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Secret Millionaire UK - James Benamor

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Full episode as requested
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Jimsy (1 day ago)
So he's a billionaire now... how'd he make his money? Sub-prime loans.... Great.
Testing Testing (1 day ago)
They are believers in every country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heHqf_h3ydg قلبى اطمأن
Sebentile Jiyane (4 days ago)
Great work....
omfgSHORYUKEN (8 days ago)
googled him today and he's now a billionaire
Musical Life (11 days ago)
He is a billionaire now!😧
Music (12 days ago)
Well done “James Benamor” i’m really proud of your kind doings God Bless you. I Pray 🙏 that someday an angle like you (or perhaps you) visits me. I myself once used to be a “MILLIONAIRE’S” daughter and had forward ‘an helping hand to those in need’. In 1971, ALL OUR PROPERTIES, BUSINESSES AND WEALTH WAS BY FORCE “CONFISCATED” AND WERE LEFT WITH NOT EVEN A SAFE HOME NOR MONEY FOR FOOD NOR FOR THE BURIAL OF BOTH MY PARENTS WHO WERE KILLED. I STRUGGLED TO MAKE ENDS MEET. Anyway, my story is at length and has no ending. I am 70 years old and a mother to two young ladies and a young son. I am a crafter and an artist and do voluntary work teaching ‘craft’ to children and families at weekends. I also rescue abused, stray and injured animals. I can not continue due to lack of money. I am a victim and have been brutally abused back in Aden (Yemen). I am a “BRITISH INDIAN” by birth. I shall highly appreciate IF I get approached by you or any other ‘Secret Millionaire’ whose ❤️ is touched by my story. Although, there’s yet much and much more horrifying that has happened to my family and more. My email: [email protected] Incase my short true story touches some “Millionaire” Perhaps, Nadim Sadek
Mid-Ohio Guardian (13 days ago)
47:25 BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would be happy to do this for my community But my heart is willing but my pocket it weak and empty Wonderful man that makes me so happy am so proud of all these people Nuff blessings and love and prayers 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯👍👍🇯🇲👍👍🤗✌️
sherri Nixon (14 days ago)
Love the way James Benamor shared his money helping young people letting them see you can be like this one day so many kids go though this everyday homeless I wish that my boys was going up had someone to go and talk to even though my sons are fine as well as my daughters this make wont to get involved with something in my community even though this was six years ago, very touching Story even the mother was son was shot and killed she still was strong though the help of others and so glad James Benamor came back to check to see how every one was doing. I wonder how the 2 young men doing now that lived with the husband and the wife? and watch one of the kids made to James Benamor business . Truly a blessing to see someone take the time to see what going on in the community. May God continue to bless all of organization as they continue help young childern as well as the young men & young women keep them out trouble .
Emy Sanchez (16 days ago)
God bless u more
Valerie Hughes (17 days ago)
That was very nice of him
bronson mcdonald (17 days ago)
So proud of you James for really digging in there and not giving up until you found several volunteer groups(including the couple who hosted so many boys in their home ...over 800...wow!!) who do great work. You were not very hopeful at first, but you didn't give up, and you turned it into great and amazing results for all involved, including yourself. I felt my heart melt many times watching this, as your heart opened wider and wider. Thank you!!!!
Bryson Cherry (18 days ago)
Just in case you people with wishful selective hearing failed/refused to hear, he loaned the money not gave it away.
Bryson Cherry (18 days ago)
I love that miserable people like to live vicariously through hard workers by telling them how much wealth that "should" have.
Witness Sigauke (18 days ago)
This man is a living legend my hero really. Throwing out a life line is rare and there are real issues out there. Well done James. U hv just won my heart too. Hope to meet someday
Barbara McRae (18 days ago)
awesome, god bless you, giving back makes a huge difference in so many people's lives. thanks for sharing. loved watching
Bel Sebastian (18 days ago)
Very humble person...u cannot see any luxury things around him...he just live a normal life but he helped and share a big amount of money to those who is in need...Godbless u!
Caramel_ANKER (19 days ago)
He is the one donated the most so far... and it's very touching... he is also the most humble and simple millionaire in this programme... even his house is not a big mansion like the other rich lads.. and the best part is.. he went back to see those kids again...
Kurtis Tompkins (19 days ago)
Man, this is beautiful!
Almaree Flowers (19 days ago)
Beautiful story. God bless these secret millionaires
Sarah DeHart (20 days ago)
Loved this video! So good!
Buanaflor Nany (22 days ago)
Rachaul Bermudez (22 days ago)
Love love love this video. Kindness in soul
cc cc (23 days ago)
You got rich mentality.like thinking cause you rich people will allow you to film and stuff. You on their ground, get to know them atleast first
Eunicko Mercado (24 days ago)
So hot this guy James and so humble. He deserves all his Millions. Do hope one day He visit Philippines. God bless and continue to bless James. Stay handsome and hot and millioners..hehe
De'Ouna Wade (24 days ago)
#Loveeeeee #TheseStorues #GreatMan😄😜😙😗😍💒😍😍😍💒💒
Mari Santiago (24 days ago)
Sir James...I'm from the Philippines....I hope you can give me some help someday
Elisa P (24 days ago)
This is one touching episode. Actually shed tears. Really salute the old couple.
afifa Ahmed (25 days ago)
The secret in life that av just learned in this world is to always be humble and always be ready to listen
TBY Tv (25 days ago)
You do not need money to help people you can donate your time to serve people it can make a change
Kathie Padilla (27 days ago)
Doing God's work here on earth. What a beautiful blessing.
Tracey Mc Kevitt (27 days ago)
Everyone's hating on this chap giving their opinion about the home he lives and car he drives...i think it makes him look even better than the rest of the millionaires as he's not about material things and a home is what u make it,it don't matter if it's a box or a fuckin mansion it just matters about the love the family got for each other and this makes me love this bloke more...he's not about flashin the cash he's about love of family and friends.I think this blokes a 100%....he's amazing.Good job mate....ur a credit and a great influence on everyone in the world.AMAZING CHAP.
Love the ginger boi. 💙😂😀
Ansari Santos (28 days ago)
This guy walks 300 KM to distributed leaflets before becoming a billionaire...yes he is a billionaire, not a millionaire...A nice guy to follow....
sw 18 (28 days ago)
The best UK milionere by far Bless you man
Etienne Sugihara (29 days ago)
Such a beautiful earth Angel James is ! I'm deeply Move by his works and his heart and soul ! James is an amazing human being ! Love Love James ! May God bless his beautiful family ! And the volunteer from his company !
Joan Berry (1 month ago)
You are a wonderful man!
For someone that has $77,000.000.00 pounds, he sure does live a simple humble life. God bless you James for helping those young kids! The Elderly couple are absolute angels on earth. They definitely are setting a great example for everyone. This is how Father God and Jesus wants us to be with the unfortunate. God bless them all
Hypatia4242 (1 month ago)
I wish all companies had a community volunteer program. My Dad's office had this decades ago; they were given short days to tutor local kids. He absolutely adored it and the kids used to write letters years later saying they had gone to university to study something similar. He was so proud.
chestermaverick (1 month ago)
web kay (1 month ago)
43:53 seeing the tears of joy on her face reminds me of my mother
IAN BETTLEY (1 month ago)
Wish they would bring back The Secret Millionaire
Junior Powell (1 month ago)
Hello Mr James, I'm living in Jamaica n I'm not a shamed of asking for ur help.. I don't want to say too much so please if u would just get back to me, i would really appreciate it. Thanks much sir..
Ra Clarke (1 month ago)
Great guy he must be a saint to have stayed with that dog of a wife, she looks like a fat man with a wig ! I thought it was the nanny or maid at first
Richo Danny (1 month ago)
He is so blessed man!!!
georgina cat (1 month ago)
They should have got him to volunteer for a suicide line and gone to stay with families living in fear and poverty because of schemes like his. Wooo he gave a few grand away... that few grand was practically blood money
THE OTHER SAD SIDE (1 month ago)
Redcorvin (1 month ago)
what a fucking wanker.. Cats are living feeling beings that are apperantly more humble then this POS ever was or will be. pathetic.
the kaka (1 month ago)
you're an angle on the planet man.......no words for u just stay blessed this is the way ll' take u in paradise
Naturalist (1 month ago)
You are a great guy !!!! You dererve 777 mill..
Ta Lee (1 month ago)
How much money he make off this? Lol! Woow! Bless him and his family! And may they continue on the path of goodness!
R.N Robinson (1 month ago)
this fool just said, "normally in real live, i walk on the on the other side of the street from people who look like that",----- that's some stereotypical White people shyt. and when that happens to me, i always feel insulted and highly offended.
Barbara Stoebel (2 months ago)
wow - this man is living in a messy household, nothing stylish or even nice looking
discordo bazingar (2 months ago)
the old couple is to cute
Mrs. Peña (2 months ago)
God bless all volunteers, in all areas, in the world. These are the true heroes!!! James is awesome and I'm glad he cared enough to do what he did. God bless 😇
lemondropsblue (2 months ago)
love how you inspired those kids.
david white (2 months ago)
im a secret billionaire and I want to stay that way so im giving no one anything
mai deffo (3 months ago)
It just goes to show, there is good people out there. who are still humble regardless of their good fortune
David Wheeler (3 months ago)
Great episode.
Bob S. Stevenson (15 days ago)
all he did was make a loan company not that impressive really, alot of people would have gone broke for him to make it, also that womans son in the kitchen at the end looks like hes stoned lol... i mean good on the guy and good luck to him hes done well, but ffs a money loaning company, its a mugs game, all finance is...
Big G (3 months ago)
His company now worth 1.1 Billion since it’s gone public
globalman (3 months ago)
But if he smashes other companies into the ground, doesn't he force many people into unemployment, maybe poverty and despair?
Michael Brown (3 months ago)
I really love this man James. He I
Michael Brown (3 months ago)
James is absolutely amazing. Tandra
Dodge Wyndel (3 months ago)
I can relate this voluntary work as I’m doing voluntary work as well for 4yrs now and also I’m here in Moss Side Manchester. The difference is I don’t have money. I wish I could give but I don’t have.
Nathan (3 months ago)
His son is in my dorm. His net worth is 1.1 bil now.
MUFCJack (4 months ago)
God he has a ugly wife, he could get any girl he wanted
MUFCJack (4 months ago)
He’s now a billionaire wow 😂
Michael Young (4 months ago)
Hey I am in the USA. And I like this. Pretty cool.
[email protected] (4 months ago)
wow , what an amazing Guy with a big heart!
Andrew Devine (4 months ago)
Why does he drive a lotus!!!!
lookintothesky123 (4 months ago)
Billionaire now according to The Times..
Taliadastar Life (4 months ago)
Woo this man is so rich and he doesn't even do nothing or have nothing to show it I'm mean he doesn't have to but you know what I mean
Christine Grinnell (4 months ago)
I think he got out of his experience as much or more than he gave... and he said he'd continue to volunteer. He is a good man in my book.
Miss Patricia (4 months ago)
What a blessing it has been to watch your video ty so very much it has touched my heart I'm no longer able to volunteer I miss it greatly
99fruitbat (4 months ago)
And sadly now , under investigation for horrible work practices 😥
Sailor Mars (4 months ago)
Amazing, more people should be like this.
Fu Thaiter (4 months ago)
Who is caring about cats. We do. Because its life like yours. Stupid Idiot. Money does not change the mind or increases the cleverness. Its just money. Here you have an example. Stupid stays stupid. With or without money.
steve mayala (4 months ago)
Yo that ginger is lit
Holly Andrew (4 months ago)
My name is Holly Andrew.I take care of a 71 yo/ vetran.We are about to become homeless because a car lot sold him a car he cannot afford. I need a job NOW!!!!Holly andrew12315 28 th av ne seattle wa.98125 apt #211___ Please help if u can!!!
Jitka Říhová (4 months ago)
<3 <3 <3
cavjer123 (5 months ago)
What absolute scum... they gloss it up but he's giving pay day loans. Loans at about 2000% apr.
Anthony Seopardi (5 months ago)
James your a hero you sir are a legend. God bless you and your family. Always. You have a heart of gold.
ksam pco (5 months ago)
This guys is such a dark horse though. At first he was very judgemental and so easy to stereotype. He didn't have a very nice view of impoverished people. This is how rich people are. He also came across very nicely to people; very sweet and softly spoken; but in his monologues you can see he's very egotistical and not very empathetic- as he said ' he wasn't expecting to get emotional about all this (about crime & death....really?! What kind of human thinks that?) And then he looked at everything as business and competition. He was anxious that the old couple wouldn't accept his money and then he wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing by donating money to the mothers against violence. In the end he redeemed himself but he's not all that of an amazing person he was doing this to show his peers he could write a fatter cheque than they could and then he realised these people he was giving the money to, were actual humans!
lew gaskarth (5 months ago)
I thought he will dress up like a businessman .
Maurice Harriott (5 months ago)
Wow wish i knew a secret millionaire as i have lost my job and have mounting bills including rent!
Anita Huizing (5 months ago)
Such a wonderful way to give back & help others less fortunate! Thank you James!
Roxanne Harris (5 months ago)
James you have a heart and soul of gold. May you continue to be blessed.
Jerichocassini (5 months ago)
He's now a billionaire - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/amigo-loans-float-makes-founder-james-benamor-a-billionaire-kqmhxgjdw
REDCOW34 (5 months ago)
is that uk?
Kumar Simant (5 months ago)
This is a good initiative. There is an idea that I believe will work for you in your next episodes. Ask the people in the roads (possibly without the camera just this one questions. "Which youngster or person do they think has got the brightest future in the area if they have to judge all their known young guys in the area?"
Jose Duran Jr (5 months ago)
You know we’ve had violent crime and my only wish is not to be homeless. The death of two younger brothers will NOT bring them back. I just see my parents hurt and still hurting. Keep up the great work AND no more nightmare issues ok
Kwanza Boyd (5 months ago)
May god continue to bless you
Ron Wylie (5 months ago)
David Cameron {toss pot} gave an honor to his wife's hairdresser. At the very least it should be Lord Terry and Lady Anne don't you agree?. IF it is given for selflessness and hard work then why are these amazing people not surrounded by blue plaques and honors. Surly funding these schemes with unlimited funds is FAR cheaper in money {AND young lives} than letting bright and promising young people wallow in prison. Why are they not fully funded?, after all ALL our worlds would be a far safer and better place. Imagine the savings in Policing ALONE when these people are not just thrown onto the scrap heap. WE have many thousands of perfectly good young men and women that could be contributing to all our wealth and then pass on to their children of the future. These women should be held up as the real hero's they actually are, where is their funding, training and support. Cameron and his bunch of privileged twats will never be bothered what happens to these young people or indeed you and me, because they live so far away from the despair they create ever to ever be bothered about it really. This video really touched me. When one sees and hears those absolutely incredible women and the young people themselves it shows what can be done
bevirly kate cerezo (5 months ago)
Oh God...he was great, and humble.. God bless to you and your family...
Luz Maria Rahla (5 months ago)
That means he is a millionaire because he charges lots of interest on those loans, :>(
ALTHEAS MUNGLENG (5 months ago)
I wish every individual help others like him
Dr Banitya Tripura (5 months ago)
It great, I am inspired.
Jim Ellison (5 months ago)
LOVED IT.............
Amit J (6 months ago)
Good work!!!
2ndhandSue (6 months ago)
There are some young people on this video who are going to rise above because of their involvement with James. A few short days but he made a huge impression and I think he left those kids with a whole new perspective on what their own lives could be. I would like to know where Aiden ends up because I think he was really impressed with James and really thinking about how he could change his own life around. James didn't have to do any of this - he could have spent his life in his big beautiful home, driving his fantastic cars, and just ignoring what's going on around him but instead he chose to dive in head first and get involved. "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle"

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