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Billionaire's Row Documentary

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The secret lives of the super rich Billionaire's Row Documentary Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (418)
Healthy & Nurtured (2 days ago)
What's happening in 2019 posr Brexit?
Fontaine (5 days ago)
This is a BMW (Bitch, Moan, & Whine) session of people who will never relate to that kind of money.
K M (15 days ago)
Not New York or LA? Odd
Esther R.C (15 days ago)
When you really think about it, it's sickening!!
Y Z (17 days ago)
Greed. N greed destroys.
Pokri Poki (18 days ago)
why is the video quality so bad?
Catherine Murphy (19 days ago)
Catherine Murphy (19 days ago)
does Rachael Johnson and her STUPID brother think that we buy their B/S. I'm pleased they are being inconvenienced as they would do just the same if they had the dough, they don't care about anybody ONLY themselves..............
Catherine Murphy (19 days ago)
and the people complaining would do exactly the same thing if they had the money. so it's case of the kettle calling the pot black.....................
Anon Anonymous (19 days ago)
To the one who says they have no friends to hang out with, all people cannot be trusted, everybody only cares about themselves, men cannot be trusted, women cannot be trusted, those rich just know there are no true friends in this world.
Anon Anonymous (19 days ago)
Lol who's complaining the ones that where rich and now a new rich have overtaken them, new laadeedaas. Hilarious surrounding themselves with art that reflects only the artists face, like wearing masks or army uniforms. Kind of empty, like eating with ghosts, reminds one of that black and white movie dinner for one. I would like one of those empty houses for my studio/storage space. Landfills sadness. Without a dog can they achieve happiness. I am sad I am an artist and one day a few decades later when I am invisible that's where my art will end up on, empty rooms. Invisible rich man standing next to invisible poor artist. Loneliness and good taste they have in common. What a pathetic world. Lol haha sad funny. It's like here the sun shines, but the wall it sits on is the furthest from the sun, I cannot even throw an art piece that far. 😂😂😂😂
Marcus NL (19 days ago)
No accounting for taste indeed ... money but no class
Designer- Garb (19 days ago)
Yes there are people starving and homeless and yes these properties may not be to your taste and yes these people have more than they ever need, but they also keep a lot of people and businesses in employment, I have spent many years working in palaces and country estates for the super-rich and met some lovely people over the years and I really enjoy working in these properties, so hate all you like and be disgusted at their wealth and success but jealousy is just as ugly.
chauncy primm (22 days ago)
But why London? The awful weather , terrorism, lack of real diversity like the US
Stingy Gecko (28 days ago)
Fake news. Never seen a billionaire in London.
Mochab001 (1 month ago)
Wow, this is a video filled with "Bitter Haters" Who make their living off the Super Rich!
Monica Eisenberg (29 days ago)
Mochab001 Too right. People with any money know how much work it takes and don't hate on others with money. They come across as bitter and envious!!!
NYRM1974 (1 month ago)
Most British Citizens are moving to New York City and buying up Manhattan they are tired of London
NYRM1974 (1 month ago)
The real true billionaire is the one who has a regular home. Because his money is at work 24 hours a day never closed on a Sunday. Super prime is financially stupid.
bodipsypha (1 month ago)
These seem to be Houses & not Homes!!! Emptiness!!!
H Robin (1 month ago)
If it is Not a Tesla then it is Not impressive! Boring.
Hello (1 month ago)
They're all investments. But I would turn them all into hotels or apartments and rent them out to the public.
Costa del Artlepool (1 month ago)
I'd love to be the driver or handyman for one of those unoccupied houses. In fact I'd do both.
Costa del Artlepool (18 days ago)
lol you really know me
gerard collins (18 days ago)
the shining 2
matt thomas (1 month ago)
kill 'em all.
yada yada (1 month ago)
Well, fuck poor people, starving people, and kids dying of curable diseases, right?? And fuck the environment, too. Soon, the rich will have completely bought off various governments and rigged the infrastructure to safeguard their wealth and power. And the rest of humanity will keep breeding, without thought -- happy(ish), so long as they have their tv and cheaply-made clothes ...until we've raped and pillaged the entire planet and / or ourselves. ...Now, have a lovely day!
Jonathan Ball (1 month ago)
5:46 - Dog gravy on top!!! Thank you auto-subtitles!
ct5006360 (1 month ago)
They still end up as worm food lol.
Rachel W (1 month ago)
spoiler alert: this is a real estate advert masquerading as a documentary
Lucian Stancu (1 month ago)
Some people are so poor that the only thing they have is money...
claudiasmemaw (1 month ago)
The other side of the same coin=they came from nothing; had nothing. Worked harder, longer than anyone I knew. They were dragged kicking & screaming into the 20th century & again into the 21st century. Each of the 4 was a millionaire in his own right , several times over; they never took a vacation. were never out of the state, the house was never warmer than 58 degrees F. They never had a meal in a restaurant, saw a movie, cooked on a wood stove until 1970, had an outhouse until the mid '50's, the water heater held 30 gallons & was plugged in on bath day & wash day. never rode a train, ship or airplane, never saw/used a computer, printer or fax machine & had no credit cards. They went to bed at dusk,& got up at dawn. The radio & TV were on only for news, never any music of any kind. Birthdays, holidays & anniversaries didn't happen, no Christmas tree, no gifts. Money was spent only when something was used up, patched until the patches couldn't be patched or it rotted away from age. They were the most miserable people I ever knew. Life was to be endured, not enjoyed.. 'FUN' was a dirty word. They never married. They lived in fear their entire lives, protecting themselves against a time when again, they had nothing.
Robin Holbrook (1 month ago)
Wow the wealth of the rich will be store up for poor
Seph Callaway (1 month ago)
Most of these billionaires have grotesque taste. Really tacky stuff, basically ruining the historic appeal of what is considered British. I’m shocked that being a billionaire and being tacky goes hand in hand. Too bad taste can’t be bought. lol
Jay Jay (1 month ago)
Waste of space, half most likely not being used, yet we have so many poor and going hungry because of these these rich people and their vanity and greed.
mr niceguy (1 month ago)
wow koi
Los Santos City (1 month ago)
Kid 1: MOM Sister is using the swimming pool!!!!! Mom: Dont worry dear, were goona build a new for you.
Evelyn Masemola (1 month ago)
beginning song?
evil Duck (1 month ago)
Something tells me that if the interest is gonna rise... There're gonna be a lot of fires in London...
Antoinette Gross (1 month ago)
Wow, never enough
glennmschroeder (1 month ago)
i also puked on my lap but i was sucking my own coooock seeing as im such a poor bloak.tally ho.
Zaf Mo (1 month ago)
1:59 - id lick her bumhole clean
Faith Olsen (1 month ago)
My parents have houses all over the US and all the work that goes into having that many homes is ridicules and that's why I only plan on having one perfect dream Home. My dream Home cost $1.2 million in the US. I care about location and how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms. As a former swimmer I have to have my dream pool and a gym.
Duglas Brasely (1 month ago)
lil kraig
jj a (1 month ago)
Asshole rd Jaja How sad so it's just a house not a home☹
3506Dodge (1 month ago)
This is happening in some parts of america, too. But, ordinary Americans don't live in such small houses and spaces so they don't resent it as much.
3506Dodge (18 days ago)
+Catherine Murphy Compared to the Netherlands Britain has lots of undeveloped land. British people are concentrated in certain areas BECAUSE the can't live in many other places because of land us planning.
Catherine Murphy (18 days ago)
+3506Dodge : well I'm not British so I'm not going to take offence. British populations tend to be concentrated in certain areas. there's lots of regulations in respect of planning and building. compared to the US, we are a very small country with a relatively dense population.
3506Dodge (18 days ago)
+Catherine Murphy I lived in England for two years. There are huge areas of completely undeveloped land in England, some of it literally rings London. English houses are small because of land use regulations, not because it's "over populated." The Netherlands and Belgium have more population per square kilometer than England and they have substantially larger houses on average. England's small houses come from it's political dysfunction. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/england-smallest-homes-in-europe-canada-largest-hong-kong-smallest-world-find-me-a-floor-a7597636.html
Catherine Murphy (18 days ago)
+3506Dodge south west and we are a very over populated country, therefore our houses are small, relatively speaking. I take it you are in the US and have much more space to build on.
3506Dodge (19 days ago)
+Catherine Murphy What part of England do you live in?
3506Dodge (1 month ago)
New York
Andrea Curtis (1 month ago)
Why do the super rich need to make more money.havent they got enough.crazyness.
Orla (1 month ago)
So much jealousy in the comments 😂😂😂
chauncy primm (22 days ago)
Orla please look up the definition of jealousy. Cause that’s not the right word
Rita Volkland (1 month ago)
Ironic it's not in HD?
YourFuneral Director (1 month ago)
The Venetian 100,000,000$ place. You'd think they'd have a better fountain in the front courtyard. Or, at least a fountain that didn't shoot the water at a noticeable lean. Looks odd.
Les Go (1 month ago)
All the comments by the jealous Socialists are hilarious...I'm dirt poor but I'm happy for these rich people. They obviously did very well for themselves. Who are you to say they don't help the needy? Who are you to say they gained their wealth by illegal means? Not saying it doesn't happen. But I think you'd rather see everyone equally poor. Jealous idiots!
katzpyjamas (1 month ago)
denzel said,you don't see a u-haul following a hearse.
C2.CaitoMXD (1 month ago)
documentary all about billionaires but plays on 360p.
Mary Sims (2 months ago)
“Obviously everyone has to have an art store” 😂😂😂
Mary Sims (2 months ago)
Where did they bring it from?
Zac Miller (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the series this is from?
Arabella (2 months ago)
“Very good art” - picture of a deformed beetle a 5 year old could’ve drawn
Dewaldt Fourie (2 months ago)
Rather talk to me to find a way to live 900 years old like in the Bible.
Rod McDonald (2 months ago)
Three is what ?
Charlie Shakur (2 months ago)
billy the boxer , (2 months ago)
So mucho hatters here glad I’m only having 500 millions 💯🇺🇸🍻
Ryan LevRon (2 months ago)
It's really easy for all you people to dig on the wealthy and things they enjoy having... Y'all make me sick... It's their money, they can spend it on whatever they want.... In reading y'all's comments towards the wants of the wealthy, all I see in your comments is jealousy.... I personally am super proud of these wealthy people for their accomplishments
phoenixkool (2 months ago)
wait she just said its like comparing penis sizes in boarding school? What kinda boarding school these fools goto???? lmao
charles S (2 months ago)
Stop using someone else's videos.
just sunny (2 months ago)
That house in north London worth £25m is awful and tacky!!
lisa starves (2 months ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new.. 😆😆😆😆😆😆
lisa starves (2 months ago)
I have a channel on YouTube im new JUST new.. 😆😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎
Paula Laye (2 months ago)
I k ow this is going to siu d silly but are they happy when they wake up in these homes with their gold taps etc etc etc.... I will be delirious with a two bedroom flat here in Eastbourne with two toilets, ha ha... Perspective is all.....
Lety Jay (1 month ago)
does it matter if they are happy or not ? are all poor people happy / do all poor people have great moral values ? you could be poor and unhappy or rich and unhappy.people love it when i a rich person is unhappy.
just sunny (2 months ago)
Make no mistake this life style is empty with someone from one of the top 10 wealthiest families in the world and he is still a very close friend of mine. But I saw everything first hand, very few friends.
r5a1c9google (1 month ago)
Everyone is empty... no wonder I m not surprised
我看看妈丽 (1 month ago)
If what's you're saying is true, that you know some uber wealthy people. You cam let them know people are praying for them. I'm a Christian, and I'm not going to do a, "would you like to meet my friend Jesus," moment, because I assume you get it by the fact that I said I'm Christian, but these kinds of videos and this one particularly really breaks my heart for those kind of people. Anyone who is isolated and feels empty has got my sympathies and prayers. I hope you can be a real friend to them; you know, not using them and actually being there for them. People need relationships; we are relational creatures, without real, healthy relationships we get even more messed up than we woukd naturally be. Also, I don't know you or them, and you and them might already know all this, but there is nothing God can't forgive or heal; also, sometimes, what we want forgiven or healed might not be the best thing, and God has a bigger, wider view and heart than we do. Okay, so I went off a little, but the uber wealthy are an unreached people group, so it can't hurt to reach out in the comments a little bit, you know? I'll be keeping you and the uber wealthy in my prayers. I will pray for your wisdom to expound, your relationships to grow in depth, your characters and relationships to be shaped by the purest love and goodness and honesty and faithfulness and honor, for any ghosts of pain or demonic and evil entrapments to be expelled for your lives, and that you all have your "come to Jesus" moment because God loves you and wants you to choose to be truly fulfilled. Also, if you want me to pray for anything else, I will. Anyway, I hope this is encouraging, and you're not angry or too annoyed; it's coming from a place of love, not condemnation. ❤❤❤ To sum my shpeel up, like the video was saying; homes are much more than just properties; you get that, so you know healthy, loving relationships are where it's at. I pray that for you and these uber rich people, as well.❤❤❤
Vincent Coté (2 months ago)
I would imagine it'd be empty. I believe that finding a healthy balance between wealth and personal happiness/wellbeing is very important. You should strive to be the best person you can be. This isn't measured just by how much money you make (although it is a factor as too little will have a negative impact) but more so if you have are happy as an individual. This chasing the trend billionaire style is just to compensate.
Scott Barwick (2 months ago)
These people are hindered by their money
hez bollah (2 months ago)
I got to 0:13 .... why watch low-res shyte?
Eli Karaco (2 months ago)
Uploaded in 2018 with 360p quality, ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Sir I.K Elzyy (2 months ago)
This is old
Alberto Adolfo (2 months ago)
A little reality is in order, https://youtu.be/Yg39zyoF26o
Krishnan Unni Madathil (2 months ago)
Just goes to show how stable the UK is, thanks to her excellent property laws, inviolable rights and respect for law and order. These are scarce commodities in most countries where from the investors in these properties come from. The UK is protected by her own very competent armed forces plus NATO, has the most competitive professional services sector and most importantly, possibly the world's best legal system, where rights are guaranteed. It is hard for people in other countries, esp. those with flimsy institutions, to resist parking their hard-earned (or stolen) money anywhere else but these shores. As much as the Leftists would decry the rise in property prices, it is precisely the strength of the UK's institutions that have driven prices up. If you really want equality, go about weakening what makes UK attractive in the first place.
sammavacaist (2 months ago)
Only sociopaths can live this way and be "happy."
roger wilson (2 months ago)
They earned there money why not have what you would like but I don’t agree that tax avoidance
Catherine Murphy (19 days ago)
+roger wilson: so the Donald Trump had his ''Trump Tower'' with illegal Polish emigrants promising to pay them, but when they had completed the Tower, he told them to get lost or he would report them as Illegals and he didn't pay them a penny. well these ultra rich do the same........................
我看看妈丽 (1 month ago)
Right, I am with you there. I really don't like this culture of... globalism, people acting like they don't have a duty to their country and/or the country/systems that afforded them the ability to get where they are, countrymen, and community. I wouldn't say pure nationalism is a good thing, but this level of gobalism/ "citizen of the world" nonsense is certianly not. People and societies don't function properly in such vast swaths... belonging to communities and cultures, and relationships really matter. I think that's why this video rubbed me such the wrong way; I feel really sorry for those rich people on the one hand, but they're proliferating this shallow yet glamoroys lifestyle that'll just lead more people into loneliness and disparity.
Eben335 (2 months ago)
There is no way I'd have the ballroom underground.
我看看妈丽 (1 month ago)
me either; I would insist on windows, and accessiblity to the outside if I were to build a ballroom.
Handsoff (2 months ago)
Dirty money 💰
Kamlesh Patel (2 months ago)
work harder- we want something new- #workharder #new #innovation #worldsfirst
nested bird (2 months ago)
How can the government allow them to build such basements when it's completely unsafe
nested bird (2 months ago)
Corrupt rich people of other countries will destroy the middle and lower income people of developed nations.
T Scott (2 months ago)
I thought this was about billionaire’s row in San Francisco. My girlfriend sold her home there in Pacific Heights for $12m. She paid $8m for it 5 years earlier. Our friends are building a $30m property in LA. They have A $18m property in SF and a $5m in Mexico. All real estate is an investment. You all would be shocked if you new some of the things these people do for fun.
Shaun Whalen (2 months ago)
i am happy with my one bedroom apt. thank god
The D.E.T. (2 months ago)
Boss Levels (2 months ago)
Need to phone the water board Bust pipe in the driveway 😳 Some real tacky shit floating around this video
Dogg Meat (2 months ago)
Bring on the next civil war.
Frankles Graham (2 months ago)
Ah! An idiot.
CPS 56 (2 months ago)
Yes, most of these places are garish as hell, and yes, the whole program of manic mansion building is incredibly selfish and wasteful, but the thing that I'm most struck by is the almost desperate pursuit of a thing never attained. The hunger that these people feel will never, ever stop gnawing away at them. It's all very sad.
Catherine Murphy (19 days ago)
Honest Opinion (2 months ago)
So money does not buy everything.
Phm07 (2 months ago)
Considering this is more on the „lifestyle“ side of documentaries, them also being at least partially critical of class separation is pretty amazing.
Phil Raats (2 months ago)
"Do I have the best address? Do I have the biggest property in Southern France? Do I have the biggest house on Eaton Square? Do I have the biggest penthouse on 5th ave?" NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. I don't know a single answer to any of these questions, nor do I care. Me? I'm tryna save money to buy enough supplies to last 2 years out in the wilderness, after that it's bye bye to all these pompous, high highfalutin "I'm better than you because I have more shit" types and the rest of ya
Janusha (2 months ago)
Its so British to belittle the rich. Yeah they have money, but do they have friends?, Do they have a life? Bullshit.
Janusha (2 months ago)
This is tacky, gawdy, blingy luxury of the worst kind. The most tasteless kind. But yeah. There are only so many things a billionaire can buy. Property and huge yachts and thats about it.
Gross, why not buy food & housing for the poor. Why not end poverty?
Monica Eisenberg (29 days ago)
Gary Meglino The comments on here are the reason why the poor shall always be with us...... Work hard, improve your life and don't worry about what anyone else is doing with their money
Dusan Veselka (2 months ago)
so, the Venetian Palace, one of the most expensive property on the planet costs 95 mil euros, but an apartment in London costs 255 mil dollars...
Vicki Ross Tudor (2 months ago)
It would be so beautiful if everyone could have a chance to live life like this. I’m saddened by the fact that this type of lifestyle is limited to a select few. It’s almost like the 1% are saying “we’re better people thank you so that’s why we get to live like this”. I’m curious to know why everyone can’t have a big house? Why can’t everyone be wealthy?
Robin Holbrook (1 month ago)
We will my dear . The Lord says in my father's house there are many mansions if it were not so I wouldn't tell you so. You have one if you have made Yahushua the Lord of your life
TBICARETAKER (2 months ago)
I'll gladly take their money, put half in the bank, give the other half away to charity, and stay here in my comfy, laid back, worn in all the right places, but clean two bedroom house with my wife and cat. I wonder if these people realize how empty they really are. I don't envy them, I feel sorry for them.
tas adam (2 months ago)
They make big houses to fit their big egos empty soul-less places
chris hayes (2 months ago)
They got the money but that's not forever! Just one justice! Those fuckers will died like everybody else and that day, they will lose everything!
Krume Kunovski (2 months ago)
This is why England is so rotten, glorification of extreme privilege which only comes thru connections and nepotism, as well as an inheritance...she said it herself the rich get richer, the sign of success for a handful...
Billionaires pose two problems: 1. there is no way to litigate against them, and 2. there is no way to use governmental institutions or laws against them. Billionaires are raised in a sphere of irresponsibility on the one hand and unlimited obsequiousness and sycophancy of the people that surround them, on the other hand. This is why they tend to be deeply insane, give or take a few exceptions. They are very unhappy because they know there is something wrong with them but they cannot mend it. The people around them prevent them from becoming responsible and sane. Why? Well, isn't it is easier to fool a fool than to fool a man of the world? I pity them and am planning to help a couple of them in their lives to become really happy. 99% of billionaires are unhappy.
terry alston (2 months ago)
Skymonkey400 (2 months ago)
I’m on 40k a year and I genuinely feel sorry for these people 🙄
Jack Sutherland (2 months ago)

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