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Paris For Rs. 30,000 - Hostel, Parties, Indian Food, Sim, Museums, Boats, Palaces - Indian Vlogger

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Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/69iSWt My Instagram: http://instagram.com/thetravelingdesi Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/TravelingDesi Rs. 30,000 for a 6 day trip to the beautiful city of Paris. How expensive is Paris?. I visited Paris and spent 6 days in only Rs. 30,000 visiting all major attractions on a limited budget. I checked out Eifel tower, The Louvre and all major attractions of Paris including my expenses on food, accommodation, city transport, local trains etc. This video explains how budget travel to European countries is possible and exactly what costs what. The video has complete list of all-important things you need to know about how to survive in Paris on a budget. It is a complete Paris travel guide with prices and costs of everything in detail. #Paris #ParisfromIndia #Parisvlog This video answers questions like How expensive is a trip to Paris? How to take the cheapest flights to Paris and how to take the cheapest flights to europe. How much do parties cost in Paris? How much does food and grocery cost in Paris? How many hotels cost in Paris? How to plan a budget trip to Paris? How to visit Paris on a budget? How to visit Paris from India? How expensive is Paris from India? And many other questions. An Indian traveler on a budget trip to Paris can easily explore the city in Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 for 3 or 4 days an then can onwards continue to Paris. The video also addresses various topics like 1) Cheap Paris travel from India. 2) Booking cheap tickets from India to Paris 3) Indian food in Paris 4) Budget tips for Paris trip 5) Indians in Paris. And much more. Disclaimer: This video is a travel guide documentary for information and education purpose only to explain Indian travelers on how expensive Paris actually is and also provides information about the costs of alcohol sold legally in Paris. The video or the creator does not encourage anyone to engage in any unhealthy or unlawful activity at any time, as the contents of the video are for the informational sake only. The video also contains touristy and general information about Paris only for educational and informative purposes. Music : Google’s Creator Repository. Hostel St. Christopher Inn. Gare Du Nord Paris. (Gare Du Nord Means Northen Station) Booked at www.Hostelworld.com USE THIS LINK TO SIGNUP ON AIRBNB TO GET RS. 2200 CREDIT IN YOUR AIRBNB ACCOUNT https://goo.gl/QpZcGv My Vlogging Setup Cameras Primary Camera for Self-shots and Night Shots https://amzn.to/2NIy1Cs Secondary Vlogging Action Camera https://amzn.to/2ooHvIi My Phone for Pans, Tilts, and Hyperlapse https://amzn.to/2C7hBCA Stabilizers & Tripods My Stabilizer Gimbal for the Primary Camera https://amzn.to/2LKOjcv My phone gimbal for hyperlapse and stabilized shots. https://amzn.to/2PpZCZB tripod for this Primary Camera https://amzn.to/2CeyNpU Chargers, Hubs, and Plugs My World Plug https://amzn.to/2ND1P3q USB Charging Hub https://amzn.to/2C8a9ag Powerbank https://amzn.to/2Pp8rD0 Managing Extremely Big Data Hard Disk One https://amzn.to/2C5zOAk Hard Disk Covers https://amzn.to/2LMjGDi My Headphones https://amzn.to/2C68kup Post Production Editing Software iMovie Editing Done on High-Speed SDD Drive https://amzn.to/2LMJHT7 Mic for Voice Over https://amzn.to/2C7knYk The computer I use for editing and my only machine. https://amzn.to/2NFBGkR
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Text Comments (2367)
Traveling Desi (6 months ago)
Guys.. You can add me on Instagram for live informative videos and stories straight from my trips :-) instagram.com/thetravelingdesi/
ritesh jaiswal (5 days ago)
😅 Sidhi baat no bakwas, what i like most. 😉
aditi kaul (1 month ago)
Nice blog, just what I was looking for..can you suggest which hostel you booked or from which site we get good hostel...I have heard there are some areas that should be avoided for stay
Aro Suhin (1 month ago)
You didn't talk about the visa procedure include in videos
Hitesh Reddy (1 month ago)
How do you plan for all the trips? Visa,itinerary etc. ?
Sabahul Hassan (1 month ago)
Mohit sir how you manage money for travelling
Saagar shr (1 hour ago)
Thoda dhira dhira🗣
Eshan Perera (4 hours ago)
Hi , what is the hostel name? How about safety ?
cricket love (4 hours ago)
Such a lovely video
Sheetikantha Gaikwad (15 hours ago)
BRO you're great, blogging Superbowl!
Aditya Dhakne (1 day ago)
Bhai dekho Editing Apke jaise maine Aaj tak nahi dekhe Perfect Straight to point Our 10-15Min ke Vlog me Pure City Khatm Waa .... Sach batao to muzhe Ek Min bhi tumhari Video dekheme Boring nahi howa Aise hi Continue karo
Pankaj Kumar (1 day ago)
Yes nice
Pareen Sachdeva (2 days ago)
Really enjoying how candid you are, Mohit. P. S. Sauda sath me le ke chalte hai 👻 PP. s. 5 g se zyada MAAL nahi rakh sakte hai 😛
How can I get Vist visa
Anita B (2 days ago)
Fantastic video....
rahul borse (2 days ago)
Hi dud i have become your fan like
Abu Bakar Mughal (3 days ago)
G bilkul sahi pakri hai
vigil rodrigues (3 days ago)
aap bohot aage jaoge sir your videos are awesome very helpful
Shamim Akhter (3 days ago)
Bro I want ask you that how can get visa and ticket how can I book
Hema .e (4 days ago)
Please do video in English
md rehan (5 days ago)
Bhai jo apne room mates ko indian food khilya uska payment kon kya aap ya apke roomates
Vijay Gunjal (5 days ago)
Perfect Vlog...
Sumeet Bais (5 days ago)
01:29 its not legal to take pictures or videos of the tower at night. Hope you dont get sued 😁nice videos bud, Keep going!! ✌
Lgjh Hjjkk (6 days ago)
Etny sasty tickets kesy lety ap
Traveling Desi (6 days ago)
Check my cheap flights video buddy 🙂 all the secrets are in there
gourav kumar (6 days ago)
Bhai ultimate vloger kyu mjak krta hoo ki shekh rsha huuu
Naveen Raj (6 days ago)
How can get the visa Paris to Amsterdam
Irfan Baig (6 days ago)
Bro plzz explain about visa
Adarsh Here (6 days ago)
Great flow. Very informative. 😁
Ajaya Mallick (6 days ago)
Really your help and support will help many persons to explore France. Thanks a lot...
Rahul Nagar (6 days ago)
बहुत बढ़िया भाई ऐसे ही विडियो बनाते रहिए धन्यवाद 1 reqest कृपया यहा का ब ब्लॉग बनाये #dubai #abudhabi #singapoor #oman #Indonesia & Many More.. chipest bught video Or ha Apka explore krne ka tarika bhot pasand aya... Ase he banate rehte👍
Nikhil Ichake (7 days ago)
1:16 pe boy aur girl kiss kar rahe hain...!!😋😋😘😘
Karan Bhardwaj (7 days ago)
Good work buddy keep it up 👍
Manmohan Aggarwal (7 days ago)
भाई बहोत बढ़िया लगा आपका वीडियो । ऐसा लग जैसे मैं भी आपके साथ घूम रहा हूँ
sugar candy (7 days ago)
Spell numbers in English please
Your videos are excellent ! Shooting, editing, content, script, camera angles, composing, everything is excellent. I just watched your video on Switzerland. Then I watched this video on Paris. Keep it up !
Jamila Chaki (7 days ago)
My dream destination ♥️😍 thanks information k liye😌
Burra Singh (7 days ago)
Book at least 6 months in advance with Kuwait airways and get the tickets for 28k.
Osman Mohammed (9 days ago)
Yes, U did choose perfect route!
Saif_ Ali (9 days ago)
Best blogger 😘
francs xavier (9 days ago)
How much tourist visa how many days tell me sir
Amal Das (10 days ago)
Sab kuch bahut jada fast....thora bate slow kijiye..kuch details ke sath
Vishnu BK (10 days ago)
Loved 😍😍😍
hetel evans (11 days ago)
Thank u so much. Gonna be very much helpful for me. I'm a girl solo traveller. Now planning to go outside of India from gurgaon.
Liberty Pass (11 days ago)
Plz Don't describe ur expenses in ind rupees becz ur viewers r all over world.Desc prices in Euro. its ur positive approach so carry on..Thanks
akshay chavan (11 days ago)
Boss but jaha stay krte ho wha ka thoda information ahe share kiya kro e.g contact no n address
akshay chavan (11 days ago)
Compare to varun vagish ur information is too good
IamPalvinderKaur ੴ (12 days ago)
Best channel Make me your travel partner 😂🤣
saurabh roy (13 days ago)
Bro ur video is excellent but u speak too fast..can u be little slow..I have to rewind many times to listen what u say
Short, Simple and sweet
Gaurav Singh (15 days ago)
Too good man.
Thezain9999 (15 days ago)
Yes thoda vlog bada banao
guddu s (15 days ago)
Very nice . every thing is clear bro
ANDAMAN NICOBAR (16 days ago)
heemanshu Raj (16 days ago)
Bro keep it up
Rahul Asthana India (17 days ago)
मेने आपके सभी वीडियो शेयर किया है व्हाट्सएप पर
Ramesh Dangaura (17 days ago)
Bahut badhiya!!!
ritu gupta (17 days ago)
Great vlog.. You definitely did an amazing tour with tips... Helpful
Traveling Desi (17 days ago)
Thanks a lot Ritu :-) Glad you liked it :-)
Girish Kumar (19 days ago)
Bro I am planning to travel from Paris to Italy after 4 days in Paris..what do you suggest for a mode of transport with wife and 1 year old baby. I am us citizen so I can drive left and auto transmission.
mayank gakhar (20 days ago)
Sir very good video.
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot Mayank :-)
Amoghavarsha U T (20 days ago)
Dude! I have watched a huge bunch of travel videos but none of them are as straight forward and informative as yours. I loved the way you cover the places via Hyperlapses. Great work mate and lots of best wishes. Cheers 😊
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot for appreciating the effort and such kind words Amoghavarsha :-) Glad you like my videos :-)
shobhna nayak (20 days ago)
Great ❤💛
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thank you Shobhna :-)
Manu Gogia (20 days ago)
Indian grate vlogger
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot Manu :-)
Very nice brother......
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thank you buddy :-)
Moin Khan (21 days ago)
I loved your format. People like me love to watch something that is on point.
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot Moin :-) Glad you liked it :-)
Sameer (21 days ago)
Aap super ho bhai love you
Traveling Desi (18 days ago)
Thank you Sameer bhai :-)
Gourav Makhija (21 days ago)
Your dis video made me to go to Paris at least once 😍
Gourav Makhija (21 days ago)
Hi please advise when have you travelled to Paris.. What is the best time for cheaper flights for Amsterdam?
Akash Bhorashettar (22 days ago)
Bro loved your videos,, i have a question in my mind That what to do to get city centre from CDG and which is the better and cheap way to get.?
zammy chopra (22 days ago)
Veere kindly share ur number or do contact me at 7042370123 - Zammy seriously loved ur vlogs
Rahul Maurya (22 days ago)
You wanted to be a professor, believe me, this is something you are doing takes out best out of you. I have never seen any Indian making such nice videos. Keep on making and also cover hmare desi places too after covering the world:)
arunkumar5710 (22 days ago)
Very good editing! Better than videshis!
Mahesh Bodke (24 days ago)
Bhai aap cheap hostel kaise aur kahase karte hai.
Manya Ranjan (24 days ago)
How many days did you spend in Paris. Day wise itinerary?
kuch bhi (25 days ago)
Love you bro.. This is my favorite YouTube channel ever..
Gurketan singh Dhillon (25 days ago)
bunny sagar (25 days ago)
bhai boht achi video h but apne hostel kse book kiya ye nhi btaya apne
Mr Krj (26 days ago)
13 Euros day pass for all zones also includes Versailles.
A P Kalsi (26 days ago)
I went to Paris with my family in 2016 and I have only one thing to say...... overrated.
Rashmi Tiwari (27 days ago)
Paris Traveller are giving good guide
Sunny DP (27 days ago)
Any honeymoon packages bro for dubai or other asian countries?
talha gondal (27 days ago)
Hey bro u r great such a amazing visits
Sudeep B (27 days ago)
Great quality content, Mohit. Your channel shall go places! Can you kindly advise on the legitimate website to book train tickets in Europe (Swiss, France, Spain)?
Sudeep B (27 days ago)
Thanks for quick response buddy. I read on tripadvisor about goeruo wasn’t doing good in terms of accepting payments etc. btw, am an IT entrepreneur (small time) like you and a history buff too! Me and my wife watching your euro videos 5 times a day and noting down details on paper. Planning to go zurich paris barcelona venice this feb and so far so good with your videos. God bless, also I followed you on instgaram. Some day we may land up on beers somewhere traveling with a backpack
Traveling Desi (27 days ago)
Thanks buddy! I always use GoEuro.com
Yasir Kunroo (27 days ago)
You are doing amazing bro, bt plz give full description day by day details and how to get visa and all your roundtrip expenses
nikhil manchal (28 days ago)
Mohit aap bahot sahi ja rahe ho.. Only point to point no bakwas. Superb
Vijay Mejari (28 days ago)
Sir you are the big inspiration for me....give me heart
Prasun Mondal (28 days ago)
Nice to see your videos. You say there is a waiting time of 3 months for the top to eiffel tower.can you elaborate ? Tickets with time slots are readily availble .
Laxman Mohanty (29 days ago)
Bhaiii ye hostel kaise book karte ho
Traveling Desi (28 days ago)
I always book my hostels on hostelworld.com Laxman :-)
paritosh kumar rai (29 days ago)
No bakwaass only kam ki baat. Best vlog u have future as blogger
Traveling Desi (28 days ago)
Thanks a lot for such kind words Paritosh :-)
swati kamathe (29 days ago)
Traveling Desi (28 days ago)
Thank you Swati :-)
youtuber rakesh (29 days ago)
good video ... jo aapne khane ka kharcha bataya ek din ka 800rs ..uski details zaroor bataye ... so that it can motivate me to mange my eating expenese ...800rs == 10 euro per day jo ki bahut hi achha hai ...
Sachin Sharma (29 days ago)
Good job mohit
Harpreet Singh # (29 days ago)
Eifel tower ke top p Jane k liye tickets kha s book karni padti b plz btao sir
Imran Shaikh (30 days ago)
Traveling Desi (29 days ago)
Thank you Imran :-)
Abha Chauhan (30 days ago)
How to book the Paris all museum pass ?
Traveling Desi (29 days ago)
You can either buy it online or at any railway station or tourist information centre in the city, Abha :-)
durba - (30 days ago)
I love your vedio, only thing is that its too fast..even the camera shoot speed is fast for comfortable viewing, i have to slow it to 0.75speed to watch details..
Abhishek Limaye (30 days ago)
where is your Brussels Video?
99 Red Balloons 🎈 (1 month ago)
Traveling Desi (30 days ago)
Thank you Ayan :-)
Ameer Abukhan Aaj (1 month ago)
Bahi aap say mai cuch sikna hai
mosin pathan (1 month ago)
Btw bro editing is lit 🤙
Traveling Desi (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for appreciating the effort Mosin :-)
mosin pathan (1 month ago)
Can i have your any contact details bro ?
Shanu (1 month ago)
Hostel name?? Please @travelingdesi
Ddhl Gg (1 month ago)
Traveling Desi (1 month ago)
Thank you :-)
Sriya Mishra (1 month ago)
Your format is really great...anyone can use this information and plan a trip..it will be great if you could add day1 day2 types detail in your video
Traveling Desi (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot Sriya :-)
rohit kadiyan (1 month ago)
Mai khud nhi janta ki main kaise aa gya iss amazing channel pr😍😍. Ty bhai aap apni Hindi hi bolte ho.thanks again☺
Rahima Akhtar (1 month ago)
Love your blogs. This is on my bucket list now. Tnx a lot
Traveling Desi (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for the kind words Rahima :-)

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