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Draw a Manga Girl (real time drawing)

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Subscribe & Comment & Like & Share💋💚💖👍🏻 ✏️Click HERE to know more 👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿 *********************************************** Get Free Trial @Skillshare For free premium in first month ⭐️you can also access here: ✨ http://skl.sh/2pKLXjy ************************************************ Thanks all lovely Subscribe my channel : goo.gl/hY1621 watch more draw anime girl: https://youtu.be/YQWmzwJABE0 Deviantart: http://angiewaiwai.deviantart.com/ I tried to draw with black color pencil and draw a sketch here. so I hope this drawing video can show my my drawing process to all of you. hope it help you to draw anime girl step by step. This is a black and white drawing tutorial. You can simply use a pencil or color pencil. I am an anime artist and i love drawing manga girl. if you are interested on drawing manga, please tell me and comment below. check my videos everyday! Also, i love teach drawing manga girl as i love watching manga and anime. Please draw together with me, angieartmanga. I watch many youtube that is speedpainting and i understand beginners would like to learn drawing in real time drawing. so i teach the manga girl drawing by showing my whole drawing process without editing or many edition. please enjoy. Official Website: http://angieartmanga.weebly.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/AngieARTmanga Subscribe & Comment & Like :D -OPEN FOR MORE INFO- Material: pencil *********************************************** 📺 Instagram @angieartmanga 💕 YouTube @angieartmanga 💛 Devianart: http://angiewaiwai.deviantart.com/ 💙 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/angieartmanga 💙 Twitter @angieartmanga 💚Tumblr @angieartmanga 💚 Google @angieartmanga 👻Snapchat @angieartmanga *********************************************** ☀️Collaboration / Email / Business Enquiry : [email protected] *********************************************** Thanks for watching my Anime drawing Tutorial. My Channel name is AngieARTManga. Do you love comic, anime, drawing artworks? My Video will teach or share you how to draw manga. Also, i usually draw numbers of speedpaint with copic markers, colour pencils. If you enjoy my videos, like my videos, please thumbs up , comment,subscribe and share my channel. Let draw together and try to create your own manga character!
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Text Comments (4355)
AngieARTmanga (8 months ago)
Thanks for all subscribers and viewers! all of you are so nice to me, I dont sure whether I will keep drawing in future in YouTube, I am still so excited to be here. Thanks my friends
Niña playz (1 month ago)
+thecardcatcher mine is opt. 0.5
Pastel flurry (1 month ago)
I just got to tell you something, all the video you were just coloring in the eyes, you could deal with that later after you draw it
the mad Unicorn zone (2 months ago)
Um...what band is that mechanical pencil from cuz i want to buy one like that. P.S. your videos are AMAZING😀😁
Iris Ariko (2 months ago)
Dear sweet angieartmanga, Everyone is complaining how they suck at this but for me it was nice and easy! Thank you for making this video, i was having a meltdown because i couldnt draw anime alone. This video was a bit fast so i paused it from time to time but my character looks AMAZING right now Thank you again.😄
thecardcatcher (3 months ago)
may i ask what mechanical pencil and lead you use?
Animator Rich (6 hours ago)
I think dis is the greatest art of ever(。’▽’。)
The Epic Gamer Ftw (13 hours ago)
How cam a drawing almost cure your depression and make you kill yourself at the same time?
Unsupervised ART (1 day ago)
Are you the one who made Pokémon
Brady Brooks (1 day ago)
You: draws whole thing in 6 mins Me: takes 1 hour trying to make a decent eyebrow
DIDA TV (1 day ago)
Cuuuuuute 😍😵😘
XxSilentSilverxX (1 day ago)
Eeppppp Are you Chinese? Im chinese. I subscribed :3
Travis Williams (2 days ago)
thank you so much for this video it really helped me a lot!
Song Ji-eun (3 days ago)
It's hard to draw both eyes with same size , I'll always end up draws eyes either one will be bigger than the other ones , so I'll find a character that his or her eyes blink or wink so I just draw one eyes , it's easier . But I really do want to practice drawing both eyes perfectly, can you make a video about how to draw an anime eyes ?
ShadeeIsNOT-AFK (3 days ago)
Oh I can draw that! IF I CAN DO THE OTHER FUCKING *_EYE_*
Wolfie Sprinkles LOL (3 days ago)
Hey printer! Printer:Yea..? Me:Draw this for me so I can look like a pro. printer: again!?!?
I’m very surprised you didn’t draw the head shape first! Must be extremely skilled 👍
Itz_Wolfy playz (5 days ago)
Not bragging but I think I nailed it! 😂 I wish I could show u, lol
Dorcas Chan (6 days ago)
Diệp Trần (7 days ago)
Love draw
[_Shyrigan-] (7 days ago)
This looks epic
陳斯雅Anna (8 days ago)
[_Shyrigan-] (7 days ago)
陳斯雅Anna goob
Rlly? I'm just bad at the angle .
S. Chang (10 days ago)
So I was drawing and my mom came it, and she asked me to see it. And I said no, so she said "it can't be that bad sweetie." And I was like , "trust me, you don't want to see it."
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
Haha, is that your mom show you my drawing and said I drawing so bad?😂 ummm I don’t sure , but let’s draw and practice together
Natalia Bellanca (12 days ago)
PFFFF I CAN DRAW BETTER *draws stick person*
Joy Melody Winx (13 days ago)
I've have to work hard more than the other drawings ^^ I love yur drawing .
Aye_YashaBuster (13 days ago)
You make it look so easy I'm jelous it really good
{Lenny} (15 days ago)
This is not hard,imma do it *draws patiently* *30 minuts later* im almost done *a hour later* NO WHEN I DIE IL FINISH THIS
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
I used to drawing a long time for a manga eye, let’s try to draw as more as you can for one thing and I believe u can find the differences
Stardoll Fikirleri (15 days ago)
Woww thanks thanks *-*
ᴄʀ ᴏɴᴀ (17 days ago)
Mind came out ok I’m not very good at the curvy lines.
ynna vanessa (17 days ago)
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
Practice hundred time and more , u will draw better , write better
Azka Muslimah channel (17 days ago)
Wooooowww good idea i love it
ALonelyLeek (19 days ago)
Really love this drawing keep it up! I just love looking at masterpieces!
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
Thanks for your love.
00Salty Chips00 (19 days ago)
*wHY dRaW WhEn yOU cAn TRaCe???* (This was a joke please don’t kill meh ;-;)
Haku shimawai (19 days ago)
I Am So Good AT THis I Draw PerFecT AnD I PracTice
Ny _z (20 days ago)
Watching this video just made me realize that im such a noob
Bubbly Hannah :3 (21 days ago)
Rip my eraser (╥_╥)
Sofy Jazm Miranda R (21 days ago)
Me: ok yayyyy i did the first eye next! ''10 mins later'' =crying= i cant do the eye the same ;'c
Diamondz XD (8 days ago)
Im came from the future to say that i have trying to make this but i failed like a hundred times... No...i meant Billion times Btw love your art its kawaii
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
That is my pleasure hehe
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
Thanks so much for our love ;)
exotic tree (24 days ago)
ty sm! I can finally draw a anime girl now, mine looks a bit different from yours but it still turned out good! :)
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
This sound good! ;) haha!
KawaiiKarli88 (24 days ago)
Wow, how come people like you don't draw anime?
KawaiiKarli88 (8 days ago)
+AngieARTmanga oh
AngieARTmanga (8 days ago)
I am still learning many...
Kitty paw Lps (24 days ago)
Is that a lead pencil or art pencil? 😅 xD
Foxay Periwinkle (24 days ago)
What, you draw the eyes first? I always draw the head first :P
[_Shyrigan-] (5 days ago)
Foxay Periwinkle me too UwU
The Lucky Angel (25 days ago)
Me:I think I draw an anime girl Me:*Look on the paper* Me:Nope,I draw a stickman
Kat Kit Potato (26 days ago)
Yeah ik ik, roblox profile and all but. (Dont mind my profile im just a loser) but bruh this made me improve. Also with my ahegao. Pls dont judge me i have old content
Tuan Sang Nguyen (26 days ago)
It is a beatiful girl 😊😊
Are you telling me...You practised 100 TIMESS??!?!?!Holy &***
K-pop Family (27 days ago)
ترا انا ما انتقد او اعمل شي خطا بس اول مرة اشوف واحد بيبدا من العنين بعدين الشعر بعدين الراس ترا الرسمة مرة حلوة بس ليش كل الخرابيط الواحد بيبدا من الراس بعدين العنين بعدين الشعر ترا راح ارجع اعيد الرسمة حلوة بس ليش هيك بدا بالرسمة معلومة : اعرف انو القناة الجنبية بس حبيت اقول يعني اذا في واحد عربي دخل عالفيديو
;dash; / Nanogon (27 days ago)
Does anyone have good tips on body proportions for women? Everytime I draw the hardest part is usually the body and hands for me. That’s why right now I’m only limited to drawing heads (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) also how dafuq do you draw them at different angles
PiCkLe RiCk (29 days ago)
Without erasures??
Akemi Chan (29 days ago)
I don’t know where to put reflections though :3
Akemi Chan (29 days ago)
And I always start with the head :(
Megan Bernacol (30 days ago)
L3dn4r _Gaming (30 days ago)
Nightcore Scorpio (1 month ago)
Where did u get that pencil sorry it’s a petty question😅
Ikra Uddin (1 month ago)
Awesome drawing plus only in 6min
Aninua Kawaii (1 month ago)
*Alguém br?*
Yasmin Time!!! (1 month ago)
I tried to draw this but it didn’t work
the doll killer l (1 month ago)
Omg this video help me my problems of drawing, thanks for making this video
yumi yumi (1 month ago)
You are drawing so good
Jada Sinanaj (1 month ago)
in love I hope u do more
kim yukina (1 month ago)
Watches it*k I can draw it!:3 After a while*crap I forgot I don't have a pencil cuz I'm travelling and I'm to lazy to get a pencil ;-; 1 like=a prayer for this lazy person
OMGitsprincess (1 month ago)
I look at the videos drawing looks at mine : what happened to me? :
Evelyn Meria (1 month ago)
every time I tried to draw I always used my eraser it's impossible to draw without my eraser
Danae Levis (1 month ago)
It’s interesting how you start with the eyes and not the blank head shape. Beautiful drawing!!
FriesDaily (1 month ago)
My drawing is still not as amazing as yours but I think I did a good job and a proud of it! ❤️
Aiko Kyunn (1 month ago)
Tools ?
Jayla Herring (1 month ago)
Your good but your going to fast I can’t tell what your don’t at all nah it was horrible I hated it so mush the I ripped my book try not to go so fast
KAWAII cuttie 06 (1 month ago)
So cute i draw but not as good as this
AJ HEART (1 month ago)
0:56 *should we reach 300 likes?* Me: Should we reach 57k likes?
I Vote Sure But I Saying Not Sure LOL
Alexies Garais (1 month ago)
Why it looks likes easy but difficult in reality
Animal sketch’s Live (1 month ago)
I just sped it up lol my arts trash ugh YOURE SO GOOD AT ART
Raiiny (1 month ago)
My friend drew this... tbh idk how she did it but she did xD
xx.Rachelle Gachas.xx. (1 month ago)
Kuraka (1 month ago)
Wow that’s so impressive. I spend 60minutes trying to draw a circle and you took 6minutes to draw something so fabulous.
Marie Edits (1 month ago)
This was so helpful thank you And I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO DRAW THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH
Athena OwO (1 month ago)
Me: my art's pretty good! Me: (sees this video) Me: I'm wrong......
林綿 (1 month ago)
players girl (1 month ago)
Boo not helping
Beste Nur Dutucu (1 month ago)
I really like your style
WolfieCritine (1 month ago)
Oh ma gawd dude dat so cute! I dont even know how to draw a head (;-;)
Nong Nguyen (1 month ago)
meomeo chi (1 month ago)
1 Eye big 1 eye small
IKA SOO (1 month ago)
@AngieARTmanga Wow!You'r Pretty Amazing! How can you do that? Can you speak Chinese? 我是台灣人。(。・ω・。)ノ♡ I love your drawing!
My Vuong (1 month ago)
help pe
My Vuong (1 month ago)
so cute^_&
Rusko (1 month ago)
Thanks for showing me how to draw and now the motivation to draw it.
Rusko (1 month ago)
Wait. Aren't you supposed to draw the blueprint structure of the face or are you already used to it?
Isabela Tlaseca (1 month ago)
What pen do you use to draw
xXHeyItzMehBRUHHXx (1 month ago)
Niña playz (1 month ago)
Mine looks good but it needs still improvement Tho i used mechanical pencil it still needs improvement I suck in the hair Edit:I like my own comment
Hiếu Tô viết (1 month ago)
Night Sky (1 month ago)
I would practice this if i got much likes wut wll never happen
Jade Bedania (1 month ago)
This kinda easy im gonna draw this tomorrow
Jade Bedania (1 month ago)
This is will take me too either min 3 or 4 ( 6 month 😂😂)
sarah_12c (1 month ago)
So kawaii! ^^ Oh yeah.. *I can't draw eyes.*
jeepers (1 month ago)
Mine looks awful oof
Minhtam Nguyen (1 month ago)
thank you
Minhtam Nguyen (1 month ago)
Gacha Teodora (1 month ago)
I draw beautiful head and then i draw body like 6 year old girl
Gaohnubqub Livon (1 month ago)
What pencil did you use? The pencil is so satisfying

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