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XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 14 - Table width, cellpadding, and cellspacing

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Text Comments (144)
Maggie Robinson (1 month ago)
man ive been listening to FREAKIN 14 TUTORIALS THINKING YOU ARE STONED because you sounded weirdly slow only to realise that i accidentaly reformed youtube's speed to: 0.75%................and i was wondering how you can be such a great teacher while smoking weed :P :P #FEELINSTUUUUPID
Yanabelle (1 month ago)
how about add those people with sirens to loud people lol
Gil Moreira (1 month ago)
this is html, not xhtml... right?
Dragon (2 months ago)
Bucky teaching XHTML FBI: OPEN UP
Haemo Ford (2 months ago)
how do you center the text inside the table data?
trustable services (3 months ago)
apart from tutorial, i wanna know why there was police, bucky?
Badst (4 months ago)
well i guess im gonna chase a cell today! 7 years later
akshay dhende (5 months ago)
5:00 run bucky run!!!
Bogus Bozo (5 months ago)
Yahoo answers needs their website to width=100% because everytime I adjust the window size the text doesn't fit the size it just stays to its original state.
Bogus Bozo (5 months ago)
Bucky = coding icon
Boi (5 months ago)
4:38 😂😂
Michael Scofield (11 months ago)
Bucky "so anyways" Roberts
deepjyot singh kapoor (1 year ago)
Bucky its not working when i insert photo in an column ? why??
Joe Smith (1 year ago)
Copy and paste your html code and I will take a look at it.
Sriram Dutt (1 year ago)
How to create tables side by side
Ivan Z. (1 year ago)
How can I do this in CSS?
ZekromInfinty (2 years ago)
whoop whoop, that's the sound of police :p
JACK (1 year ago)
That's the sound of the beast!
AUGUSTUS CAESER (2 years ago)
its honestly unreal how lame and wierd you are bro. I cant watch you anymore
Vishal Sinha (2 years ago)
Bucky: can you guess it? Me: width Bucky: there you go. 1 point for you. *feels so happy about himself* xD
yerrapotu kiran (2 years ago)
Danke Bucky 👍✌️🙏
Burak Can Kahraman (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for any of these free open courses bucky. This way we can learn the fun stuff instead of f.cking strict school lectures. I can't appreciate enough.
Kardo Mohsen (2 years ago)
Man I learnt alot more from you than my college lectureres.
Bogus Bozo (5 months ago)
Bahar Mutadayin (2 years ago)
great job Bucky :) thanks
Russ Krieg (2 years ago)
nice tutorial bucky. thank you
Kartik Sood (2 years ago)
If the width is set in table tag(in pixels) then all the width of all the cells should be equal but it is not. why?
Dan Varlan (2 years ago)
Thank a lot bucky!
RODDAL (2 years ago)
I heard a siren near my house right when you mentioned the ones near your house in the video I thought it was just the video but I stopped it and they were still there
Periodic Dinamo (3 years ago)
4:16 lol
Robotic_Llama (3 years ago)
Lol "it changes dynamically" xD
Siavash Sabet (3 years ago)
lol, when you said the siren, bunch of police cars went by with the siren on, it was spooky lol
Amputive (4 years ago)
I made it 1k 😀😀
hegelian74 (4 years ago)
It doesn't matter if I hundred percent of the kids swear. You can't let them go back to their parents and say I heard such and such a curse word in Mr Baggins class. I'm over it.
David McClish (4 years ago)
Can you do cellpadding and cellspacing at the same time?
Ben Bussell (4 years ago)
You sure can :)
Evigmae Sargas (4 years ago)
I find the pace of your videos perfect for me. Also, I enjoy your style ^^.
Anthony Castillo (4 years ago)
Bucky the best
John Streety (4 years ago)
Bucky, I love the videos but could you please refrain from the "WTF" and "biotch" I am showing your videos to my middle schoolers.
MC Roy (3 years ago)
+Frodo Baggins they will learn to swear a lot when they're actually doing programming
John Streety (4 years ago)
Oddly enough I'm finding the vile comments entertaining now,
John Streety (4 years ago)
By the way I thought Bucky was very entertaining without swearing
John Streety (4 years ago)
300 children per year is not a small minority and there are plenty of other programmers out there. I just thought Bucky was the best.i'm over it. I'm just trying to bring programming into the mainstream education system. I don't have a classroom. All I have is a computer room that I used to teach my kids.
Andrea Santinelli (4 years ago)
4:16 he was going to say "spell chasing" then you hear the police "chasing"... he just sayd the magic formula to "spawn" the police! xD
Bogus Bozo (5 months ago)
It was kinda annoying. He could have ignored that and kept teaching.
Fahd Momin (4 years ago)
Hey Bucky, how can I provide different padding to different rows.
CrypticGalaxy (4 years ago)
These tutorials are so helpful. Thanks, Bucky! :)
R-Kedgaming (4 years ago)
i just have a question i wanna know whether the website which i make will self config in a tab or a smartphone 
Miriah Myers (5 years ago)
got to the siren part... then a siren went by my house...
NIZAMUDDIN K.R (5 years ago)
If you use pixels, then it will be shorter. So its always better to use '%'. Good luck
Shaher Jamal Eddin (5 years ago)
Thanks man ..
Mistermaarten150 (5 years ago)
If your screen resolution is higher, will tables for example be shorter than on one with low resolution?
Bongo Cat (8 months ago)
eXile3 (5 years ago)
In digital imaging, a pixel is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device; so it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.
TheFinalDog (5 years ago)
aldebearart (5 years ago)
(facepalm) Is....is this a troll? Uhh... your entire computer screen is made out of pixels. Just....just google it...
Relseg (5 years ago)
Google > pixel.
Saad Haider (5 years ago)
what is a pixel?
programmer360x (5 years ago)
Thank you !
Kieran Martin (5 years ago)
Quick Question Can you use that present "100%" thing for the images too? i have found that on different screen restitution the image will shift to the lower line i need the image to fit the with of the screed with 1 or more images next to it to create a navigation bar for other pages of the website. how would i do that? Any help will be much preheated
David Thomas (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing such great tutorials...
Loates (5 years ago)
like if you used cellspacing and cellpadding on your table
Carlos Figueroa (5 years ago)
Hahaha... man, you´re awesome. You have a big gift to teach. You´ve helped me a lot with HTML. I´ll keep going with your videos.
Borislav Kosharov (5 years ago)
Second time I hear a siren in his videos
Philip Newby (6 years ago)
Ritesh Kasat (6 years ago)
bucky rocks!
ToXicDiAmOnDz1 (6 years ago)
NotMessiah (6 years ago)
A homicide/bank robbery right outside your window and you still carry on teaching us? Amazing dedication pal ! lol...seriously i dont think I have laughed this much for ANY tutorial ever. Thanks Bucky !
Mazdy Soraya (6 years ago)
hahahha bro..you are so great..haha i really enoy your tutorials..you are inteligent and funny..Thank you very much on everything you do..Sirens..OMG..They are coming here ;) hahahha
Tulanir1 (6 years ago)
Actually, i don't really know :/ sorry :(
chinesechef (6 years ago)
bucky and those sirens.... In all the videos ive seen, they have interupted him 4 times thus far
Hannah Bills (6 years ago)
align="center" attribute after td would do the trick
richhlhs (6 years ago)
how do you center the txt in the table?
Jscott (6 years ago)
i know. learning c++/python now mastered web design. so happy!
Jscott (6 years ago)
document.write("Bucky is my favorite teatcher");
nipuni malsara (6 years ago)
thank u
Tulanir1 (6 years ago)
You need to get servers, costs money, also if a lot of people visits it, it's gonna be a lot of money...
Wiebren de Haan (6 years ago)
that is in the last tutorial
bondfenix1000 (6 years ago)
What do you do for a living and where did you go to school bucky. your really smart man.
B. Turner (6 years ago)
He did
Vince Santos (6 years ago)
I've said it once I will say it again Bucky rules the online education world
Yume Hasu (6 years ago)
When he said "there you go, one point for you" I blushed. *-*
Vasileios Karavasilis (6 years ago)
thumbs up for "Plamechase"
franchyze922 (6 years ago)
when we change the table width to 500 what determines how wide the "type" column is. How come the" type" column is shorter than the" reason" column? Why aren't they both the same size?
Todd Edward (6 years ago)
Spellchasing- There is a window between casting a spell and it's desired effect. If one wants to alter or undo a spell in this window, they must spellchase.
Todd Edward (6 years ago)
I was thinking the same thing!
Bucky keeps saying "anyways" in every video ))
Santiago Scacchi (6 years ago)
I actually LOLED with that "Oh my god they are comming here! anyway..." JAJAJAJAJ
Ľuboš Rybanský (6 years ago)
Oh my God they are comming here :D :D :D sounds like you have some illegal stuff in your immersion tank :D
Richeng Huang (6 years ago)
The Enigma (6 years ago)
police just went by as I was watching that video which made me LOL
bobbymak880 (6 years ago)
QUESTION: What brand/model of microphone are you using. EXCELLENT sound quality.
Braden Best (6 years ago)
step 1:pay monthly fee step 2:pay monthly fee step 3:pay monthly fee step 4:attain huge audience step 5:ads step 6:???? step 7:Profit!
Baldu (6 years ago)
sort of flexible box
crayz1978 (6 years ago)
How do you "timestamp?" your website??
Woodmouth (6 years ago)
"OMG, they are coming right here, anyways..." Wow, you really prioritize these tutorials..
Khaled Barie (6 years ago)
4:54 you're arrested for teaching HTML ! :D
charlesbalcony (6 years ago)
I feel like I've heard sirens in your videos numerous times. Jesus man, where do you live?!
giggleskanza (6 years ago)
i have the same question
Lily Lincesa (7 years ago)
*lmao* lol bucky. thank you so much for these
Yan Dou (7 years ago)
Cute Bucky
William Kiley (7 years ago)
ADD Bucky?
Eileen Maldonado (7 years ago)
Bucky, your tutorials were so good, the cops were after you! XD haha the siren XD
TheDivineFortress (7 years ago)
Loool I was so giddy when I got "width" right and got a point...proper laughed at how speshal I felt <-- yeah i spelt speshal wrong on purpose. Great videos Bucky, keep it up ;D.
Thomas King (7 years ago)
Dont worry, i have ADD too
WiziLiCe (7 years ago)
hears siren outside my house; wipes hard drive
carelessmorning (7 years ago)
width isn't working for me. Anyone have an idea why?
A Toolbag (7 years ago)
1. Fill table with a huge article on the subject of trolling. 2. Set table width to 200%. 3. Wring hands while cackling evilly.
Crippleback (7 years ago)
I learnt more from you than the lecturer itself.
Varg Vikernes (7 years ago)
@SeizureDude tutorial no. 46

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