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Recreating Ariana Grande's Instagram Selfies and Photos! Which of us took the better selfie? I copied Ariana's pictures, let me know who I should do next! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! COPYING KYLIE JENNER INSTAGRAM PHOTOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZSgKLHdsa0 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (30442)
SSSniperWolf (1 year ago)
who did it better and who do you want next!? hope you're all enjoying winter break... if it's not winter break for you well the weekend is almost here :D go watch kylie selfies if you haven't already!
Marley Dillon (14 days ago)
Guess what I'm going to do the same thing because I have Instagram and I'm going to do the same thing and I don't know who I'm going to do though
SSSniperWolf do Billie Eilish
Abdul Elbousaifi (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf Kim Kardashian
Andreana Peeler (1 month ago)
I'm a kid btw) but I think the one most thing that makes these not look mostly alike is the chest appearance. Still awesome though
Zoey Steinert (1 month ago)
The 2 one I saw the light I the window.
selome habte (36 minutes ago)
Your name is Leah Lia mine is Leah
PINK PRO'S (2 hours ago)
I want to be beby rexha
HEY STOB IT (4 hours ago)
If Sausage thought Lia was getting a bit chunky then what about me?!
Annie Sidonie (5 hours ago)
Can you please do Selena Gomez 😍😍
Fortnite is Awesome (6 hours ago)
You did awesome
Marlyn Rocha (8 hours ago)
Girl you soooo pretty...I would of done that braid for u
you need to do jake paul!!!! pls btw I love your videos im a really big fan love you sooo much
Colorful Genders (14 hours ago)
Can u do billie eilish next
De'Liyah Smith (16 hours ago)
Lucy Perales (17 hours ago)
Do carde B
Jennifer Ortega (17 hours ago)
Pls do mini Jake paul
Natasha Carter (18 hours ago)
Alana Cervantes (1 day ago)
Do Megan trainer
Abby praise God (1 day ago)
Like if she has to do selena Gomez
Abby praise God (1 day ago)
She says eriana grande
Sariyah Santo (1 day ago)
You should do Selena Gomez
Patrick Himel (1 day ago)
Ariana Grande who look out Ari
Brooklyn whiteaker (1 day ago)
She looks different hair down
christmas tree (1 day ago)
I think you should do Steven universe Garnet
Nancy Earickson (1 day ago)
Do Doge
XAlexandraX XRosesX (1 day ago)
Do lady Gaga it will be challenging and it will be easier for the next one
Keily Hernandez (1 day ago)
Selena gomez
Nick Perez (1 day ago)
She should get eye contacts she look better with no glasses
Aunna Montgomery (1 day ago)
Omg you look good
Leana Huynh (1 day ago)
I think lia's dogs are cuter than arianas
Samantha Tejeda (1 day ago)
Kily Jenner
Pets 101 (1 day ago)
The second one is better than hers
Beatrice Donkor (1 day ago)
Do jojo siwa next like if you dont agree comment if you do😂
Brittney Duran (1 day ago)
Do lana del ray please you would slay that one
Adrienne Cook (2 days ago)
do Jake Paul
Lashanna Gaston (2 days ago)
Cardi b
Aleigha Cox (2 days ago)
if any one is watching this in 2019 like!! 👇💚💙💛🧡❤
Reggie De Guia (2 days ago)
best pic last pic
Mikayla Barnes (2 days ago)
Ya look like her
SERENITY HOLMAN (2 days ago)
You did grate
bronnyh (2 days ago)
You look beautiful either way!
Billie ellish
Barbara Brown (2 days ago)
SSSniperWolf love you
You did good
Nunu San (2 days ago)
Jake poul
Stephanie Balasco (3 days ago)
The howl was for luck and your better than her!
Stephanie Balasco (3 days ago)
Stephanie Balasco (3 days ago)
I'm going to howl for you sssniperwolf!
Kandice Hawthorne (3 days ago)
F-BOMB _96 (3 days ago)
Do jake paul
Mia Martinez (3 days ago)
Shawn Mendes n
Miracle Gold (3 days ago)
Do Jojo
Tamoko _thepotat (3 days ago)
I got a BTS wit ad lol
Josseee Banuelos (3 days ago)
Damn you good I'm a Minny virshion of Ariana grande I would give you a. :/: 100
lil cakeix (3 days ago)
Lauren daigle
Elena Lopez (3 days ago)
Chelsea my mom she has a lot
Elena Lopez (3 days ago)
Chelsea on lnsthgram
Lesa Baker (3 days ago)
You did amazing
Malak Isbouia (4 days ago)
Ariana who? i only know Airiana
Jeff Price (4 days ago)
I think she looks better than Ariana grande she looks much better she's a fine fine white girl
Leighanna Smith (4 days ago)
can you do a video on recreating Billie eilish photos????
cathy Valles (4 days ago)
I didn't now you like death note
Payton Nolan (4 days ago)
Ariana wears weave because hair damage
Guadalupe Contreras (4 days ago)
Choice=Alan Walker.
Jaiden Miles (4 days ago)
Jennie blackpink
avary milligan (4 days ago)
My hair used to be longer than the weave before I cut it and im 9
Devyn Monster (4 days ago)
No she has short hair she has instinctions
Bhebie Narca (4 days ago)
You did this on my birthday 😄
tropicalxplayz (4 days ago)
Samantha Rivera (4 days ago)
Jake Paul 🤣
Jessica Livingood (4 days ago)
Whitney Houston
Himari Peachy (4 days ago)
Hers look better than ari's
Aryana Krachinski (4 days ago)
That’s very close to my name but my name is ARYANA
Traxzn (4 days ago)
Logan Paul
You should do inquisitor master's instagram next
Sophiera Stewart (4 days ago)
Cardie b
Applesnapp J (5 days ago)
Nicki Minaj
Estrella Suarez (5 days ago)
Sausage-*wig falls off* Me-I Thought it was real hahaha
Helen Bunch (5 days ago)
Taylor swift
Sheri Lewis (5 days ago)
I think that she did pritty good
Snuggle Slimes (5 days ago)
anyone else triggered that she said AIR-iana instead of ARI-ana?
Maklon Frazier (5 days ago)
Lia won
Savannah Takatch (5 days ago)
I love u sss
Genesis Sanchez (5 days ago)
ariana grande hair is real she put it down for 7 ring concert
Paige Van Tonde (5 days ago)
You take nice pictures
Simranjit Kaur (6 days ago)
I have longer hair it goes almost to my feet like my cousin
Ariana Grande's hair is not going to because it got damaged by dying it red every single time for Sam & Cat TV show and for that she always has it in a ponytail
Ed Arnold (6 days ago)
Billie eilish
Crazy Bailee (6 days ago)
Next do cardi b
Eli Brandsma (6 days ago)
TSM Munchie (6 days ago)
CutePeguinGirl3 (6 days ago)
You both did amazing
Kami Siegle (6 days ago)
Nicole Ciulla (6 days ago)
Your cute
LorenPage (6 days ago)
Lia: jake paul Me: takes off 7ring
Zuly Leal (6 days ago)
You look cute 😭😢👏
Zuly Leal (6 days ago)
Can you do Nicky m
Marija Marić (6 days ago)
you sholud do Billie Eillish next
Susanna Munoz (6 days ago)
Do Justine bebier
gacha seen (6 days ago)
When she said THATS WHY I'M DONIG JAKE PAL Me:...... Sssniperwolf:Jk Me:oh ok😁
Nancy Bartow (6 days ago)
Ok I love her so much but this one of my pepives I just have to correct it it is NOT AIRIANA it IS ARIANA i feel so bad I just have to common say it right you know please like
Zitlali Garcia (6 days ago)
Next can you pick Shawn
Jordyn H (6 days ago)
The queen = beyonce👑👑💸💸
Bj124 54 (6 days ago)
4:22 for all dem prostitutes out there
Lauren And Chris (6 days ago)
Big fan of Ariana

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