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Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Official)

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Get “I Kissed A Girl” from Katy Perry’s ‘One of the Boys’’: http://katy.to/OneOfTheBoys WITNESS: The Tour tickets available now! https://www.katyperry.com/tour Directed by Kinga Burza Follow Katy: http://www.katyperry.com http://youtube.com/katyperry http://twitter.com/katyperry http://facebook.com/katyperry http://instagram.com/katyperry Lyrics: This was never the way I planned Not my intention I got so brave, drink in hand Lost my discretion It’s not what I’m used to Just wanna try you on I’m curious for you Caught my attention (Chorus) I kissed a girl and I liked it The taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it It felt so wrong It felt so right Don’t mean I’m in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it I liked it No I don’t even know your name It doesn’t matter You’re my experimental game Just human nature It’s not what Good girls do Not how they should behave My head gets So confused Hard to obey (Chorus) I kissed a girl and I liked it The taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it It felt so wrong It felt so right Don’t mean I’m in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it I liked it Us girls we are so magical Soft skin, red lips, so kissable Hard to resist so touchable Too good to deny it Ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent (Chorus) I kissed a girl and I liked it The taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it It felt so wrong It felt so right Don’t mean I’m in love tonight I kissed a girl and I liked it I liked it Music video by Katy Perry performing I Kissed A Girl. (C) 2008 Capitol Records, LLC
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Text Comments (96984)
esketit - (1 hour ago)
The question still remains... WHERE DID YOU KISS THE GIRL
Z & E mafia (2 hours ago)
This is my my song
Nicholas Lopez (4 hours ago)
your dad cannot keep up with how many of the commandments that you have disobeyed. DIRTY PERRY
Mae Caira (4 hours ago)
She’s singing a whole song about how she kissed a girl but i can’t even get a girl to like me... wow
Jennifer Kapashesit (6 hours ago)
2008 : Well that's kinda gay 2018 : WELL I'M KINDA GAY TOO.
Diego Salazar (7 hours ago)
Cami Trabal (7 hours ago)
2008 me: Oh my God, how can she had kissed a girl? 2015 me: Oh my God, how is that i didn´t realized that i love girls too? 2018 me: Oh my God, I've rejected by my first girl crush :'((
Noora Riddle (9 hours ago)
I've been reading those comments... and I feel so relieft that I'm not the only one going Bisexual. And it seems as if almost everyone's going bisexual this year. That's awesome.
Elizabeth Margot xd (9 hours ago)
2 0 1 9?
2018 December?
Eijiroceane (12 hours ago)
2008 : Hey that's gay December 2018 : WELL I'M GAY
Lavínia ღ (12 hours ago)
Tradução Isso nunca foi oque eu planejei... Não era a minha intenção Eu fiquei tão corajosa Bebida na mão... Perdi a descrição... Eu não estou acostumada a fazer isso Eu só quero te experimentar Estou curiosa sobre vc... Atraiu a minha atenção! Eu beijei uma garota E gostei Os brilhos labiais dela tem gosto de cereja Eu beijei uma garota Só para experimentar Espero que meu namorado não se importe! Pareceu tão errado Pareceu tão certo Não significa que estou apaixonada essa noite Cansei de traduzir me desculpa!
Forglie (13 hours ago)
The Only Thing That Scared me Is The Lesb Holding the Kitten And No I don't Have Anything Against Gay/Lesbian People
Kxzu (13 hours ago)
Good Song🐣
Obnoxious, poor taste... What disappointment!
Ney Vasconcelos (8 hours ago)
Елена Сватковская Hello pretty! You are very beautiful! I liked your hair! What's your country?💖🌷🔥💝😉🌹
lital h (14 hours ago)
The Outer God (14 hours ago)
Well it is widely known that most of straight women sometimes just got drunk and had... little event with other girls and liked it. And they are still straight.
Shashaa 1221 (14 hours ago)
to myself 10 years ago : YOU ARE GAY
goiria ahmed (14 hours ago)
Favorite song it's too old I saved it from I was young but like it
Yo blarg (16 hours ago)
Who's the girl @2:41 to 2:43?
Caca Pisat (19 hours ago)
Listening to this and questioning my sexuality. Maybe im bi after all
Crystal Jimenez26 (21 hours ago)
Ney Vasconcelos (8 hours ago)
Crystal Jimenez26 Hi princess! You are very pretty! I liked your hair! What's your country?🌷💖💝🌹🔥
Christian Allegria (23 hours ago)
my only Asia
Christian Allegria (23 hours ago)
only Sharon Asia Female
Christian Allegria (23 hours ago)
Only P!nk
Yasiel Puig (1 day ago)
That staccato shit totally makes this song
Alanna McDermott (1 day ago)
This song reminds me of my friend at my old school 😢 because I was a lesbian
Alanna McDermott (1 day ago)
It’s true oof and I am still lesbian and I have a new crush...
Yaidelee Matos (1 day ago)
Whenever i look at animated pictures of girls kissing like KDA akali and evelynn it makes me think if its ok to kiss a girl 😭😭😱😱💋💋so i just put this song and it makes me sensitive 😫💋💋
_If I- I dissociate enough- I can make her say "iridocyclitis"- and that's so bad-_
Wrazar (1 day ago)
Your straight Up gay
gayzão ão ão (1 day ago)
lisa fouse (1 day ago)
I kiss a girl and I loved it lol
Amber Sahory (1 day ago)
LGBT ❤💛💚💙💜
D.o.p.e (1 day ago)
u lesbian lol
Pandaa nwn (1 day ago)
D De Dec Dece Decem Decemb Decembe December 2 0 1 8 ?
A Random Person (1 day ago)
I kissed a girl and I liked it the taste of *Iridocyclitis*
Allen Blaise (1 day ago)
that distorted and consistent sub gets me
Souhaila Seck (1 day ago)
2008:it's kinda of gay and taboo 2018:still kinda of gay baut we like it "to starihght though"
Aksinya Kosak (1 day ago)
karma queen yt (1 day ago)
Ha gayyyyyyyyy!!
zeus Rulez (16 hours ago)
karma queen yt it was a very fun video, thank you for pointing it out
Miding Modi (1 day ago)
2.38 Who else noticed crackhead keysha here??
Caleb Nikolai (1 day ago)
This is nasty
Nicol Materova (1 day ago)
I love katy perry your songs
Vangeline Wilson (1 day ago)
So is she bi??
wang jackson (1 day ago)
December 2018?
I kissed a squirrel and I liked it
The kimsow (1 day ago)
I was in kindergarten singing this omg I'm reckless
Pushpa Kumsr (1 day ago)
Everyone here is gay right
Pushpa Kumsr (1 day ago)
Oh plus nice boobs there sexy
Pushpa Kumsr (1 day ago)
Who is married cuz I am
PoisonousNut (1 day ago)
Bypassed songs in Roblox
Clara Mariana (1 day ago)
Chupa bando de héteros!! essa Músicas quebrou todas as barreiras do preconceito!
Bev Kukie (1 day ago)
Anyone 2018?
Heather Natasha (1 day ago)
I do remember I watched this song around 6-5 years old, of course I didn't know English language that much so I did enjoy this song. Right now l'm a teenager and realize how gay is this song. How on earth I still like this song until now
HeySnitch (1 day ago)
Here from xd
Austin Martin (1 day ago)
10 years? Danm I feel old
SlimeySquish14 (2 days ago)
I’m sorry but I could not stop thinking of “iradocyclitis” or however you spell it😂
Kali Kiel (2 days ago)
Aside from how hot Katy Perry is, the cat is soooo cute!!!
Ana Emshwiller (2 days ago)
OMG I was in like 1st grade when I saw this I and I was like MOM PLAY KISSED A GIRL! She said ummm! I am now Bi an
Ney Vasconcelos (1 day ago)
Ana Emshwiller Hi pretty! You are very beautiful! I loved your hair! I loved Bissexual! No problem! What's your country?🌷🌷💖💖🔥🔥
Kaike Cesar (2 days ago)
2016: I don't like lgbts, this is wrong 2017: OK i might be bisexual 2018: Well, I'm bisexual and I love it , I WANT TO KISS A BOY AND I LIKE IT
Tiara Ford (2 days ago)
I has Buttercupman (2 days ago)
If the girl kiss the girl the one is tomboy
Zoom Kangaroo (2 days ago)
..God...2008 cameras sucked...
Gianna Cherry (2 days ago)
*me during middle school* Ends up liking bois and girls
EragonTheKing Slayer (2 days ago)
when i first listened to this i THOUGHT I was straight but it planted the seed that grew into the beautiful bi tree I am now Hope you're happy Katy, you've created an army of gays
ROCKIT_ ChoppinT (2 days ago)
WTH? All I’m saying
Sarah Muller (2 days ago)
My friend and I used to sing this song in 5th grade In the gazebo on the playground 😂 here in 2018 in the gazebo with no friends... 😢😂
Alice Shirley (2 days ago)
the taste of *IRODOCYCLITUS*
StarCat :3 (2 days ago)
Michael Gallo (2 days ago)
I kissed a girl and I liked it. Unfortunately my ex gf did not like it. :(
Consur saraiva (2 days ago)
I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It
December 2018?
Makayla Shipley (2 days ago)
Hi I want to see your concerts
Tanzeel Rock (2 days ago)
9 December 2018
sophieplays207 Woo (2 days ago)
0:33 your welcome
Rocket Dino (2 days ago)
I kissed a girl and I didn't like it... I kissed a boy too but I didn't like that either!
+what am i doing with my life I'm just asking because I don't know :-) Sorry if that made you mad hehe.
Game オタク, food is life wtf they just dont want to kiss people for now, stop making up sexualities
DEEDSHOT R (2 days ago)
Straight men unit ready for duty
Anonymous Blur (2 days ago)
Daniele Doesn't Matter song
Estetyczna. (2 days ago)
10 years..
Random YouTube User (2 days ago)
This song’s so gay, I like it
Hussain Iraqi (2 days ago)
Good song ❤
さくらてつや (2 days ago)
Joyce Zhang (2 days ago)
First time I heard the song: Aww, that's cute but can't relate. 2018: Yeah girls are cute. I kinda wanna kiss one too. lol
l n (1 day ago)
same lol😂😍
Cartoonistic (2 days ago)
gay lmao
Mario1854 (2 days ago)
I kissed a girl and i liked it ...... ......the taste of iridocyclitis
Sgt Unadvised (3 days ago)
Jack Loughran (3 days ago)
Kailye Thull (3 days ago)
YAAASSSS! #LGBTQ!!!! *in this case l*
Austin (3 days ago)
Sad lesbian hours
Jeremy Koenig (3 days ago)
I do not agree.
Jeremy Koenig (3 days ago)
Thomaz Clark (3 days ago)
How old r u guys?(comment age)
Alby Liber (3 days ago)
I have the feeling that if It was a man that saying i kissed a man wasn't the same thing🤔
this song makes me as a straight boy want to be a lesbian girl
what the fuck is wrong with me
AnonymousGamer (3 days ago)
I think dari's version is better
WoW-legend (3 days ago)

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