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Text Comments (388)
MrSuperCar (9 months ago)
too bad noone succeed
Aliaksandr Anikovich (11 months ago)
PunchingMegaTree (1 year ago)
"awlraight awlraigth"
s401081 (1 year ago)
Someone should've taken the bullhorn from that fat guy. Most annoying commentator
robbie rogers (1 year ago)
pits to narrow every one in same ruts ==no fun
Joseph Ferrara (1 year ago)
That green Ford is badass
roselin franco (1 year ago)
No inglis yes español
roselin franco (1 year ago)
Ho may gat genial cool
Kathy Kersey (1 year ago)
Antonio Guidry (1 year ago)
Ford sucks
jasmine griffin (1 year ago)
my brother is in love with mud trucks
Nothing Wrong with thaat!!!
Tyler Stevenson (1 year ago)
Why so many clean white trucks? They must've been hard as hell to clean off
Rani Andini (2 years ago)
ngentot ni iklan nya!!!!!!!!
XoJIogHbIu (2 years ago)
нахуй карабкаться без блокировки диференциалов?
Christian Schaub (2 years ago)
will my ass following off h
Leo (2 years ago)
Psh. My Prius can go through that no problem.
Jefferson Matos (2 years ago)
ibérica é ideal do que ygtgcddy xnxdnxndndnxndndjdhhfqdcfqbc1v3
wow alot of truck for a shit hole why would one open this pitt give it up to all the owners for hitt'n it Cheers
Messias Fonseca (2 years ago)
isso e um carra mostro
Kristy Greer (2 years ago)
OK cool
Kahli Crossley (2 years ago)
you tryed truck
Samuel Martinez Garcia (2 years ago)
me encanto
boris griffith (2 years ago)
they all sucks nobody even close
EL CASARRUBIAS (2 years ago)
entrar al agua Primero se tiene que pasar después cuando se tienen que acelerar para que pueda avanzar todo y no hacerlas charcote de agua porque entre más le aceleran más sus llantas se le van a meter los temas que no van a poder pasar
Ruan Pablo (2 years ago)
muito louco
#dz Frotz (2 years ago)
اويلي وين الشاص عنهم
Enzo Athalla Bayan (2 years ago)
Pedro Peres (2 years ago)
muito legal
OSHUN MUN (2 years ago)
girls gone deep insert Lenny face
Sylvia Eaton (2 years ago)
Yep u rite
BRACE stw (2 years ago)
omfg just keep reading the vid title...
João Barros (2 years ago)
os carros tem muita potência
Renegade (2 years ago)
Democrats yearly meeting.
Laura Negron (2 years ago)
White Devils
Samuel Fernandez (2 years ago)
Samuel Fernández
Pumpkii (2 years ago)
sports cars are much better ...
Jackson Whitlow (2 years ago)
Those are two completely different types of vehicles........
ModayaShow 69 (2 years ago)
Flip Flop (2 years ago)
Wow retarded
ronaldi peña (2 years ago)
Ernie Robison (2 years ago)
Alright alright. Damn that announcer was fucking annoying!
Alex Sandu (2 years ago)
Ernie Robison x
Mediah Hapsarie (2 years ago)
fb cmcx ls kok
Cheke Serrano (2 years ago)
34486 (2 years ago)
when that green ford took off......... wow I NEED THAT TURBO!
34486 (2 years ago)
xD I need the model.
qlwz modz (2 years ago)
lol dual turbos
34486 (2 years ago)
What brand, model and type, I am interested in this. o. o
Ronnie Sowell (2 years ago)
That's what mine sounds like. It's a stock turbo from a 2003 6.0. I put one on my 06 f350
Shannon Chester (2 years ago)
G'on n git n at ther mud troff, c ha fur yu cn git.
Karl Marx (2 years ago)
seriously no locking Diffs and some of these aren't 4 wheel drive
Karl Marx (2 years ago)
how it putting the car 10 feet up gonna help you get more clearance when the axle for the wheels is only 1 foot off
qlwz modz (2 years ago)
won't work
SkeletorRises (2 years ago)
That guy saying alright alright is annoying
StarGames (2 years ago)
a case quadtrac 620 wood do it
34486 (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA YES! THAT IS WHAT I WAS THINKING. :) What bout cat challanger MTE655? hehe
TÜRK SIKEN (2 years ago)
amk salak yok ama o kadar da bir şey yok ki
OrangeCRUSH 480 (2 years ago)
obviously these idiots dont understand their massive suspensions arent gonna allow this to happen. fucking idiots
flakes gala (2 years ago)
you are doing good
Zac Claussen (2 years ago)
fuck those trucks I have a truck and it can do donuts uround those in that mud
Andrew Phillips (2 years ago)
Reece634 (2 years ago)
what good are any of these trucks if the axles on the ground? u have 18 inches of ground clearance, and a 32 inch lift something doesnt seem right , prolly why u all went 20 feet
Wimpz (2 years ago)
Announcer please tuck in your stomach
Büny Lp (2 years ago)
"America" is going down..
Damian Tremont (3 years ago)
hot. chics who love to swim in piss water? I don't know. hahahah
Саша Ледяев (3 years ago)
зеленоватые тачки
Fabricio Freitas (3 years ago)
Bleisondaniel Lubo (3 years ago)
mfkvhnfd, d
igor turoboyskiy (3 years ago)
Mr. Checker (3 years ago)
2:14 almost made it
Jamarion Davis (2 years ago)
I am
ProximityGaming (3 years ago)
it's impossible
Lolface Troll (3 years ago)
hablen español q chilo
reaper 75 (3 years ago)
where is the fun?
jason jarrell (3 years ago)
What's the point in this tearing up your trucks
Daniel Rodarte (3 years ago)
JAjajajajajaja jaja
YXNorway Gaming (2 years ago)
Miguel Alvarez (3 years ago)
Adam Prakoso (3 years ago)
gak ada yg kuat, gak sip
Brahlie Brooks (3 years ago)
that was amazing
У меня даже дед на ниве здесь проехал- бы
Kimberly Keller (3 years ago)
no ay ningun pinçhe comentario en spañol
Mason (3 years ago)
1:28 What the !!!!
Организаторы перестарались:) Толстому наверное пиздюлей надавали
Catusso25 (3 years ago)
Muito 10 o canal. Conheça o meu quando der. vlw Bro o/
Chevydmax 2002 (3 years ago)
GrimReaper (3 years ago)
so nobody could get through the mud i see.
Jaylon Horton (3 years ago)
I think the green truck had it if it had full speed ahead
Karl Marx (2 years ago)
Messy Wessy (3 years ago)
And your guys are trying to so called Mudd in a clay hole. Clay doesn't act like mud does. You just sink
Messy Wessy (3 years ago)
I like how the 2nd truck just rutted it out for anyone else to pass. As soon as the back tires hit they're stuck
Zark Dx (3 years ago)
the title of this vid deserves a thats what she said joke
THEw5000 (3 years ago)
#what hill billies do when they are board
Mr. Orange (3 years ago)
0:18 HA! That's what you get for muddin' in a Ranger! HAHAHA!
Ryan Poulsen (3 years ago)
ahti29 (3 years ago)
wow.this is what america is all about-all show and no go.
Kunal Sanmuthiya (3 years ago)
Dark Twister (3 years ago)
Бля конечно для урала это лужа!
elisa sarah (3 years ago)
Donte Colbert (3 years ago)
That flag
SonOfMarvin (3 years ago)
The announcer is annoying. Front tires hit the bud "Alright alright!" STFU let them play, thats what this whole thing is about.
Nickolas Philippini (3 years ago)
this trail is very hard.
Kotex Patiwara (3 years ago)
kagak ada kerjaan. tolol
ion2k (3 years ago)
im glad at 2 08 that bitch got stuck had a confederate flag i hate people liike that
no people got to the oler side
Throttle Out 250 (3 years ago)
Turn your wheels side to side dont just dig straight down...
Jeffery Collins (3 years ago)
Ya u Aaron
Jeffery Collins (3 years ago)
That guy is stupid and its not a dodge thats a Ford
Wait..... so no one made it?
Alan Williams (3 years ago)
lmfao wat the hell is this bull.yankies
Alan Williams (3 years ago)
lmfao wat the hell is this shit.yankies

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