbed for sure (in UP)
YourBoi Stephen (9 days ago)
“You want beef?” “Yes mom please make some beef I’m starving!!!” “Ok”
Mr. SwearBear (10 days ago)
I've always wanted to do this lmao
Wukkel VDH (10 days ago)
1:49 disneyland is in the background
Wukkel VDH (9 days ago)
+Fmono • 38 years ago i know but that's a joke in vines
+Wukkel VDH oh my parents never did that when i was young and i still went
Wukkel VDH (9 days ago)
+Fmono • 38 years ago parents sometimes say to their kids that they are going to disneyland to trick them to go to the dentist
Wukkel VDH (9 days ago)
+Fmono • 38 years ago you found it
Fmono • 38 years ago (10 days ago)
+Wukkel VDH all i see is dentist?
BurntAir (11 days ago)
Cameron Meadows (11 days ago)
Those hood bots would fight anybody excluding their self
Uvejs Jashari (11 days ago)
Do this in balkan.
Willie L (11 days ago)
(Gone wrong )
Can someone please explain this to me? What made these people so angry?
TeeTee LouKy (5 days ago)
Because you come up with silly games that provoke people by saying, do you want beef? Which is meant to provoke! You shouldn't play stupid games with strangers that don't know you! Everybody don't play all the time!
sci fi stories (8 days ago)
I also want to know
Andrej Nikolov (11 days ago)
You want a salad, homie?
Nathen Mendoza (12 days ago)
Thankx to all da homies who kept it gee 💯
Benjamin Ryan (12 days ago)
1:43 them pants lmao
M Merhej (12 days ago)
Lol "Hood"
saturday 360 (12 days ago)
do this in india and you are dead
MR OSy WOLDS (12 days ago)
Smart very smart to act like your ready to fight
Gege wepe (12 days ago)
Wkwekekk :v
Fmono • 38 years ago (10 days ago)
Hey i speak chinese too Sndjambdjsbehefijqbdhakabfn :v:v:;:v;:::vv;:vv
blabla truc (13 days ago)
0:43 he could still beat ass of that lil boy
clubber lang (13 days ago)
Guy in yellow corvette tried to get the pistol LMFAO
Andy T (13 days ago)
I’d have given you an unmerciful kick in the Balls Man.You’d never try that prank again I can tell you.
Hey!! XD Geil (13 days ago)
Then suddenly, someone grabs a pistol and shots him in the head...
Nerd balling p 3
trackbikemash (13 days ago)
Dude the Corvette was definitely reaching for a burner.
Jagger Stooksbury (13 days ago)
0:40 at least the dude was kool and had a corvette that wasn’t sitting on 32s lol
James Richards (13 days ago)
Nice prank bro😉
cattleNhay (13 days ago)
What I learned from these prank in the hood videos is: as a tourist in the USSA, never talk to blacks or police.
Rigers Daullxhiu (13 days ago)
[TZ] AtlanZ (13 days ago)
this literally just goes to show how babyish blacks are and getting mad over the stupidest things.
Elan Random Vlogs (13 days ago)
1:40 dawson looks like he have a boner
Vortex Cz (14 days ago)
Such Short - Tempted Guys.
Diamond Dueler (14 days ago)
Im surprised he didnt get punched in the face
Dyin Hope (14 days ago)
And unsubscribed for thinking that's the ghetto.
sandeep Guleria (15 days ago)
Why blacks are so agressive
John Doe (15 days ago)
Goes to show you how much of an animal instinct blacks have in them. No wonder Cops are quick to shoot them
Jon Jones (10 days ago)
smh ok Bum And that's why your closed minded
Meme vlogs (15 days ago)
You should ask kids if they want beef and check if they would fight but then pull out ground beef
Pro Gamer (15 days ago)
U want beef 5 dollars homie hahahaha
Tenzin Gobom (15 days ago)
Nigga always ready for cheap shot
John Smith (15 days ago)
Same ol b's add pranks
SWE Awsome (16 days ago)
Dawson is like 5 inches taller than everyone in this video but the still wanna fight
Biff: "you're nothing but a little chicken" McFly (turns around): Me: everything has sense now
md abdullah (16 days ago)
he lucky he didnt get shot. playing with those big niggas in the hood. you are asking to get shot.
Heart of Hades (16 days ago)
Get a time machine and do this in Jeffrey Dhamer’s apartment. Purposely get lured to his apartment.
0:41 dude. And after that 0:51
Louis Zoko (17 days ago)
1:39 the largest shorts I've seen
Playboy Retard (17 days ago)
*3.46 L for fuel, wtf*
ayaan biabani (17 days ago)
Whats the point of taking off shirt ima starting punching him when the shirt is on his face.
BISK KJ (18 days ago)
I eat beef every single day....some people with no brain cells worships cows...while i fucking eat its everyday...i kill cows everyday n eat the fuck out of them
No.pointxo (18 days ago)
First time nobody got hurt😂
owen chan (18 days ago)
I miss these pranks in the hood
June Woods (18 days ago)
wtf street term.
Cochi Verde (19 days ago)
You take EBT?
Mustih Lala (19 days ago)
It's like GTA you have to talk to people and they will kill you Sad 😣
Nanda 01 (19 days ago)
Hell Yeah Wassup Boy
John Maloney (19 days ago)
2:26 jealous of those gas prices
RedRose7997 (20 days ago)
0:50 "You want some beef, man?" "Ni**a, YOU want some beef??" "You hungry, bro?" "YOU hungry??" "Yeah." "Well whatchu wanna do den!?" "I want some beef!" "Let's GO!" 😂
feilong (20 days ago)
Getting pissed over some dumb word. Smh
RedRose7997 (19 days ago)
feilong They are obviously not pissed. Just in self-defense mode. Once he tells them it's a joke they all laugh it off.
miltos 123 (20 days ago)
2-06 look at those skinny legs Chicken legs
Larry Moses (20 days ago)
Some people will just pull out a gun automatic be careful............
Luuderi (19 days ago)
RedRose7997 (20 days ago)
It should be noted that the prankster is pretty tall. I'm sure if he was small people would write him off. But if someone bigger than you lunges towards you asking to fight your instinct is to either run or fight, period.
RedRose7997 (20 days ago)
Funny af
Xx-Strafez-vV ™ (20 days ago)
All of them pulled up there pants😂
Dan (21 days ago)
do this in an Asian community and they would just frown and judge you then leave
RedRose7997 (20 days ago)
Dan LOL 😂
rave grey (21 days ago)
did u sell any M
Aur Sunao (23 days ago)
Sentence forbidden in India
Tecun (23 days ago)
So many racists in the comments talking on shit that they know nothing about. Sad really...
Shinobi Joey (23 days ago)
Wow this is so real
Danny A. (23 days ago)
Where’s part 2 at 😂
Spawn (3 days ago)
Do this prank in Antarctica you may get hurt they don’t play over there they Real G's
Spawn (24 days ago)
Whachu wanna do?
Zack Sanchez (24 days ago)
Those gas prices!
Braedon Dressel (25 days ago)
Skinny pussies ready to fight when someone says some words. That’s How so people get shot is hio temper
Braedon Dressel (25 days ago)
Phoenix Lindstrom (25 days ago)
1:48 I would never trust a place that's sign simply says "DENTIST"
OliFrans (25 days ago)
Every video: Dawson: you want beef homie!? Other guy: **puts whatever’s he’s carrying down**
Ultra Instinct Utkarsh (25 days ago)
You don't want to sell beef to the guy who just bought chicken 😂🤣🤣
Alexander (25 days ago)
Wait this is in Phoenix arizona lmao i live hella close to here
Septian Imanuel (25 days ago)
what is "beef" in there? help me please because idk
Nylah NJR (26 days ago)
Now I want beef
Lucas Jeremy (26 days ago)
Patrick Garcia (26 days ago)
The second guy "Hell Yeah I do wassup"
Sherice Berry (27 days ago)
I was more scared than amused... Oooh child one of these days u gon mess with the wrong [email protected]#*h
Ricardo Cantu (28 days ago)
I say you repeat this one again bigdaws

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