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Billionaire's Row Documentary

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The secret lives of the super rich Billionaire's Row Documentary Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (322)
Mary Sims (1 day ago)
“Obviously everyone has to have an art store” 😂😂😂
Mary Sims (1 day ago)
Where did they bring it from?
Zac Miller (2 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the series this is from?
Memes (3 days ago)
“Very good art” - picture of a deformed beetle a 5 year old could’ve drawn
Dewaldt Fourie (4 days ago)
Rather talk to me to find a way to live 900 years old like in the Bible.
Rod McDonald (4 days ago)
Three is what ?
Charlie Shakur (6 days ago)
billy the boxer , (7 days ago)
So mucho hatters here glad I’m only having 500 millions 💯🇺🇸🍻
Ryan LevRon (9 days ago)
It's really easy for all you people to dig on the wealthy and things they enjoy having... Y'all make me sick... It's their money, they can spend it on whatever they want.... In reading y'all's comments towards the wants of the wealthy, all I see in your comments is jealousy.... I personally am super proud of these wealthy people for their accomplishments
phoenixkool (9 days ago)
wait she just said its like comparing penis sizes in boarding school? What kinda boarding school these fools goto???? lmao
charles S (9 days ago)
Stop using someone else's videos.
just sunny (10 days ago)
That house in north London worth £25m is awful and tacky!!
lisa starves (10 days ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new.. 😆😆😆😆😆😆
lisa starves (10 days ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new JUST new.. 😆😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎
Paula Laye (10 days ago)
I k ow this is going to siu d silly but are they happy when they wake up in these homes with their gold taps etc etc etc.... I will be delirious with a two bedroom flat here in Eastbourne with two toilets, ha ha... Perspective is all.....
KEKKER TM (5 days ago)
Yes, very happy.
just sunny (12 days ago)
Make no mistake this life style is empty with someone from one of the top 10 wealthiest families in the world and he is still a very close friend of mine. But I saw everything first hand, very few friends.
Vincent Coté (9 days ago)
I would imagine it'd be empty. I believe that finding a healthy balance between wealth and personal happiness/wellbeing is very important. You should strive to be the best person you can be. This isn't measured just by how much money you make (although it is a factor as too little will have a negative impact) but more so if you have are happy as an individual. This chasing the trend billionaire style is just to compensate.
Scott Barwick (12 days ago)
These people are hindered by their money
hez bollah (12 days ago)
I got to 0:13 .... why watch low-res shyte?
Eli Karaco (13 days ago)
Uploaded in 2018 with 360p quality, ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Sir I.K Elzyy (8 days ago)
This is old
Alberto Adolfo (13 days ago)
A little reality is in order, https://youtu.be/Yg39zyoF26o
Hummm sounds like i'd fit in as I am becoming reclusive and like to spend to keep the economy going traveled alot dont spend long in one place lol. ..but am nice to people ;) I;d perfer the warm year round climates..good point you have to keep moving so other dont kill you for it An abundance of wealth does come with its own very real problems. Ok made it to the 20:20 mark I;m done plus I figured the new real estate is going to be underground bunkers then sky orbs. I"ll go up thank you.
Krishnan Unni Madathil (14 days ago)
Just goes to show how stable the UK is, thanks to her excellent property laws, inviolable rights and respect for law and order. These are scarce commodities in most countries where from the investors in these properties come from. The UK is protected by her own very competent armed forces plus NATO, has the most competitive professional services sector and most importantly, possibly the world's best legal system, where rights are guaranteed. It is hard for people in other countries, esp. those with flimsy institutions, to resist parking their hard-earned (or stolen) money anywhere else but these shores. As much as the Leftists would decry the rise in property prices, it is precisely the strength of the UK's institutions that have driven prices up. If you really want equality, go about weakening what makes UK attractive in the first place.
sammavacaist (14 days ago)
Only sociopaths can live this way and be "happy."
roger wilson (15 days ago)
They earned there money why not have what you would like but I don’t agree that tax avoidance
Eben335 (15 days ago)
There is no way I'd have the ballroom underground.
Handsoff (15 days ago)
Dirty money 💰
Kamlesh Patel (15 days ago)
work harder- we want something new- #workharder #new #innovation #worldsfirst
nested bird (16 days ago)
How can the government allow them to build such basements when it's completely unsafe
nested bird (16 days ago)
Corrupt rich people of other countries will destroy the middle and lower income people of developed nations.
T Scott (16 days ago)
I thought this was about billionaire’s row in San Francisco. My girlfriend sold her home there in Pacific Heights for $12m. She paid $8m for it 5 years earlier. Our friends are building a $30m property in LA. They have A $18m property in SF and a $5m in Mexico. All real estate is an investment. You all would be shocked if you new some of the things these people do for fun.
Shaun Whalen (16 days ago)
i am happy with my one bedroom apt. thank god
The D.E.T. (16 days ago)
Boss Levels (16 days ago)
Need to phone the water board Bust pipe in the driveway 😳 Some real tacky shit floating around this video
Dogg Meat (16 days ago)
Bring on the next civil war.
Frankles Graham (16 days ago)
Ah! An idiot.
CPS 56 (16 days ago)
Yes, most of these places are garish as hell, and yes, the whole program of manic mansion building is incredibly selfish and wasteful, but the thing that I'm most struck by is the almost desperate pursuit of a thing never attained. The hunger that these people feel will never, ever stop gnawing away at them. It's all very sad.
Honest Opinion (16 days ago)
So money does not buy everything.
Phm07 (17 days ago)
Considering this is more on the „lifestyle“ side of documentaries, them also being at least partially critical of class separation is pretty amazing.
Phil Raats (17 days ago)
"Do I have the best address? Do I have the biggest property in Southern France? Do I have the biggest house on Eaton Square? Do I have the biggest penthouse on 5th ave?" NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. I don't know a single answer to any of these questions, nor do I care. Me? I'm tryna save money to buy enough supplies to last 2 years out in the wilderness, after that it's bye bye to all these pompous, high highfalutin "I'm better than you because I have more shit" types and the rest of ya
Janusha (17 days ago)
Its so British to belittle the rich. Yeah they have money, but do they have friends?, Do they have a life? Bullshit.
Janusha (17 days ago)
This is tacky, gawdy, blingy luxury of the worst kind. The most tasteless kind. But yeah. There are only so many things a billionaire can buy. Property and huge yachts and thats about it.
Gary Meglino (17 days ago)
Gross, why not buy food & housing for the poor. Why not end poverty?
Dusan Veselka (17 days ago)
so, the Venetian Palace, one of the most expensive property on the planet costs 95 mil euros, but an apartment in London costs 255 mil dollars...
Vicki Ross Tudor (18 days ago)
It would be so beautiful if everyone could have a chance to live life like this. I’m saddened by the fact that this type of lifestyle is limited to a select few. It’s almost like the 1% are saying “we’re better people thank you so that’s why we get to live like this”. I’m curious to know why everyone can’t have a big house? Why can’t everyone be wealthy?
TBICARETAKER (18 days ago)
I'll gladly take their money, put half in the bank, give the other half away to charity, and stay here in my comfy, laid back, worn in all the right places, but clean two bedroom house with my wife and cat. I wonder if these people realize how empty they really are. I don't envy them, I feel sorry for them.
tas adam (18 days ago)
They make big houses to fit their big egos empty soul-less places
chris hayes (18 days ago)
They got the money but that's not forever! Just one justice! Those fuckers will died like everybody else and that day, they will lose everything!
Krume Kunovski (18 days ago)
This is why England is so rotten, glorification of extreme privilege which only comes thru connections and nepotism, as well as an inheritance...she said it herself the rich get richer, the sign of success for a handful...
Billionaires pose two problems: 1. there is no way to litigate against them, and 2. there is no way to use governmental institutions or laws against them. Billionaires are raised in a sphere of irresponsibility on the one hand and unlimited obsequiousness and sycophancy of the people that surround them, on the other hand. This is why they tend to be deeply insane, give or take a few exceptions. They are very unhappy because they know there is something wrong with them but they cannot mend it. The people around them prevent them from becoming responsible and sane. Why? Well, isn't it is easier to fool a fool than to fool a man of the world? I pity them and am planning to help a couple of them in their lives to become really happy. 99% of billionaires are unhappy.
terry alston (19 days ago)
Skymonkey400 (19 days ago)
I’m on 40k a year and I genuinely feel sorry for these people 🙄
Jack Sutherland (19 days ago)
lisa starves (19 days ago)
Wow .. how rich... and why
Franz Haas (19 days ago)
STELLAFELLA (19 days ago)
How was this reccomended to me?
Carpetlay1 (20 days ago)
No one should be allowed to have this kind of dough. They lose all sense of reality and they’re basically parasites. Most of them have nicked the dough. As they get greedier everyone else gets poorer. It always amazes me how pompous the arse lickers that work for them are. These people have got it coming.
la la la la (20 days ago)
Lol but in england now having housing crisis!! Please please dont blive on what you see they might have money seeing them happy on tv well that is a proper drama actors and actresses lol hahaha
Andrew Moses (20 days ago)
fulaan1 (20 days ago)
4:28 they’re that lazy???
REBELLIONETTE (20 days ago)
It's good to be Super Rich! Fuck being a peasant!
KMF (20 days ago)
I would never want to live in those properties.
KMF (16 days ago)
+Buddy Van Cigrit lol. That was the nicest insult.
Buddy Van Cigrit (16 days ago)
Cause you're a goof.
KMF (16 days ago)
+Buddy Van Cigrit why couldn't I?
Buddy Van Cigrit (17 days ago)
Well you couldn't even if you did want to.
Chris Juice (20 days ago)
All you haters. Ha ha ah ha ha. If i offered you a mil you would all take it.
Silly Puppy (21 days ago)
HEY! How did you get pictures of my Houses?!? Better stop that! 😝
David McEwan (21 days ago)
Bruno in a new documentary
lex mark (21 days ago)
Oh well if you can't beat them join them and if you dislike a billionaire i guess you're jealous of them. I'm glad I'm not one of them. I don't know why that you're getting permitted some of these houses that are dangerous to their neighbors and why that lady is in getting reimbursed maybe that is what it's like in the UK but here in America if you cause damage to somebody else's property your homeowners insurance covers that I don't understand why your not getting reimbursed by their homeowners insurance why.?
yash sandhu (21 days ago)
Money making more money
john doe (21 days ago)
What a sad group of people.
Lazonby Bear (21 days ago)
All tax evaders
Blondie (21 days ago)
Another gay pig who ain’t got no brains.
Zorbacci O (21 days ago)
The pedophile class.
Turon S (22 days ago)
No wonder the planet is dying. You can't eat any of this, it doesn't provide or sustain life, only ego and money, but that is not happiness. No ethics. I do hope the economy fails and all these homes can turn into refugee, homeless, immigrant and orphanages so those that need and want a home, not a house, will get a great house.
Turon S your wish has come true the economy is failing and millions have been wiped off the value of these properties. A property crash is also coming on top of it!
Kat nip (22 days ago)
Sick, pathetic and shallow! And despicable!
Simply Magical (22 days ago)
See if I were a multi-billionaire, I wouldn't live so lavishly. Actually my ideal situation no matter if I'm a millionaire or billionaire is to buy an old, dilapidated Victorian mansion, fix it up and live in it. Then I'd build a nice vacation home. No need to have 8 houses and all of the other junk. That's too much and it's not necessary. If you're a billionaire, then why not live simply and donate to different causes on a regular basis?
Simply Magical (9 days ago)
When I was growing up, we had nannies and housekeepers who cleaned, cooked, and looked after my siblings and I. My parents were very busy with their jobs usually, so they didn't have the time to clean a house that size themselves.
KMF (9 days ago)
+Simply Magical that's a lot of room to clean. Did your family have cleaning staff? And do you hire somebody to come in and clean? I had that much space I definitely would. And if I had enough money I definitely would.
Simply Magical (10 days ago)
I grew up in a house much larger than mine. That one was actually a four-story Victorian, with eight bedrooms, five bathrooms, twenty foot high ceilings, had the grand staircase, chandeliers, multiple fireplaces, etc. So my house is much smaller by comparison.
KMF (10 days ago)
+Simply Magical oh wow that's a lot. I don't know that I would want to have as big of a house as you have because again as you said it's better to live simply. But I would want lots of land. At least a hundred acres.
Simply Magical (10 days ago)
I'm standing by the statement I made above. I wouldn't live like that even if I were to ever become a billionaire. I would never own eight houses that I'd rarely ever visit. That's an incredible waste of money and is completely unnecessary. Living simply, no matter your financial situation, is a better way to live. There's less clutter, which means less stress and that makes for a happier life. Currently I'm a millionaire and live in a five bedroom, three bathroom house with a three car garage all sitting on an acre of land. That's all I need for living conditions.
THX 1138 (23 days ago)
How much blood had to spill to get so rich
R8 Clubby (23 days ago)
$100 million is nothing for the mega rich, if you have $3 billion, that's 3000 million.
LifestyleTV (23 days ago)
Yawn! Why do I find all of these somewhat boring?? Being able to stay in bed, not worry about bills, never needing to go to work and eating whatever I want and wherever is pretty much my dream life reality come true...all these huge properties, pretentious crap just so tiring to watch and bores me out of my mind. You can show me the biggest diamond and flashiest car and I'll probably just yawn at your face, none of this seems to excite or fascinate me anymore, is there something wrong with me?
Connor Vermont Winters (23 days ago)
Rich people are cunts but I'd love to be rich!
Anakin Skywalker (15 days ago)
+Edward Woodward sick burn brah
Edward Woodward (17 days ago)
That's because you already have half of the credentials.
Alfred Menace (23 days ago)
I get the impression they buy these homes simply because they need to invest money and they really aren't going to live there.
KMF (20 days ago)
Apparently sounded like they actually live in hotels but invest in these properties to sell. So that's why they want to make these properties look like hotels because that's what they actually do live in.
TheReturnofStephan1 (23 days ago)
Once again, money doesn't buy taste...or accountability(apparently), in the case of the London townhouse collapses.
chefohrn (23 days ago)
Muslim money. Stupid Brits.
peter pyke (23 days ago)
no taste
ninuxy (24 days ago)
And cocksucker Alt-Reichs blame their demise on immigrants. Let them get squashed. Brexit is about to blow up in their faces.
Heidi (24 days ago)
london is an epicentre of satanism and one does not become a billionaire if they are not a part / high level member of secret societies that worship satan - Freemasonry,Illuminati ,Scull and bones. that's why they are all here. The estate agent Kraft is definitely one of them. Gives himself away with the singlet ring and red trousers. These people are sick, they sacrifice babies and animals to satan and drink blood,urine and eat feaces . they also take part in homosexual orgies while wearing face masks. they do all this to get money and power from satan. meanwhile homeless people are freezing to death on the streets of London.
Reiss Kershi (14 days ago)
Dont you ever talk about London like that you should be goddamn ashamed fo yourself for even mentioning the greatest city in the world in such bad taste, Please repent!
Heidi (14 days ago)
that was a typo. before calling people daft do some research. you sound like a low level freemason and a wannabe who joined them for networking and social climbing purposes and you have never even heard of Albert Pike. When dumbos like you call me daft it's like a compliment
Frankles Graham (16 days ago)
A singlet ring! It's a SIGNET ring, you daft woman. A singlet is a vest! What a lot of crap you write.
jello (24 days ago)
the green algae water would be a turn off......wish water was blue
Blue NoKeys (24 days ago)
Blame yourself, if you are poor.
Blue NoKeys (24 days ago)
Only those who don't have it, complain about it.
lyrasimo (24 days ago)
all that money and buy a house in that shithole called london...
Frankles Graham (16 days ago)
Passing through, are you? If you are, or have done, you know what that makes YOU. don't you ?
James Bond (24 days ago)
Worry more about your spiritual home when you leave here for the stars.
Tsetsi (24 days ago)
they think of nothing but money and investments.
what do you expect they are rich!
Reiss Kershi (14 days ago)
Waaaa WAaaaaaa
P Dev (24 days ago)
Wealth of other nations
William Bagley (24 days ago)
I stay connected to God and ask for guidance in my daily life. I'll never over indulge on material things. I'm grateful for my many blessings 😎
Santu Karmakar (25 days ago)
in pursuit of happiness.
Paul O neil (26 days ago)
Will end in the end
Frankles Graham (16 days ago)
Now there is an erudite statement.
현실 세계 (27 days ago)
Poor people waste time on watching documentary
현실 세계 (27 days ago)
And all are white....
TheSlacky775 (28 days ago)
at least there all living in one place for when the revolution happens lol
TheJimbojetset1 (29 days ago)
there last home is the same as my first home 6 ft down by 6ft long stay real
Holdich-Davis Family (1 month ago)
Buy Litecoin Not everyone has the capital to buy big, so buy many and at a low cost while you have the chance Don’t gamble with your future, invest wisely
C. (1 month ago)
I’d love a billionaire’s ridiculous empty life for myself. Wouldn’t mind it a bit!
jerry henrie (1 month ago)
Must read "THREE STEPS TO GREAT WEALTH" at amazon.
Cindy S (1 month ago)
Of course London has become ground zero for the (VISABLE) ultra wealthy. Of course they have evolved into international nomads with many downsides for many of even the first world countries where they have property. There is a reason why these, who are in reality tiny admirers of real wealth AND unelected power, are attracted to the black flame of London. Anyone who is interested in the original of what is being described here simply Read;. "Empire of the City" by E.C. Knute after you regain consciousness, you will better understand our very ill world.....

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