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Overview Of Oracle IDM (OIM and OAM)

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For all Oracle Identity Manager ( OIM 11gR2 PS3) Videos : https://www.tutionbooks.com/course/oracle-identity-management-11g-r2-ps3/?action=curriculum For all Oracle Access Manager ( OAM 11gR2 PS3) Videos : https://www.tutionbooks.com/course/oracle-access-manager-11gr2-ps3-oam-11-1-2-3-with-hands-on/?action=curriculum
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phani reddy (1 year ago)
Hi Raj, please call me once. my no is 9494148983. i am searching for OAM & OIM course. please help me.
Umesh Mishra (2 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, This video was really helpful for me to understand the basics. Could you please create a video on how we integrate OAM with web applications ( .net based, java based , other Saas apps) to provide a SSO. thanks
Manas Sahoo (2 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, I am interested for this course, if u are located in blr share me ur number that we can take it forward.
Anke Sekhar (2 years ago)
hi rajesh i have 2 years experience in c, c++.. i would like to switch to oracle idm technology . could you give me any suggestions?
Vishuenc App (2 years ago)
In detailed, All can understand, Easy flows, Complete technical terms, and Finally you will learn all topics. All should agree that, instead of wasting money to #AtulKumar(K21 Technologies) [http://onlineappsdba.com/index.php/author/atul/], better we should watch this video. ... Thank Youuu Soo Much, Rajesh!!
Sujay Raj (2 years ago)
hii guys can u please share the continuation of this video.. plz m working in OIM so it will be helpful
Neeraj Kumar (2 years ago)
Its what i was looking for . great article!!
vividh81 (2 years ago)
Thanks for explaining from the scratch. It's well formed and easy to understand. I am working in IAM environment and looking for complete training on OIM administration. I don't have any experience on coding. Please guide me.
subbarao kanagala (2 years ago)
HI Rajesh. I want to learn IDM. how to contact to you.
TutionBooks (2 years ago)
+subbarao kanagala It is an E-learning platform, Select any course from https://www.tutionbooks.com/all-courses/ Click on "TAKE THIS COURSE", with electronic invoice, your access to all videos and Virtual Box Image will be enabled, for live class access will send the meeting invites separately. For more details reach me on [email protected] or call +91 7757044929
rakesh kamisetti (3 years ago)
Hi rajesh how i will join this course and how i will contact you regarding this course
iam-idm.blogspot.com (3 years ago)
thanks for sharing.
Bharath B K (3 years ago)
Thanks Rajesh.. it was good learning and interesting session, Can you please share links for continuation of these course @ [email protected] you in advance.
Saranya Raju (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the training,can u please send me the remaining session. can you give me the link where I can found Thanks.
Srinivasan Karthikeyan (3 years ago)
Crisp Intro. Tx
VIVEK VISWESH (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Can you please send me the remaining coarse sessions of OIM and OAM at [email protected]???
rajanikanth chintu (2 years ago)
did you get the remaining classes from him?
VIVEK VISWESH (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Can you please send me the remaining coarse sessions of OIM and OAM at [email protected]???
Ps IDM (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Video is really informative and useful as I'm new to IDM.  Will you plse share the continuation link of this course...
Shivshankar Pitake (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh,session was a good.
shahnawaz sheikh (3 years ago)
Hi Rajesh.. Your video was really helpful to understand the concept. Could you list the areas/domains where IDM products such as OIM, OAM are being used apart from Banking and Insurance.
Keerthika Veeravalli (1 year ago)
construction sector, hospitality sector etc
David Chang (3 years ago)
How do you import OAM policies from one release to another, let's say from 11gR1 to 11gR2 ?
Sunny Suman (4 years ago)
Is it possible to integrate the OBI reports with OIM/OAM incorporating access policies? If yes, pls guide me on the same.
rajesh kolli (7 months ago)
Fusion4 All are u still providing Traing and placement?
Fusion4 All (3 years ago)
+Sunny Suman Hi Sunny Yes this is possible and in the course we are cover that.
Sreedhar Valluru (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, It is very good session, can you please share full course content +Sreedhar Valluru 
Balbeer Johar (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Course is very nicely explained. I am new to OIM. Can you please share links for continuation of this course.
KamWai Chui (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, can this IDM able to authenticate with solaris OS login? please advise. Thanks. 
Kittu (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh Please share the continuation link on my email:[email protected]
menfrombackyard (4 years ago)
where is the reset of the videos..
alok srivastava (4 years ago)
Nice work Rajesh..Please share rest videos as well on [email protected] 
Mukesh Singh (4 years ago)
Hi rajesh, your video is very good have complete knowledge to a fresher ,can you please provide the reaming details at [email protected] Thanks 
abhishek shukla (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Please share the further course content. Thanks in advance..
chandra shekar (4 years ago)
hai rajesh I like this class can you provide me the continuoation of this videos with practical and explain about the OIM fields  [email protected]
Venkata narasimha rao (4 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Its good session, please mail me remaining urls
navpreet sharma (5 years ago)
Hi Rajesh  nice introduction session but can u send me the links to sequel videos to this session as am the begginer to OIM and tryin to know all about this   Thanks and regards
Parikshit Murria (5 years ago)
Hi Rajesh, Thanks for this intro session Can you provide me the link for more videos, I am just a beginner to IDM, Please Mail me at [email protected] Thank You :-) 

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