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Giving Air Jordan's To Strangers

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BECOME PART OF THE FAM & CHECK OUT THE BIG DAWS SHOP HERE - http://shopbigdaws.com SNAPCHAT ME 😊 - www.snapchat.com/add/dawslife We wanted to start off 2017 right by spreading some love. We started the first half of the video near USC and finished the 2nd half in Compton. At the very end we give shoe's to the homeless near Santa Monica pier. Thank you to everyone who supports my videos and gives me the opportunity to make these kinds of videos. I love to give back, It is one of the main reasons why I started my channel. I want nothing but to spread love, positivity and laughter as corny as that sounds. Thanks again to everyone who makes this possible :) FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM- http://instagram.com/bigdawstv FOLLOW MY TWITTER- https://twitter.com/BigDawsTv SUB MY VLOG CHANNEL! - https://www.youtube.com/user/BigDawsTvExtras SNAPCHAT- DAWSLIFE FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/BigDawsTv MERCH- https://www.districtlines.com/bigdawstv SEND ME STUFF- P.O. Box 156 Tempe, Az 85280 ROYALTY FREE MUSIC BY JINGLE PUNKS AND AUDIO MICRO
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Text Comments (9516)
BigDawsTv (6 months ago)
Thank you guys for the support! I just dropped some new Merch, click the link & support the #FAM - https://bigdawsmerch.com 😁🤘🏼
JoshNewbury (1 month ago)
BigDawsTv god bless you
Joel Nelsen (2 months ago)
Yo man Lotta Love bro keep doing you man you're making the world a better place man whether it's laughing or giving back you should be proud of yourself man
Priyank Bisht (2 months ago)
man keep it up...losts of love to you and your channel...and the drop outs is a great channel too same as your this one...👌👌
Johnny hernandez (2 months ago)
That's Alsome good kindness Man.!! Nobody gives away free Air Jordan's.specially.in the Hood-I like that.!!!!
Flux_ ReMz (3 months ago)
BigDawsTv d
Vijay Dsouza (10 minutes ago)
I can feel the joy of giving..
U2b Geye (2 hours ago)
Maybe they can give you hairmaxes in return
Memes Galore (14 hours ago)
U know ur white when u say air jordans
David Lopez (17 hours ago)
ay he in Compton
Almir Ka (18 hours ago)
The question what kind of people dislike This video
youtuber (19 hours ago)
*Video is done recording* *goes to people that he gave jordans* Dawson:Hey! Im just joking can you give me that back Guy: WHAT DA HECK!?! YOU SAID YOU GIVE ME THIS
Léo Chamlian (19 hours ago)
You are so nice continue like that man 👍👍
Iceey_mask_official (20 hours ago)
That guys name was Sean and his name is Dawson does anyone else see the connection
IFake Noob (23 hours ago)
1:11 is that dez 😂
Himanshu Pharswan (23 hours ago)
Better give to homeless people
Munteanu Ericc (1 day ago)
I wish i was one of that people
Supriadi pbun (1 day ago)
Wow man! I like you,you have heart like a angel,respect for you❤
Jim Paul Mojica (1 day ago)
You're a blessing in this world Dawg
The Doge (1 day ago)
At 2:26 Shane Dawson😏
rr suma (1 day ago)
Bramming (2 days ago)
that deserves af sub
Terrel Giray (2 days ago)
nice brroooooooottthhheerrr (fffuuuccckkkkk. uuuupppppppp. )
Ezekiel De Ocampo (2 days ago)
Pls give me michael jordan shoes pls kind sir in the philipines
god is woman (2 days ago)
Giving back is great thing 😊
Zack Brenneman (2 days ago)
I’ll be honest I cried a little on the homeless part
NASA (2 days ago)
He 51? Boyy you look young asf
Det3ctive Conan (2 days ago)
😱Is it meant for them or did Dawson some how connect with those people to know their exact size?❤
Collin Harnish (2 days ago)
I feel so happy for those people
yngjulio (2 days ago)
Such a great person so positive I appreciate you
iTz Paulo_ (2 days ago)
God bless you!
Moses kollipara (2 days ago)
Where the hell was I
tav finkelstein (2 days ago)
Lmao I just imagine him going like “Hey hey bro, this is actually for YouTube is it cool if we use this clip for the vid ? Btw I’m gonna need those back.”
ramboJ (3 days ago)
I fucking love what you do
Mario Fv (3 days ago)
Morpheus (3 days ago)
Can't tell if this is genuine or trolling 'In the Hood' like most Youtube jackasses. If it's genuine, why Jordan's?
Fake Justin Y. (3 days ago)
Im moving to where ever this guy is.
Alex Schmalex (4 days ago)
I would do this if I actually had money
Iqbal Azaron (4 days ago)
Give me one brooooo 😂
Random Games (4 days ago)
Nice bloke
eXtazy's Fan (5 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Big daws is kind I love him too😁😁
עידו מלמוד (7 days ago)
what about their size
That Bill Cosby nigga (7 days ago)
Lmao it's the same box every time. He ain't givings shit away
Ashraf Ashmil (5 days ago)
No one give you any sh*t bruh
Samuel Kyerematen (8 days ago)
Can have Jordan 5
ZizOu -_- (10 days ago)
when rich peopel are bored
Mücahit Onur (10 days ago)
Wtf lavar Ball?
tarek halimah (11 days ago)
plot twist: there all fakes
Pinkman (11 days ago)
Yantama Alfins (11 days ago)
I need it please
Leslie Hendersen (13 days ago)
How is it a good deed when a camera is following you around AND THEN you post it on youtube?? whatever happened to anonymoous kindness rather than attention and subscriber seeking kindness?
A vi kako te ?? (13 days ago)
Respect dude!! Its such a positive and really great channel.
Freda Efya Blaq (13 days ago)
He should take it back from those who dont look like they appreciate it... Give it to those who do :)
BLUE / (13 days ago)
Pls Send me one pair
DAÑAS PH (14 days ago)
1:36 jealousssss
Lori Butler (14 days ago)
God bless your soul
Renaldi Febrian (14 days ago)
everyone must subs him!! 🔥
Mark Hall (14 days ago)
Everyone out here begging for Jordan's like they actually think he would be able to pay for all those Jordan's or even give a pair to all of them, they are missing the actual meaning of the video. BigDaws was trying to deliver the message of staying humble, committing random acts of kindness, and bringing joy to others.
Meru Fpv (14 days ago)
later... umm sir.. it was a prank.. cani have those back!
fireeN (14 days ago)
kozak mialem podobne
Lich King (15 days ago)
I bet the people driving by thought you were dealing some drugs.
ExPloSioN Fortnite (16 days ago)
The guy on the left at 3:50 didnt get any :(
Fatal-A命 (16 days ago)
"Who gives jordan's away?" WHITE PEOPLE
Fatal-A命 😂😂😂
Akaakaaka ak (17 days ago)
Fuck the people that just say "thanks" and walk off like it's nothing
Raymond Dong (19 days ago)
That’s so nice of u giving people cool Jordan’s I wish I had some 😢
Khang Bui (20 days ago)
You're the nicest person i've ever seen in my whole life
man gamers (20 days ago)
Eric Kieselbach (20 days ago)
Good man
David Frederick (21 days ago)
I really love this bro kindness God bless you brother
joao sobreiro (21 days ago)
so cool ….
Zakaria Hassan ahmed (21 days ago)
Fakter than kim kardashion's butt
qavoboi (22 days ago)
How did he know these people sizes?
MAD GAMING TRICKS (23 days ago)
May hod bless u and ur whole family man !!!!!
ARMY4LIFU (25 days ago)
I have Air Jordans... Cheap.
ano (25 days ago)
god bless you man!
Jim gaiser Senoron (25 days ago)
DRXGZZ15 (25 days ago)
How df you know they sizes
jomel Pocot (27 days ago)
Come here in the Philippines visayas bohol hahahahab
Danial Khan (27 days ago)
The biggest question is: how did you know their size???
OVAL BUFFALLO (27 days ago)
Can i have a HUMAN RACE NMD with a size of 9?srsly
Tobi Trill (27 days ago)
Aleyamma gasper (27 days ago)
Ohh fuck where was i when this is HAPPENING
Itsjustrob (28 days ago)
What a guy...
Kurtmeister (29 days ago)
somethimes you just want to be a stranger in california
SydneyPlays (1 month ago)
God Bless You
WISWO (1 month ago)
Hmm so cool
Space Whale (1 month ago)
I gained faith in humanity.
KeRvz Gaming (1 month ago)
A Huge ShoutOut! To You Man! God Bless You! 😇
anisha khanal (1 month ago)
you are soo humane💙 world seems to be a better place.
Regular Show (1 month ago)
love thus guy😍
Johnlloyd Vlogs (1 month ago)
Godbless you bro! 😊👍
형제syam (1 month ago)
we all love Air Jordan🏀🏀🏀
The Hitman Gõoner (1 month ago)
The background song 💯🔥
AbdulDAGOAT (1 month ago)
1:38 how come you didn’t give it to the other kid
Sam Man (1 month ago)
I love this guy . I would totally do that
HZGaming4U (1 month ago)
@ 0:59 "I'm 51 and ain't no one ever gave me nothing!" Really touched my heart... :)
what now? (1 day ago)
He used a double negative meaning everyone has given him everything. Ha.
Savage Miguel (1 day ago)
HZGaming4U so sad
Paul.Palanas 23 (2 days ago)
Thats two of us
dtbooss tv (1 month ago)
You are nice man
Jyeve Klint Alemania (1 month ago)
Helping other people is better than everything😁
Richard Seblero (1 month ago)
You are the most real and generous youtuber ive seen. Continue to bless and share your blessings. God bless you Dawson.
Morgan Anderson (1 month ago)
What about me
C Re (1 month ago)
How u know some of then ppl were homeless
Tafadzwa Rusere (1 month ago)
God bless you
sandile mabaso (1 month ago)
You are so fucken nice😢
Ahmed Daniel (1 month ago)
Why people still dislike for this video he’s doing a good things not a bad

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