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Secret Millionaire UK - James Benamor

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miriam john (3 days ago)
Volunteering TO DO GOOD is what GOD our creator needs us humans to do to make life better for one another. Making a difference in the lives of people who desperately in need is the best of the best achievement one can get so you got that . Thanks to you secret millionaire. I also SALUTE those people in the community that volunteer to make life better for the young generation WHO are IN NEED OF HELP, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY AND SOCIALLY. Even though these volunteers don't have enough funds or resources they still continue because these volunteers have a heart of love and care that is pure with a fighting spirit to go through barriers or obstacles just for the betterment of their young generation. I am proud and happy for you volunteers and you the secret millionaire, because of your input it makes a difference in these kids life That is the way to go. This is a very good and inspirational video for others to watch and can get something knowledge
TRILLA LOUIEYB (4 days ago)
Bruce Weeska (6 days ago)
Very nice lessons to learn than on undercover boss program “Kutoa ni moyo sio utajiri”
Moun Bakko (7 days ago)
... the offer of a job opportunity alone, redirects the mind-set of some, if not all, those young persons... because, now they have a new option to look forward to, aspire to... they can hope, dream... whereas, they could not before now
Janine Belviz (8 days ago)
He looks like a smaller version of andrei "the pitbull" arlovski
Vigilante Jake (9 days ago)
A very generous guy !
Charla Amen (10 days ago)
I think this is the only one I’ve seen where the millionaire tells the people their net worth
don carroll (14 days ago)
don carroll (14 days ago)
Roy Upendo (15 days ago)
Best video
Gerish Colesc (15 days ago)
I hope they can do this in Big cities in the USA
Saharra Marcelino (16 days ago)
"who cares about cats" lol
HEAD Hunter (17 days ago)
This guy is so generous and humble godbless like you more
Gail Archer (20 days ago)
What your company is doing are very good Wish I had some you to help me Thank you
SIBLE YAMASID (23 days ago)
God bless you
Candylicker (27 days ago)
Haha kids, no money for you 😎
William Morales (1 month ago)
Steph Allan (1 month ago)
I’m certain the “Ginger man who was a youth here is saying to himself....why didn’t I get my head out of my....”, however I believe although, this was an eye-awakening action on his part...came away a better person within his heart and attitude...I certainly can relate to the mom who lost her loved one through a violent act..May God Bless this man and his personal endeavors in life. 🔑🔍🤔🌍🙏🏽💕
Dee Mataitini (1 month ago)
I loved the flower analogy by the old lady. Truly changed my perspective. God bless this couple for what they do for these young men.
M Lake (1 month ago)
This series is so touching and inspiring. I cried all the way through watching them. I am now inspired to help, to volunteer in whatever way I can.
E Arnold (1 month ago)
As a black person I can understand black people being afraid of cameras or what someone is doing in their neighborhood but knowledge is power and finding out why he was there maybe could have opened the door for one of them actually receiving some of this money instead of it all going to someone else who was not black or super inner-city needed
Wow this almost brought tears to my eyes! What a lovely thing to do! He changed so many people’s lives.
Anita Hardesty (1 month ago)
Hes also so down to earth even with all the money he has. To get in there and give back. Just amazing!!
C.E. Stanton (1 month ago)
First, you introduce yourself. Then, you ask if you can film them. If they say no, they you don't film them. If they say yes, then you can film them. You should first respect the fact that there will be people that do not want to be filmed. If you are unwilling to respect people's 'no', then you should not even being doing a film project.
Sam (1 month ago)
I En (1 month ago)
can you please help me pay off my student loan?
Vicodyn (1 month ago)
"He look like the feds". Don't do shady shit and you won't have to fear silly shit like that.
Alessandro Leone (1 month ago)
what an amazing person
Reno van Zanten (1 month ago)
Bravo well done james!
mufang Li (1 month ago)
this video is tooooooooo long
Dreams from God (1 month ago)
I want to live with that couple, please be my grandparents!
kaylah adams (1 month ago)
I’ve really been touched and inspired from this video 💖
James is the BEST! Awesome work everyone. Blessings.
Rid (1 month ago)
9:03 your the one who is intimidating suddenly coming over with a camera to ppl who are minding their own business.
Vince T (1 month ago)
You never know who you work with or live next to.Be kind to everyone.
Vince T (1 month ago)
Place looks like Detroit. Lol
Vince T (1 month ago)
Stay away from the media and the spot light .
Vince T (1 month ago)
God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind
Daniel McPhail (1 month ago)
Worth 77 mill and his house looks like hes on welfare.
Kawaii Spi (1 month ago)
Omg wow.. James Benamor in 2013 (when this aired) had a net worth of $77million dollars. He now i worth £1.1 billion... Omg
Terry Njamiu (4 days ago)
Remember he's a British
NoisyWalrusDroppings (6 days ago)
IPOs tend to bring in some serious cash lol
Divergence (1 month ago)
Searched his name and he's a billionaire now.
Erin Laemmle (1 month ago)
Shine that light in darkness like a flashlight.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻🌞🌞🌞
Erin Laemmle (1 month ago)
Hey man! I care about cats! I’m a crazy cat lady! Love em all!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚🐈🐈🐈🐈👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍🤣😆😆
joleen masha (1 month ago)
mai ming (1 month ago)
EXCUSE ME mr. millionaire, charitable ? helping cats ? get your head out of your arse and LEARN about charity !!! this cat is quite pissed...
Antonio Soto (2 months ago)
Cat Nip (2 months ago)
What a twat.
Rightous (2 months ago)
My deep and true prayers to god for this moment are for you to be more successful with good health ever
William Johnston (2 months ago)
He's a billionaire now, but he made his fortune taking advantage of the people he lived around on this show. His finance business provides loans at high interest rates to poorer people.
Hussein Horack (2 months ago)
James Benamor is worth £1.1 BILLION (2018 stats)!! What a guy. I'm sure his good heart has some play in his fortune! This is a man to pick as a role model!
SAMWISE GAMGEE (2 months ago)
there are at least 2 videos of someone called nadim sadek in the same vain but strangely enough comments are disabled for those videos,in my opinion this so-called multi millionaire is actually a cheapskate looking for brownie points, his offerings are a mere pittance and probably the price he is willing to pay to make himself look like a good guy,he spends more money on petrol for his mechanised armada of cars trucks boats and anything motorised than he gives away,otherwise why disable the comments there Sadik,...notice SAD !-ik..says it all
TR Tarts (2 months ago)
I love that he took his experience back to his business and implemented a volunteer program. Well done.
gatorrollu 2 (2 months ago)
It's so amazing how he stepped outta his comfort zone to proceed full force into making a change. God Bless you James and all the other volunteers that step up everyday and give their time away just to try to make a change. And a change they do make. Thank you 💞
*The job offer alone*.... Changed some of those kids lives !!!... Well done Sir
Jackie Aikin (2 months ago)
I love that old couple. They are definitely such angels to give their home to people in need. It shows what a little love and support can do. Of course I'm happy for all but I love Aiden, I can see his little fight but a hurt heart, I hope he gets that job for a month.
Digby Dooright (2 months ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying! okay, I might be crying. -,-
ICKON Beauty (2 months ago)
Manchester hasn't the highest crime rate in the UK
Joe arc (2 months ago)
Primitiva Dizor (2 months ago)
congratulation best success in life, James Benamor.
Lori Favela (2 months ago)
I'm glad that he did for his own good. I really like this episode. This truly shows the reality of who people are..😥🤤🙃😕
John Cade (2 months ago)
He made his millions off the poor! PERIOD!
lin keli (1 month ago)
your so lame
BIG P (2 months ago)
All you who shit on jobseekers! I have just come off my countries benefits and got a starting wage of $35 per hour. The system helped me immensely, and I'm grateful for the help.
Willow Summers (2 months ago)
Three minutes in and I refuse to watch this episode. His arrogance is ugly.
Daniela Johnson (3 months ago)
Wow a millioner a good heart a very simple guy.. Good job sir..!GOD bless you
Bea Dacut (3 months ago)
This is my 5th time watching the secret millionaire and this is my 5th fave! Sir james, you're such a sweetheart, you're so down to earth, lowkey and humble. You picked very well, so don't worry about your money, they deserves that. You've change people's life.
Navi (3 months ago)
He's now worth 1.1 billion now
mileycyrusfan5537 (3 months ago)
He’s actually a billionaire
Nuria Gyami (3 months ago)
Now how you get from a black neighborhood to a room full of white people in less than a second😂😂😂
Chatrawatie Singh (3 months ago)
Good video Thank you for sharing the love of life 😀
kristopher basumatary (3 months ago)
His net worth in 2018 is 1.1 billion. Wow!
willdebeastly (3 months ago)
he was sneak dissing everyone lmaooo
time2seen (3 months ago)
Its a wonderful thing to give. For a massive millionaire like him he could of give far more.
Sapphire Ylana (3 months ago)
Hes so Generous guy,Rich yet so simple ,kind and humble man..God Bless you more...
Susan D (3 months ago)
I was prepared to give him a chance until he said 'who cares about cats?' Dick.
liana tobias (3 months ago)
I had been watching a few programs, and the continuity of Mr. James closes the infinity line, Humanity.
InsulinStinks (3 months ago)
haha that kid talking trash about his car..
Nick (3 months ago)
"Offering loans to people that had been refused credit by high street banks".  Say no more.
Yuliya Kushnir (3 months ago)
welcome to England... or Africa???
Jacqueline Dube (3 months ago)
you are an amazing guy. Thank you so much for helping people the way you have, and you are so young too. God Bless you x
BHAYARIE KOU (3 months ago)
just (3 months ago)
23:45 what's the music title? anyone? please..
just (3 months ago)
that place is full of pest looks from other country
Deborah Wilson Kells (3 months ago)
Mother Phoenix (3 months ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes! He came through, he gave the kids an incentive to do better and be better! How wonderful! So great!
Mother Phoenix (3 months ago)
I am sorry to say, these kids seem to want to be in trouble or trouble makers... It does not seem like THEY want to change their situations! These poor ignorant kids do not even realize they have that power to change things. I hope by the end, Mr. Secret Millionaire can help them realize they can change things!
KLASS podcast (3 months ago)
im rooting for the red head kid, i hope they do a follow up on him,
Susan Crouthamel (3 months ago)
So I guess he does not care about CATS. 😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿😈😈😈
Maryna Jamison (3 months ago)
James check that little red head ....his going to take your offer.xxxx
Maryna Jamison (3 months ago)
James I love your personality..much success to you and your lovely partner and kids....from Johannesburg South Africa
Sheila Mchgee (3 months ago)
The couple opening their family home are incredible people!
sways money (3 months ago)
86 pounds 💷... My lunch money
Road To Free Life (3 months ago)
Today his Net worth: £1.1 billion(2019)
Miranda Marsden (3 months ago)
Two minutes in, on hearing he made his money as a glorified money shark, was enough for me. How many desperate people are still paying off their loans charging several thousand percent interest....
bhatzful (3 months ago)
God bless you!
Rose Busch (3 months ago)
What an incredible man! So very touching!
IreneTivz (4 months ago)
He is so humble❤️
Ananth Sundara-Rajan (4 months ago)
Great episode. So motivating.
Sara Cornish (4 months ago)
This man deserves to be rich
Sara Cornish (4 months ago)
Love that kid. Lol
Charlie Walker (4 months ago)
He's now worth £1.1 Billion... wow

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