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the hunt full soundtrack

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music by: steven price the tracks are: 1. A Game of Strategy 2. Power vs Teamwork 3. The Cut Line Inconvenience 4. Fueled Up and Headed South 5. The Hungry Crocodile 6. Looking On at What Might Have Been 7. In the Grip of the Seasons 8. Melt Waters 9. All at Sea 10. Wolves and Hares 11. Miniature Gliders 12. Big Game on the Tundra 13. At First It’s a Game 14. A Sparrowhawk’s Tale 15. Buzzing Jays 16. Chimps vs Monkeys 17. The Army Ants 18. The Blue Whale 19. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 20. Spinner Dolphin Superpod 21. The Deep 22. The Bait Ball 23. Nowehere to Hide 24. The Honey Badger 25. Building a Fortress 26. Lions and Buffalo 27. Red Hot Ants 28. Etosha Lions 29. Race Against Time 30. No Ordinary Octopus 31. Living on a Calorific Knife Edge 32. Sea Lions and Killer Whales 33. Wolves and Bears 34. Hunting Humpbacks 35. The Lions Theme
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Jennifer Espinoza (2 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the song on minute 39?
It's "wolves and hares"
CracyLou (2 months ago)
Thank you, kindly. The whole album was removed from Spotify last night and I'm not happy about it. But the fact that it exists here brings me some solace.
Milia Hasan (11 months ago)
Ben Frueh (1 year ago)
My brother got the movie for his birthday. The music and footage match perfectly. Great job Steven Price.
Htc Dezire (1 year ago)
Off the scale...... Celestial.....
zagros bingöl (1 year ago)
Love this and keep posting!!!

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