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Secret Millionaire UK - James Benamor

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Nuria Gyami (1 day ago)
Now how you get from a black neighborhood to a room full of white people in less than a second😂😂😂
Chatrawatie Singh (1 day ago)
Good video Thank you for sharing the love of life 😀
kristopher basumatary (3 days ago)
His net worth in 2018 is 1.1 billion. Wow!
willdebeastly (4 days ago)
he was sneak dissing everyone lmaooo
time2seen (4 days ago)
Its a wonderful thing to give. For a massive millionaire like him he could of give far more.
Sapphire Ylana (5 days ago)
Hes so Generous guy,Rich yet so simple ,kind and humble man..God Bless you more...
Susan D (6 days ago)
I was prepared to give him a chance until he said 'who cares about cats?' Dick.
liana tobias (7 days ago)
I had been watching a few programs, and the continuity of Mr. James closes the infinity line, Humanity.
InsulinStinks (7 days ago)
haha that kid talking trash about his car..
Nick (8 days ago)
"Offering loans to people that had been refused credit by high street banks".  Say no more.
Yuliya Kushnir (8 days ago)
welcome to England... or Africa???
Jacqueline Dube (10 days ago)
you are an amazing guy. Thank you so much for helping people the way you have, and you are so young too. God Bless you x
BHAYARIE KOU (10 days ago)
just (11 days ago)
23:45 what's the music title? anyone? please..
just (11 days ago)
that place is full of pest looks from other country
Deborah Wilson Kells (13 days ago)
Mother Phoenix (14 days ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes! He came through, he gave the kids an incentive to do better and be better! How wonderful! So great!
Mother Phoenix (14 days ago)
I am sorry to say, these kids seem to want to be in trouble or trouble makers... It does not seem like THEY want to change their situations! These poor ignorant kids do not even realize they have that power to change things. I hope by the end, Mr. Secret Millionaire can help them realize they can change things!
KLASS podcast (14 days ago)
im rooting for the red head kid, i hope they do a follow up on him,
Susan Crouthamel (15 days ago)
So I guess he does not care about CATS. 😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿😈😈😈
Maryna Jamison (19 days ago)
James check that little red head ....his going to take your offer.xxxx
Maryna Jamison (19 days ago)
James I love your personality..much success to you and your lovely partner and kids....from Johannesburg South Africa
Sheila Mchgee (20 days ago)
The couple opening their family home are incredible people!
sways money (21 days ago)
86 pounds 💷... My lunch money
Road To Free Life (21 days ago)
Today his Net worth: £1.1 billion(2019)
Miranda Marsden (22 days ago)
Two minutes in, on hearing he made his money as a glorified money shark, was enough for me. How many desperate people are still paying off their loans charging several thousand percent interest....
bhatzful (23 days ago)
God bless you!
Rose Busch (25 days ago)
What an incredible man! So very touching!
ailynneTivz (26 days ago)
He is so humble❤️
Ananth Sundara-Rajan (29 days ago)
Great episode. So motivating.
Sara Cornish (1 month ago)
This man deserves to be rich
Sara Cornish (1 month ago)
Love that kid. Lol
Charlie Walker (1 month ago)
He's now worth £1.1 Billion... wow
George Lim (1 month ago)
Luke 21:1-4 New King James Version (NKJV) The Widow’s Two Mites 21 And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, 2 and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites.[a] 3 So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; 4 for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings [b]for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”
John Smitty (1 month ago)
He drives a Lotus, good taste
Gamersworld /overseas (1 month ago)
The title is wrong, he is not a millionaire he is a billionaire..now with 1.1 billion dollars of net worth
sacote Losp2 (1 month ago)
The ginger kid's face and reaction was priceless, he was really given hope and perspective.
Cheikhamfaaal Jobe (1 month ago)
Did anyone saw a guy vomit in the street 😂🤣
Roxy Van (1 month ago)
Amazing man! He was a hard azz but that experience softened him 4 the good
GREAT offer. How many took up on it? 100k to schools. Very good. Keep going.
Meanwhile, 2019 and according to Wikipedia he is worth 1.1 billion. It is insane!!!
+Topo Senn Yes :( I am quoting the internet: "He was reportedly worth £77m in the Sunday Times 2008 Young Rich List. In 2012, his net worth climbed to £220m In 2018 his net worth rocketed to £1.1 billion when Amigo Holdings, the guarantor loan company he founded, floated on the London Stock Exchange in July 2018."
Topo Senn (1 month ago)
Did you say... 1.1 billion?
"Hypocrisy of the loan shark billionaire: James Benamor...paints himself as a friend of the poor but made his fortune exploiting society's most vulnerable ." (Daily Mirror). "Benamor has been criticised by the Daily Mirror[12] and the BBC[13] for the Richmond Group's ownership of Advantage Loans, a credit broker which ceased trading in 2008.[14] He charged applicants a £50 fee but not all of them received a loan. Customers had to struggle to get their money back.[13]" Wikipedia. Did he ever marry his partner?
limeypam (1 month ago)
Lord bless this man and so wish there was such a man here in US to help me in my battle to stay alive. A Brummie in Michigan, US since 79. Disabled senior and Goldstar Mom.
Jacob Gonzalez (1 month ago)
He’s a billionaire now 1.1 billion pounds as of 2019
Kathleen (1 month ago)
This was so inspiring. Besides the money, people just need others to believe in them and care for them.
C J (1 month ago)
WOW wish he could help me
Island Voice (1 month ago)
Unselfish business minded people like you is rare... Robin-hood of the modern days!
Ben Green (1 month ago)
James Benamor you are an absolute diamond. This episode crushed me.
Anna42132 (1 month ago)
The black poor area is much more dangerous. This guy is taking a big risk. There’s no way I would even drive in that area.
terrylovesenegal (1 month ago)
Excellent story! If all wealthy people around the world reached out to their communities and particularly children, adolescents and people needing a bit of support to improve their lives, the whole world would be a better place. This gives so much hope, thank you James Benamor.
Mike DC (1 month ago)
Amazing!! Such great inspiration! Bravo!! God bless you Sir! 🙏💪😱🤩❤️
Brian Meuse (1 month ago)
You focus on the negatives Nancy and you'll miss the truth. As Bruce Lee once said- "It is like a finger pointing to the moon, don't focus on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory.
Joe Z (1 month ago)
God bless you Sir! You will get everything you don’t need it tenfold
Yonas Sisay (2 months ago)
God BLESS you you and your family
Yonas Sisay (2 months ago)
I am proud of you
Yonas Sisay (2 months ago)
You are very kind
Anthony Hughed (2 months ago)
77 mil in bank. N drive lotus elise. Fair play to him
Judy Bell (2 months ago)
Your a doll face I’m happy this made you put your heart back we need more people like you who can help I do time with the young ones cause if no one cares what will happen to our young that’s why I make my grandkids never look down on or make fun I want them to be the best they can be do your best keep reaching for the stars 🌟
Judy Bell (2 months ago)
I’m a Texas née naw of 13 grandkids I’m ole school hippie at 65im happy you put yourself out there to live it giving it to ones that touch heart everyone now days everyone don’t see why you can be happy in the life god see you to get thru I’ve always be to cheer ie for most my best. Friend moved back to London so I love to hear y’all talk so babe thank you for taking your time I love it !!!!
Ill Saliva (2 months ago)
The way he parked that Nissan Sunny I wouldn’t trust him in the Rolls
Kay Arciaga (2 months ago)
Love this show!
Jimsy (2 months ago)
So he's a billionaire now... how'd he make his money? Sub-prime loans.... Great.
Testing Testing (2 months ago)
They are believers in every country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heHqf_h3ydg قلبى اطمأن
Sebentile Jiyane (2 months ago)
Great work....
omfgSHORYUKEN (2 months ago)
googled him today and he's now a billionaire
Musical Life (2 months ago)
He is a billionaire now!😧
Music (2 months ago)
Well done “James Benamor” i’m really proud of your kind doings God Bless you. I Pray 🙏 that someday an angle like you (or perhaps you) visits me. I myself once used to be a “MILLIONAIRE’S” daughter and had forward ‘an helping hand to those in need’. In 1971, ALL OUR PROPERTIES, BUSINESSES AND WEALTH WAS BY FORCE “CONFISCATED” AND WERE LEFT WITH NOT EVEN A SAFE HOME NOR MONEY FOR FOOD NOR FOR THE BURIAL OF BOTH MY PARENTS WHO WERE KILLED. I STRUGGLED TO MAKE ENDS MEET. Anyway, my story is at length and has no ending. I am 70 years old and a mother to two young ladies and a young son. I am a crafter and an artist and do voluntary work teaching ‘craft’ to children and families at weekends. I also rescue abused, stray and injured animals. I can not continue due to lack of money. I am a victim and have been brutally abused back in Aden (Yemen). I am a “BRITISH INDIAN” by birth. I shall highly appreciate IF I get approached by you or any other ‘Secret Millionaire’ whose ❤️ is touched by my story. Although, there’s yet much and much more horrifying that has happened to my family and more. My email: [email protected] Incase my short true story touches some “Millionaire” Perhaps, Nadim Sadek
Mid-Ohio Guardian (2 months ago)
47:25 BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would be happy to do this for my community But my heart is willing but my pocket it weak and empty Wonderful man that makes me so happy am so proud of all these people Nuff blessings and love and prayers 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲♥️♥️♥️♥️💯💯💯💯👍👍🇯🇲👍👍🤗✌️
sherri Nixon (2 months ago)
Love the way James Benamor shared his money helping young people letting them see you can be like this one day so many kids go though this everyday homeless I wish that my boys was going up had someone to go and talk to even though my sons are fine as well as my daughters this make wont to get involved with something in my community even though this was six years ago, very touching Story even the mother was son was shot and killed she still was strong though the help of others and so glad James Benamor came back to check to see how every one was doing. I wonder how the 2 young men doing now that lived with the husband and the wife? and watch one of the kids made to James Benamor business . Truly a blessing to see someone take the time to see what going on in the community. May God continue to bless all of organization as they continue help young childern as well as the young men & young women keep them out trouble .
Emy Sanchez (2 months ago)
God bless u more
Valerie Hughes (2 months ago)
That was very nice of him
bronson mcdonald (2 months ago)
So proud of you James for really digging in there and not giving up until you found several volunteer groups(including the couple who hosted so many boys in their home ...over 800...wow!!) who do great work. You were not very hopeful at first, but you didn't give up, and you turned it into great and amazing results for all involved, including yourself. I felt my heart melt many times watching this, as your heart opened wider and wider. Thank you!!!!
Bryson Cherry (2 months ago)
Just in case you people with wishful selective hearing failed/refused to hear, he loaned the money not gave it away.
Bryson Cherry (2 months ago)
I love that miserable people like to live vicariously through hard workers by telling them how much wealth that "should" have.
Witness Sigauke (2 months ago)
This man is a living legend my hero really. Throwing out a life line is rare and there are real issues out there. Well done James. U hv just won my heart too. Hope to meet someday
Barbara McRae (2 months ago)
awesome, god bless you, giving back makes a huge difference in so many people's lives. thanks for sharing. loved watching
Bel Sebastian (2 months ago)
Very humble person...u cannot see any luxury things around him...he just live a normal life but he helped and share a big amount of money to those who is in need...Godbless u!
CaramelTargaryen (2 months ago)
He is the one donated the most so far... and it's very touching... he is also the most humble and simple millionaire in this programme... even his house is not a big mansion like the other rich lads.. and the best part is.. he went back to see those kids again...
Kurtis Tompkins (2 months ago)
Man, this is beautiful!
Almaree Flowers (2 months ago)
Beautiful story. God bless these secret millionaires
Sarah DeHart (2 months ago)
Loved this video! So good!
Buanaflor Nany (3 months ago)
Rachaul Bermudez (3 months ago)
Love love love this video. Kindness in soul
cc cc (3 months ago)
You got rich mentality.like thinking cause you rich people will allow you to film and stuff. You on their ground, get to know them atleast first
Eunicko Mercado (3 months ago)
So hot this guy James and so humble. He deserves all his Millions. Do hope one day He visit Philippines. God bless and continue to bless James. Stay handsome and hot and millioners..hehe
De'Ouna Wade (3 months ago)
#Loveeeeee #TheseStorues #GreatMan😄😜😙😗😍💒😍😍😍💒💒
Mari Santiago (3 months ago)
Sir James...I'm from the Philippines....I hope you can give me some help someday
Elisa P (3 months ago)
This is one touching episode. Actually shed tears. Really salute the old couple.
afifa Ahmed (3 months ago)
The secret in life that av just learned in this world is to always be humble and always be ready to listen
TBY Tv (3 months ago)
You do not need money to help people you can donate your time to serve people it can make a change
Kathie Padilla (3 months ago)
Doing God's work here on earth. What a beautiful blessing.
Tracey Mc Kevitt (3 months ago)
Everyone's hating on this chap giving their opinion about the home he lives and car he drives...i think it makes him look even better than the rest of the millionaires as he's not about material things and a home is what u make it,it don't matter if it's a box or a fuckin mansion it just matters about the love the family got for each other and this makes me love this bloke more...he's not about flashin the cash he's about love of family and friends.I think this blokes a 100%....he's amazing.Good job mate....ur a credit and a great influence on everyone in the world.AMAZING CHAP.
Shane B (2 months ago)
Well said Tracey :)
Love the ginger boi. 💙😂😀
Ansari Santos (3 months ago)
This guy walks 300 KM to distributed leaflets before becoming a billionaire...yes he is a billionaire, not a millionaire...A nice guy to follow....
sw 18 (3 months ago)
The best UK milionere by far Bless you man
Etienne Sugihara (3 months ago)
Such a beautiful earth Angel James is ! I'm deeply Move by his works and his heart and soul ! James is an amazing human being ! Love Love James ! May God bless his beautiful family ! And the volunteer from his company !
Joan Berry (3 months ago)
You are a wonderful man!
Joy (3 months ago)
For someone that has $77,000.000.00 pounds, he sure does live a simple humble life. God bless you James for helping those young kids! The Elderly couple are absolute angels on earth. They definitely are setting a great example for everyone. This is how Father God and Jesus wants us to be with the unfortunate. God bless them all
Hypatia4242 (3 months ago)
I wish all companies had a community volunteer program. My Dad's office had this decades ago; they were given short days to tutor local kids. He absolutely adored it and the kids used to write letters years later saying they had gone to university to study something similar. He was so proud.

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