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Top Ten Evil Video Game Characters

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It's just so easy when you're evil. -------------------------------- Tumblr http://joshscorcher.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/joshscorcher FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/ Patreon http://www.patreon.com/joshscorcher
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Heavy Weapons Man (8 days ago)
fellas, i need the number transition song
The Scarlet Shepherd (2 days ago)
Crimson Flame (9 days ago)
So, I just finished Devil May Cry 4 and, remembering this list, I had to ask myself: How did Sanctus not make the list? Or hell, Arkham (from DMC3) for that matter?
PieridaeStudios (15 days ago)
Truly insidious.
Lily Dogkid (17 days ago)
Keith Pillsbury (27 days ago)
Hey I’m thinking about getting into the Blazblue series, but I haven’t found a reliable guide on what the chronology is. Can somebody help me out with this?
Respect bossman (27 days ago)
This list is for nerds
xXnotslyfoxhoundXx (28 days ago)
But can The Doctor really be considered for the list? From what I remember he was controlled by Ballos.
Nero Animates (1 month ago)
Imagine this, a blonde child experiencing his mother’s death by a robotic dinosaur, and finding his brother under the control of the villain, only stopped by the mother that the villain kills. *_this is why I love Porky Minch as a villain_*
M Kimmenaede (1 month ago)
fawful from the mario & luigi series is damn near psycotic if you ask me! I mean het nearly killed peach and bowser only because he hates the mario bros and the mushroom kingdom
Killstreak 64 (1 month ago)
You have evil video game characters but not add the joker from arkahm series HOW!?
Agent Vicky G.R.T. (1 month ago)
Hey DUMMY, you forgot crow from nefarious
Ride Wild (1 month ago)
i love that monster reference
Fred Reindl (1 month ago)
I'd say Master Li from Jade Empire. He trains you from the beginning. And after you defeat the evil emperor, he betrays you.
WynRed C (2 months ago)
I wonder what the list would've been without the "succeeding your goal > attempting your goal" and "direct action > indirect action" rules. There's a certain character that I feel thoroughly deserves a position on a list like this.
Tim Cridland (2 months ago)
Chara should be there
Nathan Ingram (2 months ago)
Kinda shocked there were no Danganronpa characters on here
Babbleplay (2 months ago)
Nice ending, but, Ellison himself will always and forever be the voice of AM for me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EddX9hnhDS4
Shark fan of the sea (2 months ago)
Zinyak from Saints Row 4 is one of my favorite video game villains. He’s poetic, British, and pretty funny. But as awesome as he is , his boss fight sucks more than Sonic 06
EX JKing (3 months ago)
I know this list is a bit old, but Terumi (don't know if that's how you spell it) is actually somebody who actually is the villain in the BlazBlue section of the game BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Heck, one of the endings is literally him getting the crystal you need to escape, and he even has a joker skin as a playable costume
Ian Laughlin (3 months ago)
Top ten inde villains, or top ten creepy pastas.
Sophia Nephelim (3 months ago)
so while I agree with you on Joel, I do have to correct you about something. what he did was despicable yes, and his actions could have potentally domed humanity. sorry about the wall of text and poor grammar incoming. You don't have to read this if you don't want to, but I think you might find the information interesting. but there actually a pretty good chance he saved it. see there's a rule in science that even if your just dealing with bacteria or what ever, if you only have one of something, DO NOT KILL IT. ever. unless you can reproduce it. this goes double when your dealing with some kind of complex lifeform. and triple if you don't know why it has the trait it does. in terms of Elli's condition that means if she's the only known immune person and they don't know why, then killing her to make a vaccine is, a bad idea. if you don't know enough about neuroscience and/or Biology to know that you can remove part of someone's brain and if it's a small part, this shouldn't kill them, especially if they're young. you probably shouldn't be trying to make a vaccine a notoriously tricky process. in conclusion the likely hood of the Fireflies Vaccine not working and thus dooming humanity is pretty high. So while Joel is undoubtbly evil he did not doom humanity as Elli is still alive. Thanks for Reading this, I really like your countdowns.
Fletcher Reed (3 months ago)
Just noticed you used Davy Jones's theme for Porky's segment. Excellent choice.
Fletcher Reed (3 months ago)
F*ck. Count. Veger.
myst9900 (3 months ago)
ugh I get tired of Joel getting cast in a negative light. First of all he lost his daughter at the beginning of the game, second of all I get it he wanted to save Elle because of the relationship they built throughout the game. Yea it does not justify his actions but they were well intentioned. Look he did not want to lose another loved one that is why he did what he did. He is not evil, it is just that he had his reasons for what he did.
Rustymcnut (3 months ago)
Rustymcnut (3 months ago)
Should have been 1, Weil is indiscriminate.
J Bourbon (4 months ago)
What's the the song that plays in each number transition?
Davis Gage (4 months ago)
Molluck from the odd World Series could make this list. He runs a corporation that kills of native species for profit and when they ran out of creatures to kill and sell, he turns to his own slave employees and starts having them slaughtered to sell as “popsicles”.
Rabbid Rat (4 months ago)
Dahlia Hawthorne from ace attorney
breakfast squad (4 months ago)
In my opinion, Junko Enoshima from danganronpa is the most evil videogame character ever, she isn't evil to reach a goal, she isn't evil for revenge, she hasn't gone insane, she doesn't enjoy it, she doesn't hate it, she doesn't care about surviving, Junko Enoshima is evil just for the sake of being evil.
Daniel Anderson (4 months ago)
Another list could be “top ten Good/Righteous characters”.
Faux Fox Samurai (4 months ago)
Nope. Nope. Just that last part...... nope. That was pure evil right there. Though I have to disagree that the number one villain was nothing like AM. AM was much MUCH worse.
Echo459 (5 months ago)
Who can be worse than Kefka? I'll tell you who: Garon from Fire Emblem Fates. The evil king when you first meets him has you put two prisoners to death, when they were trying to SAVE the avatar. After refusing, Garon sends Corrin to go to The Bottomless Canyon where he is thrown in by a sword Garon gave him. That sword ends up killing Mikoto, Corrin's mother, which Garon had originally planned to kill them both. In between chapters, Garon forces his retainer, Flora, to either kill Corrin or have her whole tribe slaughtered. Fast forward to chapter 26, when you have to kill Xander. He thinks his children as nothing more than pawns for his evil plans. In Conquest, he is so much worse. He delibirately sends Corrin, who thinks of Garon as a father on missions, JUST SO HE SUFFERS. Fast forward to chapter 26 of Conquest, where you eventually defeat Ryoma, Corrin's brother and High Prince of Hoshido. Garon has Corrin personally kill Ryoma, in which Ryoma eventually commits Hara Kiri, if you will by frying himself with his fire and lightning sword, Raijinto. How does Garon take this? He laughs. A LOT.
Wolf Rider (5 months ago)
Spoilers for danganronpa Junko Enoshima
Brian Corvello (5 months ago)
I would say Bumby's death is VERY ironic, seeing as his influence created the Infernal Train, the fiend trying to destroy Alice's sanity in the game.
Deathbob 9000 (5 months ago)
Joel is a hero to Ellie and isnt that what matters?
Bardock SkyWalker (6 months ago)
*I'm Not Incluiding People Who Are Crazy* Then Y Kefka's #3? Also, If This Was Made AFTER Central Fiction, Terumi *MIGHT* Have Been #1... MIGHT
Hollow Bloo (6 months ago)
Trevor phillops from gya V??????
Nicki O'Leary (6 months ago)
I personally would have stuck Dahlia Hawthorne somewhere on the list. I would add Bill Hawkes too, but most of his actions inadvertently caused pain, and even though I DESPISE him, I’m not sure if he’s necessarily “evil”, so I don’t know if he counts
Esther Keeler (6 months ago)
There's this channel called Mr.Krueger or something like that but he made a list similar to this but now i cant find it so can you tell me if his channel is deleted,privated or what.
michał rosa (6 months ago)
11:00 - Error in numbers
Evan Shelton (6 months ago)
I'm sick of hearing about Joel i would've done the same thing to protect my sister minus killing the doctors for no reason and lying to her. does protecting the people you care about count as evil i mean really protect them no i don't think so #GIVE JOEL A BREAK ALREADY!!!! I Would've put helis from horizon zero dawn in Joels Place. funny video though i liked it
Jesse Popov (6 months ago)
Porky Munch is in the top 5. That's all I wanted.
14Wolf Games (6 months ago)
This is very old, but I would have added Handsome Jack Yeah he could be seen either as a villain or hero but you cannot deny the acts of senseless murder, abuse, severe mutant experimentation on both animals and humans to their death, kidnapping his own daughter to power the key to his 'weapon' as well as strangling people merely for bringing up his wife. He's egotistical to the point where he created a whole city and made it about him, including giant gold statues of himself
I would've put Junko Enoshima. Ok, here a list of her actions. > Kill her twin sister despite being the ultimate soldier, aided her plans, and for no other reason the than leaving without telling anyone and because she doesn't play a good Junko? *Check* > Has a twisted philosophy that makes no goddamn sense yet worked? *Check* > Created the "Biggest, Most Awful, Most TRAGIC event in human history"? A plan where she somehow convinces everyone at Hope's Peak to enter despair that spreads, kills nearly everyone in the WORLD AND had people attach her body parts to themselves after her death? *Check* > Looks the part? *No Check* > Trapped her classmates in the school, so they could kill each other, and feed off their despair? *Check* along with a bonus, "manipulated them into killing each other, yet saying it's of their own free will". > Multiple personalities because she gets bored WAY TOO EASILY? *Check for every personality* > Gladly accepts her punishment time? *Check* > Despair beyond belief? *CHECK TIME A MILLION!!!!!!* >Bullshitted death by becoming an AI and tries to revert ex-Hope's Peak students back to the despair the were. *CHECK* What else needs to be said, she destroyed & manipulated the world into despair like "#Noregrets ", killed her sister, and she how to manipulate people into getting her way (unless their stubborn like Makoto). Her death changed NOTHING! She always return. The words that describe her besides "DESPAIR" is "manipulative" & "total BULLSHIT". She has more despair than dr. Veil has HATE!
Zoares Zeta (7 months ago)
What if Kefka had the strenght of Sephiroth since the beginning of ff6 ? He'd fuck the world without thinking twice.lolol
funnyblog100 (7 months ago)
Actually being pushed in front of a train can be really brutal. Depending on where you land you can be dragged for miles and slowly bleeding to death as rocks and other debri skin you alive.
Prof Membrane (7 months ago)
Evil characters in a game? Hmm...I would say Gul'dan. The guy sold out his entire race to demons, and for what? Power. Not only that, but he sparks a war with humans! Why? Because they are on the same plane of existence as the orcs, and mind you, the orcs weren't on Azaroth, they came there from a fucking Portal that was built by an insane mage.
Pizzatardis1 1 (8 months ago)
Watching this 2 years later what about Chara? It killed everything except you and it
Dan Eyal (8 months ago)
I liked the AM quote in the end. good work.
Vampire Hunter TK (8 months ago)
I know that Dr. Weil has caused so much death and destruction, and people should fear him, I just hate him, but also Junko Enoshima tops this guy, due to her motives and personality, but I doubt you played Danganronpa.
SpeciBat (9 months ago)
Maks 2000 (9 months ago)
11:29 Just like Junko Enoshima, and her Monokuma! Am i right, or not?
NoahFan114 (9 months ago)
who's the guy in the mask during the placement cards? (like @ 7:11)
CGKase (9 months ago)
Jack of Blades.
Dominec Powers (9 months ago)
Why is Teremy number 5 and 2?
thetardisisblue1110 (10 months ago)
how did it take me almost three years to notice the typo at 11:00? it says number 5 instead of number 2.
Joshua Eckenreiter (10 months ago)
You know what’s scary about Porky being in the top 5, he’s a NINTENDO character! Porky could arguably be the most evil character in Nintendo history.
shroobfan101's account (10 months ago)
While watching the video, I expect Weil at the end. I was not disappointed. Also expected Terumi at some point.
Simeon, The Puppet Master (11 months ago)
As someone who played the Mega Man Zero series, I perfectly agree with number one. In the final battle with Weil, every single hit feels satisfying to deal because of how horrid he is.
Brian Tweedt (11 months ago)
Ware the hell is AM from "I have no mouth and I must scream"
Meg Stephens (11 months ago)
Yuuki's girlfriend is junko emoshida
Meg Stephens (11 months ago)
Porky = erik cartman × 10. Nuff said
Number 7 WTF?!?!
Tyler Rinn (11 months ago)
Mediawatcher (11 months ago)
About Joel, there is an interesting interpretation where even if he did let them they wouldn’t have contributed the cure fairly, also the fact that the cure in itself would’ve been meaningless as it went on for 20 years, especially considering how it seems like almost everyone has lost all their human decency, it doesn’t justify his actions but it does give in interesting perspective over whether or not he really did make the wrong choice.
Scipion3 (11 months ago)
Awww come on no Dimentio....
Mickspad (11 months ago)
Dude, Terumi is awesome because he's not just evil, he's right most of the time (not the killing part), he is one of the only people to know about the issues with the time loops and the other major one is too busy constantly insulting Ragna for no good reason and slapping her subordinates to bother explaining it to anyone else. Terumi is one of those people that you just look at and say, "damn, dude, you'e evil as fuck, but I want to root for you because of how amazing you are to watch." Anytime a character actually figures out what's going on because of Terumi is an absolute delight to see... am I evil?
Suzy The Critic (11 months ago)
Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Telltale Game of Thrones would be a pretty good contender for this list even though he was not originally a video game character. He outright flays two people in the game and is easily one of the most blatantly sadistic characters in fiction. Unfortunately, video game!Ramsay Bolton is actually the 'nicest' version. He is worse in the show and exponentially more depraved in the books.
oheyitsclarence (1 year ago)
Speaking of I Have No Mouth Yet I Must Scream, can we talk about AM? I know he doesn't qualify for this list, since he isn't (in a sense) "sane" but, this AI destroyed humanity except for 5 people, gave them all crippling issues, and tortures them for eternity. He can make realities to torture them furthur. He enjoys playing with lives, whether they be real or created by him. Scary for an AI. Edit : Since it's also from a book originally it doesn't qualify even if it was a sane human being.
Blastertronus (1 year ago)
I always love it when Cave Story gets recognitions, because it very rarely does!
Krazi ShadowBear (1 year ago)
And I saw Mephiles in the "middle part"......
Krazi ShadowBear (1 year ago)
Nice! I saw Freedom Planet in the intro!
Dafawfulizer (1 year ago)
Well to be fair, Bumby's death actually was pretty fitting when you consider the fact that his hypnotism of Alice manifested itself as a train in wonderland
TheSilverZGuardian (1 year ago)
Hey I wanted to put this out there. In FFXIV Stormblood they're bringing back Kefka in the next patch two days from now. Here'ss the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1tABKPBlJs wait until the end of the video and they will show kefka's face in 3D.
LihoShammy (1 year ago)
Why did you add Kefka to this list when you specifically mentioned you would not include crazy characters?
Agent Tex (1 year ago)
You know that Speech at the end really fits Clockwerk from Sly cooper Just replace everyone with The cooper clan and it fits
Trystan Oliver (1 year ago)
Terumi A.K.A. my favorite video game character.
SBaby (1 year ago)
Sorry, but Joel's not a villain.  He's a guy that was put into a bullshit scenario in a vastly overrated rage zombie game.
SBaby (1 year ago)
And where is King Valentine on the list?  This guy kills his own daughter, and that event causes him to go completely insane (well, moreso than he already was) and manipulate events to end the world, ending the fairy race and wiping out all but two humans in the world, simply because he doesn't want to go on living anymore.
Toni Leaf (1 year ago)
Too bad this was uploaded in 2015; Monika could definitely make it on here (maybe not #1, but still). While she doesn't directly hurt anyone, it's pretty clear (at least to me) that she is a selfish murderer who only cares about her own interests, particularly one interest that she can't even reach or even see. That should be enough to qualify her.
frank spick (1 year ago)
for joel i don't see has a villain more of a neutral character being many things 1. the fire flies didn't give ellie a choice ether thus why joel went in there and kill those son of bitches. 2. there were a very very small chance they would of gotten anything that would of lead to a cure being it was stated in game they did this before and gotten nothing from it. 3. is that even they did gotten something it ether wouldn't be enough to make one, the fungus evolve past it or it was made to late thus making it useless.
Wolfhunter 917 (1 year ago)
I looked up 8chan and tumblr and they are both extremely terrible. I looked up libertarian and authoritarian and both are extremely terrible. So... given the choice between Weil and Terumi... Ghghghg...... I CANNOT DECIDE!!!!! You’re right it is like picking between Satan and Lucifer!!!!!!!But to be honest... since I checked out all the stories from Calamity Trigger to Central Fiction... I have to go with Terumi as to becoming a true god to spread despair even further and destroy the world and make his own. Just think about it. Terumi is the ultimate video game villain without a doubt for me.
andrew gifford (1 year ago)
it's too bad you did not expand your list to non video game characters cause then i could list my most hated villain ever one that i hate so much that her actions have awoken a darkness in me that i never knew i had, a hatred that burns brighter that the stars in that sky and with more fury than the force of a nuke,my hate for her is so strong that i would shove an chainsaw up her ass.................................................. and then turn it on and watch her scream in agony and all with a smile on my face as i watcher her BEG for mercy but will give none: i am of course talking about............................................................................................................................... CINDER from RWBY
Dinosaturn07 (1 year ago)
i think the Shroobs should be on here
Darth Revan (1 year ago)
Joel is not evil for several reasons. One it is maid clear that the vaccine is not a certainty it's Elly dies and humanity might be immune to the infection, Second I seriously doubt the fireflies have the resources to even properly study the fungus and develop a vaccine or produce it in any significant amount let alone the nightmare of distributing pamphlets it (keep in mind they are terrorists so the government isn't going to help them) and finally humanity is surviving look at the quarantine zones, the dam settlement even the bandits in Pittsburg show that humanity is adapting to the current world. The vaccine isn't going to determine whether or not humanity survives it's already doing so
Gisela suares (1 year ago)
Aren't lucifer and satan the same?
Dr weil would be more speciest than racist.
kirara2516 (1 year ago)
Me Before watching: Hmm, I wonder if Professor Hojo will make this list?
aquamarine has quite the sass for such role as the show shows
NintendoBrother (1 year ago)
The hate speech at the end = me whenever I run into one of my ex girlfriends. Also I'm a bit amazed that Relius Clover didn't appear on here.
Sam Owens (1 year ago)
Mephiles the dark, Junko enoshima, Arkham(dmc 3).
Joel's Playhouse (1 year ago)
Where is Bowser
Mickspad (1 year ago)
Just got BlazBlue and came back here because I KNEW I heard of Terumi somewhere before
Ally Rose (1 year ago)
Yuki Terumi is the jerkiest evilest person I’ve ever seen in media
Rivenge (1 year ago)
i dont get how there are so many evil video game guys withought having AM number 1, its even more weird in this particular list since you used AMs monologue in the end to compliment a different character, i mean come on AM wiped out humanity and only spared 5 wretches for the sole reason of eternaly torturing them, the only excuse that can be used for not toping every single EVIL list out there is that he originates from literature not gaming
Shade The Unknown (1 year ago)
Ok, when it switches to the Number spots bit [Examples, Number 10 and such since it is a top ten] what song is playing and who sings it?
UmbreonWolfLover (1 year ago)
I was not prepared to see Joel
Tuan Vo (1 year ago)
Welp it is not so easy in reality when you're evil cop and other can stop you
MedicatingMedic8896 (1 year ago)
I think someone else would have fit. General Deathshead (Wolfenstein: The New Order): Literally a mad scientist on steroids. Has seemingly no regard for human life as shown in the incinerator room, mutilates one of your friends in the first half of the game for his dark experiments, and does all he can to destroy you and the Resistance.
Tobi Makkura (1 year ago)
Damn... You put Joel above the other villain in the game, the cannibalistic child molester O.O. He didn't see himself as evil too, though I do get your point since he did damn us all most likely :). I love Joel but respect the hell out of your hatred for him too.
greencomet2011 (1 year ago)
OROCHI BUNSEN! In all honesty, I love Hazama/Terumi. He's definitely one of the better villains when it comes to fighting games.

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