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Creating Iconic BFF Looks ft. Maisie Williams ~ NAYVA Ep #9 ~ BEAUTY & FASHION EVERY WEEK

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SUBSCRIBE TO NAYVA: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtJZYz0Hqh4rlKS_vYi3Fkw?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nayva.official/ NAYVA is a show about beauty, fashion, streetwear, and being yourself. Angel: https://www.instagram.com/angelmoret/ Esme: https://www.instagram.com/esamadixy/ Faith: https://www.instagram.com/faithharperr/ Jasmine: https://www.instagram.com/jasminegmuller/ Maisie Williams: https://www.instagram.com/maisie_williams/ NAYVA: https://www.instagram.com/nayva.official/ Kyra TV: https://www.instagram.com/kyra.tv/ In this episode, the NAYVA girls compete in pairs to see which two can create the most stylish BFF look. Featuring British actor and Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, the girls take inspiration from catwalk trends by the likes of Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Vetements, and more. Watch as the girls collaborate, customize, and create original looks that take DIY to a whole new level. See Angel and Jasmine take on power dressing, while Faith and Esme have a vision for an iconic duo look that is unlike anything you’ve seen them in before. Massive shout out to Maisie for coming on the show - and be sure to check out her app, Daisie. https://www.daisie.com/ Stay tuned to see who takes the win in episode 9! NAYVA is a show presented by four friends from Los Angeles and London. From DIY makeup to fashion transformations, every episode is a challenge exploring trends and ideas in the worlds of beauty and fashion. Including the latest from Prada, Astrid Andersen, Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga, Fenty Beauty, Champion, Nike, Adidas, Fiorucci, Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Moschino, Chanel, Forever 21, Topshop, H&M, and more.
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Text Comments (490)
NAYVA (10 days ago)
Who do you want to see be a guest judge in future?
Checky0Headd (2 days ago)
Slick wood
Lili Nielsen (2 days ago)
Billie Eilish
Ellie Gavelek (3 days ago)
Natalia Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Me lol ❤️
emmareallysucks (4 days ago)
simon cowell 🤪🤪🤪
miztery (12 hours ago)
All I wanna know is what type of brand/style shoes is Esme wearing in Judgement Day?! 😻 lol
Tori Trejo (1 day ago)
guest judge: luhshawnay sanam uglyworldwide slickwoods tyler the creator
Camilla Rivera (2 days ago)
harry styles
Sksksk Sk (3 days ago)
Billie eilish as next judge 😅
Ellie Gavelek (3 days ago)
Pls do a collab with paq
Hailee Marie (3 days ago)
You girls are literally my idols,,I love you each so much omg, words can not explain how much you have impacted my fashion and style ugh you girls make me so confident I love u so much <333
enne vacker (3 days ago)
5:07 please does anyone know what the song is!!! help a girl out
Roxana Lopez (4 days ago)
Faith and esme did good on this challenge I love the girls looks but also the Alexander wang vibes 🤩 all the girls did amazing either way tho 🤯
margueriteee (4 days ago)
NAYVA girl’s flat tour?
M. Roble (4 days ago)
I didnt know the paq boys became females
LOL cat (5 days ago)
Btec paq
daan del rey (5 days ago)
style the paq boys and let them style yall
Ariana Cleavenger (5 days ago)
This vid was a whole ass mess haha but I still loved it!
You Rue (5 days ago)
I like everyone except Esme, she’s really annoying and obnoxious and jasmine by far is the prettiest
Lolita Aflick (5 days ago)
Jorja smith
François-René Six (5 days ago)
tbh Esme is the Elias of PAQ, very funny but too much "showing my wealthiness" and this gets me tense
OlD T (6 days ago)
Paq boys would really grease these outfits. They really aren’t it.
Sophia Berzsenyi (6 days ago)
One of the PAQ boys!!
Chamarie Jones (6 days ago)
Can we get a bratz inspired episode. Maybe each girl can be assigned a doll and have to recreate a look.
Amelia Alissa (6 days ago)
clout goggles (6 days ago)
It wuz still tacky
Hannah Parsons (6 days ago)
Jasmine has so much energy I can’t
Goofy M (6 days ago)
OMG i just realized that they are the real live bratz dolls
lilly mcewen (6 days ago)
i got WAY too excited when i saw the notif for this vid
mari jo (6 days ago)
collab w paq!
TheMs Croft (6 days ago)
Esme looks like Kali Uchis
Cantrell Slay (6 days ago)
Can you do a makeup (tutorial) look💗
Sophia Moghimi (6 days ago)
faith and esme kinda look like they’re from totally spies
yt.frankie (7 days ago)
It would’ve been so cute if jasmine and angel had like a piece where they could connect together from their chains😭
Keora Cornist (7 days ago)
I saw you guys on snapchat🥰😂
Tom Maddison (7 days ago)
amran307 (7 days ago)
loved how they match the sofas at the start aha
:D (7 days ago)
Omg Maisie!
Hannah Ahanonu (8 days ago)
To the 9s
Tanya Rodriguez (8 days ago)
do a collab with PAQ pls
Carmen Nogueron (8 days ago)
I live for Esme’s facial expressions !
Christine L (8 days ago)
esme has the personality of a crackhead
Billie Kilburn (8 days ago)
Where did Jasmine and Angel have brunch at the beginning? (Hash E8?) Love this episode you’re all amazing can’t wait for 2019 💝💝
malia dempsey (8 days ago)
i am glad that angel and jasmine won
Enza Rose (9 days ago)
The real question is where do yall get your tooth grillz ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you
Elsa Hedstrom (9 days ago)
collab with PAQ please!! love ya 🥰🥰
MediaJunkiesUK (9 days ago)
Episode was Dope!🙌🏿👏🏿
S Pagaduan (9 days ago)
That was a weird reaction 🤨
Emma Jade (9 days ago)
Esme looked so good in the final fit
Chelsea Alvarez (9 days ago)
They did that 😍
shereen chia (9 days ago)
I want to see a PAQ and NAYVA colab! please and thank you
Luv iii (9 days ago)
Get Kali Uchis on this!!!
Chaise Face (9 days ago)
Esme saying "SIS" is my favorite
M2M Life (9 days ago)
Esme 🥵💖 they all fire tho and the looks were killer 🔥🥰
bryanisbae (9 days ago)
I need to see Luka Sabbat or Rico Nasty next as a judge !
michelle wyatt (9 days ago)
I’d wear tf out of it all ... I just want the wig to disappear and never be heard of again
Jazz Eagle (9 days ago)
please can u do a vid on styling outfits for a party without looking basic? need some inspo! like dresses, 2 pieces etc anything just dressy enough for a party. also the best stores to buy non basic (affordable) clothes apart from Depop, shops you can physically go to, try things on and have the safety of returns! looove this channel
Crystal Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Is esme ever gonna win or wassssup
Meghan Irwin (9 days ago)
Angel and jasmine’s fits were really sick tbh🤙🏼
Cloud Nine (9 days ago)
Every next episode is getting better and better and i love it
Adam Ross (9 days ago)
Anyone know where I can get the pants esme is wearing at 9:20?? Please
hello there (10 days ago)
Best videos,best girls,best community,best youtube channel its all her peps!!
Marie Olbjørn (10 days ago)
Billie eilish like a guest judge!
Isabella astin (10 days ago)
King no oneeee yh
Kirstie Nicole (10 days ago)
First of all, let me say they all look bomb! But ESME omgggg slaaayyyeeeeddddd ☠️
Just A Random Unicorn (10 days ago)
JacindaMarie e (10 days ago)
Esme and faiths fits were also very Adriana Sahar , I live
tammy biebs (10 days ago)
okay stop but where is the diamond belt from? DYING!
bitchy TMA.F (10 days ago)
when are we going to have a nayva fashion brand????????
pinkjoolz (10 days ago)
Love all the Cheap Monday! :D
Viv (10 days ago)
omg can the girls do looks based on their horoscope!?
Cai J. (6 hours ago)
I like that
Lenny H (4 days ago)
Viv no
Althea Laprey (10 days ago)
Little disappointed this wasnt like remaking an iconic bff look like serena and blair? Did anyone else think it was gonna be like that?
e usana (10 days ago)
Limaade (10 days ago)
Next guest judge : uglyworldwide ❤️💗💘💗💖💖💔💝🧡💔 THIS WOULD BE A-MA-ZING!! love u girls
Maegan de la Cruz (10 days ago)
for the next intro, you guys should spell out your names with your butts :)
santania (10 days ago)
I’ve been obsessed with NAYVA and PAQ...like I pretty much binge watched all of their episodes in 2 days
Ashleigh Cassinelli (10 days ago)
I love you all
Scrub Daddy (10 days ago)
Episode about sustainable fashion please
hadley coleman (10 days ago)
you should all do a closet tour
Assia (10 days ago)
Arya Stark of Winterfell???
Funhawaii4 (10 days ago)
Mann what's crazy is I was coming up this different pieces that are chain detailed and in my head I did know if it would be possible but Angel and Jasmine did itttt okayy. You guys are serious inspo💕💕
BadulTheGuru (10 days ago)
Anyone know the song from 5:04??
sophia benitez (10 days ago)
tell me why esme never wins
Kimberlyy Ventura (10 days ago)
Y’all enlighten my day! I just love you all! ♥️♥️♥️
LingLing_Khld (10 days ago)
Ayyyy!! Would be really interesting to see NAYVA try making your own face jewellery
vvmvrx 24 (10 days ago)
Next guest judge should be Danny from the PAQ
Brooklynn Gordon (10 days ago)
what if paq and nayva had a episode together with the best couple fit .........
Emma Marshall (10 days ago)
I would die for this channel that’s how much I love them. Also y’all need to collaborate w PAQ, make a series! :)
Brianna Mallari (10 days ago)
VERSATYLE (10 days ago)
This episode is a top fav.
Kennedy Perry (10 days ago)
A concept: NAYVA x PAQ - Danny and Angel style together, Shaq and Faith, Jas and Dex, Elias and Esme. Judged by random peeps on the street.
Jas (10 days ago)
@threemillion as your next guest judge! 🦋
Jas (10 days ago)
@looseunicorns as your next guest judge! 😍
Veronica Morales (10 days ago)
I want them to make a video going into Walmart and seeing what type of stuff they can put together for a look 👀😍
Mathew Munguia (10 days ago)
Billie eilsh
Aaryanna Epps (10 days ago)
get rico nasty on this
Leslie Cruz (10 days ago)
I wanna see what their closets look like. I live for closet tours 😩
alexandra ramos (10 days ago)
Make @toopoor a judge lol
Ella Sweet (10 days ago)
It would be cool if u guys styled a group of friends or like 2 best friends outside of Nayva!!
Jamie Pageau (10 days ago)
AYLEKS SHOULD BE THE NEXT JUDGE!!!! Her name is ayleks on insta
Andrea Espulgar (10 days ago)
Clarisa Pasini (10 days ago)
Am I the only one or does it always look that when the other girls are having fun and joking around Jasmine cannot stand them?? Like for example in 0:28. I love Jasmine and all of them, it just always stood out to me
Lawrence (3 days ago)
i think she’s just shy
I Stan (7 days ago)
Clarisa Pasini she also might have a kind of resting bitch face? Idk i have one and sometimes even when I’m having fun ppl will think I’m annoyed or upset, also she might just have more reserved reactions
Lenny H (9 days ago)
ik its probally a british thing,, americans r so over the top
Talisa Jasmin Sharkey (9 days ago)
I've noticed that her and Angel sometimes get annoyed with Esme..but tbh, I get why- sometimes she becomes a bit excessive
Zahara Ntumsa. (10 days ago)
+Ava Cutler They're a little extra, probably a bit much for her as British humour is a little more reserved, but they seem to get along well in general.
giugize (10 days ago)

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