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Billionaire's Row Documentary 2019

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The secret lives of the super rich Billionaire's Row Documentary Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Dennis Marcelo (2 hours ago)
ooooo europe, from philippines here😅
Michael Meloche (23 hours ago)
Are they tossing their money away? I know they’re rich but what’s the point if you don’t live there?
TheJudge01 (2 days ago)
Damn Im jealous. I used to struggle through life until I figured it out. I stopped giving a shit. That life isn't and will never be for me. Now Im a criminal and proud to be your problem.
Elfed Owen (2 days ago)
The UK and especially London is the world's cheapest whore legs wide open allowing dirty money to flow and be laundered.... If it's not oil rich billionaires treating their wives like the property their I buying. It's Russian mafia laundering their ill gotten gains. X
MsAppleofhiseye (3 days ago)
The Words of The Lord Jesus Christ: Its easier for a camel to enter in through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.
attiy (4 days ago)
this video is like 10 years old.
ben noble (5 days ago)
I compare my life to that of billionaires. Yeah. Okay. Your a realtor. Get back to work.
luke dawson (5 days ago)
This is a very old documentary, not from 2019.
Darlene Shriver (6 days ago)
What a waste, is it any wonder there is so much resentment towards these people, and isn't it any wonder they have no depth to their beings. No soul, no idea of how to connect with their family or any one. I call them the emptys, they have no soul!
Debbie Potter (7 days ago)
now if you could just take it with you right? All that money for what? It’s all brick and mortar. Means nothing in the end
Tavish M (8 days ago)
Very tacky, very soulless very pretentious--all angles and dark colors. At least Versailles, Malmaison, Villa Ephrussi and the Robert Adam designed manor houses all over England are exquisite masterpieces of color, beauty, proportion, detail and texture.
Unknown Preacher (9 days ago)
Luke 6:24 King James Version (KJV) 24 But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.(reward)
Gary Ortolano (10 days ago)
Garbage video...can barely see it.Get with the times.
Mary H (13 days ago)
Everyone seems totally disgusted by great displays of the filthy rich and how that reflects on the masses of human beings. But what is even worse to me is the destruction other beautiful creatures that we are suppose to be sharing this planet with. I'd like to hear if these mega wealthy people do anything at all towards honoring and valuing plant and animal life.
Konstantinovich1 (15 days ago)
I have a friend who has 27 residences, each one makes money for him. He has estates that are farms, horse farms and other’s are used fro weddings and other activities. Each residence makes money for him. His home is located in Sardegna and it is not over the top and is located in a small village. He is extremely humble and very kind to everyone.
Tracy M (15 days ago)
Makes you wanna puke 🤢
People are homeless and these greedy people are hoarding property. How many of these house go in their coffin.vit is stuff why not share?
Cedric Smith (22 days ago)
This whole video is awesome, thank you all for making this video, it really helped me have a wonderful day and time, thank you again, Billionaires and all there employees, film crew and all.
Bob Cratchet (23 days ago)
Legal money laundering.
romeo Marks (23 days ago)
Foreign buyers no English I love my emigrants
Joseph Jones (23 days ago)
[4:52] The Secret to Great Wealth.
Joel McGrath (23 days ago)
They can't take all that luxury when thier dead and gone were all equall in that for rt m
jo Lady (24 days ago)
Nothing wrong with wanting to live NICE but a Life without JESUS will Keep one always wanting more..... The need to fill up the Void will always be there. 🤷 Therefore the need to buy and buy and buy will always be there because one is trying to fill up that Open Space, That space is meant for Jesus to fill up 🤗
jo Lady (24 days ago)
I cannot wait for my Financial Wealth to manifest 😀😀......
UtubeXcalibur (28 days ago)
26 people own more, than 3.8 billion people on Earth. For those, living creatures, not much has changed since one man acquired wealth by selling another, for 30 pieces of silver.
ThelifeofDan (29 days ago)
Seriously? 360p quality in 2019? I’ve taken better quality shits that this video.
Anais Marea (1 month ago)
It's so sad to buy all these properties and leave them empty, people are homeless !!!!
The Mastermind (1 month ago)
I remember seeing this when it first aired... and you have so many emotions as a mere plebeian, on one hand I would absolutely love to be rich... (wealthy is another class) but i mean what they scoff at you know like have 8-10 million dollars, would be enough to change the life of my family forever especially since I would be flipping real estate on a much smaller scale of course.. and then the other hand you realize.. what a waste and what sad and meaningless existence it is to simply be collecting things you can't take with you into the grave.. cars homes yachts.. they all mean nothing when your dirt... so i guess what are you actually doing other than being self absorbed, increasingly unaware, and completely driven by trying to impress someone else????? With all the poverty, hell with just regular people struggling to make ends meet who aren't classified as poor, it seems like my soul would be more into actually helping people who have less than I do if I were to ever reach that status. I don't think i can hate on the wealthy, although some of them are truly evil (Koch Brothers etc) but i also don't admire or put them on a pedestal, they sacrifice things most people could not all in the name of "luxury" or "success" and i personally cannot hate on someone who takes that path even if most of them do it off of the backs of the poor. I guess i'm just not pyschologically capable of living in a 25,000 sq ft mansion and not being able to act as if im special or better than someone else.. i guess id be a philanthropist helping single parents, abused kids, feeding the homeless retraining people who have left prison, helping veterans, fighting for the demeaned and belittled in our society... holy shit.. i just realized why ill never be "elite" lol
wget Desa (1 month ago)
kill the rich
Parimal , (1 month ago)
London has put stone on it's own feet by opting for Brexit. I know atleast 3 person's from India who have sold their London houses due to Brexit. Vancouver, Canada is now new playing ground for premium properties.
Paul Harris (1 month ago)
gargi gupta (1 month ago)
Most of the owners are middle eastern and Chinese!
Victoria (1 month ago)
Most of these properties are gaudy, garish monstrosities.
misiek7676 (1 month ago)
i think world needs a tax reform - instead of Labor tax - we need 90% of Wealth tax. That would help ultrarich guys to focus on problems of people around - and not on "what colour of marble i want in my 14th bathroom". the only reason whay we still have 40% of Labour tax and 1% of wealth tax - is that they own media and media steer the theather called "free elections". I think it, thanks to internet and technological progress, this situation will change and in 20 years there will be no Tax on labour.
Linda Cirillo (1 month ago)
the wealthy english are Super pissed! i think it's territorial,, lol but not my problem
They should've invested some money in better video quality.
Rain Drop (1 month ago)
Just wasteful, really.
k a y l e e (1 month ago)
Bill Cash??? lol c'mon.
Najib Zaoui (1 month ago)
quite frankly i'm tired of jealousy disguised as nobility. Just to remind you that a man's spending is another man's income. ponder that kids
Eric Booth (1 month ago)
This makes me want to vomit!
Jesus Frelser (1 month ago)
Jesus saves ✝️
Michelle Dumont (1 month ago)
Crappy video
Anneli Torp (1 month ago)
" Do I have the most moral and ethics, do I have the biggest heart, do I have the cleanest conscience, do I have the most righteous ways.................."
Mary Pope (1 month ago)
wow here in Africa space is not even our worry..... huuuuuuu after this video am watching Zootopia.... this video sounds like it and listening to Catty Perry's song the one you know....
MrBeatboxmasta (1 month ago)
Paying 14 M for a flat when you are a billionaire, evading taxes is NOTHING. The fact that you get very little square meters in return is actually a bonus because it means you don't need any staff. Best of all, if you miraculously decide that you should be paying your air share in taxes and sell the flat, you will actually make a profit.
Kenil Walker (1 month ago)
Can i get a work with you guys
Reflect and Inspire (1 month ago)
But not with Warren Buffet. He remains simple and eat at McDonalds. That's why I like him. :)
rosewatersaffron (1 month ago)
That's quite some tacky interior. Even me could do better designing the inner aesthetics of these houses. Hire me!
Simon (1 month ago)
Honestly after 10 million it's just bananas to me, the number simply doesn't matter after that
Blue-Eyed Pagan (1 month ago)
Parasites protected by Jew lawyers Worldwide.
e Born in Providence (1 month ago)
They’re fascinating; a pathology within a private world but unlike other invisible cultures their influence is profoundly destructive. I want to know more.
Daniel Taylor (1 month ago)
15 minute walk from any of these houses and there's people begging for change sleeping ruff. Our society at it's finest
Flamingo Williams (1 month ago)
It's like a huge, expensive poker game and the houses are the cards. The French property bring the Ace of Spades.
semiLivedj FICTION (1 month ago)
24:00 Don't they have a Court system there? Is their no laws? WTF!
Maureen Wahu (1 month ago)
But why try to evade taxes when you already have more than enough?
Victoria (1 month ago)
Because they are greedy.
Cedric Smith (1 month ago)
This is incredible, all of this is really going on, wow!
After viewing this... i just; by rhe way in my own conlusion and thinking that thise fncking rich people are just dumb lazy and ignorant. 🤣
highopes (1 month ago)
Pity is what I feel for this people. Do they know that they can't get his money when they die
TheDaftySage (1 month ago)
Their lives seem quite sad.
Jeremy Ryan (1 month ago)
Rich or poor? I'd choose rich
Worldwide Ghosts (1 month ago)
Jeez, it's alright for some!
The people who say they don't want the same money are probably so poor they have to masturbate the dog just to feed the cat.
Holy Balls (1 month ago)
Jeez that’s a good mental image you’ve given everyone.
Ad Michell (1 month ago)
Beautiful residences ! If you have the money why not have more comforts and healthy additions like swimming pools to keep healthy ,live, have fun. Good for them. All those neighbours were having their own comforts ,they were not living in a tent ! You did feel sorry for the neighbours who suffered from foreign cowboy builders. The issue of foreign cowboy builders is due to the social utter contempt shown to qualified trades men ! It use to take 6 to 7years to learn a trade and now the ideots in government cut the training and encourage Cowboy activity! The tragedy of Kensington towers is a classic example! Many other examples elsewhere in the UK exist.
Adnan Bachrouri (1 month ago)
LLIOD 96 (1 month ago)
This documentary goes into the lives of hard workers. Stop being cross with people just because they were willing to put in the extra work and achieve their dreams, rather than sit there and be lazy and be leeches and beg for bread crumbs. Where I’m from, welfare, (the exception for the people who absolutely need it) is used for the lazy and the weak to rob our government of money. You all can’t stand people who work hard because you failed, and you want them to suffer because your so ticked that they’re reaping the benefits of their work, and you’re just sitting on your cellphone watching vines, then having the twisted ideology that you’re somewhat entitled to monetary benefits when you don’t need it. Stop judging the rich, go and make life happen instead of sulking, and with enough hard work, you’ll achieve. Don’t give up. Learn from failure. Get up and fight. Achieve the impossible. That’s all guys. Peace.
DimaRakesah (1 month ago)
"I have five homes in four countries. I'm certainly not super rich but I have this little collection of homes" *gags* What a joke.
malthus101 (1 month ago)
Very interesting....
Rex Hargrove (1 month ago)
When capital is fetishized to the extent that it is used as the means of production we are truly in late state capitalism. Love the look at wealth!
Sankha C (1 month ago)
People who are complaining about super rich increasing the value of their property are rich themselves. They think their problem is real problem.. hilarious!!! By the time they finished complaining about people not using unnecessary swimming pools and causing water damage to their million dollar properties, thousands died of starvation...
taketimeout2 (1 month ago)
At least the vacant properties mean less traffic. I like that.
taketimeout2 (1 month ago)
Russians and Arabs. No style.No class. Who cares
Gary Hubbard (1 month ago)
Maybe they should think of more interesting ways of spending their time... 🤔🧐
Gary Hubbard (1 month ago)
41:20/41:37 i founded it funny
the eye in the sky (1 month ago)
imagine these everyday people's life always talking about this shit everyday to their so call friends and coworkers .talking about what they buy what they sell and money in their minds everyminute of the day.how sad lives.i don't want that lifestyle for all the millions in the world.i bet you that.the arrogance of having all that money is the dangerous about all this sh!t.
Noreen Happel (1 month ago)
Wonder how long more they will be tolerated - now that the people know. People are living on the street and dying under bridges of hunger and exposure to the elements!!!!
Victoria (1 month ago)
Not long.
skirts365 (1 month ago)
Hannah Juicy (1 month ago)
To think they get away with tax avoidance but people on the dole get prison sentences for earning a bit of money on the side
Hannah Juicy (1 month ago)
And to think some are homeless and using food banks!
Carynn Wolff (2 months ago)
then they moan about the contractors quotes being too high... !! shameful.
Healthy & Nurtured (2 months ago)
What's happening in 2019 posr Brexit?
Fontaine (2 months ago)
This is a BMW (Bitch, Moan, & Whine) session of people who will never relate to that kind of money.
K M (2 months ago)
Not New York or LA? Odd
Esther R.C (2 months ago)
When you really think about it, it's sickening!!
Andrew Palframan (1 month ago)
Yeah,you're sick that it's not you.Envious cow.
Flotus (2 months ago)
Greed. N greed destroys.
Pokri Poki (2 months ago)
why is the video quality so bad?
Catherine Murphy (2 months ago)
Catherine Murphy (2 months ago)
does Rachael Johnson and her STUPID brother think that we buy their B/S. I'm pleased they are being inconvenienced as they would do just the same if they had the dough, they don't care about anybody ONLY themselves..............
Catherine Murphy (2 months ago)
and the people complaining would do exactly the same thing if they had the money. so it's case of the kettle calling the pot black.....................
Anon Anonymous (2 months ago)
To the one who says they have no friends to hang out with, all people cannot be trusted, everybody only cares about themselves, men cannot be trusted, women cannot be trusted, those rich just know there are no true friends in this world.
Anon Anonymous (2 months ago)
Lol who's complaining the ones that where rich and now a new rich have overtaken them, new laadeedaas. Hilarious surrounding themselves with art that reflects only the artists face, like wearing masks or army uniforms. Kind of empty, like eating with ghosts, reminds one of that black and white movie dinner for one. I would like one of those empty houses for my studio/storage space. Landfills sadness. Without a dog can they achieve happiness. I am sad I am an artist and one day a few decades later when I am invisible that's where my art will end up on, empty rooms. Invisible rich man standing next to invisible poor artist. Loneliness and good taste they have in common. What a pathetic world. Lol haha sad funny. It's like here the sun shines, but the wall it sits on is the furthest from the sun, I cannot even throw an art piece that far. 😂😂😂😂
Marcus NL (2 months ago)
No accounting for taste indeed ... money but no class
Designer- Garb (2 months ago)
Yes there are people starving and homeless and yes these properties may not be to your taste and yes these people have more than they ever need, but they also keep a lot of people and businesses in employment, I have spent many years working in palaces and country estates for the super-rich and met some lovely people over the years and I really enjoy working in these properties, so hate all you like and be disgusted at their wealth and success but jealousy is just as ugly.
Greyhound216 Durbauree (28 days ago)
Still doesnt change the fact when they spend another 100k on a new floor tile that there are actual other equal humans out there struggling to make it another day because they can not find something as basic as water, wake up, stop worrying about what colour the floor is and be a bit more aware ffs
chauncy primm (2 months ago)
But why London? The awful weather , terrorism, lack of real diversity like the US
Stingy Gecko (3 months ago)
Fake news. Never seen a billionaire in London.
Mochab001 (3 months ago)
Wow, this is a video filled with "Bitter Haters" Who make their living off the Super Rich!
Victoria (1 month ago)
I think you're a little confused. It's the other way around.
+C Truth no stereotypes what so ever.
C Truth (1 month ago)
Mochab001 the rich get rich off the people who work for them not the other way around. Grow up your comments are immature and idiotic. The rich oppress the poor and mistreat their workers.
Monica Eisenberg (3 months ago)
Mochab001 Too right. People with any money know how much work it takes and don't hate on others with money. They come across as bitter and envious!!!
NYRM1974 (3 months ago)
Most British Citizens are moving to New York City and buying up Manhattan they are tired of London
NYRM1974 (3 months ago)
The real true billionaire is the one who has a regular home. Because his money is at work 24 hours a day never closed on a Sunday. Super prime is financially stupid.
bodipsypha (3 months ago)
These seem to be Houses & not Homes!!! Emptiness!!!
H Robin (3 months ago)
If it is Not a Tesla then it is Not impressive! Boring.
Hello (3 months ago)
They're all investments. But I would turn them all into hotels or apartments and rent them out to the public.
Costa del Artlepool (3 months ago)
I'd love to be the driver or handyman for one of those unoccupied houses. In fact I'd do both.
Costa del Artlepool (2 months ago)
lol you really know me
gerard collins (2 months ago)
the shining 2
matt thomas (3 months ago)
kill 'em all.

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