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This trick will change your eye color.. (ACTUALLY WORKS)

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This simple trick will change your eye color temporarily! Along with some crazy optical illusions and mind tricks! Eye colors: Blue: https://youtu.be/vUZoPwQaM5U Green: https://youtu.be/UmgFe5olGao ►Previous Videos ◦Cringe Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGlBwHcJsAI&t=95 ◦Mind Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRqoafgmBDs&t=43s ◦Dont look away Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5ym7kE7Fwk&t=6s ◦Try not to laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLWNr2XItT8 ►Social Media Links: ◦Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrendCentral_ Comment " @TrendCentral " to prove you read the description (I'll reply) ►Credits: ◦https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/crazy-optical-illusions?utm_term=.nm1ABxX9K#.ipP7V80dK ◦https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmgFe5olGao&t=4s ◦https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8cXTHz_o2o ◦https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKc2C_fyAPQ&t=67s ◦https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PQ0ockV5Q4 ►Music Credits: ◦Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release] ◦Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release] ◦Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release] -TrendCentral
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Trend Central (1 year ago)
*Check this out* - https://youtu.be/B0W6D97nRBE Hey everyone, I don't think I explained the eye changing one too well so *please read this* ! Your eye will change to the color of the eye on screen which in this case is (green), however in the description I will be linking some other colors that you can try out as the video only contains green. Now as mentioned in the video, it doesn't work every single time so if it doesn't work for you then please wait 10 minutes until the next attempt as you could strain your eyes. Also this trick apparently works least on people with brown eyes from what I've been told. I'm sorry for this confusion. Thank you.
___ WolfTeen47___ (1 month ago)
My eyes are brown, thank you for telling me
Mocha Kat (1 month ago)
That’s why my eyes went from brown:brown Brown:brown Brown:brown Brown:brown Brown:brown Brown:brown Hotel:trivago
Emma Lea birstler (2 months ago)
I have Hazel eyes and they turned into pits of blackness
Krystal Esparza (3 months ago)
Trend Central. Hi. I'm from Egypt. 🇪🇬. I really love your accent
Hiba Nadeem (3 months ago)
I have black eyes, I really love green blue eyes.
Belal Issa (1 hour ago)
Serenity Kanyer (5 hours ago)
How long does the eye color last and can other people see it
XIreneSisCamilaX x3 (5 hours ago)
The one that was suppose to make everything smaller worked! But everything started getting farther away! Cool!
brejahnae whitmore (6 hours ago)
i subscribe
Raul Avila (8 hours ago)
It worked my eyes 👀 are dark brown and turned 25 present lighter
Raul Avila (8 hours ago)
Click bait
Raul Avila (8 hours ago)
I subscribed
aisha ali (9 hours ago)
I'm mad it didn't work
aisha ali (9 hours ago)
Everything's wiggly and weird but it slowly dies down.
Queen Kailey vlogs (10 hours ago)
Oh my god it worked my eyes turn purple
ScottyBudLite (8 hours ago)
Hey you don’t need to brag
ScottyBudLite (8 hours ago)
Queen Kailey vlogs how’s
Twilight * (12 hours ago)
Raul Avila (8 hours ago)
Dumb head
Melva Gonzalez (14 hours ago)
omg it works my i turned red
Nita Janie (14 hours ago)
Cool lame
ScottyBudLite (8 hours ago)
Nita Janie haha
Emi ly (15 hours ago)
It didnt changed but Everything is moving 😮
Alma Montejo (18 hours ago)
I subscride=)
Joyce Mastoridou (19 hours ago)
THIS WORKED OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luis Reyes KC (20 hours ago)
It worked the dislike button
ABRILove and the Group (21 hours ago)
Nothing really happen for me, my eye only hurts but it didn't change color
ABRILove and the Group (21 hours ago)
I covered one eye for one eye color will change. A few minutes later, *AAAH!!!!! MY EYE HURTS!!!!*
Isaiah Sivaram (21 hours ago)
I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ABRILove and the Group (21 hours ago)
I only opened one eye 'cause I want to experience different eye colors but ut didn't work... I'll repeat the video until success
jaswanth 1234567890 (22 hours ago)
i subscribed !!!!!.
junior piedra (1 day ago)
It actually worked my eye color is black and the turn brown
Leseany Anderson (7 hours ago)
junior piedra no one has black eyes it's just deep dark brown that you can't see
Ayaanahmed Athif (1 day ago)
I have blue eyes it went brighter and brighter
My eye were dark dark brown but now there light light brown
Life's Just A Trip (1 day ago)
Guys it was just clickbait, but it does do something to your eyes
Elektra Alcantar (1 day ago)
THIS WORKED!!!!!!! Said no one ever.... BTW this my my pupils bigger
Roses r red violets r blue. I got clickbaited and do did u
Mystical _Gaming (1 day ago)
Blue green - blue, what an improvment
C & A R (1 day ago)
I got clickbaited
Bek Jones (1 day ago)
greenish and brownish to just brown wow what an improvment
Red Panda POWA (1 day ago)
“Hey guys welcome to clickbait central” “Hey guys welcome to fake central”
Raheem Roberts (1 day ago)
I subscribe
My eye got purple
AVD AtMobile (1 day ago)
Black - dim green
Zacheriah Hertz (2 days ago)
I subscrib!!!!
Jaspen Morigeau (2 days ago)
Ha it didn't even work my dude what you smoking willy🤣ROTFLOL
Master Of Disguise (2 days ago)
Omgosh! My eyes were brown and now they’re dark brown!
Mystical _Gaming (1 day ago)
Big diff -_-
sofia castillo (2 days ago)
Deanna Carlino (2 days ago)
Omg my eyes are hazel and they changed to a light blue!!!!!
Mystical _Gaming (1 day ago)
Contacts and mine changed from blue green, to blue
Deanna Carlino no they won’t Change cause mine didn’t
THE DARE DEVILS (2 days ago)
My eyes r brown :(
Emily Foxina (2 days ago)
I really want my eyes to be two different colors like I watch it my hand on the other eye but WHY THEY NEVER WORK 😨😨😨😨
Rainbow Star (1 day ago)
Emily Foxina Me too
Little Zunera Zonu (2 days ago)
Zacheriah Hertz (1 day ago)
+pleb gal it wrokt for me
pleb gal (2 days ago)
I didn't work
Sytraxツ (2 days ago)
ClickBaiting More Hater More Fun
Sahil Meena (3 days ago)
I unsubscribed
did they patch the glitch?
MDBlair_YT (3 days ago)
my eyes were dark brown but now its light brown
redcreeper's studios (2 days ago)
MDBlair_YT same
Lexis Grant (3 days ago)
CesarRueda Gaming (3 days ago)
Mystical _Gaming (1 day ago)
Lili Pavlova (2 days ago)
Same here
Kyrah-Jayd Taylor (3 days ago)
I subscribed!!!!
Hawraa Shehab (3 days ago)
this is stupid don’t try this now I have a headache
SS Bros (3 days ago)
You are fake
gaming invader (3 days ago)
Fucking fake. Don’t waste my time
Zacheriah Hertz Hi
Zacheriah Hertz (1 day ago)
Maya Wheeler (3 days ago)
OMG it worked!! my eyes were blue and now they are blue!!
Ayaanahmed Athif (1 day ago)
Me too
Maya Wheeler (2 days ago)
CesarRueda Gaming (3 days ago)
Maya Wheeler so it’s sarcastic or real?
Kelsey Muromoto (4 days ago)
Tried so many times, didn't work once!
Mylee OConnor (4 days ago)
I subed
Soloberry 09 (4 days ago)
So fake
Katia 24224 (4 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got scammed, So did you. AKA: Dis fake bro
andre chance (4 days ago)
It didn't work for me
Zantastic showz (4 days ago)
First my eyes we're dark brown but now they are dark green
GamingwithAnna :DD (3 days ago)
It is actually an ilussion that makes u think that u have another colour of eyes because it is actually on the very light and basic colours, Black and white...
Hawraa Shehab (3 days ago)
Zantastic showz how the hell did it work for you..my head hurts 😂
beka D (4 days ago)
I subscribed
Fiona Ward (4 days ago)
thats fake
animie bean (4 days ago)
no it kinda works
Fallen Blue (4 days ago)
MY eyes became dull and black
Rocco Finazzo (4 days ago)
I subscribed
Ahsan Kurreemun (4 days ago)
JIYA DESAI (4 days ago)
Aman (4 days ago)
Chuck Soriano (4 days ago)
omg omg my eyes is turning green tea
SuperPelaaja! (4 days ago)
My eyes Black Part turned bigger and The colored part IS smallef
MZM Alizai (5 days ago)
Mohammad Kamrul Hasan (5 days ago)
I am not sure if it actually works but my eyes seemed to be a little darker
Muan valte (5 days ago)
its FAKE
kitty frost (5 days ago)
It worked
Sabrina KM (5 days ago)
Wait guy after 2 month it work my eye are blue omg
Saniya Sayyad (4 days ago)
+Sabrina KM thank you now I will try it:-) :-)
Sabrina KM (4 days ago)
Saniya Sayyad you should
Saniya Sayyad (5 days ago)
Really??? Shall I try it or not?? Please tell
Sushi Senpie (5 days ago)
Donovin Baumgartner (5 days ago)
thats why i love subsribing to your channel gotta see what my eyes looked like besides blue
try me i (5 days ago)
That is a lie
Peggy Henderson (5 days ago)
Does it stay forever?
zikra upton (5 days ago)
love it
Galaxy Wolfy (5 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got scammed, So did you.
Colt Monceaux (4 days ago)
Galaxy Wolfy (4 days ago)
+Colt Monceaux Hehe! That's what it's made for!
Chuck Soriano (4 days ago)
Colt Monceaux (5 days ago)
Hahaha I'm gonna use this for every time I watch a click bate video
Mckinleyy amaz Sassy (5 days ago)
Usamah Budak (5 days ago)
Wow i just awaken a mangekyo sharingan.
One Slayed (4 days ago)
I just awoken the rinnegan..
Michael Milad (5 days ago)
You have got to be kedding me I give it a booooooooooooo
Rocky Louttit (5 days ago)
I had a seizure watching this and I almost became blind. I’m never watching this again.
I hope your all okay now
neysha's world (5 days ago)
My eyes turned black
nguyen phuong (5 days ago)
My eye color changed to light brown
Lil' Boi (5 days ago)
Ah Ahleong (5 days ago)
Michael Milad (5 days ago)
Crystal Diamon1021 (5 days ago)
Omg it makes me have a headache
Jasmine Theiss (5 days ago)
Crystal Diamon1021 dude same
Abdul MHN (5 days ago)
My eye colour change to black after doing this
Natasha Muller (5 days ago)
I tried over 5 times and it never worked til the 7th try
Sunset Kiss (5 days ago)
Swgirlies (2 days ago)
Dj's world (6 days ago)
Clickbait so much
Idiot toidi (6 days ago)
My pupils dilated and I had a seizure thx for the bs : )
Nikolozi Nasaraia (6 days ago)
I suscribed
Jenny Winnard (6 days ago)
OMG my eyes turned grey!!!!!!!!🤭
Ilaise Uhilamoelangi (6 days ago)
I subscribed!!!!!

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