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Watch Miley Cyrus' Steamy Make-Out With Victoria's Secret Model Stella Maxwell

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Miley Cyrus gets hot and heavy with rumored new girlfriend Stella Maxwell on the set of her new music video.
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Text Comments (466)
A Drury (1 month ago)
Poor Liam😩😧😞
Ak 96 (1 month ago)
And now she is married
Mohamed Abuelgasim (1 month ago)
Lucky Miley
unfortunatebeam (2 months ago)
This bitch needs to look at some fitness inspiration videos and get a body.
the chosenone91 (2 months ago)
And like every pan or bisexual she ended up with a man lol
nikit sharma (2 months ago)
Lo ve mi ley sexo
Jose Matias (3 months ago)
Ela não tava casada??!
Michael Stratton (3 months ago)
It happers Miley is going back to being a lesbian what a big shocker
Ann Cha (3 months ago)
And after all that now miley is married all of those was done bc shes hurt
Janet Pitts (3 months ago)
Shes not bi-sexual shes evil!! Satan is in her, all those Hollywood people are taken over by devil worshippers! Wake up people!
Maru Serrano (3 months ago)
leicanoct (3 months ago)
I wonder now that she is married. If she is allowed to cheat on her husband.
Loony Linn (3 months ago)
Miley looks like a pinworm
Juan flores (4 months ago)
ok jajaja
ali gutierrez (4 months ago)
nevermind lmao. this old.
ali gutierrez (4 months ago)
ali gutierrez (4 months ago)
That1guyfromco (4 months ago)
22 year old Miley? Bitch she's 26
Maru Serrano (3 months ago)
This is in 2015 you idiot
How did I miss this? :/
Maverick2591b (5 months ago)
I'd ask how this is news, but it IS "Entertainment Tonight", so it's obviously not.
Matias Guida (5 months ago)
:O (pretends to be shoked)
Reprogram Your Ass (5 months ago)
Damn! Two Drags Making Out! Crazy stuff.
Driver (5 months ago)
No such thing as bi-sexual...you're either gay or not!!
William Sholly (5 months ago)
Southern trash
Loyal 1872 (5 months ago)
Miley does something worth watching.
B Jordan (5 months ago)
Two girls kissing is the hottest shit ever, keep it up
BAD SOUL (5 months ago)
The end is near for this world ...
BAD SOUL (4 months ago)
+charlie xcx okay gay
charlie xcx (4 months ago)
How? Because they are gay and bisexual people? Go back to your cave.
Noemi Miranda (5 months ago)
I hateeeeeeee her she is nasty
Jaunot Nelson (5 months ago)
Miley grub her right bi the pussy fuck the locker room talk she did it for real 🤼‍♀️
DenCo 303 (5 months ago)
This is what happens when no one dicks a girl down right, ... Fuckin losers 😛
She like lesbians kissing from date love?? 🙁💭
Curt Christensen (5 months ago)
How pathetic can Miley get?
Dulles Perez (5 months ago)
Wao feel bad for her father.disgusting bitch
Deadly Deadly (5 months ago)
After 100 years will be no human beacaue the the west
Megann (5 months ago)
Yall wouldn’t bat an eye if it was two straights... just saying
felix yavala (5 months ago)
I thought miley is with Liam and Stella is with Kristen Stewart
Robert Maimone (5 months ago)
colomblanco (5 months ago)
Miley is Harvey Weinsteining it up
jonathan collett (5 months ago)
I wish i was right in the middle.
AK 4o (5 months ago)
How much for the sex tape? 💰📼
Se A (5 months ago)
As a real bisexual woman I feel offended by girls who are acting like bisexuals just for the show 👎
asilaydying1984 (6 months ago)
Thomas Doss (6 months ago)
Mentally and chemically broken humans. Stop promoting broken trash. Not good for our species
Steve Austin (6 months ago)
f*** Miley Cyrus and her liberal lesbian Outlook I wish you would move to Canada she said if Trump was elected she moved to Canada I'm still waiting for her Madonna share and all the other Hollywood lesbians skanks to move
Ali Sbyti (6 months ago)
miley is a fuckin bitch i wish his father didnt birth her
MAFIA BOY (6 months ago)
Miley what?? Who?? Man I have been away to long. The last time a saw her she was on a wrecking ball. She is still wrecking but no longer on a ball!!!!
richard carden (4 months ago)
On to Tacos
Mating Mats (6 months ago)
No matter who shes is, you will be my always idol😍
Gee Cee (6 months ago)
Nice, naughty,n nasty I wished I was in the middle...
Blaine Auston (6 months ago)
thats hot
Matthew Wheeler (6 months ago)
Beautiful make out
Andre Carter (6 months ago)
All vs models are men that's the secret
Master MtoThePowerOf2 (7 months ago)
That Stella Maxwell chic got a lot of game. She be pulling celebrity bitches left right and center lmao 😂 😂. Good for her lol
TONY Longmire (7 months ago)
Both go bust hell wide open
Mature Gambino (7 months ago)
Remember the world where there were only two genders. And there weren't man - man and women - women. Back when humanity was actually sane. There are fewer and fewer people who understand that man were made to make love with women and women were made to make love with man. Many of those who use to believe that are getting brainwashed by this new trend. They call us homosexuals and try to condemn us and cast us off. Proverbs 29:27 says "An unjust man is detestable to the righteous, and one whose way is upright is detestable to the wicked."
charlie xcx (4 months ago)
Lmfao you have in your profile Gambino who believes in equality for everyone. Personally I don't support trans and I believe there are only two genders but gay and bisexual people are born this way and there is nothing wrong with that. Ps dont put religious quotes to claim your opinion its stupid.
William Cronin (7 months ago)
If Miley wasn't born to her dad and God Mother, she'd be living in a single wide, serving wings and beer at a juke joint. White trash.
richard carden (4 months ago)
+Miley Cyrus is Peng Not a bad idea.
Miley Cyrus is Peng (7 months ago)
Ur just upset a woman as sexy as that would never go near u. One day we may all be lucky and miley will allow us to shove our head into her ass and eat her booty. Amen
William Cronin (7 months ago)
Prettiest girl in the trailer park!
Miley Cyrus is Peng (7 months ago)
William Cronin miley is sexy af. She ain’t in ur level
Hidalgo Production (7 months ago)
Sandra Coan (7 months ago)
Ship her my way. I love that singer. One bad ass girl. God lover her😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗
Ken L. (7 months ago)
Euthanize Miley Cyrus.
Truth Hurts (7 months ago)
I'm still hoping she's going to leave the country like she promised!!!???
Truth Hurts (7 months ago)
she's done f***** all the men in the industry now she's got to go to women!!!
eve fue (7 months ago)
Shit stella so obvious roaring around with famous celebrity miley , habib and kristen she well succesfully tied up with kristen coz kristen is weak and stupid...good strategy stella ! she wont be faded away from spotlight coz e verytime she goes out with kristen she will drag kristens popularity.... imagine if shes not along with this famous u think paparazi will follow her like insane nop shes nothing at all body like stick skin like never drink water too much masturbation look so unhealthy..sory but thats my observation..if kristen will dump her,, hus her nxt target?
calmb4 storm (7 months ago)
Today's classless pos
Shane Thomson (7 months ago)
Anything to try to save her shite career
richard carden (4 months ago)
Can't dazzle them with talent so shock them with sleaze.
Gurken quetscher (7 months ago)
по Mames (7 months ago)
Pinche Miley how lucky is she no hate doe
sKiTzMiCk 69 (7 months ago)
God damn im hard as fuck now... off to the toilet i go
Angel Scinta (7 months ago)
we all know miley is bi.
John Rider (8 months ago)
Sick evil bitch
john e Lawler (8 months ago)
good on her
bigkiwial (8 months ago)
So Miley bats for both sides, good stuff, wish she was mine id encourage it!!
richard carden (8 months ago)
And this lesbo wants gun control.She has no moral compass to tell anyone else what to do.
charlie xcx (4 months ago)
It's 2018 dude wtf there is nothing wrong with two girls kissing and if it upsets you nobody cares.
Destination: tonsils (5 months ago)
+richard carden So you're a homophobe. How pathetic. And you can't even tell the difference between your and you're -_-
richard carden (5 months ago)
+Destination: tonsils Nothing if your a guy.
Destination: tonsils (5 months ago)
What does kissing a girl have to do with morality?
Richard East (8 months ago)
Bisexual, I thought she was Allsexual.
richard carden (8 months ago)
Richard East Probably anything that has a pulse.
Thomas Caldwell (8 months ago)
Charles Frisby (8 months ago)
You can play with slut just don't bring them home, thats old school
James Sibson (8 months ago)
Miley Cyrus is just a prostitute for publicity. This is just another childish publicity stunt of hers!
gui luy (8 months ago)
That is disgusting
charlie xcx (4 months ago)
Arianator 4life (8 months ago)
Ok Miley your really pretty but you are messing yourself up and it needs to stop ✋ for your own sake
Paul Welsby (8 months ago)
check this out hot Spanish babe Arianna Grande was caught smoking weed with Canadian hunk Justin Beiber   smoking weed  together check out youtube.com  you will so shocked guys
Jorge Flores (9 months ago)
Jorge Flores (9 months ago)
Rizky Arifin (9 months ago)
Can't watch now
Aniela Ochao (9 months ago)
C Su (10 months ago)
Evely Octave (10 months ago)
Faiza Abdullahi (10 months ago)
whatssup with the blurr on the private?...
Sphinx Money (10 months ago)
Wtf since when is she bi? And I thought her and Liam got back together.
Roger Quan (10 months ago)
Lifeofmags (10 months ago)
Can they just have some privacy plz
Jose M Cazares (10 months ago)
They should do a lesbian scene
Caek (10 months ago)
Me 2 (10 months ago)
Evil Satanic silly girls! Full of demons and lust
Wanda Carty (10 months ago)
Dang miley put her hand down her pants wowza😂
Psycho_L/ L (11 months ago)
Lucky Miley
Ella Archer (11 months ago)
Wait this is actually true omg i did not know that
James Carter (11 months ago)
firefox YT135 (11 months ago)
Just stop you wont like it if we do it too you
People in this comment section would be saying “Disgusting” YET they would be the one looking up on Porn of girls kissing and shit 😂😂😂
alex (11 months ago)
20gayteen lmao
SmasherBoy (1 year ago)
Miley is pansexual, not bisexual. There's a difference.
McToastyPrime (1 year ago)
This world is fucked up

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