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3 hot Persian girls dancing, cruising and singing away

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Persian girls are hot & fun! 3 hot Persian girls dancing, cruising and singing away!
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Farid S. (2 months ago)
Where are the 3 hot Persian girls?
Abdulla Noor (3 years ago)
يا خداااا😍
M R (3 years ago)
they are in jade chaloos
Sahar Kha (4 years ago)
Vay khafash kon oon musiko! AH
cocojumbo (4 years ago)
hot and stupid
cocojumbo (3 years ago)
+Hassan Amir whatever turns you on
Hassan Amir (3 years ago)
Fuck Persian
cocojumbo (3 years ago)
+Hassan Amir thats not what i meant. i did not address it to the entire nation
Hassan Amir (3 years ago)
you are right fuck persian
Alex Bolton (4 years ago)
Have a nice trip down the cliff!!
salxox (5 years ago)
Shamaizadeh - Zargari
Ari Muhsin (5 years ago)
Whats the name of this song Pls help
Abdulla Noor (4 months ago)
Ari Muhsin shamaizadeh - zargari jan
cdhs (5 years ago)
Salam, I cant get this song off ma head, I really want to know what the title is?

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