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Gambling Tricks :: Easy Blackjack Card Trick [HD]

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For more easy Gambling and Blackjack Card Tricks: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLClhA850kouOfdTbFqq_7BbbLXNBbN-t4 It is a very easy blackjack card trick. This is a gambling trick. This will easily impress your friends. Subscribe Thumbs Up
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Stop revealing numpty
magictotheextreme (4 years ago)
Mind Checking me out, maybe we can help eachother :)
TheCardsandTricks (4 years ago)
Sure! Will check out your channel now :)
TheCardsandTricks (5 years ago)
Just make sure the cards are nice an square and make sure the handling of the cards is smooth. Hope I helped.
ZombyMammoth (5 years ago)
thanks. This was an easy card trick. I was just starting out with magic in general, not necessarily just card tricks, but I was looking for something i could learn quick & easy, & i memorized the sequence in one try! Its not the coolest card trick but its quick and easy. any tips on how to make it less obvious when you do the gap in the 3 cards?
Ale Decler (5 years ago)
TheCardsandTricks (5 years ago)
It is a bicycle tally ho circle back viper deck!
Ale Decler (5 years ago)
Nice, i like this kind of game trick. What thats deck? Its so nice

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