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IMPOSSIBLY Link Two Rubber Bands!

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Impress the girl by linking her own hair bands! --- For more Scam School, follow Brian at: • http://twitter.com/shwood • http://facebook.com/shwood • http://google.com/+shwood • http://twitter.com/scamschool
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Scam Nation (1 year ago)
**psst** Are you enjoying Scam School? You've gotta check out our *brand-new series* "The Modern Rogue" at http://youtube.com/modernrogue. If you've seen it, reply and tell me what you think. If not, then get on over there. I'll bet you a dollar you love it. -Brian
jk frn (1 year ago)
when Netflix use to send DVDs in the mail, fuk time fly's.... still hear tho
Rueben Hargreaves (1 year ago)
5:33 omfg
Emmett Brown (1 year ago)
Is this girl available? I guess someone probably married her in the last 7 years... SHE IS GORGEOUS !
Hanif Mirza (1 year ago)
his t shirt has the 9 tail fox on it
cochiselol1232 (1 year ago)
Simon Nading (2 years ago)
Dang. I sat for an hour trying to sort it out. I was sure you had a twist hidden in your hands, but couldn't sort it. This was great. Definitely love rubber band tricks.
-tan s (2 years ago)
coolfrets (2 years ago)
This week you should get a haircut. jk do what you need bruh
Zay Dog (2 years ago)
im a kid rubber ban magic and i haven't learned how to do this one yet
Justin Sigmund (2 years ago)
I think he may have been bringing her home that night. hahaha
YouTube BANDIT (2 years ago)
one was definitely in the other anyone fo the trick? cause I feel trolled with real magic lol
Sonny Ramdass (2 years ago)
intristing tricks
Joah Macosko (2 years ago)
Mibik (2 years ago)
pause at 1:51 to see how he does it and put it into slow motion
Vern Wichman (2 years ago)
can't see hands because those captions are covering to much.Those captions suck !
Jack Waller Magic (2 years ago)
May have to try this one
Preachers (2 years ago)
If you watch it a couple of times you might start to notice his middle fingers when she rubs the bands together.
Smokey Joe (2 years ago)
1:06 im fuckin expressionless :P
john zoidberg (2 years ago)
Remember when Netflix actually mailed you movies, scam school remembers
J. F. (2 years ago)
dave johnson (2 years ago)
His hair is fucking ridiculous. Obviously a grown man who'salso a narcissist & who's mummy and daddy didn't give himenough attention when he was little, so now the spikey hair bit.
Dominic Jordan (2 years ago)
Love these replys
TheCanadian Crafter (2 years ago)
+Scam School everyone give this guy a biiig hug 😂😂
Scam Nation (2 years ago)
D'aww... Who needs a hug? Come here, you big lug... **hugs** There, isn't that better? Now let me buy you a drink and you can join the party. Welcome aboard!
TheSturmgeist 92 (2 years ago)
How many innuendos could you count in this video?....
Tiger Man (2 years ago)
Hey you also do the show life hacker. Huh?
Posie Plums (2 years ago)
"because I'm a man." Fuck you.
the one 1993 k (2 years ago)
seems like l lot of sexual tension In the air
Udunen (3 years ago)
Didn't work
donnavon ali (3 years ago)
thank u Scam school🙌
MrNDUDE16 (3 years ago)
She pretty
Yusuf Roesli (3 years ago)
i did ur tricks to my friends , now i have no friends
Morten F (3 years ago)
same thing happened to me. now i only have my cat
CriticalHit149 (3 years ago)
I love this show! But, it's like, there are only half of them on here, if that! I always feel like I'm missing episodes. Like, nowhere in the list can I find that 'rainbow trout --> battery episode'. Nor the grannie murder one! Damn you YouTube!! :3
CriticalHit149 (3 years ago)
Actually, the 'Next time:.." for the Next time episodes would probably just fold back into plots for Hacking the System. :3 Now to find this hidden show in between, lol.
CriticalHit149 (3 years ago)
+Scam School ....whoa... Eshcer-esque. O.O
Scam Nation (3 years ago)
+CriticalHit149 heh... just now figure out what we end each episode with a complete lie about what's coming up next time?
Lawrence Lepes (3 years ago)
Neat trick
Ulek _ (3 years ago)
So sexy. "rub it real hard" lol
Javier Nathaniel Tan (3 years ago)
I was confused about the setup a little bit just now but now I got it
B4WZeR (3 years ago)
Hair game is strong in this one :D Coming bakc to old episodes is so gooood
Nancy Swarey (3 years ago)
So many of these videos are just great. This one demonstrates far more than a cool trick. This is, most of all, about the power of hypnosis being demonstrated, because, in this video, as you watch and listen, he gives her every sexual instruction, reinforcement, and even specific words of pleasure of his choice, all hidden within sentences that have nothing to do with sex. (Most of 'conscious hypnosis' is simply hiding commands within innocent, unrelated sentences, the subconcious mind hears every word and meaning. Must say, have never seen such a blatant example. Count over a dozen commands, far too many to call it 'coincidence.' The nature of those commands is proof enough... from 3:50 forwards (For anyone who doubts, wait until you hear her take her turn, she's primed, yet, she's also out of her comfort zone, which explains her significant stumble on a particularly powerful phrase when she starts her turn to 'explain the trick.' At that point, both of them are deep into sex, as you easily notice the second time you watch. Enjoy learning! "And the best part is... that moment..." "Hook your thumbs in, and pull down" He even tells on himself, blatantly, with all the "That's what you THINK is going on. Instead.. that's not at all..." "With my thumbs, I pull down the top band..." "You clearly have them interlocked. So, you repeat it all again." "When I get ready for you to reach forward.." It gets more blatant, NSFW, these are the lightest examples, but you have to give him credit for effort. No doubt he succeeds with many who are uber-suggestible, it's just a tad tragic that he's doing it so blatantly. Comes across as a bit needy. Despite the sleaze factor, his training and practice are not minimal. All that said, this entire series is edutaining, grateful to've learned so much from dozens of videos from this channel.
PawNigg (3 years ago)
like if you're watching this in 2016
Sammy Sealion (2 years ago)
PawKiaw like if watching In 2017
Alan (3 years ago)
6:06 dat bite lip tho
Monkey D Luffy (3 years ago)
Scam school the only show that still has a into from the 80s to 90s
Unboxing Bros (3 years ago)
this was rubbish
Bill S (3 years ago)
How do you get the rubber bands into the correct starting position without being seen? Great trick, but what should I do so that they don't see me doing something fishy with the rubber bands at the beginning? Thank you.
Atomic Robo Tesla (3 years ago)
Make it look natural. They're gonna see it anyway, just make it look it's just you setting up the rubber bands.
Josh Zook (3 years ago)
The explanation is absolute dogshit. Big disappointment.
CyanideSurprise (2 years ago)
alcholism in a sentence
Andrew Salas (2 years ago)
Josh Zook let's toast on that 🍻🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🍸🍸🍾🍻🍻🍺🍻🍻🍺🍻🍺
Josh Zook (3 years ago)
No kidding! I'm embarrassed that I posted that original comment. But hey, it happens. I love Scam School.
C. Alex Mateos (3 years ago)
+Josh Zook That awkward moment that your drunk ass comments get replied to.
Josh Zook (3 years ago)
Hey, Bri, I was pretty drunk when I watched this, so my brain wasn't functioning. I apologize for being insulting. I really love you and Scam School. Finally got this down once sober!
Odd Eology (3 years ago)
hw tottaly scored the chick =D
Austin Rodriguez (3 years ago)
I tried this at the bar the other day. I went up to a cute girl, she magically had 2 hair tie things. I showed her the magic trick and she was amazed. Instantly i could tell i impressed her. Everything was going so well but then i spent like 3 minutes explaining the magic trick to her and then she walked off... I didnt even get to show her what i could do with my other hand.
Taru (3 years ago)
"but first, let me take a "
Qermaq (3 years ago)
An even better reveal is to expose your fingers out and ask the volunteer to remove the rubber bands one by one.
Nicholas Jarrett (3 years ago)
*sarcastically thinks David Blaine is the magician he's talking about* 6:06 OH SH*T DID HE JUST SAY DAVID BLAINE
Theresa Slabinski (3 years ago)
Tried it 50 times and never work
AJMB (3 years ago)
You revealed it at 1:50
Brandon wall (3 years ago)
Deep Nerts
This Old Chevy (3 years ago)
yourt louse stupid trick donest work,.,,, YOU [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scam Nation (3 years ago)
+The Randomized Youtuber woohooo!
This Old Chevy (3 years ago)
+Scam School sorry, I finally figured it out XD
Scam Nation (3 years ago)
+The Randomized Youtuber Calm down. Stop crying. Practice. You want to be able to do this or not?
This Old Chevy (3 years ago)
this impossible to do
That_Stupid_Noob (3 years ago)
Anyone else just thinks to them selves for a while, "Why the is there a two advertisement in this video but I never seem to notice them and why doesn't it bother me?" I mean usually, you get pissed at 18 second ads. He does like 3 minutes of it.
Nancy Swarey (3 years ago)
+Holy Devil Nothing wrong with ads, and his tend to be better than national "concept" ads that don't get to the point. Maybe a bit of a horndog, and still, he's a great teacher, decent entertainer, imo. Put him in a school, he'll raise knowledgeable leaders, who know how to laugh at themselves as well as others
Nancy Swarey (3 years ago)
+Scam School Well-said
PianoXfan1 (3 years ago)
+Holy Devil I skip them.
That_Stupid_Noob (3 years ago)
+LikeGodzzila But some of it are good so. Meh. But it feels like watching T.V and usually go along with advertising. Maybe it's the fact that they announce that it's gonna be there.
LikeGdz (3 years ago)
+Holy Devil No. The ads in this videos are the only reason I avoid them at maximum. I completly skip the ads asap.
Mart (3 years ago)
Like if you watch this is 2015
YPO6 (3 years ago)
Nice vintage video from the early 10's.
Alaina Groom (3 years ago)
I did it!!!!!
Paras Jadhav (3 years ago)
she's gorgeous!
thebluelynx (3 years ago)
Netflix and Chill :3
Darren Smith (3 years ago)
hes acting like its "amazing" its no harder than sitting down for those who watch this pay attention the first time you see his hands as the girl is rubbing the bands together.. he hold the bands in a "Z" like pattern on both side but to complete the trick he lets go of only one side (his left) making the bands look like they've magically got wrapped in each other but to change it back he lets go of his right side -_- its funny how people find this amazing when its common knowledge
The Bloody Roses (3 years ago)
This show would be allot better if it didnt have ALL DEM GODDAMN  COMERTIALS
hacking gaming chanel (2 years ago)
V v. V. V. V. B. Van
The Bloody Roses (3 years ago)
+Scam School uh wow thanks but some of my fav videos arent on the remix thats why i'm mad.I know i can skip 'em but i'm too laaaaazzzzyyyy
Scam Nation (3 years ago)
+TheBloody Roses uh oh... Looks like someone hasn't discovered Scam School Remix episodes: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHprOf0KRyMSoSA9wsgaPEqRoNNsZ_D9z
PAMAROSHOUSE (3 years ago)
shes pretty
if you really like magic card tricks go check out TheMagicMan222 my channel pls subscribe and like my vids
Chikamso Favour (3 years ago)
not possible
Kowboy USA (3 years ago)
Cool trick, pretty lady.
Seth B (3 years ago)
its hard to do it with a broken finger...
Jinx (3 years ago)
Your channel is awesome I mean that from my heart of hearts
Daniel Miller (3 years ago)
1:06 wtf is he doin in the backround
Short Sport (2 years ago)
taha khan (2 years ago)
+Silvers 😂😂😂😂
Silvers (3 years ago)
+Daniel Miller twerk baby twerk.
BananaBoat629 (3 years ago)
that girl was pretty
Katie Santiago (3 years ago)
FIRST!!!!  O, what am I kidding.  I'm never first :(
Evan Monast (3 years ago)
Well you're 5 years late sooo..
OnlyTheFamilyGt (3 years ago)
Who else looked for 2 rubber bands during ad and didn't find any?
Hrit Roy (3 years ago)
Instructions unclear. I got my dick caught in rubber bands.
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod (3 years ago)
Katie Haselton (3 years ago)
Why do you need sponsors if these tricks are free? Like, most of these GET money. What's with the commercials?
Mohammad Garajleigh (3 years ago)
+Cassidy Kelly Well, these are literally monetized-videos because sponsors pay to have their brands promoted..
Cassidy Kelly (3 years ago)
+Grumpy Cat Cat Fish while that is true. Monitizing actually refers to YouTube themselves putting ads on your videos rather than you integrating them yourself. Monetized ads are those that give you the prompt to wait like 5 seconds before you can skip it.
Katie Haselton (3 years ago)
+spydergs Oh, that makes sense. 
spydergs (3 years ago)
+Grumpy Cat Cat Fish Making money off videos via commercials. 
Katie Haselton (3 years ago)
+spydergs What is it? 
Vox Dei (3 years ago)
cool hair
darren genner (3 years ago)
hi brian...that's cool and awesome trick you taught that I'll try to my friends:)
J & J Randomness (3 years ago)
Hacking the system I meant
J & J Randomness (3 years ago)
You are so successful Brian you have your own show called hack my life
Awesome trick
Lewd Loaf (4 years ago)
he thinks we are dumb mate we all know that there are two slits in the hair band all you have to do is put it inside the slit.
Scam Nation (4 years ago)
+PLAY or PRAY huh?
George Crabtree (4 years ago)
Excellent trick! I know I'll botch it the first fifteen times but I'm doing it anyway.
Puzzle Dust (4 years ago)
stupid trick..... stupid doucharoo hairdoo
Kowboy USA (3 years ago)
+Turd Linger You may want to try some other pastimes, because your trolling skills completely blow.
jaswinder sharma (3 years ago)
U dumb
medicore0000 (3 years ago)
+Scam School it doesn't matter how old the video is. That hairdo is still gay as fuck.
asan basheer (3 years ago)
+Turd Linger go check out my channel to post a hate comment please I love haters. Thank you bro
Truth Matters (4 years ago)
wish you would show the set up a bit slower. i was unable to follow. 
Kuraku Senpai (3 years ago)
+SirVictorYPower why no work for orepra?
InTheNameOfJustice (4 years ago)
+SirVictor.YPower "doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox" Ah. That is why I see no option for speed. Thank you.
victorypower (4 years ago)
+InTheNameOfJustice You go to options, and press the dropdown tab next to where it says "speed:" and change the speed. (doesnt work on Mozilla firefox)
InTheNameOfJustice (4 years ago)
+Scam School How? I mean, apart from hitting the pause button constantly
Scam Nation (4 years ago)
+Shawn White you can actually slow down the playback in Youtube
chris owen (4 years ago)
Rad trick! the real scam is the cut they did to the footage the first time he does the trick to her :) 1:24-1:26 :) ***only reason I noticed was his statement about asking a meaningful question-forcing eye contact and I wanted to see his "move"*** Really tho... this is cool :)
Jacob Zippy (4 years ago)
I saw you move your two fingers out of the rubber band
조이둥이네 (4 years ago)
i love your trick, but your t-shirt make me memory japan's world war 2 criminal act. be more careful  you are world famous man
Cassius Animus (3 years ago)
+dong jo lmao you sir are retarted.
John Hughes (4 years ago)
what are you talking about? 😂
Meri T R (4 years ago)
nice try didnt get anything because it was dark
SavageHunter 456 (4 years ago)
Wtf Boeing
John Smith (4 years ago)
Chris Kenner ripoff, what the fuck?
John Smith (4 years ago)
+Scam School I was wrong, apologies.
Scam Nation (4 years ago)
+John Smith #1:  Kenner's like my BFF.  We shared the parlour at the Magic Castle.  #2:  This version is a Dan Harlan variation, published in the Magical Arts Journal, published by Michael Ammar.  #3:  Guessing you didn't stick around for the part where I specifically mention the permission I got and plug the book. Deep breaths, John.  I know it's easy to rush to snap decisions, but often times there's more to the story.  I'm at [email protected] if you have any other concerns.
David Boland (4 years ago)
she waaants the D
Kenneth Goebel (4 years ago)
you are insane
RAIDERS_ CLASH (4 years ago)
She digs him
Genaro Hernandez (4 years ago)
The reason there are so many ads is because people like him get payed for advertising
fuanshin (4 years ago)
Clout Booler (4 years ago)
No hate but why are there so many ads but I still like you
M. salah (4 years ago)
my friend is kinda like i want you to keep them tied together and leave them.
Magic Man (4 years ago)
I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manish Seal (4 years ago)
i was actually playing with a pair of rubber bands and figured out this trick way back
Nathan Sawatzky (4 years ago)
I figured this out all by myself when I was like 5
Mogumbo Gono (4 years ago)
SCAM SCHOOL, the only show dedicated to... ...ENDLESS COMMERCIALS!
Louis C (4 years ago)
Bitch looking so smug, pftt. I feel sorry for you Brian. Teach these things to someone that actually loves magic and these types of tricks. She does not appreciate these things at all.
Louis C (4 years ago)
My bad, I got much respect for you man. I just seem to get carried away sometimes speaking my mind over the internet. I learn alot from you =D
Scam Nation (4 years ago)
+Louis C Hey Louis... can we dial down that misogyny?  You seem like a cool guy from your other comments and this just seems way out of line.
PATRICK JACOBO (4 years ago)
Anthony Thomas (4 years ago)
great trick, but you did a really bad job showing us how to do this. I had to go to the Howcast video to figure that out
Brad H (4 years ago)
I unsubbed. Nothing wrong without the content just the annoyance of the intro sounding like "Scom school" and the fact the amount of time the ads are and the pause seems longer than the actual video. This is the only channel that I found does this.
Jason Neu (3 years ago)
+WutsNinePlusTen Which "facts" are you referring to :'D
Brad H (3 years ago)
Yes, I agree with that but skipping ads isn't always that efficient. As to the Jason, I'm not whining or making drama? I stated why I unsubbed in my first comment? There was no hostility or whining or drama. Until you come along and start accusing me of stuff when the facts are right in your face. Please, grow up and start being mature for once. I'm trying to reasonably state my opinion and you come out of no where and stating otherwise
LeBron James (3 years ago)
+WutsNinePlusTen You can skip the ads its not that problematic.
Brad H (3 years ago)
I'm not wtf? I stated my opinion. The only reason why I'm "aggressive" as you call it, is because you're calling me out on something that isn't even correct. Duh?

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