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Elie Saab × Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Elie Saab for Elie Saab 4 jul / Paris Full HD Fashion Show Original Song
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Rojeen Y (1 year ago)
Jennifer C (4 years ago)
Song is by the equally genius Amon Tobin, covered by the London Met Orchestra: /watch?v=ggl_pWkbEoc
Sandra Embregts (4 years ago)
@Gemma Tursi The model is Josephine Skriver 
Gemma Tursi (4 years ago)
Does anyone know the model at around 3:03 ??
Yxtapia (4 years ago)
Wow, Sui He at 2:52 <3
 if you dont know the name of the songs use shazam it helps a lot
hajira ahmed (5 years ago)
this man is a genius of women's body romantic and feminine just little bit of masculin touch in it. just pure genius i love his design.
Efftacular (6 years ago)
Indeed... ;)
Jessica Lowery (6 years ago)
Elegance beyond words. The sensuality, subletly sexual. OMG.
Poetry around the body and a Pretty face, Amazing..!!
marcio teixeira (6 years ago)
Karlie Kloss está maravilhosa! passarela perfeita!!
Lumi Rey (6 years ago)
So beautiful, I almost died.
Tias Moshi (6 years ago)
i love elie saab fashion
Sandrine Anterrion (6 years ago)
Loves Saab. One of my favs today...
figen erdogan (6 years ago)
westlifeinhearts (6 years ago)
Karlie is toooo ugly
Kjadija Kassa (6 years ago)
jimmyhendrixjanis (6 years ago)
she's too ugly to be there
magpiefemme (6 years ago)
very kate middleton
Henry Costa (6 years ago)
At The End Of The Day The London Metropolitan Orchestra! :)
lorenzo b. (6 years ago)
unico!!!! un genio dell' haute couture!
sfilik (6 years ago)
Does anyone know the artist/title of the song which was used in this fashion show?
Helena Mooi (6 years ago)
I expected somethig new.
Liane Sparks (6 years ago)
Jae Pukma (6 years ago)
I think we should all agree that Elie Saab takes our breath away...
Ocanna Ramos (7 years ago)
Damian Rhea (7 years ago)
OMG... This is like the Persian community and more in Beverly Hills again. This is not fashion. This is an effort by the nouveau-riche...

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